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Chasm is a 2D Fantasy ARPG Platformer featuring procedurally generated Metroid-like dungeons and authentic pixel art.
Chasm is a 2D Platform Adventure featuring procedurally generated Metroid-like dungeons and authentic pixel art.
Chasm is a 2D Platform Adventure featuring procedurally generated Metroid-like dungeons and authentic pixel art.
6,938 backers pledged $191,897 to help bring this project to life.

50% Funded in a Week!

We've raised half our goal in just under a week! Thank you again for your pledge to help make this game happen. We're slowing down a bit but fear not, we've got another press push coming this weekend. Please continue spreading the word to your friends and family!


  • We've listened to your feedback and have an updated demo build coming with improved graphics, custom keyboard mapping, an extra dungeon floor, tweaks and bug fixes. We're still working hard on it, but we'll have details soon.
  • Valve approved the next set of Greenlight titles yesterday, but unfortunately Chasm wasn't included. On the bright side, we shot up 10 positions when those games were removed so we're now sitting pretty at #21! Please make sure you vote!
  • We're doing some cross-promotion with the fine gents running the C-Wars campaign! Please drop by their campaign page and give the game a look. It's a roguelike / RTS hybrid with awesome pixel art. What more could you need?!


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    1. Jonas on April 21, 2013

      I agree with what Eric says. Without respawning it wouldn't be a Metroidvania. It also would be a bit boring. ;) Besides, where would you get all the XP if all dead enemies stay dead?

    2. Missing avatar

      Eric on April 20, 2013

      Curious to know what improved graphics means. Think the game looks great, the only thing I noticed that could possible use some improving was the choppy scrolling. Especially with the parallax / backgrounds. It's visually distracting compared to the classic games Chasm is based on.

      I'm all for the standard Metroidvania respawning rooms as well. You need to have some enemies and obstacles if you are backtracking, especially when you're re-treading areas you think you know well and believe you can blow by without thinking twice. You gotta have something to put you in your place and show you can't breeze through where you've previously been. Traversing a lot of empty areas is really boring.

    3. SIlvos on April 20, 2013

      For the staggered thing I've seen some games do is to not respawn enemies until you are two rooms away. But respawning instantly also has advantages (such as being better for farming/grinding).

    4. Missing avatar

      Justin on April 19, 2013

      You know as much as this is called a "Metroid" style game I think it taps more into the "Metroidvania" realm.

      Either way I'm always up for a game like this Hit up the $30.00 tier because a game like this is always best shared with a friend who will love it but doesn't know it yet!

      I also hit up your Cross advertised friend and pledged for them as well, great to see these games being made with such passion.

    5. Discord Games LLC Creator on April 19, 2013

      @Godot It's a design decision. We originally had no respawning, but it made the dungeons feel really empty. We've been tweaking numbers of enemies per room and such to make sure it's a little less annoying. The final game may implement staggered respawning system though.

    6. Qthemuse on April 19, 2013

      Are enemies re spawning after you leave a room and come back a design decision or is it just something that happens due to it being a tech demo. I personally would rather have the enemies stay dead after you kill them and maybe slowly respawn over time.

    7. Missing avatar

      crazyd on April 19, 2013

      It's a pretty damn full featured tech demo, otherwise. I'd be happy with more of that plus saving for my cash. Keep up the good work!

    8. Discord Games LLC Creator on April 19, 2013

      @Jesse No, sorry. It's really just a tech demo so there's no saving system yet.

    9. Jesse Black on April 19, 2013

      Way to go guys! I might have missed something in the demo but will we get (or do we have) an option to save our game?