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A Kickstarter to finish the Dysfunctional Systems series of visual novels!
1,457 backers pledged CA$ 67,450 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Glenn Magus Harvey on

      I'm more interested in an explanation of where the $67,000 went than asking immediately for a refund.

    2. Missing avatar

      Garrett Thomas on

      So, when do we get that post explaining where the $67,000 went?

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      Chua Chong Yi on

      If the project is cancelled, I would like a refund. Thank you all for the hard work.

    4. Glenn Magus Harvey on

      It seems some people have suggested other items that were available for purchase on the Dischan store, in lieu of cash refunds.

      I might be interested in this. I haven't checked what's on the store but I do remember some paid album there.

      In any case, I don't need a response immediately -- as I said, deadlines don't mean much to me anyway -- but just really hope this opens up a good conversation about the future of DysSys and what it means to all of us. I understand that it means a lot, as does the rest of your (Dischan's) work, and that's a good thing.

    5. Glenn Magus Harvey on

      While I am tempted to ask for a refund, as I'm not wealthy myself, I also understand that this is really hard on y'all and I don't want to be unsympathetic. It does pain me to have to try to ask how much I ought to have paid for what I've gotten and what I'll potentially eventually get.

      For what it's worth:
      * I got Dysfunctional Systems ep. 1 in a bundle. So I paid next to nothing for it. Soundtrack too. Enjoyed it a lot. Haven't bought any gift copies for friends yet, though it's something I'd like to do. That said...
      * I did go on to back this project for $25. Sure, it technically says it's for episodes 2 and 3, but one could imagine the money back-paying for my copy of DysSys e1.

      I would like to at least see e0 be released to us backers, though ideally I'd love to see one of the two following possibilities happen:

      1. Take your time, pick up the pieces from the rubble, take as long as you need, operate on a part-time basis, I don't mind. But finish episodes 2 and 3. I totally understand that creative juices do not flow on a 9-to-5 schedule, so deadlines are not important to me. I feel that you had a lot of great ideas that you got started on, and based on both e1 and the stuff that you've shown so far I can trust that you prioritize quality above merely getting something out the door, and I like that about you. (I do that too, and I know how that can wreak havoc on deadlines...) But so I'd really hate to see all that work go to waste now.

      2. Alternatively, though, if you really don't want to do it, open up development to the rest of us. I have no idea whether this has even been done before, but there is the possibility that we the community of DysSys fans could make something of the series, and possibly put together some interesting and complex fan works. Especially for a series whose fanbase recognizes that its strength comes from its very serious, high-quality writing, setting development, and characterization.

      I can't spearhead idea #2 -- I've never done something like that (not even a fanfic), nor do I have the time. But I'm just proposing this idea.

      I am tempted to ask you instead for several copies of DysSys e1, so I'd be able to show to more of my friends the good work that you've already done. Not sure what you think of this idea. I've also heard that your site -- or at least the store -- has gone down but I haven't checked it yet. Because if you gave me copies of your game but then your site didn't allow people to buy your other works, then they would be a little useless...

    6. CtrlAltFaceroll

      Some how missed this update until now . . . While I'm of course disappointed this is happening, I won't hold it against any of you. As one of the other bakers said, Juniper's Knot is why I backed. Juniper's Knot is also what I'll remember Dischan with. The fact that such an excellent piece of work like JK was released free easily makes up for this, to me at least. I know it may not be equivalent for others. Most of all though, I appreciate actually telling us, though more honesty/transparency probably would have been good. I will not be requesting a refund. I hope you all do well for yourselves. I think I'm going to go play Juniper's Knot again.

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      Børre on

      Waited for almost 2 years for a continuation, rejoiced when i saw the kickstarter and backed it naturally. Was bummed when the game got delayed, but at least for outsiders it still looked like the game was moving in the right direction. It seems odd that just a month ago you guys posted a blog post saying development went well, and now we get this bombshell dropped upon us. To say i'm dissapointed would be an understatement, but at the same time i knew this was a risk, and is a risk with all kickstarters, this was a not a preorder... but more of a donation that may or may not pay off in the end for myself. Wishing you guys the best but at the same time i can't say i'm willing to back another of your projects, you've lost a lot of crediblity which i'm sure is one of your biggest concerns yourself.

