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A Kickstarter to finish the Dysfunctional Systems series of visual novels!
1,457 backers pledged CA$ 67,450 to help bring this project to life.


Posted by Dischan Media (Creator)


Time for stretch goals! WE LOVE YOU ALL



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    1. BlackMagicWolf Productions on

      I've been a fan of this game since I was asked to review it for the website I work for. It's amazing, I love it, and I'm SO happy that 2 and 3 are coming. I'm proud to be a backer.

    2. Glenn Magus Harvey on

      Quick comment about the art style: I wonder if Winter's hair is a bit too thick in the new version. The original seems to have it follow the contour of her head a bit more.

    3. Aidan Ayunon on

      Screw Titanfall. This is MY most anticipated game of the year.

    4. Missing avatar

      digineko_dan on

      Alright! Super excited, congrats you guys!

    5. Missing avatar

      Andrew V on

      Yesss!!! Let's try our best to get to those stretch goals, now!

    6. Rose Weitz on

      YESSSS. SO excited you're funded! Hopefully we can make one or two stretch goals (I'm hoping against hope to see the $64k stretch goal!). Congrats you guys! (:

    7. Novangel on

      Still waiting for the harem stretch goal.

    8. Jonathan Wheelock on

      Excellent. Glad you folks can finish out the series. I had to deal with Firefly ending prematurely, not sure if I could handle the same with Dysfunctional Systems.

    9. Juan David Barreto on

      CONGRATULATIONS!, I cant wait to play this game

    10. aramir on

      Yeah ascii celebration dance ! \\o o// ~o- -o~ |o| -o- |o|

    11. Greg Cannioto on

      Nicely done guys! Can't wait to play it! I'll probably double my pledge in a day or two to help with the stretch goals.

    12. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    13. Thorrior9 on

      YES! YES! YES! Congrats!!

    14. Elven on

      YES! Totally made my day, congratulations!!

    15. Missing avatar

      Tony Demot on

      Looking forward to this!

    16. Missing avatar

      Kyle Reid on

      Congratulations!!! You, there was honestly a moment a few days ago where I didn't think this would happen. I'm so pleased to hear this, good luck on the stretch goals!

    17. Alessandro Pizzetti on

      I'm HAPPY! ç_ç The beautiful Winter did not deserve to be abandoned into oblivion ...> _>


    18. Taedirk on

      Oh and look, people have already kicked in nearly another grand. Maybe we will see one or two of those stretch goals.

    19. FlamingFirewire on

      HYPE! HYPE! HYPE! To the stretch goals!

    20. Marek Lilleleht on

      Congratulations! ^_^

    21. Missing avatar

      David Lee on

      Awesome news! Now, let's hope we get as far as we can on those stretch goals. I WANT ANIMATED SPRITES!