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An adventure travel game for young and old to learn & explore the wonders of the world - created and designed by Ava, an 8th grader
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Game Objective:

Plan and complete a trip that reaches all capitals, cities, and monuments a player has drawn.

Trip Planning:

To begin, each player draws a card from the red stack, which will be their starting location. Next, each player draws a card from the red, the blue, and the green stack. These destinations will be the stops to visit on their trip. Each player identifies the locations of their places to visit and arranges them in a way that minimizes the distance they have to travel. The player who reaches his of her final destination first wins the game.

Destination Cards

  • Red - Capitals
  • Blue - Other interesting cities
  • Green - Amazing places to visit including man-made and natural wonders of the world

A player draws a yellow action card if he or she is unable to move after rolling the dice.  Action cards can either help or derail travel plans, depending on where a player needs to go next. 


To travel, a player rolls the dice and moves their piece according to the picture on the dice.

  • Plane – move from your current location to any airport city identified by a red circle 
  • Ship – move from a port city to the destination at the end of the dotted shipping line 
  • Train – move 3 steps along a solid line 
  • Bus – move 2 steps along a solid line 
  • Taxi – move 1 step along a solid line 

By rolling an airplane a player can move from their current location to any airport city on the board, across continents, and across bodies of water. Airports are marked by a red ring around the city, like San Francisco.

Only rolling a ship enables a player to travel across the sea to the port city on the other side of the dotted line. If the player is not next to a dotted line, they cannot move and have to draw an action card instead. You would need a ship to get from Dubai to Karachi.

Game Over

As soon as the first player lands on the last destination of their trip, this player wins and the game ends.

The Idea

I am an 8th grader at a middle school in the USA. I have been very fortunate to experience the wonders of traveling to other countries, and meeting other children around the world. Each time I come back home, I find that other people also love to explore and learn about exotic destinations, but not everyone is able to experience them firsthand.

I thought about other ways to help children learn more about the world, while having fun at the same time. Based on  this idea, I created Travel Explore Discover.

How it Started

Here is how we began with the very first map that we drew by hand, together with a few cards that we printed on our old ink-jet printer.

First Map
First Map

We played it with a lot of my friends, and every time we tweaked the flow of the game, and the content of the cards.

We found that often, we did not want to stop playing, because all of us wanted to visit more places and share some more of the really fun facts that we found for each destination.

This is my first drawing of what eventually became the cover of the box you will receive, when you order the game.

First Cover Draft
First Cover Draft

Risks and challenges

I don't see any risks. We have an amazing prototype of the game, which I am playing every week with my friends, and we are ready to get it produced. We are working with a game production company in Nevada, who will manage the production and who will take care of shipping the games to you.

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