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Chasm is a 2D Platform Adventure featuring procedurally generated Metroid-like dungeons and authentic pixel art.
Chasm is a 2D Platform Adventure featuring procedurally generated Metroid-like dungeons and authentic pixel art.
6,938 backers pledged $191,897 to help bring this project to life.

Chasm Is Coming!

Posted by Discord Games LLC (Creator)

Today’s a big day for us. After years of work, we’re finally confident enough in our estimates for the remaining tasks that we can officially confirm a release time window of this summer! To commemorate this occasion, we put together our first new trailer since around the days of our Kickstarter. Hope you like it:  

The good folks at Sony were nice enough to let us announce the summer release window on their PS Blog, which gets tons of visitors every day.  

Speaking of the PS Blog, we also made another major announcement there. We’re releasing a PS Vita version which will be cross-buy with the PS4 version. Just to anticipate the obvious question, I can assure everyone that adding the Vita sku did not add any time to our development schedule. Tom Spilman from Sickhead Games, who did the PS Vita port for Axiom Verge and many other titles, took our existing code base, ported it to Vita, and as we updated the main game, he’s been updating the Vita branch. So the good thing is that anyone who gets the PS4 version will automatically get the Vita version at no additional cost.  

Speaking of Sony, I should also mention that they were gracious enough to include Chasm in their booth at PAX East. So if any of you are going to be in Boston next week, please be sure to stop by and say hi to Dan, our business and marketing guy. And be sure to let him know you’re a backer!  

Just to anticipate a few more questions in no particular order:  

Q: How can people who prefer a PS4/Vita code can get that instead of a Steam code?  

A: We’re not 100% sure yet. We’re going to discuss with Sony and see how we can make that happen. My understanding is that they will charge us a small fee to generate those codes, so we will just allow backers to get a PS4 code at cost.  

Q: What’s the timing of the Beta?  

A: Managing and releasing a beta is a lot of work, and we want to make sure we can prioritize getting everything done and ready for this summer. There is a sizeable delay between the time we submit the final version to Sony and the launch day, so we’re hoping to use that time for the beta release. Because no game is ever really finished, we’ll be taking the beta feedback for use in the first rounds of updates.  

Q: What have you completed since the last update and what do you still need to do between now and summer?  

A: All of the spawn system changes are done, as is the key background art, placeholder animations and enemy sound effects. We still have to complete the sound effects for the final boss and final cutscene, beef up the items, and polish out NPCs and side quests, along with general balancing and game polish.  

This has been an incredibly arduous undertaking - one that I’ve loved (almost) every minute of, but one that wound up being an even bigger challenge than I expected. I’m grateful for everyone’s support and patience. This community is what has been driving me. I know you guys are all looking for the most kick-ass action-adventure ever to grace a gaming system, and we’re doing everything we can to deliver on that promise. And now, we’re almost there!

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    1. no refund on

      you're lame so there :p

    2. Missing avatar

      Jordan Clymer on

      Definitely the only Discord/Bitkid game I ever back. Can't believe you are still pushing back the beta and promising delivery...five fucking years later?! I'm so disappointed with the delays and the very lackluster progress. Lame update.

    3. Missing avatar

      Juan Anaya on

      If you had a switch version, would we be able to hold off our backer code for that version?

    4. no refund on

      Thanks for the update. This game would pair well with a nintendo switch!!

    5. Neil Kenny

      Nicely put! I was going to mention the same thing about the way digital stores are unable to recognise multiple key equivalence to bundle/complete editions of the same game but it all got a little bit unwieldy, but your description is nice and concise.

    6. Missing avatar

      Brian Johnston on

      You guys have been knocking it out of the park.. what I'm seeing is far exceeding the expectations when I first backed this project, and I'm so glad to be a part of it (in even the small way I have). Meeting you guys at PAX 2 years in a row, having the cover art poster signed, getting to watch you design levels live and seeing the evolution of your goals and realizations.. I feel like a winner already :-D and we still have this amazing game to come. Thank you for letting us be a part of this journey, and I can't wait to see you guys reap the success and rewards you deserve for your hard work.

      Cheers and Love,

    7. Missing avatar

      Michele on

      I agree. But I think they'll make it happen soon. As GOG want to push Galaxy, they have all the reasons to help Discord Games accomplish that.
      As not having all feature in from the start is bad, it's also bad not to have the game out on release when other stores has it.

