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A love letter to J-RPG classics from the Playstation era like Final Fantasy, Breath of Fire, Suikoden, and Persona.
A love letter to J-RPG classics.
A love letter to J-RPG classics.
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Soul Saga - Update 4


It's Been A While!

Hello, friend! It's been quite a while since I last spoke with you. I believe almost 2 months now? I'm sorry for the rather late update, but this has been an extremely stressful time for me.

At this point in development I am completely at the mercy of the artists that I am able to find. I've had a lot of people flake out on me, leaving me with a bit less money and a lot less time. Even the 3D models have gotten more expensive than originally quoted, so I had to go around and price check to try and find better deals to get you the amount of content you deserve.

It's been difficult, and I'm kind of in awe at how little reliable talent there is in the freelance market right now. It got pretty depressing for a while, and I didn't have a whole lot of stuff to show for the time being spent on the project. I felt like I needed to just go into silent mode for a little bit while I focused all my energy on trying to wrangle things back on track.

And Now...

So I pushed through it all, and I've finally gotten the luck I needed. I've gotten some better deals on the models (though still more expensive than planned), a higher quality for them, and the concept art is coming along at a faster pace.

I read a lot of the comments about the new Mithos and Elise and noticed that a few people were a bit shocked at how different they were. I and many others loved the previous designs, but I have respect for you and your opinions and I want to make sure we're all happy.

So I found another character artist from Japan, Aiko-san, and she has been doing a terrific job re-imagining the characters. After spending some time perfecting them we have sent them off to be modeled. I can't tell you how pleased I am with the results. They have really taken Soul Saga up to a new level of production quality.

I could talk more about how awesome these designs and models are, but how about I show you a couple instead?

New Mithos

Mithos has been redesigned to be a bit more reminiscent of his original design: brighter with a blue and red color scheme and big sword. I have to say that this design is pretty amazing. As soon as I saw it I knew he would be a perfect fit to represent the main character of Soul Saga. Say hello to the new Mithos!

New Elise

Elise has taken a turn to the more practical and mature look. This role should fit her a lot better for the story I have planned. I love this design because it hits a good medium between the cute and mature that the story needs from her. You'll probably also notice that she has a mechanical leg. This is an important element to her past that will be revealed in the story. I know a lot of people are accustomed to her holding the more cute and innocent role, but that role will be picked up by another unannounced Guild Member. I am hoping to unveil that one as a Christmas present for you!

Easter Eggs

Even though these new versions are amazing, I know that a lot of us still have some emotional attachment to the original designs. I spent my sweat and blood getting those models long before the Kickstarter. It was a painful decision for me to change them even though I love the new designs. So... I've decided to keep the old designs as Easter Eggs in Soul Saga! How exactly they'll be implemented shall remain a secret, but I promise they'll make it in there!

Elise Figurine Poll

Near the end of Soul Saga's development I am going to message everyone who ordered an Elise figurine and get a poll on which version you want. I know some people may still be attached to the original and want a version of that instead of the new one. Personally I think that the new Elise looks great, and I can even chibify her for the model if you want that.

There's also an unreleased character I think that might fit the "moe" (cute) nerve that a lot of us are looking for. I'll give you a few options once that time comes, but that might be nearly half a year from now. I want you to have time to grow attached to the new characters before we make this final decision together. The majority vote will decide which model is created.

New Song By Aivi!

Aivi has created a song for the Goblin Village titled "The Bone Road"! I LOVE this song. I've been whistling it for days. It has a catchy and unique tune that really captures the quirky Goblin culture in it. The Goblins are going to be a bit of a gray area culture that has a mix of aggressive and neutral tribes scattered about the world. Mithos and his team will have several encounters with different Goblin tribes.

Let's Play Final Fantasy 7!

I miss you! Plus I need a fix of one of my favorite classics, and I picked Final Fantasy 7 up on Steam on sale for dirt cheap a few months ago. So let's hang out on Twitch! This stream will have a lot better sound and video quality since I can stream it from my PC instead of from the Playstation 2. How about we meet up Sunday, December 8th at 5 P.M. Pacific Time. This will be at the usual spot: 

Bring your questions, drinks, and snacks!

