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$16,926 pledged of $40,000 goal
By Lea Hernandez
$16,926 pledged of $40,000 goal

THE GARLICKS on Indiegogo ends in FOUR HOURS!

Hi all,
Like the subject says, THE GARLICKS campaign on Indiegogo ends at 11:59 Pacific time tonight. I hope if you pledged here, you'll pledge at Indiegogo! Signed copies of THE GARLICKS with a print start at just $25.

The original art for the Kurt Busiek Eats a Bug print is up as a perk now. $350 gets you the art, plus four copies of THE GARLICKS and other goodies OR your choice of two of three other perks. Details are on THE GARLICKS main page, below the video.

$100. of the Kurt Busiek Eats a Bug original art support goes to, an L.A. non-profit that catches, fixes and releases feral cats and fosters feral kittens for adoption.



Attention conservation notice: If you've already contributed to THE GARLICKS at indiegogo, you can safely ignore this.

THE GARLICKS campaign at indiegogo ends at 11:59 PM Friday October 26th. I hope you'll pledge or re-pledge there and support what's going to be a terrific all-ages graphic novel.

Thank you!

THE GARLICKS on indiegogo is in Its Last Week!

If you've already re-pledged for THE GARLICKS on indiegogo, THANK YOU! It means so much to have you along again!

If you're one of the 280-some that haven't pledged again at indiegogo, I hope you will. THE GARLICKS and I really need you! We've hit 32% funded, which is AMAZING, but I want to reach what we did here, which was a few dollars short of $17,000.  

I hope to see you there!


Please Re-Pledge for THE GARLICKS on INDIEGOGO!

I need you to help me make THE GARLICKS happen! If you pledged for THE GARLICKS here, will you please pledge again at Indiegogo?

THE GARLICKS is halfway through its Indiegogo campaign, and I need you again to make it a success! We got to almost $17,000 here, and I'm confident we can reach $17,000. on Indiegogo.

The rewards are still awesome: starting at $15., you get an ebook, Fishbat magnet, and a print.

At $25., you get a signed book, ebook, magnet and print. There's also the "get all my books" reward-- 

--The Fishbat plush--

--Pan's Art Kit--

--Even a chance to have your book personalized with a drawing showing Astro City creator (and friend of THE GARLICKS) Kurt Busiek eating a bug.

Help me make THE GARLICKS happen!

P.S.: I'm also posting NEW pages from the next THE GARLICKS "Garlicks Can't Fly" story at Indiegogo! 

Indiegogo: THE GARLICKS & New Garlicks Art!

Just a reminder for you wonderful and generous supporters of The Garlicks here on Kickstarter that the new The Garlicks campaign is at

Here's art of Fishbat and Pandora Garlick that will be a print and be offered as a perk for my indiegogo funding.

If you backed The Garlicks here, will you please back and share it again? The new goal is just a bit above what we raised here, and I know with your help, I can reach my goal this time, and you will get a great book!

Thank you!