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Chasm is a 2D Fantasy ARPG Platformer featuring procedurally generated Metroid-like dungeons and authentic pixel art.
Chasm is a 2D Platform Adventure featuring procedurally generated Metroid-like dungeons and authentic pixel art.
Chasm is a 2D Platform Adventure featuring procedurally generated Metroid-like dungeons and authentic pixel art.
6,938 backers pledged $191,897 to help bring this project to life.

Stretch Goals Announced, Live Stream Tonight!

We're still cruising right along, and are steadily approaching 80% funding. Things are looking very good, but in order to keep funding past our goal we've put together our list of Stretch Goals. Here's the main list, please see the full page for details!


  • We're doing a Live stream TONIGHT on our Twitch channel at 9PM EST with the development team! We'll be playing one of the most rare Castlevania titles: Rondo of Blood. Never released in America, it's the predecessor to Symphony of the Night (you play the end of Rondo in the beginning of Symphony), and was only available on TurboGrafx-CD. We'll be chatting with fans, dissecting the game, and hopefully not playing too poorly!
  • The Chasm Demo Soundtrack is now available on our SoundCloud to download for free. It includes all the tracks from the game, plus the 2 trailer songs, and a fan remix.
  • We're #15 on Greenlight now, please don't forget to vote!
  • Dan FitzGerald, the talented fellow that did both Chasm trailers and our Kickstarter video, has launched his own Kickstarter for his upcoming game Dog Sled Saga. It's a roguelike-lite that features dogs, sleds, and racing. Dan's a wonderful guy, and we'd really appreciate it if you could lend them a hand!

That's it for now. We hope to see you tonight in the Livestream!


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    1. Discord Games LLC Creator on May 3, 2013

      @Samantha Thanks, glad you understand now. I hope we hit all of them!

      @Frond No problem! Hopefully we'll be able to get in as much variation as we possibly can :D

    2. Samantha on May 2, 2013

      Thanks for the awesome response to my question about the gender swap goal.

      I honestly didn't think adding a gender swap would be so much work but after reading your response and asking a friend in animation, she agrees that it would be a lot of extra things to do.

      For people that might not think of these things: Every possible visible state of the male character would need to be re-done for the female character. Every animation frame the male character needs, the female character would need her own. So if you can put on gear that makes you look cool? Double the models. One dude and one girl would be needed.

      Thinking about it this way... well, it sounds like a lot of hard work! Here's hoping we hit 300k because, let's face it, all the stretch goals rock. :)

    3. Faux Shizzle on May 2, 2013

      @Discord I apologize for being ambiguous with my wording. I didn't mean other playable classes or unique characters with a storyline. I was referring to how each playthrough is unique, and that roguelikes have at least a moderately distinct level of uniqueness each time the game resets. The inclusion of a gender-swap option, while obviously allowing for a more identifiable experience for those who prefer to play as a female, would also add an additional feature which could add to the uniqueness of each experience. Although, if there are too few equipment options or their acquisition is guaranteed/necessary, the characters might blend together within each run. I did make the assumption, though, that you guys were planning on making the availability of certain items & equipment relatively randomized in the roguelike mode, so I apologize if that was a misconception.

    4. Discord Games LLC Creator on May 1, 2013

      @Brooks It will include permadeath like Hardcore mode, but also includes some roguelike elements like unidentified items (potion colors will be mixed up for instance), cursed items (equip a weapon you can't use and can't unequip), hunger (will lower your stats over time), and constantly shifting dungeons (if you revisit a floor it will always be different). We'll probably also increase the general difficulty as well.

    5. Brooks P. Weaver on May 1, 2013

      So I'm curious. What's "Roguelike Mode"? It sounds cool, but again, I'm curious.

    6. Discord Games LLC Creator on May 1, 2013

      @john You can download the GDC trailer song here:

    7. Missing avatar

      john on May 1, 2013

      There was a video with a pretty awesome bit tune soundtrack, which is what solidified backing the game for me. Is that still available anywhere? That seems to have been replaced in the current trailer!