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    1. Jason Aronow on December 20, 2013

      I am ok with the new Elise. There isn't anything wrong with boobs. Smart strong women can gave boobs too. And if you're a girl and have nice boobs you usually wear a top that shows it. Also every good JRPG has the girl with big cleavage and i am ok with that too. But Mithos.....i have to say the original design was the best. i know its been said a million times but he really does look like cloud.

    2. Brash Smith on December 13, 2013

      and yeah I agree this would be so much better. She can keep the cleavage just make it so her body is a bit more realistic to it.

    3. Brash Smith on December 13, 2013

      I still would prefer a bit more realism in elise's top half. It's like she's wearing a skin corset. TINY completly exposed stomach with cleavage sticking out. Vs THE original elise where there was no cleavage and her body looked more realistic.

      Noone's asking for a complete rehaul on Elise again. Just put something a human would wear on her.

    4. Daniel Landram on December 13, 2013

      Thank you for your hardwork in creating a great game! new models are wonderful and I think those easter eggs of the old models is a great bonus for those here that feel so hurt about not having the original designs in there. I for one appreciate the fact that the game is moving forward and can't way to see more of the gameplay and storyline!!!!! And that mechanical leg is just asking for a little tragedy in the plotline, haha im impatient and I can't wait to hear more on the storyline. Good Luck on the future game updates!

    5. Disastercake Creator on December 12, 2013

      I agree Mana Cook: it is up to me. At the end of the day, it's going to be me that either makes this game great or bad. Of course, if it comes out bad, everyone who gave advice will blame me, but if it turns out great they'll all think it was their own doing. But the bottom line is, I am the only one financially and ethically responsible for delivering this product to you and at as high of quality that is possible with the budget.

      I send back art a lot, beleive me. I get artists that begin to hate me for it. I feel like the Steve Jobs of Soul Saga. I even critiqued about the typography on the new Max's arm, and I was told "it's just letters". Which of course, resulted in me giving a short spiel about how typography is an art.

      The thing is I think people here are thinking I rushed these designs. I didn't. We worked a lot on them. Our associate producer can attest to that. In fact, he paid much more than anyone else, and he is absolutely fine with the direction it is going. I show him the almost every day, so he gets to see and hear about the struggles I go through. If everyone was privy to that, then they might have a change in understanding. Or, if they were the ones financially responsible for finishing this project.

      In regards to how much something would cost, I never reveal how much I am paying someone to anyone else. I believe that is private information that only they should be privy to. Not because I don't want to say it, but because it should be their right to decide if people know.

      I hope what I am saying makes sense and puts stuff in the clear a little. Trust me when I say I am not rushing anything, but there's a fine line between required revisions, and nit-picky details. Someone has to draw that line. And the only person who will take responsibility for that is me.

    6. Missing avatar

      Mana Cook on December 12, 2013

      Fair enough, but I will say; you do contend it is your project, but it's important to remember that with those you hire/commission too. If you put the designs in someone's hand, you are still the director and (exec) producer and get the ultimate say. If the designs aren't what you pay them for or look for, you have the right to steer them back.

      Exactly how much would revisions be to pay for? Because if it's about making the extra money, that could be done. But it wouldn't matter if they don't match the vision you truly have for the characters (and I wouldn't have guessed that was the case for Elise given how far away her character steers more and more every time).

    7. Disastercake Creator on December 11, 2013

      @Mana Cook - I appreciate the feedback, but like I said nothing is going to change about these. Unless you'd like to pay for the revisions. It's my job to make sure this moves forward and you get a game.

      @ James - We'll see where everything is at the end of the project. I'm focused on just making it good rather than keeping specific features.

      @Pedro - If you backed a RPG for just it's character designs, I don't know what to say. Maybe you should have backed a Kickstarter that was just selling posters of a random character without a story instead? There's so much more to a RPG than just 2 character designs, I would hope you'd understand that. And I disagree completely that these look like clones of those characters. Mithos' current posing is kind of like Cloud's, but other than that they are completely different. If anything, the old ones were closer in design to Roll and the FFTA dude.

