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An adventure travel game for young and old to learn & explore the wonders of the world - created and designed by Ava, an 8th grader
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Printing is starting

Posted by Joerg Rathenberg (Creator)
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We are now starting to print the actual games.

Over the last two weekends, we've had an exiting time reviewing the proofs from the manufacturing facility. You would think that this is pretty straightforward, but they somehow manage to mess things up where you don't expect it. 

We have to look at every single card, make sure that the picture is really the picture of that city (by now we know them by heart), check the text, and see that it all looks right. We found some cities that were included twice, and others that were missing (those are the hard ones to catch). Here is how these proofing sheets look:

Next we have to work on the packaging. When we get the games they will be on an an industrial pallet that will be wheeled into our garage. We will have to unpack the pallets and put each game into a shipping box that we can place in the mail so that the game doesn't get damaged as it is on its way to you.

This morning Ava is designing a sticker that will go on the outside of the shipping box so that you know what's inside the box when it arrives.

All the best,

The Rathenberg Family

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