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InDigest, an online lit mag, offers podcasts, blogs, digital broadsides, and more. It's outgrown its home, and needs a new one.
105 backers pledged $2,543 to help bring this project to life.

Getting There

Hello, us again. We're still finishing up all of our Kickstarter rewards and we wanted to share a few notes on how things are progressing. You can see some pictures of what's going on below. 

Abraham Lincoln finally got off his lazy ass and finished up the poems he promised so many of you good people. We've got a couple more going out early this week, but the majority are already in the mail and I know a few folks have received their Lincoln poems already. Down below you can see some of the nice packaging that Lincoln has put on these poems. He's been putting drawings of his face on everything. He's a bit of a narcissist, but what president isn't? I like him anyway. I hope you like his poems. 

We've also got a new pamphlet that we gave out copies of yesterday at Lit Crawl NYC with a poem each from Farrah Field, Ashleigh Lambert, and Rob Ostrom. These lovely pamphlets will be hitting mailboxes this week for everyone who gets the broadside subscription. Look for them! They'll be in your mailbox! Your mailbox, which is almost the opposite of the internet. Almost. And being the opposite of the internet is what I like most about broadsides and pamphlets. 

Hmmm. What else? We've got a new issue coming out soon. Sometime in October. We're also doing a reading on October 12 with MC Hyland, Dan Magers, and Matt Mauch, at The Gallery at LPR. You can find out some more about that here

Ok. That's all for now. Thanks again for all your high fives, hugs, and loving sidelong glances at InDigest. 

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