    8. Pedro Ramos on December 11, 2013

      I will say, though, that the mechanical leg is great and should be kept.

    9. Pedro Ramos on December 11, 2013

      I'm sorry but... are you serious? This isn't the project I backed.

      I didn't back this project so that the main characters would be transformed into Cloud 2.0 and Tifa 2.0, which is exactly what they look like now.
      I didn't back this project to watch the lead female be transformed into another objectified display of immaturity.

      Practical =/= Scantily clad
      Mature =/= Mega busty

      These new models just display a complete and total lack of creativity - just embracing and emulating the tired, tired JRPG tropes. The originals were much better, to be honest. They showed this project as what I thought it was back then: a throwback marrying classic design with modern sensibilities. Not a tropes fest.

    10. James Gawne Jr. on December 11, 2013


      Just a wee bit concerned about how many dollars were lost due to unreliable artists. How bad was the damage fiscally and will it result in loss of content?

      Oh and the new models are nice, though I agree with those who mention that a mechanic would be wearing more. (Lest she get her fantastically drawn body crisped)

    11. Missing avatar

      Mana Cook on December 10, 2013

      Hey, Mike! Nice to see another update!

      For a while I wasn't going to bother commenting on updates, but I figured every bit of input could be useful?

      It's nice to see new models, and they look pretty good (quality wise and aesthetic/design). I do have some critique on both though.

      First off. . . Elise~! The bust is kind of big and the eye is drawn to it with the way the shirt is designed; that isn't inherently bad, but it feels more fanservice-focused than character-focused. If she knows she's going to adventure, she needs to be covered more and certainly if she's a mechanic, that's a lot of skin exposed that could be disadvantageous. Really, she's had less and less clothing too, and I don't think it's intuitive or serves a purpose. She's not a dancer, bar maid or some such. Her design is feeling generic right now. In the beginning, even if it wasn't entirely fitting of her character skills/career, at least it had some flair. The mechanical leg is cool, but hard to say more in relation to her character right now. The hair is nice and glad to see goggles, but I notice she has the belted thing going on, but nothing to suggest anything work related to it. It'd be nice to see some tools or pouches or something going on.

      Mithos's new design is real snappy though all around and has a really fun JRPG feel and look to it. The only critique I'd make is that he could maybe use more armored or even hard leather parts (and in places where it counts). Also, how are we to believe Mithos and Elise are from the same place or comfortably adventuring in the same area if one is fully covered and the other isn't. I think you need to strike a better balance between how much the two are wearing (maybe lose his under layer or add another to Elise).

      I do like the color schemes between the two of them and while I loved Elise's original design the most so far, it's nice to see more color variety in the party.

      I'm not going to pretend that I'm a professional, I'm pretty much in the same boat you are (working mostly independently, etc); but I have studied design extensively and feel both could use some reworking (one moreso than the other). may i also suggest Costumecommunityservice? They are your designs and everything, but it does pay to have some good (and prof. level) critique and advice.

      Something else you could do to add more to both characters without giving them clutter is add more texture and such. Maybe streamline things and give them smaller details with larger focus on their character role.

      Anywho, that's my few cents. I hope the project continues to progress well and I look forward to the next update~.

    12. Disastercake Creator on December 10, 2013

      @Dustin - I wouldn't recommend Evoland. It's about 3 hours long. The developer's really dropped the ball on that one. It could have been super cool too.

      Hopefully you'll get to see something in January after the environmental art gets started.

    13. Dustin on December 10, 2013

      I've come to terms that the original chibi like art style will not be the final form for the characters, but man, it would have been awesome. I was just watching a trailer for some game called Evoland (, and the chibi-like art style is awesome...

      Anyway, Mike, how far out are we from seeing some in-game screenshots? A few months?

    14. Missing avatar

      Ayami Tyndall on December 9, 2013

      I've always loved mechanic/techie characters, so I was looking for to Elise, but now...
      What can I say?
      Redhead. I approve. That is all.