    8. Missing avatar

      Zi Pu Wang on

      I am very disappointed by the fact that the project was canceled, but reading about the problems dischan faced made me able to at least accept this fact. I would like to request a refund, but if Dischan ever does decide to complete dysfunctional systems, i'll be amongst the first to pitch in.

    9. Missing avatar

      Jim Pickert on

      I really respect the work that you guys did and hope to see more out of Dischan Media, but I would like to request a partial refund of my donation.

      Best of luck to you guys. Sorry things didn't work out.

    10. Devin Keating on

      Juniper's knot moved me to tears. The art was fantastic, the writing was gripping and the music held everything together. Its why I backed you for this, and It's sad to see how things turned out.

      I'm a student and money is tight. If you sent a refund, It would just go to stocking my shelves with more ramen and rice. However, it's OKAY if you don't send me one, I'd be satisfied with a copy of Planck.

    11. Michael Bacon on

      No refund required from me. I totally respect the work you all did, and understand sometimes it doesn't work out.

    12. Olivier Lebeau-Paradis on

      I really enjoyed episode 1. It would be a real shame to have it stop there. I won't ask for a refund because I really like what indie developpers are bringing to gaming and that's why I'm on Kickstarter. But I would really prefer to get a weaker product that could get exposure to the team instead of simply nothing.

    13. AKASlaphappy

      I do not need a refund; kickstarter is not a store or a preordering service, and there is a inherit risk in backing anything on here. I accept that risk since I like to see what other people with talent can do when they are giving a chance, and as you said failure is part of that chance. I really do hope you release episode 0 someday!

    14. Harminder on

      I would like a refund please.

    15. Missing avatar

      Matthew on

      Well this sucks.

      Let me say, I think you should release episode 0. It's SOMETHING at least, something to show for the work you put in, and honestly, your backers deserve it. If it was completely unfinished I'd understand, but it sounds like it's not. It's just not as good as you wanted it to be. Well, even if you had succeeded in releasing the whole series, it still might have not turned out as good as you wanted. You wouldn't have held it back then, would you?

      Maybe take a bit of time to refine it a bit more, if that's what you want, but still, you should release it.

      Not much to say aside from that. It sucks what happened, and I wish you well.

    16. John Doran on

      Sorry to hear about all of the issues, I was really invested in seeing where you guys were going.

      I think episode 0, even if only average, should be released to those who backed for it. In general, I think it would still be a good idea to release what content was created during the time adding in a work in progress banner if you must. That way at least backers would get something for the backing they put in place and it's no cost to you since it's already been completed.

      If you're really not intending to finish it, you could also release the source of the project so that others could take up the reigns. Wish you all the best!

    17. Lucas Finney on

      I wouldn't say I'm angry as much as I am just severely disappointed to see this result from a developer who I put a great deal of faith and money in. I love Winter and her world, and would do anything to get a little bit more, which is why I feel like a monetary payback is just simply not enough. What of Episode 0? What of all the sprites, the concept art, the script done on Episode 2 and, of course, Combat's sweet music? Is all that stuff just gonna sink along with the rest of the project?
      To tell the truth it's all a bit shocking. To go from "a bit bumpy" to "complete shutdown" is a bit jarring, to say the least. It makes me wonder how long this has been coming.

      But I'm still not going to ask for a refund. Honestly, it sounds like you need it, and the hassle to get it back isn't worth the effort. I just wish you'd give us /something/ of what we asked for in return.

    18. Jonathan Stein on

      I'm sad to hear that this game isn't going to be completed. However, I also know that a kickstarter is still not a guarantee that everything will turn out exactly as promised, or even that the game will turn out good. It's based on a promise, an idea, and unfortunately it didn't work out in this case.

      I enjoyed the first episode, and hope that someday we might get to play more of Dysfunctional's System's story. I don't believe that I will be asking for a refund, and I wish Dischan the best of luck in recovering from this.

    19. Missing avatar

      Anthony Quiroz on

      I hate to say this but I will need a refund. I absolutely loved episode 1 and I hope episode 0, 2 and 3 can be finished some day in the future.

