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Magnetism and physics are made visible with ferrofluid. Help fund a highly engineered container that showcases this unique material.
Magnetism and physics are made visible with ferrofluid. Help fund a highly engineered container that showcases this unique material.
341 backers pledged $49,028 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Don Pattee

      This project kicks me in the shin every time I scroll through my 'Successful but still not received" list.

    2. David C Lawrence

      This was the first Kickstarter project that I ever backed. How ironic that five years later it still has not delivered.

    3. Seth on

      Exactly. It's that he completely ghosted the project and all of the backers. It's a god damn shame. Fucking crook.

    4. Don Pattee

      Two years after my last comment and I'm still bitter.

      I've wasted $200 on junk that never worked right before, it isn't the money. It is that as far as I can tell this guy gave up at the first sign of trouble and then pretended like he was going to try with no real intention of actually delivering.

    5. Seth on

      Hey everyone, guess what! You guessed correct, still haven’t received mine.

    6. Missing avatar

      Norm on

      Same John, a constant memory on my backer list. I guess this is one for the lose column.

    7. Missing avatar

      john brooks on

      It is stunning to revisit this. It is clear nothing will be shipped. He should say so. It still comes up on my kickstarter list and it is the only failure I backed. So I comment.

    8. Missing avatar

      Andrew on

      It's pretty clear that David Markus is a scammer who defrauded hundreds of backers (whether that was his original intent or not). He had ample opportunities to make things right and refused to do the right thing all along.

    9. Marquis H. on

      Seriously dude? 200 gone. And no update since September.

      At least let us know your alive. Sheesh. I feel like we should at least be friends by now 4 years I've loaned you 200. Can't even get a hello now. I see how it is.

      I've written you off. Also sending an email to you just because I can.

    10. Missing avatar

      Brian Kieffer on

      Even is gone.

      This guy's in the wind, folks. At least we got four years of entertainment, such as it was.

    11. Dave Fishman on

      6 months and not a word from Dave and 4 years with nothing to show for it ... Throw our shit in a box and ship it out ya bum !

    12. Don Pattee

      A dozen other ferrofluid projects have completed.
      We backed the wrong horse. Your money is gone. Write it off and move on or you'll just keep getting more and more frustrated.

    13. Missing avatar

      Mitchell Ferguson on

      I am going to say that the odds of any of us getting a unit is less than 5%

    14. Jeff Flowers on

      I'm at the $200 level - haven't gotten anything/nor a survey. Sounds like some have received something. Would love to know what's what.

      Hell, I'd be willing to compromise - if it means getting something and being able to close this one out. Are there the big ones? What does everything look like, there was some question as to this? Etc.

    15. Jeff Flowers on

      Can we get an update? I sometimes come back just in case; and it would appear that some have received their units. Thanks.

    16. Missing avatar

      Jai Ramachandran on

      I just got mine, looks great!

    17. Missing avatar

      Andy on

      @wesley: David mentioned he had completed the early bird tiers and made it sound like the $100 tier was next. I think we still have some waiting ahead of us.

    18. wesley chang on

      So does this mean the $75, $100, $125, and $150 tiers have all shipped? (just checking since I'm at the $200 tier)

    19. Seth on

      It's crazy to think that the 4 year mark is quickly approaching. Four years~! Hahahaha... I continue coming back to this because it's hilarious at this point that backers actually think anything is going to arrive. Just consider it a loss... Nothing is going to ever show up.

    20. Missing avatar

      Jai Ramachandran on

      I am going to say that the odds of any of us getting a unit is less than 10%

    21. Missing avatar

      Brian Kieffer on

      When this project started, I had one kid. Now I have two, and the second one is taking hockey lessons.

      Would love to know which tier I'm in and which tier is shipping.

      Even a modest ship rate of one per week should have resulted in more progress than what seems to have been accomplished.

    22. rob eby on

      Any idea if he is through all of the tiers? I am still waiting on mine.

    23. GEORGE E NEWMAN on

      I want a refund... This has well exceeded the original ship date. Where is Kickstarter on this?

    24. Missing avatar

      Jai Ramachandran on

      Any updates? Still wondering how you are "done with 4 tiers" when I am in the 4th tier and don't have a Ferrite yet...

    25. Missing avatar

      john brooks on

      How on earth do I know what tier I'm in?. I was supposed to receive a large and small one.