    15. Luke on December 9, 2013

      New models look great

    16. Roy on December 9, 2013

      I think the decision is made. He won't change the designs anymore. I am certain you will like the finished product, even if Elises design isn't your cup of tea.

    17. Missing avatar

      Andrew Obertas on December 9, 2013

      As someone who gags at the sight of unnecessarily busty characters, the design shift on Elise is terrible. Can you please try to find a way to bring her in line with her previous designs, rather than a slutty mechanic? As others have mentioned, trying to fall back on "Just look at what others have done though" is a terrible defence. They weren't right when they did it and, as an independantly created game, you have far more control over how it looks.

      Please, reconsider the design change and tame it down.

    18. Aaron Jolliffe on December 8, 2013

      I'll admit, it was pretty jarring to see how much Elise's design had changed. The design itself is awesome, it just wasn't what I expected for Elise. Then, I realized that it was to match her story, and I became totally cool with it. The more the character can match the story, the happier I'll be! Can't wait to see the new Guild Member, too! Keep up the good work, and sorry to hear about all the roadblocks.

    19. Justin Holmes on December 8, 2013

      Wow, look at all these comments. I checked this update and saw Elise and thought, wow, look at that robo-leg. Didn't even notice the cleavage thing. Guys, she has a mechanical leg!!!

      I love the new looks. Love them. So excited for this game. If I were to give feedback, I'd say what some others are saying and say Mithos's sword is maybe a bit too big. But hey, I saw this and got excited. Didn't even think I needed to spell it all out in text until I saw a bit of a tide of negativity here. Keep up the good work, dude! (And artists!)

    20. Boris on December 8, 2013

      Looking at the designs on and off through the day, I think I'm starting to like Mithos' new design, though my opinion that any maturity is gone from it in favor of a really energized youth remains. The BFS, like most of them, still looks too unrealistic and silly to me, even though I loved the extreme sword Sepiroth from FF7 carried. That was just so over the top.

      LOL@Justin, I hope you weren't trying to be sarcastic. I agree with all engineer/mechanic comments about the clothes being unfit to the profession.
      Also, what looks to me like aviator glasses made me think of Lavie Head before anyone else when I first saw Elise's image...until I compared the pictures anyways. If you implement alternate costumes, any of the less space-faring mechanics' clothes from Last Exile would be just awesome (a fan of Range Murata's designs for years)

    21. Lieron on December 8, 2013

      Edzieba's comment encompasses my feelings quite nicely. Otherwise, I like the designs.

    22. DeafTard on December 8, 2013

      See now Alternate Costumes is the way to go and that's what we should bring up instead of forcing or making mike change the character/model/costume/style/etc again and again and again because honestly I just want Mikey to move forward, I mean don't we all??? Let's wait for the game to release and then we can spew all the pros/cons/yay/nay/etc :)
      Games that are VERY early into development tend to look unfinished/low poly/etc cause it has yet to be implemented into the game via coding. I remembered when I used to work in the game industry and working on various projects was exciting but one thing that I always noticed was that the game/graphics/textures/etc look very foggy and not so sharp. This was normal because once the game was 1 month before shipping, this is when the developers started to polish it up and whatnot, I forgot what it is called because there was a word for it but I am having a brain fart here. Anyways, no need to worry cause it will clean up when the game is getting nearer and nearer to being released.

    23. Philip Craddock on December 8, 2013

      @Darryl Reyes.

      Alternate costumes such as those found in the Tales games would rock! I imagine it's more likely that they'd be added post-release as DLC if at all though. From the sound of it Disastercake has had enough of tinkering around with outfits for now and just wants to get on with developing other aspects of the game.

    24. Missing avatar

      edzieba on December 8, 2013

      I'm going to stake my flag in the 'a little less cleavage please' camp. I don't buy the 'cut everyone else is doing it' argument (you're crowd-funded, no need to follow the generic route!), but more importantly from a purely practical standpoint of basic safety that's a poor choice of clothing for a mechanic. Sparks will get caught and burn without adequate upper torso coverage, and material extended forward will get caught in moving parts. A leather apron or bib would alleviate this.

