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Magnetism and physics are made visible with ferrofluid. Help fund a highly engineered container that showcases this unique material.
Magnetism and physics are made visible with ferrofluid. Help fund a highly engineered container that showcases this unique material.
341 backers pledged $49,028 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Philip Melemed on

      I liked this concept so much I ordered the big one and little one, which puts me at the end of the production delivery schedule. Would not mind getting them separately if it means getting something sooner. At least get here sooner than the central standard time really thin watch. :-)

    2. Missing avatar

      Reed Martin on

      It's been a year since the last update... Right now would be a good time to do another!

    3. Missing avatar

      Cleber on

      It's been more than 3 years since the project was backed, and more than 2 years since you've got the parts. Do you plan on sending this to all backers and close this chapter, or should we consider this abandoned? I'm on the $100 backer tier, with another 63 others from the project count. Can you give us an update here?

    4. Art McBain on

      @Garrett Morgan I would send him a message through Kickstarter indicating your address changed and what the new one is. You could also send him an e-mail via his contact info on but would then need to provide a way to confirm you are the same person who is posting here.

    5. Art McBain on

      @Brian Kieffer I dunno, David seems to be shipping albeit slowly. (At least once people convinced him they didn't care what the finish looked like.) Though on an not-very-interesting personal note, I almost backed that flexible watch project ... but decided that I don't know that I'd wear such a thing. Then ended up buying a Nixie tube watch a few months ago which I've worn mostly ever since it arrived. :)

    6. Missing avatar

      Garrett Morgan on

      How do we confirm that you have our correct shipping address? I have moved since this was originally funded and I don't know which address you have. I would hate to wait 3 years for something only to have it shipped to the wrong address and never even get to see it. Please let me and others know how to make sure your address on file for us is correct. Thank You and I am looking forward for this project to be fulfilled. Garrett Morgan

    7. Missing avatar

      Brian Kieffer on

      Looks like another Kickstarter project is in a similar situation to this one.

      I think I'm going to get a t-shirt made:

      "I backed an expensive Kickstarter, and all I got was this lousy t-shirt"

    8. Missing avatar

      Jai Ramachandran on

      So other than David insisting that people have posted that they have received their units (which I can not find evidence of) has anyone received a unit?

    9. Seth on

      Less than a month away from one full year of that "Full Disclosure" promise. SWEET!

    10. Jeff Flowers on

      I was wondering if I could get an update. Does this mean units are going out? Or ???

    11. Chris Waszak on

      Thanks for the updates David. If you could give an ETA on the remaining tiers that would be awesome.

    12. Missing avatar

      Eric Brooks

      Thank you, David, I'm looking forward to getting my hands on this.

    13. David Markus Creator on

      Yes Jai, and you can find a few of their comments sprinkled around here. I've shipped out all units from the 3 "Early Backer" tiers.

    14. Missing avatar

      Jai Ramachandran on

      Has a single person actually received a unit?

    15. Missing avatar

      Ivan on

      Good to hear David, any idea on when you're going to ship the larger unit (main tier) that many of us are waiting on?!

    16. David Markus Creator on

      I'm preparing the next tier (Main small unit) for shipment.

    17. Adam Scott on

      Please either send me the parts, or send me a refund. One or the other. Today.

    18. Chris Waszak on

      Can we just please get our products? I will assemble it myself...

    19. Missing avatar

      Cleber on

      Hey Dave, any updates here? I'm sure you want to close this as much as we do. Please send us some news!

    20. Dave Fishman on

      Hey Dave ... What ya been up to these last two months ... Can ya spare 5-10 min to throw some parts in a box and ship them to me ??? That would be great ! Ill have fun putting together since you don't have the time ... Great ! I'm looking forward to the parts you claim to have just can't actually ship out


    21. Don Pattee

      This wasn't my first Kickstarter that failed to deliver, but it was the most expensive to fail.

      I do not consider Kickstarter a store, and I don't consider a pledge a 'pre-order'. But I expect good consistent updates, that describe any problems that are causing a project to be months behind schedule or to fail. There are many smart people out there that are willing to help resolve problems.

      I consider lack of updates, handy-wavy 'explanations' and excuses to be terrible. Fraudulent at worst, incompetence at best.

    22. David Evans on

      Hi David. Count me amongst those who is interested in whatever you can cobble together, though not amongst the angry rabble. I make hardware for a living and I totally understand how hard it can be and how unpredictable. I am one of those (seemingly few) people who actually consider KS "not a store," but a platform for people to try creative things. I'm sure you've learned more than you possibly could have hoped for and I wish you the best, though I do hope you can finish with a modicum of the stuff being delivered. Godspeed!

    23. Adam Scott on

      Any updates at all? Maybe a refund, or ship whatever parts you have to people?

    24. Kevin Criqui on

      I just emailed the author of this article. With any luck he'll get us some publicity and David will finally be motivated to JUST SHIP US THE DAMNED PARTS ALREADY.