    20. Foamed on

      Sorry to see it go down the drain like this, not what I had hoped. Still everyone knew it was a risk. I'd like to ask for a refund as money is currently tight.

    21. Thorrior9 on

      I love you guys and your work, sorry to hear about this, I loved episode 1 so much that I pledged a lot into this KS; way more than I would ever pledge for any other game usually... way more - which is why I'll have to ask for a refund, can't just let go of that money if we won't be getting anything... :/ I still somehow hope that we'll see some more of DS someday.

    22. ThePadawan on

      I'm sorry to hear about the situation, but I'm happy that you're communicating it this well. Thanks for your efforts - I really enjoyed Episode 1, and would have looked forward to anything else you guys released. I would like to ask for a partial refund.

    23. Missing avatar

      Paula on

      I am sorry to hear this as I know Dischan has been working very hard. When you contribute to a kickstarter project you know that it is a gamble as to wether it will succeed, so the money you donate to the project, you should not ask for it back as you knew the risks. I do not want my money back as I knew going into this, that it was a possibility it may not work out. If you have ever owned a small business, you should know that money goes quickly once you have to start paying staff, and all the others expenses that go into to staring a business. I feel that if everyone asks for a partial refund then Dischan will go bankrupt as a new company and the owner personally will then have financial problems because of this. Come on people, let's not contribute to a cause and then expect a refund when the chips are down. I know this company as honourable and let's not do anything to harm them in their future and possibly being able to someday finish them game if they can get back on their feet. My 2 cents for what it is worth. Thank you for considering my opinion.

    24. Danial Azman on

      I won't ask for a refund but I do feel a little let down. Some kind of delay was, I felt, inevitable given the scope of the project you set out for yourselves (Episode 0, Episode 2 AND Episode 3, the latter two of which you described as being more elaborate and in-depth than Episode 1) but outright cancellation feels like such a downer ... I have no experience in making games but it sounds like a massive endeavor; you mentioned that "overpromising" was one of your flaws. If you had decided to just make Episode 2 on its own I think I would have funded it all the same, then you could've sold that, then used the profits to make Episode 3's development a little easier. The absence of Episode 0 (which was going to be Winter's first week of school, IIRC) would've been fine with me.

      Well, the past can't be changed, but the future is still open. I think you guys should release Episode 0 anyway, so that we can see how it looks and judge for ourselves. We may be harsh judges, but we'll be honest as well, and be able to give some constructive criticisms should you choose to do so. If you decide to leave the Dysfunctional Systems series altogether, then ... well, we can't stop you, but it would be nice to have some closure. Maybe get a writer to produce a wrtten story of the series? Learning To Manage Chaos was really interesting and I don't feel like letting it go like this ...

    25. Missing avatar

      David K on

      I hate to say this but after all I read from dev and backers, why[and it's hard to say for myself] they dont give project to different studio? I know, I know, it's a Dischan project and their vision and they should make it but in current state, nothing will happen. they will not make it. Best of the worst would be[in my opinion] hoping some other developer would pick it up[like Sekai Project or Winter Wolves] and finish the game and deliver it. At current stage, I will ask for refund but I didn't backed this project to ask for a refund a year later. This happens even in AAA space, so why not for Dischan. After all, something is better than nothing. If majority of the game is done, sure somebody else could finish it for you if they are willing to.

    26. Ole Andreas Gresholt on

      I'm saddened to hear that this project didn't go as planned. However I do appreciate your sincerity in all this. Major reorganization/commercialisation of a development team is always a risk, one that your investors (the kickstarter crowd) should be / is aware of. While I do appreciate your offer of a refund, I'd like you to keep my pledge as a donation. Hopefully it will make the days ahead just that little bit easier for you.
      If this experience help you out in future projects I will feel that my investment/donation was worth it! The real tragedy here would be if talented people stopped working on new creative projects, hang in there!! :-)

    27. Missing avatar

      rawr hnng on

      I was really looking forward to playing it, so this is disappointing to hear. I pledged $50 and I'd like to request a refund.