    25. Missing avatar

      Justin on December 8, 2013

      Oh, no, a girl with cleavage. Quick everyone, close your eyes! Hopefully Elise has an alternate nun outfit that covers her entire body so we can't see any skin!

    26. David Wright on December 8, 2013

      Wow, I really like these new designs, good job, and as some of the comments say below, "you can't please everyone" and it's true.. Though yes we are the backers the way I see it is, honestly this is YOUR game, not EA's, Not S.E's, YOURS, so try not letting people change it too much, that being said the new Elise is very nice, will be great to hear Kira behind that character I love the new leg design that ads a bit more back story to her, do I think showing her belly is over the top? No?, you watch 99% of anime and you'll see more skin than that, heck have you seen some of the DLC in Lightning Returns?, or the outfits in Dead or alive?, I think it's an awesome reimagine of the characters and keep up the good work... P.S I love the hair colour change :D

    27. Missing avatar

      James Garvin on December 8, 2013

      I have nothing really against the models except two things...

      1. Mithos looks real young and I thought the idea of an older looking characters was better.
      2. Why do the models looks so low poly?

      Other than that, it's your game ultimately you will sink or swim based on the decisions you've made. Best of luck to you, man.

    28. DeafTard on December 8, 2013

      holy hell this update has blown up with comments! Looks like Mikey did something extremely positive for Soul Saga and look at all the feedback he's getting! Whomever thinks Elise is showing "too much" seriously needs to look at it again and compare it to other designs like um....Dragon Crown's LOL that game has ALOT of cleavage. While it is true that everyone can freely state their opinions and whatnot but don't expect the developer/designers/etc to change everything just because 1-2 people didn't like it out of thousands or more that had no problem with it, that's life and you just gotta move on. I mean most of all when video games or movies or whatever go through productions, various stages and basically being finished/shipped/screened/etc there will ALWAYS be changes but the main idea will still be there which is Soul Saga being a JRPG type of game. Anyways, Mikey keep kicking some ass and keep releasing updates like this because look at all the noise you are making, WHOOO NOISE!

    29. Dustin on December 8, 2013

      EDIT: here's a before and after. It's not pretty, but you get the idea:

    30. Dustin on December 8, 2013

      This is a VERY quick edit of Elise in pixlr, but I think it's clear what the change is:

      I can't imagine it would be all that much work to give her an whole shirt AND widen her waist (just under her breasts) a bit. We're not talking drastic changes, just very minor, subtle ones. Heck, if I had my drawing tablet installed I could have done a MUCH better job than that, but...I don't.

      Still, I think it would go a long way for the fans if Elise wasn't half-naked, especially when she's being touted as a mature character.

      *Note: I don't personally care either way, I just think she looks anorexic with how narrow her waist is and how large her breasts are in comparison.

    31. Missing avatar

      Daniel Siegmann on December 8, 2013

      @Disastercake, in regard to your comment "... come on, have you ever watched an anime?" - Yes, I have. I've also played plenty of video games with similar art. "These guys do it too!" is a poor justification. Maybe it's just that I've gotten old, but I'm tired of this sort of depiction. Look at it this way, Mithos isn't running around with his shirt off!

      You compare her to Lucca, but Lucca certainly isn't dressed like that.

      I'm not asking you to completely change her character model, just a small revision. Extend the shirt at least. Even if it's just an alternate costume.

      Alternatively, change Mithos's costume to nothing but a loincloth. If you're going to do fan service, it should go both ways. ;-)

    32. Clovis L. Dye, Jr. on December 7, 2013

      *facepalm* Earlier I meant to say "you can't please everyone". I am so sorry that I accidentally typed "you can't please anyone". I'm actually quite happy with how everything has been shaping up so far.

    33. Zealon on December 7, 2013

      Dat buster sword :P
      Will we get to unlock a special end battle animation where Mithos spins it around over his head?

