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Chasm is a 2D Fantasy ARPG Platformer featuring procedurally generated Metroid-like dungeons and authentic pixel art.
Chasm is a 2D Platform Adventure featuring procedurally generated Metroid-like dungeons and authentic pixel art.
Chasm is a 2D Platform Adventure featuring procedurally generated Metroid-like dungeons and authentic pixel art.
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    1. Discord Games LLC Creator 4 days ago

      We're planning on a new update in the next couple of weeks. We have a few things nearing completion we'd like to finish first.

    2. Missing avatar

      Neo on February 10

      I can't understand this position. You reject the best DRM-Free gaming platform. So steam users will have all features that GOG Galaxy has and Humble Bundle users will have just game installer... it's not cool! Please provide us a GOG version of the game.

    3. Missing avatar

      Neo on February 10

      This is sad news! One of the best metroid-like games of all time - not on GOG. :(

    4. Discord Games LLC Creator on February 10

      Hi! Sorry, we're only planning on distributing Steam and Humble versions to backers for now.

    5. Missing avatar

      Neo on February 10

      Hi! Will the backers receive a GOG codes? Thanks. :)

    6. Discord Games LLC Creator on January 15

      We're close now, but not quite that close :) We should have another update here shortly, stay tuned!

    7. Kick No Mo on January 14

      So next month, me and my PS4 and this game?!!?!?

    8. Missing avatar

      Shawn on November 28

      That update still coming soon?

    9. Kick No Mo on November 21

      Good to hear!! So in a couple weeks we can play this then!!! �

    10. Chase Hainey on November 14

      This is the sort of game that deserves to be on the Switch. Hopefully everything rolls out well for PC/PS4 and we can get a Switch port as well. I just re-bought Stardew Valley because the Switch lends itself more than a PC game, I would gladly do the same for Chasm.

    11. Discord Games LLC Creator on November 5

      Yea, we're going to try and launch PC and PS4 simultaneously.

    12. Kick No Mo on November 5

      Okay! Do you think this will release on the PS4 at the same time?

    13. Discord Games LLC Creator on November 3

      We'll have another update in about 2 weeks. Lots of cool stuff to show this month ;)

    14. Kick No Mo on November 2

      Update?!?! :)

    15. Discord Games LLC Creator on August 26, 2017

      Hey Reece, I sent you a Kickstarter message to help get to the bottom of this.

    16. Reece Erdman on August 26, 2017

      As I am terrible at reading updates I had no Idea I've had access to the Alpha since 2014, but I've been trying to get access to it and I cannot find my key, I tried the Humble Re-sender and it is not listed, any help would be appreciated

    17. Discord Games LLC Creator on August 20, 2017

      We should have a new one out later this week.

    18. Discord Games LLC Creator on July 20, 2017

      @Guilherme Thanks! No plans for a gender swap. We'd have to redraw hundreds of frames of animation to achieve that, and we unfortunately don't have the time or budget to take it on.

    19. Guilherme Giacomini on July 20, 2017

      I was just wondering, will you be implementing the gender swap even if the pledge goal wasn't reached? It feels like it wouldn't be such a big amount of work and many of your players are/will be women! As a developer I always try to allow people to achieve the biggest amount of immersion (I suppose you feel the same way), and even if it sounds silly being able to play with a character the same gender as you can make a huge difference!

      Thanks and keep up the good work, looking forward to play the beta!

    20. Discord Games LLC Creator on July 19, 2017

      @Remy I haven't played one yet, but it certainly looks cool! We're looking into other platforms like Switch, but for now our main focus is just finishing the game up.

    21. Missing avatar

      Remy Legault on July 19, 2017

      I would LOVE to play Chasm on my Nintendo Switch! You guys like the Switch too?

    22. Kick No Mo on July 19, 2017

      Well made indeed I can fault it there but I thought they could have included a bit more info on the map to help.

    23. Missing avatar

      Adam on July 19, 2017

      I also finished Hollow Knight, way back when it released at the end of February. I felt the game had a great atmosphere and story to tell, and getting lost in Hollownest played to the sense of wonder and exploration with all of the secrets and little details to help inform your piecing together of the story. In love with the game, was not disappointed at all. Then again, I love well-made metroidvania games with good sound design, so...

    24. Kick No Mo on July 15, 2017

      Finished Hollow Knight. In the end I felt the game was very disjointed. For a game that is heavily relying on you to find items, power up your character it was kind of a pain. The closest game I played like this was axiom verge. In axiom verge it was challenging but I never felt lost. Hollow Knight is missing some major continuity imo and the game was kind of a let down in the end....

    25. Kick No Mo on July 11, 2017

      If you're looking to jump down another well, while you wait for this game... check out Hollow Knight!!

    26. Discord Games LLC Creator on May 15, 2017

      @Sean Thanks for letting us know your concerns. I know it's been a long wait, but we are committed to releasing the game only when it's ready. Thankfully everything is finally coming together now, and the end is almost in sight. As far as shows, we are very careful to make sure they have minimal impact on our development schedule. Our business guy Dan Adelman handles the majority of them, and whoever is closest geographically usually also goes to give him a hand. For PAX East that usually falls on me, and it's nice to have an excuse to get out of my apartment for a few days a year. We also don't really spend any time on demos anymore since the game is now together. For the latest show we just set a cut off point about 15 minutes into the game and called it done.