    8. Missing avatar

      Neo on

      I'm fine with built-in achievements. But it can't be shared with friends.

    9. Missing avatar

      Michele on

      My point wasn't "not implement it, period" but "implement it, later" if that means that a GOG release is more likely to happen. As the game has already build in features, when they add the store specific features it would simply sync with them (achievements to achievements, local save to cloud save).

      I don't know the statistics but Galaxy is pretty unpopular among GOG community. About being forced to use it, it is indeed what has happened as they kind of stopped supporting GOG downloader and actively pushing people to use Galaxy. You can still not use it, but they clearly didn't make it easy. If you want to simply download and backup the installers you still have pretty much the same means you had years ago, with no improvement and some deterioration. If I install a game from the installer it will be added automatically to Galaxy (which I only use to manage download as GOG downloader is now unrealiable and it's content not always updated) without an option to avoid that.
      In my opinion they wasted years of developement in something that is not worth the result accomplished until now, years that could have been used to improve the site and the games releases, something GOG is unfortunately lacking in quality.
      But then again, I'm not against people having that choice, only I think it's not worth a delay.

    10. Missing avatar

      Neo on

      It's not enforce - it's reality. More than half of GOG users use GOG Galaxy client - it's not a secret statistic (want proof - ask GOG support). You propose to ignore their interests.

      About bugs. I use GOG Galaxy every day (starting with beta in 2015). I haven't seen any bugs for last 10-15 months. For me this client working just fine. I don't see a single reason why developers should refuse to support it. Such things as implementation of achievements will not take long.

    11. Discord Games LLC Creator on

      @Nick We're looking into what it would take to get on Xbox One!

    12. Missing avatar

      Michele on

      Please, there's no need to be so rude. You like Galaxy, fine, but that's not a reason to enforce it on other users or delay a product for its feature. I believe it is better for the game to have most features built in (like achievements that in chasm are within the game for the drm-free version). Once the features are implemented within the game, it is easier to use the store API (Steam's or GOG's) to activate the store features, in this case the achievements.

      About Galaxy. I don't dislike the idea of an optional client with additional optional feature. I want that. But this is not what Galaxy is right now as unfortunately is buggy, lacking features, and inconvenient. Steam is not good either, but Galaxy so far doesn't even compare (Steam was in developement for more years). For the ones that still prefer the installer, which is the base for a drm-free distribution, it adds nothing: it does not have, to this day, a notification system. Nor a way to manage your backups. It also forget your download list and has no restore/retry function.
      I agree on the fact that it's not good to have missing feature on the GOG version when the Steam one has them, I see no reason not to provide them (optionally, the game must remain drm-free and distributor agnostic, that's the best way to go).

      My suggestion was to avoid what usually happens in this cases. The game is released but delayed on GOG so the backers won't have it as an option to redeem their game.

      @Neil Kenny
      I understand what you are talking about. Actually I think I had a similar issue but with a store purchased game (PSStore) that for some reason it is still not recognized as owned.
      It's also a common issue on GOG when developers create a custom version for backers which is not recognized by the system as it is not sold on the store. The same goes if you have the base version and later acquire an upgrade to a collector's edition, you will see the complete game as not owned while you own base game plus the upgrade.

    13. Missing avatar

      Neo on

      Dear Chasm team!

      > The DRM-Free version is truly distributor agnostic - it has its own management for achievements and user profile, so people will definitely be able to play the original experience in a hundred years regardless of what distribution platforms are still around :)

      It's not a problem! Take as much time as you need. As a GOG user I would like to see a full GOG Galaxy support with all features. We want to have a complete game experience! :)


      > By the way Galaxy is an optional client, and frankly is really bad, so you could simply ignore it and use the same version you provide to Humble, it just won't have achievements and cloud saving.

      GOG Galaxy client is even better than steam - it has so many useful features: multiplayer, matchmaking, auto-updates, rollback, friends and more. Your game is awesome and deserves to be on GOG. I forgot the times when I downloaded the games from the dedicated sites. It's not cool to download and re-install full game distribution after each game update. It's not cool to fix the game manually if something is broken.

      All who read the GOG forums know that GOG community is tired of the games that have a full steam client support (achievements, cloud saves, screenshots, overlay e.t.c.) - ESPECIALLY ACHIEVEMENTS - and don't have a GOG Galaxy support. We GOG users hate when GOG games has achievements on steam, but not on GOG Galaxy. It's horrible. Many players love achievements - it makes the game much more difficult. Many developers disrespect to GOG community and just upload the game without GOG Galaxy features support. This is not cool. This is not right. This is discrimination. Please don't fill up the ranks of those lazy and greedy developers.