    8. Discord Games LLC Creator on May 1, 2013

      @Yannick Yea, we'll put the next one up for watching later. I accidentally deleted the first one so I apologize for that. I should be announcing the next live stream date today ;)

    9. Missing avatar

      Yannick on May 1, 2013

      Would it be possible to make your live stream session(s) available as videos - I think twitch offers this feature. I missed your last stream (for europeans a bit early/late in the morning :) )

    10. Discord Games LLC Creator on May 1, 2013

      @Frond We're trying our best to cater to everyone, but a second playable character was never in the original design scope. This isn't meant to be a full-on roguelike, but a classic action-RPG with some roguelike features like procedural generation. As such, there's no classes as you would expect with a roguelike. I apologize if you got the impression there would be multiple characters to choose from.

    11. Discord Games LLC Creator on May 1, 2013

      @Samantha A second character was never in the original design, and was added to the stretch goals after suggestion by the community on our forums. Yes, it's a lot of work. It will be well over a thousand frames of hand animation once armor tiers and extended movesets are entered into the equation. It's placement is mostly due to the time and cost, as well as the fact that it's a purely cosmetic feature that does not extend the amount of gameplay. Others are upset about where New Game+ or other things on the list are, because they're afraid we won't reach that goal. As I've said before in the comments, if a goal isn't reached that doesn't necessarily mean it won't be in the final game, only that it's not guaranteed. The budget accounts for my vision of the main game, and depending on extra time and money, we will try to pack in everything we can.

    12. Samantha on May 1, 2013

      I really enjoy most of these stretch goals...

      But is "gender swap" really necessary to be so high up the ladder? Also, why is this an "additional feature" and not just something that comes in the game? I'm not trying to be incendiary or spew vitriol but as a girl that plays games, this just piques my curiosity.

      I'm interested to hear why it's a stretch goal and one at such a high monetary shot instead of being a standard feature. To be honest you have to agree that, compared to the rest of the goals, the "gender swap" goal is the weakest. Is there some reason why it's so high up? Would it really cost so much more to design a female counterpart? I understand it would need to be designed and such but what kind of extra work are we looking at, comparatively? Are there some unseen hurdles and costs to it that may help explain its place so high up on the list or was it just a related thought as it coincides with the nearby ideas of New Game+ and a roguelike mode? Was it just happenstance it landed so high up there?

      I honestly feel as if that stretch goal being there with no explanation may be damaging as I'm sure you know the internet is filled with silly people that see issues where there may be none. Again, I'm excited for the game (and hope we pass $300,000!) and I'm not "angry" or "irate" or any such thing. Take this as genuine curiosity, as that is what it is! :) I just like to hear about things like this as they interest me. :D

      If you'd rather, I'd be glad to take it up in an interview you guys could post. I write over at (I'm Kitty over there) so just let me know. :)

    13. Faux Shizzle on May 1, 2013

      @Neo: I think gender-swapping would be a great compliment to the roguelike mode. It would add to each new character's sense of unique identity. I don't mind playing as only one gender in a game where I'm dedicated to a specific character and their story, but roguelikes are often somewhat different in that respect. Additionally, not all gamers are guys, or want to play as dudes.

    14. Brandon on April 30, 2013

      Ignore previous comment-didn't exactly know what it meant by "main page" haha.

    15. Brandon on April 30, 2013

      I thought the "rogue like mod" was Hardcore mode? Also out of curiosity what exactly do you mean by community choice mode?

      Hope to see these things happen,the more additions the better! :D

    16. Missing avatar

      Neo on April 30, 2013

      This is how I see it:

      160k - Extended Soundtrack

      185k - Arena Mode

      210k - Crafting

      235k - Roguelike Mode

      260k - New Game +

      285k - Language Translations

      310k - Extra Area

      360k - Community Choice Mode

      Don't waste resources for useless achievements and gender swap.

    17. Discord Games LLC Creator on April 30, 2013

      @Brian I think we have a good shot! Having almost reached full funding before our final week sets us up in a very good spot for press and everyone to get the hype up even more! And agreed, we need to hit 275k ;)

    18. Brian on April 30, 2013

      I really hope you can at least hit 275k, as the most interesting ones to me are crafting, roguelike, and new game +; but it's going to be one hell of a longshot in my opinion, based on the speed of pledges so far :/

    19. Missing avatar

      Mukku on April 30, 2013

      Holy god damn 250k and 275k goals so good. If I was rich I'd donate like a madman.

    20. Jason Rebelo on April 30, 2013

      Pledged Dog Sled Saga, interesting game!