      I like the designs a lot though. I feel like Mithos is now around 17 while in the second round of concept art he looked about 19 or 20 and I think this was a good change. Maybe we can see an older Mithos in the later episodes?. Elise's design is definitely a lot better and I am excited to hear more about her backstory. I guess in the next update we might get a glimpse of these models in combat. Next update needs a whole lot more Taro!

    34. Jelly Paladin on December 7, 2013

      I love the color schemes of these designs. =) Mithos is probably about as good as it'll get for male JRPG-style hero. (And when I saw him my first thought was Stahn Aileron from Tales of Destiny rather than Cloud, which goes to show that no matter what you design, it's going to remind somebody of something. And possibly something totally unexpected! :P)

      Elise is tougher to judge because I don't know enough of her new character to comment on appropriateness or anything like that, but there are a lot of tiny elements going on with her design like the white smudge on her face or that puffy sock thing sticking out of her boot. Regardless of getting used to her personality shift, I really dig the thoroughness in her design.

    35. BigEarl19 on December 7, 2013

      I like new character designs, Mike... Good job. Honestly, I've liked all three iterations, but the last designs did feel a little bland to me. These new designs have more life to them.

      I hope things start to go smoother for you (and people become more reliable). When things get rough, just remember you've got a bunch of fans out here.

      Can't wait to see what you have for us next... Keep up the good work!

    36. Juan Carlos Gonzalez on December 7, 2013

      will you be using the Mithos and Elise from the second update as villagers or some of Garens henchmen? Also I can't wait to see the models for the monsters from the last update in the future. Dig that the new Elise is wearing compression shorts which makes her seem athletic to me and also enhances blood circulation to the legs.

    37. Missing avatar

      Anthony Arakelian on December 7, 2013

      I read all the comments about the character models and then went back and looked at them a third time. Yes, Mithos is standing like Cloud and has a wide sword, but otherwise I feel he is different enough. And if he has any personality, he'll be better than Cloud by spades.

      As for Elise, totally don't see the issue. Her chest isn't big at all. And I feel she looks toned rather than anorexic. The mechanical leg is a huge plus in my book. Lots that can be done with backstory and personality with that.

      Bottom line: I didn't back this for the character models - I backed it for the awesome sounding combat. If that makes it into the final product the same way it was presented in the KS campaign, make all the character models slimes, for all I care! L

      That'd be weird though. Why would a slime need a mechanical leg?? :-/

    38. Missing avatar

      Delbert Thompson on December 7, 2013

      Just to chip in I will say I like the current designs

    39. Kevin Shelton on December 7, 2013

      Looking at these models a couple more times, I'm really getting used to them. To Mike, whatever you have envisioned, not everyone will be pleased with it. With that, just do what you think is best for Soul Saga. You have the heart, so this game should come out fantastic once it's finished. Again, good luck with it! You have my trust.

    40. Missing avatar

      Darryl Reyes on December 7, 2013

      @Philip Craddock


      "I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody."
      —Bill Cosby

      I DO think they went a little over with her boobs being big though. The outfit itself doesn't bother me in the slightest and the whole things reminds me of a VERY early Nami design sketch by Eiichiro Oda of One Piece(LITERALLY the first thing that came to mind when I saw the new design) which I'll post for those curious/interested.

      I really hate sounding like a broken record about this, but I really think a sort of costume swap deal like the Tales of series would alleviate if not outright get rid of the complaints.

    41. AttentionDeficitGuy on December 7, 2013


      While I was one of the major fans of the second designs, I really like these (more or less final) designs as well! I gotta wonder about the people complaining about the lack of realism present, though. Seriously, when was the last time you guys watched an anime? Or for that matter, played a classic JRPG?

      Anywhos, I like that Mithos looks very "adventurer-y". I can tell quite a bit about his character just from looking at him, which is always a good thing. Elise will take a bit of getting used to, considering how different she looks from previous designs, but as I said, I like it quite a lot! The sort of "big hair" works really great (and making her a readhead is great too!), and I like that her outfit looks a bit more fantasy than the last design - it even seems to have a bit of "progression" with Mithos' design (by which I mean, they look more like clothes from the same cultural background than the first design did).

