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A quirky, intensely intimate, totally captivating story about love, marriage, “yellow fever”... and documentary filmmaking.
237 backers pledged $24,200 to help bring this project to life.

SAF - You did it X2!

Posted by Debbie Lum (Creator)

Thanks to everyone who backed our project -- YOU DID IT!!!

To be perfectly honest, we're still in a bit of shock about what you've accomplished. First you got us to our original target of $20,000 last Friday....Then you taught us the meaning of the word, "stretch goal" and 3 days later, you made us reach our goal for the second time. Officially through Kickstarter, 237 backers pledged a total of $24,200. AND hearing about our Kickstarter, 3 more donors pledged a total of $1550 directly to SEEKING ASIAN FEMALE, which brings us to a grand total of $25,750 raised in just 31 days!

The entire team at SAF and I are filled with gratitude and new sense of the word - team. We cannot say enough how much we appreciate you joining in. We hope that this is just the start of an ongoing conversation - as your support will now also allow us to begin work on the SAF WEBISODES. So even though our Kickstarter may go quiet for now, you will be hearing from us much more in the future. Likewise we hope we continue to hear from you! Please stay connected with us through our website, facebook and twitter...

Now we're going to do just what you've funded us to do: dive into the editing room and finish our broadcast edit. So when you get a chance to see our film - whether on DVD, the next time it plays at festival near you, or on public television (!), please let us what you think. And for our "neighbors" who signed up for the Wrap Party, we looking forward to celebrating together. No matter where and when you see it, we'd love to hear what SEEKING ASIAN FEMALE means to you.

Finally, for all your help during our Kickstarter, one last shout out to Center for Asian American Media, Chicken and Egg Pictures, and my Mom!!! :-)

Thank you again!

Debbie and the SAF team


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