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Division Furtive is designing a new dual linear LED display wrist watch that you can set using light from smartphone or computer screen
Type 50 -- Division Furtive's new dual linear LED display wrist watch that you can set using light from smartphone or computer screen
Type 50 -- Division Furtive's new dual linear LED display wrist watch that you can set using light from smartphone or computer screen
190 backers pledged CA$ 57,030 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Desmond on

      Oh no the battery still good, n the flash is perfect, just thinking ahead...

    2. Division Furtive 2-time creator on

      @Rami Nasra & David Jiang - My expectations in term of feedback have also been surpased! Thanks a lot. David, I take this as a vote for a smaller design next time :D

      @Desmond - Take a coin and unfasten the two screws on the side of the watch. It's a AAAA battery for Type 50X (AAA for Type 50). I'm surprise that you need to change the battery so quickly...did you use the flashlight a lot (you have 10 hours of flashlight time on a fresh AAA battery for Type 50...about 6 hours on a AAAA)?

      For future reference, here's the PDF instruction manual.

      The video instruction regarding the battery replacement is still missing on YouTube (sorry about that...production took all my time):

    3. Desmond on

      Any ideas how to change the battery anyone?

    4. David Jiang on

      I just got my type 50! It's certainly one of the most beautiful and unique watches in my collection. I could use a bunch of fancy words to describe this, but really, this watch is just freakin' cool! Great kickstarter project! My only complaint is that the watch case is HUGE. As someone with a really small wrist, the watch case is over half an inch thick. Other than that, I'm absolutely in love with this watch! Thanks Division Furtive!

    5. Rami Nasra on

      Received my watch in Dubai. Can't tell you how amazing this watch is. Surpassed my expectations. Expect me to back you on all your future watches!

    6. Division Furtive 2-time creator on

      @William Mackenzie - Thanks for letting this one too into your collection!

    7. William Mackenzie on

      Thanks Gabriel i love the 50X i have it next to my 40 both No 205 just the same as the first time around top quality from a great guy

    8. Division Furtive 2-time creator on

      @Flux-coordinates, Desmond & Philippe G. - Thanks for taking the time to post comments and personal experience with the campaign and the watch! We can really feel the community effect of Kickstarter happening right's awesome!

    9. Missing avatar

      Philippe G. on

      50X owner :
      " Quelle belle aventure tu nous as offert, Merci Gabriel. "
      " What a nice story, Thank you Gabriel. "
      Now we must wait the 21/10/2015 day.

    10. Desmond on

      After wearing my 50x for few days, here is my review: this is a unique awesome watch that will strike conservation from strangers, has the finest quality finishing in comparison to so many watch projects that are launched in kickstarter, this is one of the kind. 1 thing I notice is that the blinking light doesn't work as well if you are lying down.
      Gabriel u have been a fabulous creator who have keep to your timeline, always communicating on timely updates with your backers. Great job! This has been really the best experience I have for backing on kickstarter.

    11. Missing avatar

      Flux-coordinates on

      As people have been saying in the comments, it is an awe-inspiring piece and nothing can describe the feeling ox unboxing and experiencing this beauty. Keep up the good work, guys!

    12. Division Furtive 2-time creator on

      @Koen Vingerhoets - :D

    13. Desmond on

      Just back from holiday, n sitting in front of me is Fed Ex parcel with my 50x timepiece, first n foremost could anyone tell me how to release the butterfly strap catch to adjust its length ?.

    14. Koen Vingerhoets

      ... It's there. I can die in peace now - it won't get any better.

    15. Division Furtive 2-time creator on

      @Hon Sing Sim & Topepo - Thanks! With so many positive feedback I'm really looking forward to start working on the next design (no official timeframe yet)!

    16. Missing avatar

      Topepo on

      Having read all delightful comments concerning these fantastic hours, I understood that Iьгые share with you with my pleasure and feelings. When I saw them for the first time, in the photo, I understood at once that i have to possess them. Everything is unusual in this watch - the size, the dial, their management and charisma. After painful days of expectation, when I opened a box for the first time.... It can't be described in words - it is simple WOW !!!!. Everything is thought over to trifles - I sat as the child and examined them for 20 or even more minutes, the instruction on the back especially admires. In everything thing there's the hand of the master and person, attentive to the clients and to his own work. It's a ver politefull thing - to set the watch on the reciepent adress !!!. Gabriel, thanks for these feelings. I look forward new ideas - I certainly will be among the first. Best regards !!!

    17. Hon Sing Sim on

      Received my watch! No words can describe my feelings when the box was opened. It's a work of art and science combined. It's a very, very cool watch! Pls keep me posted on your next masterpiece. You had me at Type 50!

    18. Division Furtive 2-time creator on

      @Mario Forcellati - Thanks! I feel lucky to have so many kind and happy's amazing.

    19. Missing avatar

      Mario Forcellati

      Recieved my watch this week. One word. Stunning. Fantastic work!. I feel very lucky to own this limited editon watch.

    20. Division Furtive 2-time creator on

      @Anthony Hinds - It looks like it is not your first Kickstarter rodeo so I'm flattered by your comment, thanks! Just doing my part. Comment #200, wouhou!

    21. Anthony Hinds on

      Received my watch and what a stunning time piece it is. I couldn't be happier. This has truly been and quite easily the most professional Kickstarter project I have every backed and should another Furtive timepiece go into production, I will definitely invest again.

      Thank you so much.

