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Collector- A Short Film's video poster

Set against a pleasant small town. We follow Daniel, Tommy, and a friendship that fails due to corruption, money, and loyalty. Read more

Washington, DC Shorts
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This project was successfully funded on August 21, 2011.

Set against a pleasant small town. We follow Daniel, Tommy, and a friendship that fails due to corruption, money, and loyalty.

Washington, DC Shorts
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Hello Everyone, 

We wanted to take some time and tell you a little about ourselves.  We are DK Filmworks. Dewey Ortiz Jr and Kendall Givens Little. Two independent filmmakers working on our Masters of Fine Arts in Film.  Collector serves  as our "thesis" film but more importantly our first film under DK Filmworks, which will serve as the spring board for our careers.

As you may have already read  DK Filmworks was created out of the need to tell dramatic stories about African American males and to challenge the perception created by mainstream cinema. This doesn't mean you can automatically assume we're going to make films that would be defined as "black films" or to cater to only black viewers.  Rather we'd like to tell dramatic stories that come from our point view, the world according to us.  This definitely means that in the course of our careers we will create imagery that defies the images that are showcased on a daily bases. To give an idea, let us take a moment to briefly explain the storyline that you will soon be investing in.

Set against the backdrop of a pleasant small town in the south, we follow the story of two life long best friends Daniel and Tommy…A friendship that starts to deteriorate due to the pressures of corruption, money and loyalty

Daniel, our protagonist, is caught between a rock and a hard place, torn between the loyalty of Tommy and his boss, Behr, the towns corrupt mayor. Daniel works as a collector. His job is to collect all the under table fees, absorbent taxes, and inflated loans from the townspeople and he must make an example of anyone who doesn’t pay. 

 Tommy, a local bar owner, desperately wants the financial security that he needs and deserves. He and the other business owners are held under the thumb of their corrupt mayor. Tommy becomes fed up and tells Daniel he is no longer paying and he doesn't care about the consequences.

Now Daniel is forced to choose, either side with his best friend Tommy and suffer the wrath of his employer, or side with Behr and sacrifice the life of his best friend. The conundrum between this dynamic is how loyal and earnestly good Daniel wants to be despite the practices of employment… and the desperation Tommy will resort to. During the journey of this story we begin to question who is truly at fault for the strain of their friendship. The loyal one who has the unfortunate job or the down and out buddy who tries to get ahead the best he can. 


The minimum we are asking for is $10,000 but truth be told we need about $85,000 to pull this off just right.  The donations will be used to rent equipment, secure locations and permits and pay for food and travel.  The majority of the shoot will be in the local tri-state area to make efficient use of what is donated to us however we have planned exteriors and pick up shots in Marion, South Carolina.  Our crew will include multiple volunteers, but with the money we raise, we hope to pay as many people as possible. We believe that people should get paid for their hard work and talent.

To wrap this up, we'd like to express how important this film is to us.  We’ re not a couple of kids wanting to make a film for fun. This is our career you’ re investing in. We have production experience going back 12 years and understand what is needed to make a production run and more importantly how to tell a compelling story. In other words, you’ re not giving money to people with a fly by night dream on minimal experience. The money you donate will be used to fund our film and our submissions to film festivals.

So, in keeping this short and sweet, please give what you can. We have a limited amount of time to raise this money, so any friends or family that you can recommend this project to would be greatly appreciated.

Much Love,

DK Filmworks


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