      And of course, Aivi's music is fantastic as always. This track sounds kinda Final Fantasy IX (which is a complement, by the way).

      And finally, I am so glad to hear that you're making more progress! I'm excited to see this project continue to move forward, and I continue to wish you the best of luck as you make this dream a reality!

    42. Jorge Roman on December 7, 2013

      The new designs aren't making me go crazy, but it wouldn't be the first time I don't like character designs but adore everything else.

    43. Missing avatar

      Matthew on December 7, 2013

      gotta say i LOVE the new elise look a great deal. mithos is cool reminds me of cloud with that large sword would be cool to see a longer thinner sword but thats what i like heh.

      That said i can't wait to see how the rest of the characters look like. keep up the good work. have a good christmas and keep at it!

    44. Philip Craddock on December 7, 2013

      Personally prefer both new designs to the versions unveiled in update 3 (Mithos looks more like the original design now and love Elise's mechanical leg, hammer and goggles). You're never going to please everybody though. At the end of the day it's Disastercake's baby and I'm not going to nit-pick over costume changes.

      Was amused by the comment of "I have to wonder why you have time to spend it on here whining. The rest of us in this industry are very busy". I'm also in the industry and somehow manage to just about juggle that with fatherhood and having a social life. Guess I must be a Time Lord!

      Anyway, good luck Disastercake. Can't wait to get hold of the finished game. :)

    45. Ian on December 7, 2013

      I wanted to say that it's not uncommon for me to actively search for similarities between unrelated characters. So while I agree that New Mithos is evocative of Cloud, Mike is right to say that a redesign would simply invite new comparisons.

    46. Disastercake Creator on December 7, 2013

      @Elizabeth - Lol... ya I'm the hum bug of Christmas. >.<

      I am still planning on putting Taro in this game. I haven't showed him yet because he's still being designed. So far I am liking the original the best out of what we've come up with for it. I'll probably push him out sometime soon. Max is redesigned and modeled though and looks great. I will show you him next week. I want to start making weekly updates instead of monthly / bi-monthly now that things are rolling. I'll still keep Kickstarter updates to 1 month so people don't get spammed, but will update often.

      And thank you for supporting me even in all my grumpiness. I'm really lucky to have people like you around to support me.

    47. Elizabeth Crystal Lloyd on December 7, 2013

      I think Mithos resembles Cloud mainly for the pose and sword, and since I doubt he'll be posing all the time, I don't see it as an issue.

      So if Elise is going to be a character type like Lucca, will her playstyle change from what was previously mentioned? The bombs etc. sound like Lucca for sure, the hammer a bit less. The new design is a lot different from before, but I like it. Reminds me of steampunk Kid (Chrono Cross) a bit, though not a whole lot. She's very unique, and I'm excited to see what her personality is like. I love Mithos; he's perfect. =)

      I know you've got a lot of hard decisions, and it's fun seeing the different points in the process, but when it gets stressful, just remember there's a lot of us that'll back you to the hilt. And order you Chinese delivery or whatever, if you need food. Don't starve, ok?

      I'm really curious about the new character now... Speaking of which, there haven't been any updated versions of Taro or the Toki. Are they still in the game? Maybe the new character is a Toki... It'll have "cute" and "innocent" covered. :3

      Thanks for the update. I look forward to the next one. Let us know if you need anything.

      Also: Uncle Grumpy Cake. >3

    48. Missing avatar

      Edzo04 on December 7, 2013

      mithos looks fantastic but elise......yikes

    49. Disastercake Creator on December 7, 2013

      @Marcus - Thank you for the kind words.

      @Mike - The tip of the blade has a similar silhouette, but everything else about it is different. I am not going to spend more money trying to figure out a design that doesn't remind someone of something (because it'll never actually get designed). I like the stress relief of smack talking trolls. Otherwise, I would pent that up and eventually redirect at someone who doesn't deserve it.

      @Paul Thank you! I have chosen the winners, but I won't be announcing anything for at least a few months, if not longer. I want to add those characters in later on in development when I see where my budget is at for the extra stuff.