    28. InquisitiveRavenclaw on

      It's a shame, since I really enjoyed Episode 1 and Juniper's Knot. I know I didn't donate a whole lot, but I'd like a refund as well. If Episode 2 ever happens someday, I'd be more than happy to buy it from you then :).

      Either way, sorry this all happened to you, and good luck!

      P.S. - I too would like to see Episode 0 regardless of quality.

    29. Missing avatar

      Stofen on

      I'd like to go ahead and ask for a refund. Stinks it turned out this way but if not even Episode is getting released yet I'm much rather have my money back.

      However, if episode does get released I'd be more than willing to buy it then. Hopefully that's sooner than later.

    30. Missing avatar

      Stavros Baltas on

      I'd like episode 0 even if average and planck music, rather than a refund. Because refunding me currently would be rather a charge/bank pain on me.
      Still sad for no ep 2-3 :(

    31. Missing avatar

      K S Cheah on

      Sorry to hear that it didn't work out as you planned.

      Good luck to your future projects, will definitely support any future releases if you do get around to releasing it.

      I would like to request for a partial refund as well.

    32. Missing avatar

      cwjakesteel on

      Dischan. I am really sorry. The inexistance of Episode 2 is really heartbreaking and a loss for everyone. I don't hold it against you, but your story makes me feel like there wasn't any real hope for the project to begin with. Your most unforgivable sin was to not anticipate the loss of passion so as to set the firm foundation from passion to build upon with dutiful passionless routine which comes like the seasons (at least, in my mind).

      I would like to ask for my refund...I was a $50 backer. I don't know how or when you will be able to fulfill it, but whenever it is available, I would appreciate it. Episode 1 was a really great game that showed promise, and truth is I guess I would rather not getting episode 2 than an average episode 2.

      I am glad that you accepted your failure, but life goes on. So now what? Disfunctional Systems is over, is Dischan over too? You have made it up in your minds that the project is no longer worth pursuing (and for practical reasons too), but I really don't know how you will get back on the horse for making visual novels again.

      Anyway, I still support you Dischan. Hopefully in the future you will realise your place in the world so as not to go about whatever business you pursue with the same stumbling stones.

    33. Maya on

      I'd like to request a refund. I'd have accepted a delay, but a full cancellation is really unexpected. With that said, I am still open to supporting Dischan financially in the future, when they feel like they're ready to deliver product.

    34. Peerapat Atawatana on

      Like the other, I undersand the risk that will coming through. but for this project to turn out like this, It was surprise me, a lot.
      $67,450 was a lot if you ask me for VN-Like game. but yes this game have a super high quality compare to the other VN in the market.
      I also want to know of how you manage your goal , task, team and money.
      Since you say the work is paid by the hour burn for each task, So even you have episode 0 with a satisfied quality like it should, you still have all money gone with this episode 0 right? and it will not enough for episode2/3.
      Doesn't that mean you have to see this coming through anyway when you plan/schedule a task for episode 0 before end up with this decision?

      If you guy'll still keep continue on this project(prequel+second+third), even it's not full time anymore, I'll not ask for refund. I can wait forever for your great project. I still believe and willing to support in any project that you guy going to make in the future.

    35. Christopher Steffan Charabaruk on

      Well, I've already gone and expressed how I feel in my salty way to the devs directly (or at least to a couple of them) but I might as well restate how I feel here: I don't care about getting my money back. I put in for this project because I believed in the Dischan team and hoped they'd deliver on the rest of the story for Dysfunctional Systems. What I'd like, more than anything, is for the team to get back up on the horse and at least finish something. Fix the problems you see with Ep. 0, guys, at the very least, and release that; take the time you need to get it right and let it see the light of day.

    36. Missing avatar

      Michael Beemer on

      I pledged at the $25 level and would like whatever refund is available. It would be helpful if you could post another update stating how refunds should be requested so we can know we have 'properly' made our requests.

      I understand that this situation is highly stressful for you, but I strongly suggest you regularly update on the status of issuing refunds so backers know what the situation is instead of wondering if/when they will see any return on their contribution.

      Best of luck...

    37. Missing avatar

      Rob Whitaker on

      Man, that's disappointing to hear. I've been looking forward to this since I heard there were going to be more episodes.