      Anyhow, I want you to know I do understand your frustration. I feel the pressure of delivering something wonderful every single day. I have everything riding on this, and lots of people counting on me. My wonderful Kickstarter backers, the fans who have found out about the game in the last few years, my teammates working on the game with me, my wife who's been supporting us and putting so much of our future life on hold... and myself. Believe me when I say that no one wants Chasm to be done and out there more than me. But I set out to make the game I've always dreamed of making, and I need to keep at it until it's done right. If I thought that attending 2 shows a year would delay that goal or put it in jeopardy, I would skip them entirely. But seeing people playing the demo, talking with press and fans - both new and those who have been with me since the Kickstarter - inspires me to push through the hard times and keep sprinting toward that finish line.

    27. Kick No Mo on May 15, 2017

      And if you knew kickstarter you would also know you can't delete comments... just like I can't fix my typo....

    28. Kick No Mo on May 15, 2017

      I can what you're say if you're not wanting them to be unsuccessful and care more about the symbol of your pledge.

      I see a smart game developer not giving into pressure and releasing there child (game) when they feel they are ready to do so. Along there journey of making this game they promote it and have a chance to get feed back directly from gamers. I can't see anything wrong with this.

      Now I for one can't wait to play their game but also think.. holy crap it's been a long time. But I also play games, follow developers and understand things can take time..

    29. Missing avatar

      Sean on May 11, 2017

      @discord Games LLC

      Just wanted to voice both my brother and my opinion, as we both have helped fund this project. Sorry to be so edgy. Sorry if this is the wrong channel, and If you choose to delete this comment, please take my concerns into consideration.

      It's frustrating to see the slow progress of your game, all while you flaunt going to each and every possible gaming show. You are now announcing going into Alpha after 4 years of development; As a backer, and as a developer myself, I can't help but feel a bit clueless as it seems like the main focus of your team is taking your time and going to gaming conferences, rather than focusing on the development / completion of the game.

      Every time I see an update on this project, I think - "Oh look, they're going to yet another gaming show, there goes 4 months work towards completion."

      It would have been nice to see any update which is not about the next gaming show which you are developing for! I think most backers would like to see progress on the project which we helped fund... Not progress towards your next gaming convention/ fundraising opportunity.

    30. Eddy
      on May 11, 2017

      This may be an odd question since the game itself hasn't been released yet but will you be bringing it onto the Nintendo Switch by chance?

    31. Discord Games LLC Creator on May 8, 2017

      @C.M.W Hawkins: The in-game extras will be tied to your email address, so if you give the person that then they can also get them.

    32. Missing avatar

      André de Melo Sobral on May 7, 2017

      I can't believe it's been already 4 years since the project was funded... and the game is 3 years late! o.0

    33. C.M.W. Hawkins on May 7, 2017

      Kind of a dumb question...but I pledged at the 50 dollar level...does the second copy of the game get all the in-game extras as well, or is it just a base copy of the game?

      Can't wait for the release!

    34. Discord Games LLC Creator on April 27, 2017

      There are no plans for a physical version at the moment.

    35. Kenny
      on April 27, 2017

      Any chance the PS4 version could get a physical copy through LimitedRunGames? And if so, I'd love to upgrade to that instead of my PC key.

    36. Discord Games LLC Creator on April 26, 2017

      Yes still coming to PS4! Sorry again for the delays on the update, we decided to just wait a little longer to tie it in with our Kickstarter Anniversary.

    37. Simon Careau Auclair on April 25, 2017

      Cool! Keep up the good work! I really want to play that game!

    38. Kick No Mo on April 24, 2017

      Will this still be coming out on ps4? Man... it is killing me, the demo was so much fun, this game is totally my type of game!! Can't wait!!

    39. Discord Games LLC Creator on April 20, 2017

      We decided to just hold off a little longer on the next update for the Kickstarter anniversary. It will be out in about a week.

    40. Discord Games LLC Creator on March 28, 2017

      Going well! Closing in on next milestone, we'll have an update soon.

    41. Kick No Mo on March 26, 2017

      How we going guys??

    42. Anonymous81 - #ShenmueSaved on February 21, 2017

      Yes a Switch port - someday - would be cool. Be a fun platform to carry around on the go to play Chasm on. :D Dev kits seem (reasonably, relatively) affordable too.

      That said... yes, please wait until well after release lol. :p

      Keep up the hard work. We are all very patient. ^_^

    43. Discord Games LLC Creator on February 15, 2017

      Definitely busy enough for now :) We are interested in taking a look at it eventually though, seems like a great concept.

    44. doomslace on February 15, 2017

      I figure you all are already busy enough, but I'd be quite interested in a Nintendo switch release for this game. It seems like it would be quite mobile friendly.

    45. Kick No Mo on February 10, 2017

      Can't wait for the Beta!!

    46. Discord Games LLC Creator on February 10, 2017

      Yea, right now Beta is planned to be feature complete, it will basically just be down to bug testing. It's up to you if you'd rather or not wait until final release though, it will probably be a little smoother experience.

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