    25. robby hayes on

      Holidays are over. Update your backers. Tired of seeming these comments? Update your backers and send us what you promised. Do what you promised to do.

    26. Missing avatar

      Jai Ramachandran on

      so timeline? update? anything?

    27. Missing avatar

      Jai Ramachandran on

      So when can we expect an email confirming our addresses? A timeline would be nice (side note, in the time this project has been ongoing I have switched jobs twice and moved to a different state)

    28. wesley chang on

      3 years ago, this was the 2nd Kickstarter project I had backed. 3 years and 16 more projects later, it's still the only one I have yet to receive. :-/ (And no, it's existence as a blurry background prop isn't consolation. It's further reminder that many that backed the project here have yet to physically handle a tangible product for their faith and support.)

    29. Seth on

      "A blurry background prop in a movie" .. Quite the metaphor.

    30. David Markus Creator on

      @Dave Fishman:

      That's exactly what I intend to do. Im ready to just close the book on this. I'm sorry it's not at all what I hoped for this.
      Also if it's any consolation it was a blurry background prop in a movie. (dot) jpg

    31. Dave Fishman on

      Dear god just send me the parts ill put it together myself ! i dont care about the finish thats not 100% what you wanted

    32. Missing avatar

      Reed Martin on

      Please stop ignoring your backers. Share with us the good, bad and ugly. Failure to communicate out of fear is the worst thing you can do. Start typing RIGHT NOW we need to hear from you. It will only get worse if you continue to not to update.

      The Internet forgives but it does not forget. The question you must resolve for yourself is how you want to be known and remembered. At this point you only have two choices left - either as a guy who miss-managed a project, came clean and did his best to resolve it -OR- as someone who committed fraud and ripped people off.

      Ignoring the people who put their trust and money behind you is the worst thing you can do.
      Be truthful and be thorough. We have a right to know what is going on. You took $50,000 dollars from backers - this won't go away.

    33. Jeff Flowers on

      Gotta agree with the others. What's going on... Now's the time to share.

    34. robby hayes on

      8 months with no update. The holidays are over, put up an update. Send us our stuff. Or give us our money back. Stop pussy footing around and get it done.

    35. Missing avatar

      Michael Chen on

      I like to request my money back please.

    36. David Markus Creator on

      My goal at this point is to distribute the parts as people have requested. I'm working with my ferrofluid supplier to create a plan for after the holiday rush slows down.

    37. Jeff Flowers on

      Just tell us what is happening - or at the very least, shut down the website. It just isn't right to have this up at all at this point. It looks a lot like hubris.

    38. Missing avatar

      Monkeywaffles on

      Yea, just send what you have. Heck, I'm even up in your new state, I'll drive up and pick the darn half-completed parts up in persion. It's going on 3 years man. Time to send out at least somethign to the people you spent 50,000 dollars of their money. It appears you still check this as Jeff's message of the product showing up as for sale has been rectified. Kindly ship whatever you can out like.. when you read this. 3 years of putting it off, time to cut your losses and move on with your own life, and let these 350 people do the same.

    39. Jeff Flowers on

      It appears to be an actual shipping product. I do believe that in the past, it was listed as "sold out" - is this an actual shipping product now? I was going to buy it off the website, but my gut just wouldn't let me do it.

      So I ask - has anyone attempted to buy one off of his website? If so, did you get it? I think that it would be highly disrespectful if these are being sold and we're S.O.L.

      At this point - I'm in for the combo, but would accept a ferro (and would feel fine with it too.) To close the books if you will.

    40. robby hayes on

      Send us something. Tell us something. Let us know what the "game changer" was. Communicate something. Please.

    41. Missing avatar

      Steve Gordon on


      It's been two months since your last mini update. 6 months since your last full update. This really isn't any way to treat your supporters. I know you're disappointed with how things turned out, but silence isn't the responsible or appropriate way to go here. Please provide an update, even if it's just to say that you're shipping out the parts and we have to assemble them on our own. I'm sure the vast majority of people would take that trade at this point in the game.

    42. Missing avatar

      Luther Burrell on

      Please send me the pieces. Please, please.

    43. Soochon Radee on

      David, I think you need to cut your losses and send everything out to everyone regardless of what you think about the finish. You have all the parts and I'm sure that if you offered this option a lot of people would choose it. They'll still make some great Christmas presents.

    44. Missing avatar

      Jai Ramachandran on

      Check this out guys: Golden Ferrofluid for $60 (and I am sure it will ship in less than 3 years)…

    45. Missing avatar

      Jai Ramachandran on

      David Markus... Fraud

    46. Seth on

      i comically check back on this project from time to time... thinking there is going to be some kind of new info... update.. whatever. i think its safe to bet that there is absolutely nothing... the project has failed... at least just respond back and say that. just admit defeat. the "game changer" update is so past due that it is meaningless at this point. just come out and say the project is dead.

    47. Dave Fishman on

      5 months without an update ... Dude just send us what you have ... Starting to think you don't even have anything to send us ... Just pocketing the cash

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