      I was a $25 backer (more than I usually can afford to back with college loans chained to my ankles), but I won't ask for a direct monetary refund because I don't want to take money straight out of another dev's pocket. I also think the risk of projects falling through is something you sign up for when backing a Kickstarter.

      That said, I agree with Kevin Armstrong. Serial codes for several items on the Dischan site would be appreciated as a substitute. Also, and better than serial codes, I would very much like Dischan to release Episode 0 regardless of quality. Of course, it would be nice if you guys polished it up a bit and released just that, but even the "average" version that currently exists would make it feel less like this Kickstarter came to nothing.

      All the best in your future endeavors!

    38. Missing avatar

      Jérémie Sirdey on

      (All my apologies for my average english.)

      Well... As so many others, I am really very disappointed following the announcement of this sad new.

      Even if I read your last explanatory announcement, I don't understand how your organization was able to fail that bad, and I don't understand why the future of "Dysfunctional Systems" became so uncertain, so risky, so lost maybe.

      However, I won't reclaim a refund of the slightest centime of the $170 that I pledged in your project. Let me explain why.

      I discovered the episode 1 of "Dysfunctional Systems" somewhat by chance, and I adored. Further to this, I found "Juniper's Knot" on your site, and once again I adored. To such a point that I even bought back these both VN on my smartphone, me who was not even familiar with Visual Novels.

      When I saw that you launched a project on Kickstarter for a suite, I didn't even think one second before deciding to help you to realize this suite. Because, I knew that it would fill my expectations, even though it would have been a little bit different or from a little lesser quality. Because it's what we always expect from stories we appreciate, that they continue.

      This money which I added to the total sum, for me it wasn't just a sum of money or a number or a working effort, it was also sending encouragements, just to say "I adored what you are doing, keep up this good work". And it was also granted time, because personnaly, I'm not in a hurry: even if it would take you 2 or 3 more years to pursue the story, I would always have pleasure to discover this story once this one continued.

      So, I shall say simply this to conclude: if you still have some time and ways to continue in front of you, from time to time, to pursue nevertheless this project, and especially if you have still enough motivation and heart to still pursue the story of Winter and her friends, then I send you all my encouragements for all this. I am one of those who appreciated a lot the debuts, and I hope sincerely that the story of "Dysfunctional Systems" will still continue.

      Always and in good conscience, a great "bon courage !"

    39. Missing avatar

      Kevin Armstrong on

      Admittedly disappointed, was excited for it all year.
      I was a $25 backer for eps 2+3, I had a query regarding refunds. I don't want any kind of money refund (not huge on taking money out of the pocket of a dev I wanted to support in the first place). I am, however, interested in acquiring the CDs on the Dischan site (Planck, Combat's Sweet Music). Would serial codes for one or both of those be an acceptable substitute as a partial refund? If not, it's fine, I don't need the money.

    40. Moseh on

      We've all got our own stories. I've been a NEET for the past year but I still gave this project money because I think that the VN medium has a lot of potential and I had faith in you guys. I'd like the partial refund.

    41. schekker on

      Sorry to hear your project failed. Contrary to some other I can understand why you did not mention this before, and I don't consider $67k a lot of money if you have to pay peoples wages.

      I believe you did the right thing by offering people a partial refund out of your own pocket and because I can probably miss the $25 I would get back a whole lot better than you, I won't request for a refund. Good luck to you and let's hope the passion will return someday.

    42. Orm on

      I'm honestly not sure if I should ask for a refund or not.
      On one side, I feel like asking for a refund because I backed this for Episode 2.
      But on the other hand, I don't want to ask for a refund if it's coming out of your own pocket.

      I guess I won't ask for a refund.
      Because I'd technically be taking your money, and not getting mine back.

      I think I'd be happy with just seeing what Episode 0 is like so I feel like my money wasn't spent on nothing.

    43. Missing avatar

      fl on

      That's really unfortunate.

      After thinking about it, I'm also asking for a refund, however I want to repeat what many others have said already: An average game (or, more accurately, what you perceive as an average game) is still worth releasing, especially if it has an interesting setting, good characters, and good art, which I know for fact Dysfunctional Systems has.

