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Easy Chirp makes Twitter accessible to users with disabilities. The app must be rebuilt ASAP to work with the new Twitter API.

What am I?

Easy Chirp is a web-accessible Twitter application first build in early 2009. It's designed to be easy to use and is optimized for users with disabilities. Easy Chirp is great for use with assistive technology such as screen readers. It also works with keyboard-only users, older mobile devices, older desktop browsers such as IE7, low-band Internet connections, and even without JavaScript.

Why Easy Chirp 2?

Easy Chirp uses Twitter API version 1.0 which provides the data from Twitter. This service is being shut down very soon and therefore will also shut down Easy Chirp. Easy Chirp must be rebuilt to work with the new API, version 1.1. If not, those who require a web-based means of tweeting will be without an accessible and usable solution.

Where do the funds go?

All funding for this project will go to individual contributors including developers and designers. We are still determining contributors. The original author Dennis Lembree will remain the owner and project lead.

Features planned

The following features are planned to be implemented. All may not be complete at time of relaunch but others may be!

  • improved speed
  • email tweet
  • report spammer
  • attach image
  • undo retweet
  • optional light-on-dark color scheme
  • fix stability of trends page
  • miscellaneous bug fixes


Easy Chirp is a recipient of the AFB 2011 Access Award and the 2009 Access IT @web2.0 Award. View more recognition here.


I'm sending a special shout out to @EasyChirp for keeping me connected at #CSUN13 (even on my crappy "dumbphone"). You rock, @EasyChirp!
-from @AccessForAll

I'm trying a blind-accessible twitter ap, Easy Chirp. Holy crap! I actually know how many characters I have left. 
-from @LeftOfTheMiss

Using #Twitter w #EasyChirp is so-oh-so manageable on this ol' computer. Thnx @EasyChirp 4 your accessibility work. 
-from @thehoads

Using @easychirp today, finding it very easy to navigate, loving it.
-from @GayeAtkins

More testimonials on Twitter.

For mentions from books, wikis, and more, visit Easy Chirp's Articles & Mentions page.

Screen shots of original Easy Chirp

Main timeline page
Main timeline page
Following page
Following page

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Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

This project may not be completed by the time the currently used Twitter API is shut down. Blackout tests have already begun. Easy Chirp may or may not experience down time. Either way, Easy Chirp 2 will be completed using the new Twitter API (version 1.1).


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