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By Lea Hernandez
$16,926 pledged of $40,000 goal

Sneak Peek at the Next THE GARLICKS Story

Exclusive to Kickstarter, here's the script for the first part of the next THE GARLICKS story. But first:

A lot of comickers creators (probably all of them, come to think of it), get asked about their creative process.

Mine is:

  • IDEA
  • DRAW

Here's what my scripts look like. Enjoy! Remember to pledge, like, share THE GARLICKS Kickstarter across your social networks, and refer!

Garlicks Can't Fly Part 1


Pandora (PAN) is sitting at a table, or at a counter, head laying on it, sketchbook open, drawing. A tomato and a cup of espresso are at hand. Ham is in a stroller, snoozing.

PAN (caption): You might wonder why a vampire is a graphic novelist.

PAN (caption): Because I'm better at being a graphic novelist than a vampire.

NOTE pointing to Pan: tomato vampire. Saaaaadsauce.

Pan, holding up hands in flying gesture, then giving a bug-eyed stare, then sticking tongue out “bleh” style.

PAN (caption): I can't shapeshift, fly, charm, or eat meat.

Picture of large animal in crushed bed, looking bashful. Note pointing at it: giant shoes on order.

WORDS:Vampires shapeshift for the first time when they're about five years old.

PAN (caption): I'm way past five. I'm old enough to babysit my baby sister.


Parents in photo, holding baby Pan, in front of store with new sign “Orange Espresso and Meats”.

PAN (caption): When my fifth birthday came and went and I wasn't gnawing ankles, or climbing curtains, or barking at the moon...

PAN (caption): parents took my mind off of it by putting me to work in our store, Orange Espresso and Meats.

PAN (caption): It was named after me when I was born. The “Pandora Orange” part.

Picture of grunty-looking big kid.

PAN (caption): I do know a kid named Meat, though.

Helping out around the cafe:

Pandora, wearing a cute and too-long apron, carrying pastries, on a stool ringing up people, putting flowers in a line of vases. Her parents in the background doing their jobs, smiling at her.

PAN (caption): I heard dad say “late bloomer” to Mama once.

PAN (caption): I decided “late bloomer” must be a kind of fall flower. Maybe at Halloween? Sounded cool.

PAN (caption): Working at the store kept me busy for a while.

PAN (caption): I did pretend to be animals, to see if it would kinda rub off.

Pic of Pan jumping around going Rawr! Rawr!


Pan hanging from ridiculously high monkey bars, with hoodie around her like bat wings, another kid watching her.

PAN (caption): Kindergarten was a good place to try this.

KID: I wish I could climb high like you, Pandora.

Another panel, Easter décor in the background, Pan's wearing paper rabbit ears, straining comically hard with pretty, concerned teacher watching, with the note “teacher thought I had to poop” next to it.

Pan, surrounded by other kids, who are sneering. She looks puzzled/angry. There is a kid somewhere in there holding a bottle of glue.

KID: You are weird, Pandora Garlick.

PAN: I'm weird, but I don't eat glue!.

PAN(caption): Or maybe they knew I couldn't shapeshift?

Ball of angry kids in a dust cloud.

PAN(caption): I could bite pretty great, though.

PAN (caption): No one ever told because no one wanted to talk about how the whole class came down with a bad case of “Pandora bit us all at the same time.”


Pan, sitting on a roof.

PAN (caption): When I was six, I figured out I was the late bloomer, and I decided that I was late-bloomed enough.

PAN (caption): I could climb great, but so what? If I couldn't shapeshift, I was going to learn to do a different vampire thing: fly.

Pandora, drawing bat wings on her shirt.

PAN (caption): First, you dress the part.

Pan, striking a pose. Her mother, walking to a stop behind her, her head leaning back.

Pan, scrubbing her shirt in a sink.

PAN (caption): Then, you wash that part you were dressing out again, because drawing on your shirt is naughty.

Pandora, carrying pastries, her father looking at her approvingly, he's chewing on a flower.

VOURDAIN: Thank you, Pan Orange. Put them over there.

NOTE pointing to Pandora: That's my dad's nickname for me.

NOTE pointing to Vourdain: Flower vampire and shape-shifter.


Pandora walking away, while her dad mutters to himself, chewing thoughtfully.

VOURDAIN: I thought I kept these on a very high shelf.

Vourdain with an “Ah-HA!” look. The flower falling from his mouth

Vourdain, kneeling with Pan.

VOUR: Pan Orange, can you fly?

PAN (caption): I could see he was happy and relieved I wasn't a fail vampire, I was finally special. I wanted to keep being special.

Pan grins hugely.

PAN: Yes!

PAN (caption): I lied.

PAN: You can see where my believability took a huge hit, here.

Pandora, being bounced around by her happy parents.

PAN: Like when you cheat on a test and you get a star...

PAN: ...the worst feeling in the world is people being happy for you for something you didn't do.

End Part 1


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