    26. Missing avatar

      john brooks on

      How on earth do I know what tier I'm in?. I was supposed to receive a large and small one.

    27. Missing avatar

      Jai Ramachandran on

      David - I ask because I am in the fourth tier... and I do not have a unit and have not received a survey

    28. Missing avatar

      Jai Ramachandran on

      David - Thanks for the update... that's all I was looking for, what tier are you on now?

    29. David Markus Creator on

      4 tiers have been shipped out so far, and 3 tiers remain to ship. I have been working on them in batches as time allows and sending out surveys when I have enough ready to ship to satisfy an entire tier. My last update was posted two months ago, and all rewards requested from the surveys sent then were immediately shipped and that tier has effectively been completed.

    30. Missing avatar

      john brooks on

      I've moved to checking every 6 months. I never get a response. It is a very cool idea though and the only kickstarter I've backed that never shipped. Oddly he has a website where one can order them.

    31. wesley chang on

      ~sigh~ This was supposed to have been a September birthday present for someone .. *three years ago*. It's been so long, and at the $300 tier with all the lower tiers in front, I'm only half expecting this to arrive by this time next year. Updates are sparse, we have no idea what his mailing frequency is, it's just check back every three months and hope that it shows up before we have a new president. I'd be more encouraging, except my sense of guilt and obligation would compel me to get this taken care of, somehow, some way, far faster than the current pace.

    32. Missing avatar

      Jai Ramachandran on

      David - We are closing in on 3 months (t-minus 16 days) since you sent out the first tier of units... when can we expect the next batch? Just because I may be impatient does not mean that you have not been reticent in your obligations to your backers... If there is some sort of hold up... what is it? Maybe one of your backers can help?

    33. Jeff Flowers on

      Any updates in the works?

    34. Missing avatar

      Jai Ramachandran on

      David - Sooooo... time table for the other tiers?

    35. Missing avatar

      Jai Ramachandran on

      babywiththepower - There is literally 0% chance David has sent you your unit yet. He just started sending out units to the lowest tier, and hasn't responded to posts asking for a time table for other tiers

    36. Missing avatar

      babywiththepower on

      I pledged at the $200 level and have seen nothing.

      That said, this project is so old I don't even know what address he'd have on file for me. Could be he sent it somewhere I haven't lived in years.

    37. Jeff Flowers on

      It would be nice to know where everyone's at. I see a couple of folks reporting back that they got their unit(s). What about everyone else? As a percentage, about how many more do you need to get through?

    38. Art McBain on

      I wasn't going to post but I figured it may help keep hope for others. Mine arrived about a week and a few days ago. $100 tier. Everything arrived fine, assembly went fine, and so far no clouding.

      Thank you, David.

    39. Seth on

      Any idea when the $150 tier pieces will be sent out?

    40. Missing avatar

      Michael Chen on

      I am a $300 backer. Can I receive the small ones you are sending out first?

    41. David Markus Creator on

      Yuck, that's definitely not how it should look, I'll go ahead and send you out a new vial.

    42. demure on

      Anyone else having issues with stains inside their vial?
      I've let it sit for a day untouched, and it still looks like this:

    43. Missing avatar

      Julie Napp on

      Just received mine, and I had it together in about 10 minutes. Love it!

      David, ignore the gripers -- the bottom line is that there are no promises when someone sets up a Kickstarter, and I've had a couple who just disappeared with my money with no explanation or apologies. It's all about good faith, and you've shown that you have it, even in the face of a lot of obstacles. Thanks for sticking with it and providing what you promised.

    44. Corey

      Mine arrived and was really easy to assemble (I got the small one). A hint to those that are assembling... I got two magnets, one that goes in the big holder (needs to be glued in) and another smaller one. Make sure you get the pole right on the one you are gluing so that they are attracting with each other rather than repelling. If they are repelling, playing with the fluid doesn't work all that well.

    45. Fran on

      I had the $100 award level and received it yesterday. I think it is well made and looks great!

    46. Missing avatar

      David Hardy on

      I see some units have been sent, what backer level is going out?

    47. demure on

      Arrived, and have assembled. Glass tube had a little fluid leak in shipping, but minor.

      NOTE: I recommend installing your bigger magnet so that the small one can attach magnet down while on top of glads. If you don't, you will see why.

    48. Missing avatar


      Received the Ferrite sculpture today! It's well manufactured and the kids are enjoying it! Thanks a bunch!

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