    22. Division Furtive 2-time creator on

      @raymond yee & Matthew Coffer - Thanks for taking the time to share your firsthand experience with your new watch, makes me really happy to see hard work converted into kind words :)

    23. Matthew Coffer on

      I received my watch today, it's a true work of art. Everything is quite intuitive which is quite nice. I really enjoy having a flashlight on my wrist!

      Eagerly looking forward to your future products. Thanks!

    24. Missing avatar

      raymond yee on

      Definitely me as well, just received my type50. Cool as anything, packaging was superb and in excellent condition despite having to travel to Singapore. Keep it up, next watch, I am in and perhaps just 1 may never be enough again. Thank you for materializing and sharing your creativity, positively speechless.

    25. Thewatchnerd on

      hahahha..whatever you call..i am gonna buy it!!!!

    26. Division Furtive 2-time creator on

      @Niranjan - Yep! But I don't think it's going to be called 60 or 60X :P

    27. Thewatchnerd on

      any plans for making a type 60X???

    28. Division Furtive 2-time creator on

      @John Phan - Most certainly. This is what I did for the Type 50 and this is how I will continue to operate in the future (if you ever change your email, please notifiy me). All models being limited at 1000 units, I believe this is really important.

    29. Missing avatar

      John Phan on

      Out of curiosity. If you were happen to be releasing your next watch in the future, would we get early notification as backers of this project?

    30. Division Furtive 2-time creator on

      @Olivier Racine - Thanks! I'll work hard to make the next model as desirable as this one so you can continue to expand your watch collection :P

    31. Olivier Racine on

      Just for the pic!

    32. Olivier Racine on

      Superb gift come in yesterday, upgrade wanted, get more than expect! No joke, what a nice watch!. Thank you M. Menard, really impressive. Now waiting the next evo, good luck!

    33. Division Furtive 2-time creator on

      @Rami Nasra - Revisied schedule of last update ( still stands..."I CAN WAIT" pledge level most likely mid-april.

    34. Rami Nasra on

      So many great reviews! Getting super excited!!
      Are the March type 50s out yet?

    35. Division Furtive 2-time creator on

      @Desmond - Hopefully that will be the most you have to wait...things are going very well so far.

    36. Desmond on

      This wait is definitely unbearable I meant that in good/positive sense. Guess another 3 more weeks before I could review this beauty!!

    37. Division Furtive 2-time creator on

      @John Phan - Thanks for being a collector and for your review, it means a lot to me and motivates me to keep going. At this regard, more than one half now completed: this week I'm making the last early bird units and still on track with the "March's update" announced schedule. :)

    38. Missing avatar

      John Phan on

      I received my Type 50 this morning and opened it up right away. All I can say is WOW. This is an impressive looking watch in person. I was a little bit apprehensive at first about the size of the watch and how it would wear but after wearing it for the good part of the day, it is a non issue. I am extremely happy with this project and how the watch turned out. It is great to be part of this. I would also like to add how great this project has been managed by Gabriel with the informative updates and responding to comments on a regular basis. This is one of the best kickstarter projects I've back. You should be proud Gabriel and thank you for producing such a cool timepiece!

    39. Division Furtive 2-time creator on

      @Grant W. Tilden - Wow, that's a lot of good words, thanks! Glad the timing turned out to be right.

    40. Grant W. Tilden on

      Ok, so I'm a little slow, I got my watches last Monday. Wow! These are by far the best watches I have ever owned. Thank you Gabriel! I like all of the watches that I own, this watch now takes first place in my collection. I cant wait to give my son his watch on his Birthday next week. I look forward to your next run Mr. Menard.

    41. Thewatchnerd on

      maybe now a type 60 is due??? hahhaha

    42. Division Furtive 2-time creator on

      @ Felix Kuppel/Dan Markus/Tanasit Siriluck - Guys, thanks for your good words. This is fueling me up for the next stretch of watch making. At this regard, one third completed: still on track with the "March's update" announced schedule. :)

    43. Missing avatar

      Tanasit Siriluck on

      I am a watch collector and I collect many LED watches. Most LED watch with dot display can tell only the time or plus the day/date. But this Type 50 will give you much much more information plus the 2 brightness level flashlight. And guess what, I am also collect flashlights. When the Type 40 came out I bought two and I did the same with the Type 50 with customized dials. The case finish is deep shinny black and has some weight to it. The sapphire crystal is a great compliment and works great with white LED. The case back has the instruction but I will never remember the exact steps to go in different modes and settings, I just tap away until I get what I want. Note also that, the tapping is confirmed by a brief flashing of full set of LED on "both" rows which help a lot.
      My only wish lists are: see through case back, more color option for the case.
      Thanks Gabriel for the fun watch to use with amazing features at well worth the price.

    44. Missing avatar

      Dan Markus on

      Mine came in the mail today....looks awesome! Thank you!

    45. Missing avatar

      Felix Kuppel on

      got my one in the post today! what a great watch... thank you so much!!

    46. Division Furtive 2-time creator on

      @Niranjan & Etienne - Thanks for the feedback, appreciated!

    47. Missing avatar

      Nicolas Gosselin on

      Is it possible to know when I will get mine ? I can't wait to show it to my friends.

    48. Etienne Piche-Jutras on

      Just got mine today and I must say, it is one fine piece of hardware, really love it! Thank you Gabriel for all the hard work that you've put into that watch, it feels (and is) really high quality!

    49. Thewatchnerd on

      @Desmond, its worth the wont regret it

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