      Please bring Chasm on GOG with full GOG Galaxy support! :)

    14. Nick Madore on

      A futile question, I'm sure, but any chance of this coming to Xbox One as well? I have a PC and PS4 so it's not the end of the world if not, but I prefer playing things on my Xbox.

    15. WiredRM on

      I'm excited to get to play the game on the Vita! Thank you for this nice surprise. :)

    16. Neil Kenny

      My concern wasn't with HB specifically but with keys sent out direct from the publisher and certainly at one point from a major online retailer (who presumably acquired them direct from Sony).
      I think the issue is because these keys originate before the PSN store lists the title and if any listing changes occur then the key supplied has a different identity to the game as seen in the store.
      As such you don't own that game as seen in the store so therefore you cannot download it because you do not own that version but its identical twin who doesn't alas have a store page. Sony will acknowledge your ownership of the key however but they only way to reclaim it is by resubmitting the key. The system will tell you that you have redeemed it already but will allow you to download the title.

    17. Missing avatar

      Michele on

      @Discord Games LLC
      The gift key link is on the humble store page since the beginning. In theory it should gift you another product page with the content in it and that step should be handled by HB. I never checked if that worked and just found out now that there's that issue. In my case it's not the first, another gift key linked to another crowdfunded project had the same issue. HB said that someone could have access to my account but I doubt that and the coincidence is strange. Maybe something in the gift system of HB has issue or the key was not unique per user.

    18. Missing avatar

      Chris Lord on

      Excellent that we'll be able to get the PS4 keys at cost at least, I've been stung by so many campaigns that have much later on decided to release on a platform I'd much prefer and offered no way to transfer over.

    19. Neil Kenny

      I’m all for paying you for the PS4 key however I have found issues with keys that Sony sometimes give out for promotion or crowdfunding projects.
      Often it is not a retail key but a key for the same title but with a different store ID.
      The game is the same but since it is not a designated retail key it doesn’t show as being owned instore; so if deleted from your system the only way to download it again is to re-enter the original key.
      The store obviously doesn’t make the connection between the ‘gifted’ key and the retail equivalent.

    20. Discord Games LLC Creator on

      @Michele I don't believe the gift keys have been loaded yet, so that might be why you can't access it. I will double check with Humble!

    21. Missing avatar

      Michele on

      @Discord Games LLC
      About upgrading a steam key to a console one instead of having to purchase another copy, some campaign authors make backers pay the difference (as those keys cost them money while on steam or gog they are free). Some have that option directly during the campaign, I don't know if it is possible after (maybe for those campaign that use some sort of external reward manager like backerkit or a custom made one).

      If that was possible I would have liked to exchange the 1 gift key I have for a console one, but I don't mind purchasing a new one. I hope there will be a little discount on that.

      By the way, I just found out that my gift key is redeemed on humble bundle but I never sent it to anyone. Has someone else had the same issue?

    22. Discord Games LLC Creator on

      @Michele That's a good point, we'll definitely keep GOG in mind as we go forward.

      @Andrew We would love to make it so that people can just choose between Steam and PS4/Vita codes. Unfortunately, the cost structure is very different. We have to pay for Sony codes out of pocket, and we put all of the Kickstarter funds (along with all of our personal savings) into the game. We're going to discuss with Sony how we can make it easy for people to get the PS4/Vita version if they prefer that and hope to have an update before launch.

    23. Missing avatar

      Michele on

      @Discord Games LLC
      By the way Galaxy is an optional client, and frankly is really bad, so you could simply ignore it and use the same version you provide to Humble, it just won't have achievements and cloud saving.

      I love the fact that you implemented the achievement in game, that's the way to go. Doing that you then only have to unlock them using the API of the store it is sold on but the core is still the same.

    24. Missing avatar

      Andrew on

      Is it possible if we backed at a level that gives us an additional code that we can switch that code to PS4/Vita?

