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A quirky, intensely intimate, totally captivating story about love, marriage, “yellow fever”... and documentary filmmaking.
237 backers pledged $24,200 to help bring this project to life.

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SAF: Final Countdown!!

Posted by Debbie Lum (Creator)

Wow. We are actually less than $1250 away from meeting our stretch goal!

This is the first Kickstarter we've ever done. It's pretty nerve-wracking. Exciting too.

You all have been amazing, telling your friends, increasing your pledges and making new ones especially in the last two days as we reach the end. There's less than 4 hours to go!!

Thanks so much for supporting SEEKING ASIAN FEMALE - the PBS version and our sister project, THE SAF WEBISODE PROJECT!

We can't wait for you to see the film!! And the webisodes also!!

Best, Debbie & The SAF team

LAST DAY OF seeking asian female's CAMPAIGN!

Posted by Debbie Lum (Creator)

Good morning!

It's our last day of Kickstarter. Tonight at 11:59pm, our campaign officially ends. It's been a month of anticipation, surprise and tremendous reward! Can I take a moment to say, I feel very humbled by all of your generosity. Thank you so much for backing us!

So we made our initial goal of $20,000 with three days to spare! And right now we're just $2400 away from our stretch goal of $25K. Can we make our second goal??

If we do, it would be an incredible jump start on the SAF WEBISODE PROJECT, which is aimed at continuing the conversation with all of you and bringing in many more to discuss the complex social issues behind the film SEEKING ASIAN FEMALE. If you have friends who you know would love to join this dialogue please spread the word - wouldn't it be amazing to know that you helped us reach not just one milestone but two!! (It would certainly be for us.) Also a reminder: The work-in-progress sample is only going to be available until midnight tonight so check it out here before then if you haven't already. (Please read updates #8-11 for more information.)

Thank you again & we hope you have fun counting down the final hours with us!

Debbie & the SAF Team

New bonus reward!

Posted by Debbie Lum (Creator)

My uncle in Sichuan China saw how successful our Kickstarter has been and decided he wanted to contribute as well. So he is donating a dozen t-shirts with original classical Chinese watercolor design hand-painted by him!

Mr. Peng Tzu, 69-year-old painter and calligrapher of Tang Lake Style, lives in Chengdu, Sichuan. He is vice president of Ark orphanage in Sichuan Province, China, one of the first orphanages run by private Chinese citizens, located in the UNESCO world heritage site, Jiuzhaigou. He is the Peng Family Culture Research scholar and senior adviser. I'm really touched that he did this in support of my film and am very excited to share his gift with you.

So check out our updated Kickstarter page. We are making the T-shirts available in combination with the pre-release DVD. But if you want one, you'll have to act fast - there are only 12 of them!

Thank you all again! These last 2 days are very exciting for all of us!

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See a New Short Video - work-in-progress!

Posted by Debbie Lum (Creator)

We've just loaded a short video,"Sister Webisode Project, #1 Work-in-Progress" for you to see. This material is comprised entirely of footage that is not in seeking asian female, and is a "sister" project currently in development. If we make our stretch goal - the extra funding will help to seed this related interactive educational web project!

You can view it on our Vimeo site:

This is a work-in-progress "sneak peek" and it will only be viewable through June 11, when our Kickstarter campaign ends. So watch it and show it to your friends now! While you're there, please share the official seeking asian female movie trailer too!

Thanks for all your help spreading the word about our Kickstarter. With less than 3 days left, thanks so much for helping us make something new happen!!

Thank you again for your support!
Debbie & the SAF Team

P.S. Don't forget to check out Update #8 for more information about this...

Stretch Goal: $25K

Posted by Debbie Lum (Creator)

So just after 10am this morning we hit our goal - and we're still in awe... Congratulations again - you did it! Because of you we will be able to show our film to so many new audiences, including a million viewers on PBS -- and YOU!

Your support has encouraged us to set a new goal, one that will stretch us (in a good way): $25,000!

We told you in Update #8 what we'd do if we go over. Now we've set a concrete goal. If we can raise the additional funds, we will have enough seed money to start our webisode series (scroll down to Update #8 for a better description). We're so excited that we've already begun to go through the hundreds of hours of footage that we regrettably had to leave out of seeking asian female, and we can't wait to share it with you. So...

...Check your inboxes tomorrow. We're putting together a sample webisode so that you can get an idea of what we're going to be creating. Since it's a work-in-progress short video, it  will only be viewable for the three remaining days of our campaign. We're right now working to get it ready so you can see it first thing tomorrow (in the US).

Thank you for inspiring us to go even further!
Debbie & the SAF Team

P.S. If you're one of the many recent new backers who pushed us over our in the last day, be sure to check out Update #7 for a special backers-only treat!