    44. FlamingFirewire on

      Since I've already accounted for spent money, I won't ask for a refund, but I really do hope that you guys are able to finish this series some day (along with Cradle Song) when/if passion strikes for the project again. ^^

      I already stated my thoughts in more detail in Update #49, but I really think that Dischan would do far better by releasing smaller passion projects for $5-$10 that would tell contained stories every now and then whenever great ideas come to mind. This would allow them to improve their workflow, keep interest in the project, and get their stories faster to those interested in them.

      I know that's easier said than done, but I really think that Dischan can pull it off if they focus in on what is the most important theme/idea in each project and make it the entire focus of the story.

      I'm really looking forward to seeing more from Dischan in whatever form it takes, so I'm hoping that the Juniper's Knot: The Animation and Dysfunctional Systems: Episode 2/3/0 eventually sees the light of day. In the mean time, I'll be hoping to see more smaller projects from you all in the meantime.

    45. Michael Brand

      Likewise of the opinion that you should release episode 0 regardless, even if it needs to be finished off with a bit of polishing, and let backers judge it for themselves.
      Also, as something to think about once the dust settles: Even if you don't plan to complete it as originally intended, I'm sure that many backers like myself would like to see some closure for the trilogy, whether in the form of a cut-down kinetic novel using already completed art resources, or hell, even just a short novel expanding on whatever outline you already have planned out.

    46. Alessandro "alfateam123" Balzano on

      This post saddens me, as Dysfunctional Systems was the first VN I ever played, and I loved it.
      I'll wait the post explaining your "mistakes". I don't think I'll request a refund, even though my pledge was heavy: this is one of the joys of Kickstart'ing.

      Sure, I'm a bit sad, but you guys should keep up the good work: you created that beautiful world, characters we emphatized with, an heartbreaking soundtrack... I hope I'm not rude, but a perfectionist (as I think you're) can't help but will see his work as "average" even if it's awesome, and I'm sure it is. The more you look at your work, the more little imperfections you'll find: don't worry about them too much.

      Keep up the good work guys, you're still the best devs around. and thank you for Episode 1, one of the gems I'll never forget.

    47. Specie8470 on

      I want a full refund for supporting this kickstarter. I don't know why it seems you lead us to believe that everything was fine then two weeks later cancel the whole game. There must have been issues two weeks ago that were there when you made your last update. I don't understand how things can be over in just two weeks since this game has been worked on for a good eight months.

    48. Missing avatar

      David K on

      It's very sad to read the last update since I had a lof of hope for Dysfunctional System even through all it problems. But the end is the end. It was one of the few Visual novels I pointed people to when they think that it's only an eroge. I'd like a refund.

    49. Specie8470 on

      I pledged a good sum of money to this kickstarter. On December 16, 2014. you posted an update saying episode 0 will be released soon then two weeks later you cancelling the whole game and not just episode 0 but the whole series. What the hell happened in two weeks that caused you just to throw in the towel. None of the other updates and such suggested things were going badly or there was issues with the game as a whole. You original goal was $49,000 and you got over $65,000. I don't understand how you can be like or we are releasing the game soon and two weeks later your closing the shop. If you need more time to make the game better I can see that but it seems like oh well we teased everyone saying the game would be released "soon" and then just to say it's over. How come your throwing in the towel so easily? I want an explanation!

    50. Phelan on

      Edit: After a lot of thinking after all I will ask for a refund.

      It was "just" 10$ so I hope that you won't get in trouble because of that.

      I will explain why.

      67k $ is a lot of money. In place where I live a yearly wage is just 16k $ and still majority earn even less.. way less. That was a lot of money... to spent it all on just one stretch goal is something unforgivable.. the main goal of this kickstarter campaign was to found episode 2nd and 3rd . And that's what we paid for... that's all... now we hear that this money wasn't even used on the main goal... what was it used for? For living expenses? I mean living without work? Because you didn't outsource anything did you?

      That's not ok. Because it makes me wonder how that money was spent. It was nearly used completly on just one stretch goal. Guys... that's wrong.

      I was really on the fence with this... I don't want anyone to have troubles... but 67k was a lot of money... and let's face it the realization of MAIN GOAL of this kickstarter is stucked on 0%