    25. wenchwogg on

      Awesome, the new trailer looks incredible. Definitely interested in whatever solution you guys come up with for getting Vita codes to backers who are interested

    26. Discord Games LLC Creator on

      @Neo Thanks! Yes, Humble has graciously helped us with all the Kickstarter fulfillment for digital rewards, and will be the primary distributor for the DRM-Free version. GOG is still a possibility, we've talked with them a bit but the Galaxy platform will take some time to implement if we go down that road. The DRM-Free version is truly distributor agnostic - it has its own management for achievements and user profile, so people will definitely be able to play the original experience in a hundred years regardless of what distribution platforms are still around :)

    27. Missing avatar

      Neo on

      I think Chasm will be the best metroidvania in 2018! This game must appear on GOG. Just because Chasm will become as LEGENDARY as Shovel Knight and such awesome games!

    28. Missing avatar

      Neo on

      Hi! This is awesome news! Just want to ask about DRM-Free version. :)

      1. Will the backers receive a GOG codes in the future if the game will appear on GOG?

      2. At this moment the DRM-Free version will be on Humble Bundle? Thanks.

    29. Jonard La Rosa on

      Whoohoo!! Looking good!

    30. Missing avatar

      denpanosekai on

      I'm one of those who prefer PS4 to vita. Even better, I would rather have a PHYSICAL copy of Chasm, but I'm prepared to double dip if that were to be announced.

    31. Joshua Lamberg on

      Still quite excited for this game. Can't wait!

    32. Missing avatar

      Michele on

      @Discord Games LLC
      Thanks for the reply. That's seems to be a really good solution, I hoped it was something like that (saw it in another couple of games) as it allow the content to be accessed even with newer releases on different systems. I only think that maybe a generic code instead of the mail address would have been better as it could maybe shared years in the future to ensure that content survivability. But that's just being a nit-picker :)

    33. Daniel Hupp on

      It's been such a long time coming! I remember hanging out in the Delorean stream watching you guys develop while I was still in College.. It's been 5 long years. I'm so stoked for you all and unbelievably excited to get my hands on Chasm.

    34. Discord Games LLC Creator on

      @Michele The backer content is unlocked with your email address so it will work on any platform (and don't worry your info isn't stored in the game, it uses a hash). No plans for GOG right now but we might look into it after launch.

      @crazyd The PS4 version did not delay the game, it runs on the same codebase as the PC version.

    35. Missing avatar

      crazyd on

      How much time did putting it on the PS4 in the first place add? I mean, we backed a PC game that you guys scope creeped and delayed like mad, and now you want to charge extra if we want to play it on the version that blew out the dev schedule? That seems like a kinda lame way to treat the people that helped finance your game from the beginning.

    36. Missing avatar

      Michele on

      Good to know that there will be a way to purchase an additional console copy, I think that the game will be a great fit for my psvita.

      I have some questions.
      -How will the keys for exclusive content will work with the drm-free version? Usually unlock contents is an issue for drm-free title as there is no way to check ownership of that content if they are implemented as dlc, so it is usually better to leave them as codes to unlock them within the game.
      -Will exclusive content work with the console version (it would be good to have the exclusive content on there too)?
      -Do you plan to use GOG Connect to allow owners of the Steam version to redeem a drm-free version on that store somewhen in the future?

    37. Christopher Buecheler on

      Congrats, guys. It's exciting to have a release date. Thanks for your hard work and all the updates over the years. I've never doubted the game was coming, and never minded the delays - you've done so much more with the game than I think any of us expected when we backed it.

    38. Tom Mason on

      Double awesome!! Just saw that CHASM will be at the PAX East Sony booth. Look forward to meeting Dan.

    39. Tom Mason on

      For a second I thought the update was an announcement that the game was released. I’m kind of glad it isn’t though since I’m in the middle of another game and I knew I’d drop it in a heartbeat to play CHASM! :)

      I’m clearing my summer and look forward to many amazing dungeon dives!!!

    40. Brian Carr on

      What a great announcement to receive on my birthday! Cya at PAX East

    41. Discord Games LLC Creator on

      @Eric We're looking into Switch and Xbox One as well!

      @Gary We'd love to do a physical version, but there are no plans for now.

    42. Missing avatar

      Eric R Edgar on

      Switch ever a possibility?

    43. Discord Games LLC Creator on

      @Gary Everyone who backed will get Steam & DRM-Free versions as promised, and then the PS4/Vita key will basically be an optional add-on.

    44. Missing avatar

      Gary Concepcion

      Or better yet have you considered getting a physical copy made pretty please lol

    45. Missing avatar

      Gary Concepcion

      Any way us steam backers can get the PS4 version at a discount with out switching? In other words having both :)

    46. Adam Wratten on

      I'm still just as excited as I was on day one! Can't wait, y'all!