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Between Fiction and Reality lies the exhilarating Fear of the Unknown... (ARG / Transmedia)
Between Fiction and Reality lies the exhilarating Fear of the Unknown... (ARG / Transmedia)
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State of the game #3

Posted by Alice & Smith (Creator)

We are excited to announce the official launch of the beta in late March. To ensure the best possible game, we have had to push back the public launch of the full game to Q2 of 2015. However, if the feedback is positive for the beta, we should be able to launch in early Q2.

We will be sending out an invitation to the beta shortly, so keep an eye out.

The physical rewards and the Comic Book sketches have all been sent out to backers, and we are working hard on the final Comic Book, set to be released soon. In the mean time, you can expect a thank you call from the Dev team.


There will be 3 new missions from HQ available. They will be representative of what to expect for future entry level easy missions. They are meant for new players just entering the ARG world. They will test your skills of investigation and deduction.

The game will feature a new login system from our Playfab partner, new musical tracks and our final game interface for the mission hub.

Its going to be a great opportunity to test out Call for Help feature, which is now fully functional.


An upcoming milestone will be the success of the Beta 3.0, after which we will move to a public beta including Steam players, and then the final release. After the initial release, we will update the client bi-weekly with new content, missions and patches. The content of season 1 will span three months and will require the collaboration of the entire community to be completed!


We had a great time @ PAX East, meeting new players and recruiting future Black Watchmen agents. What started with a simple locked briefcase at our booth escalated to a scavenger hunt across Boston, and ended at the concierge desk of a fancy hotel, where an important package was intercepted.  With the help of both local players and the online community, some of the mystery around the Rosenberg Clinic brought to light.

To catch up, visit the forums here!

Thank you and stay tuned for the next update: Beta Access!

Yours truly,
The Alice & Smith Team 

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