      Also, love the soundtrack.

    21. Joseph Le May
      on April 30, 2013

      ME LIKEY the sound of "Roguelike Mode".

    22. Colin on April 30, 2013

      The 3 that I kind of look forward to/hope for are roguelike, new game+ and genderswap.

    23. Discord Games LLC Creator on April 29, 2013

      @George We were thinking about it, but the development tools are still in flux and we don't know how tied everything will be to our development process. If everything works out OK technically, we will probably release level editor after the game ;)

    24. George Brayner on April 29, 2013

      Level Editor? or some customizing tool would be awesome.

    25. Evesy on April 29, 2013

      New Game+ is where it's at, fingers crossed.

      @Leonard - Gender swap alone isn't $150,000 extra, for the extra $150,000 you're getting Extended Soundtrack, Achievements, Arena Mode, Crafting, Roguelike Mode, New Game+ AND Gender Swap.

    26. Leonard Herndon on April 29, 2013

      Why is gender swap mode so high on the list? I figured that would be something that didn't require an extra $150,000. Just a thought.

    27. Missing avatar

      me on April 29, 2013

      @DiscordGamesLLC "You could argue anything could be a default feature, but most games only give you one character to choose from." - That's a very poor answer. As an indie game studio, I would have expected an actual response to a question like this. Having good gender representation in games is a very worthwhile goal. Your response seems to indicate that this goal is not very important, which I find very disappointing, Is there some reason adding an option to change the characters gender merits such additional labor? I happen to agree that it should be a default feature, or at least more important than it is now.

    28. Alef Ishara on April 29, 2013

      Why 300$ for the gender swap? seem a bit unfair :(

    29. Dean Dodrill on April 29, 2013

      @Chris Mad respect, I thought I was the only nut who kept my spinecards. Still in my copy of Rondo hidden away in my vault.

      Glad to see the stretch goals go up. Curious what Rogue mode is, since it seems we already had that? I could go for some serious crafting though.

    30. Discord Games LLC Creator on April 29, 2013

      @Chris We'll be coming to consoles eventually, trust me. Just nothing has materialized yet, and it's better to focus on more content right now.

    31. Chris Chamberlain on April 29, 2013

      Nice mention of Rondo of Blood...still have my PC Engine copy with spinecard.

      For your stretch goals: Put this thing on a console please! This would make an awesome Xbox LIVE Indie Game.

    32. Discord Games LLC Creator on April 29, 2013

      @Annand Our thoughts exactly. Let's reach these goals!

      @Thinkpadius You could argue anything could be a default feature, but most games only give you one character to choose from.

      @Daniel Yep, and it's awesome.. but the original is always better. Love the unlocks in there! :D

      @Matt Thanks! From our end, it's a lot more work since it will require more new content to keep you hunting for new equipment and stay fresh. Arena mode will have some new items for you to strive for, but is more bang for the buck to implement so it's lower on the list.

      @Logan If we're super close, we'll probably consider doing it anyway. Thanks!

      @Matthew Marhefki Thanks! Sorry, we're trying to stay away from multiplayer for this title. After Take Arms, we need a break :D

    33. Annand Virk on April 29, 2013

      'Roguelike' and 'New Game+' = DROOL

    34. Thinkpadius on April 29, 2013

      Why is gender swap so low on the stretch goals when, frankly, it should be a default feature?

    35. Missing avatar

      Daniel Quaroni on April 29, 2013

      Rondo kind of was released in the US re-made with 3d graphics (still 2d gameplay) on the PSP as Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles

    36. Missing avatar

      Matt Huntsman on April 29, 2013

      While I like all the stretch goals I think Arena Mode and New Game+ should be switched.

    37. Missing avatar

      Logan Inwood on April 29, 2013

      Awesome! According to the kicktraq, the high projection is $223,769! I hope we get higher than that! Let's say we get to that mark exactly, would you do the crafting since it's only $1231 under the next tier? Or did we not earn it?

    38. Fawzi Menkhour on April 29, 2013

      Very nice list of extensive stretch goals, and I like the style used for the image.

      Good luck!

    39. Matthew Marhefki on April 29, 2013

      Really excited for this to release! I have no doubts the KS campaign will be a success. New Game + and the Roguelike mode are the two most interesting goaks there for me, though I would also like to see a co-op mode!