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A love letter to J-RPG classics.
A love letter to J-RPG classics.
5,631 backers pledged $195,528 to help bring this project to life.

Guild Battles, paypal, and add-ons!

Posted by Disastercake (Creator)

Guild Battles Unlocked!

We've unlocked Guild Battles!  These are large scale battles that allow you to fight with your entire guild against giant monsters and swarms of foes!  This gameplay element will be woven both into the story and into the optional content like the Forgotten Beasts.

Updated Stretch Goal List

Paypal options are open!

I have been getting a lot of feedback from some backers that say they can't pledge via amazon payments, and would like to pledge via Paypal instead.  So I've opened a Paypal page!  If you know anyone who was waiting for Paypal, please let them know!

Paypal Page:

Add-On Pricing

I wanted to make sure everyone knew about add-ons!  Add-ons allow you you adjust your pledge if you would like some extra swag or game copies!  Please follow the instructions in this video here (How can I change my pledge amount?) to increase your amount by the ad-ons you'd like.  Then when I'm ready to ship stuff, I will send you a survey to clarify which add-ons you pledged extra for.


  • Digital Copy of the Game - $15
  • Digital Copy of The Sound Track - $15
  • Digital Art Book - $30
  • Digital Copy of Instruction Booklet - $5
  • Private Beta Access - $15
  • Playing Cards - $15
  • T-Shirt - $30
  • Physical Game - $25
  • Physical Game + Physical OST - $35
  • Soft Cover Art Book - $30
  • Elise Figurine - $125
  • (First) WiiU Key - $10
  • (Any after First) WiiU Key - $15
  • (First) PS4/Vita Key - $10
  • (Any after First) PS4/Vita Key - $15

Thank You!

Thank you so much for supporting Soul Saga!  I can't believe we've broken $150,000!  It's all thanks to you and your support.  These last few days are gonna be some big ones, but it'll still be up to all of us to make sure that it goes well!  Let's keep blitzing Facebook, Twitter, and anywhere else where we can try to pull in some people so we can hit all those stretch goals!

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    1. EvilGardenGnome on

      I'm with magentawolf. Charging for the instruction booklet, especially in pdf form, is strange. Charging for a physical booklet to go with a downloaded game would be different.

    2. Mark Brenner on

      Not sure why it's 10 dollars to add on a wii u key but 15 to pledge just for wii u. If I want a pc copy addon i'm paying 15 not 10.....

    3. Missing avatar

      Ryan on

      Are the t-shirts really going to ship next year? or are those just placeholder dates.

    4. Jason Rivenberg on

      so we will be able to get beta acess if i pledge 30 but take the 15$ reward?

    5. Missing avatar

      william robertmcglone on

      hey at the end can you tells us the whole amount kickstarter+paypall?

    6. Anthony Lee on

      Antoine, they are listed as $15 and they also show the old T-shirt designs. That should probably be changed asap. However, when you buy the shirts, it comes up as 30.

    7. Missing avatar

      halcyontron on

      @MichaelJack Also hoping we reach Garen's Saga stretch goal! Would be very Suikoden III with the point of view story telling. I'm also very happy to see this on Wii U. I've been trying to back as many Kickstarter indy RPGs releasing on Wii U as I can. Hoping the U can become a hot bed for RPGs (and Soul Saga sequels). Thanks Disastercake.

    8. Missing avatar

      Antoine Chauvet on

      Mike you put the T-shirt at $15 for the paypal and $30 on the post. Is there an error on the paypal page then?

    9. Michaeljack on

      Ok this list of add-ons is pure genius. I'm already sweating as i try to stop myself hit a shopping trip, buuut seeing as i want to play Garen's Saga i probably wont resist for long

    10. Disastercake Creator on

      @Martijn - Thank you! =D I think I'll be able to do that. I only got quotes on mens Tees, but when the time comes I will try to allow you the option for the women tees.

    11. BlackGauntlet

      Hopefully, we can hit a Stretch Goal each day for the remaining time we have! But I guess that would mean development time will increase by at least half a year. XD

    12. Martijn Donker on

      This game looks so good.
      Question though: Will the T-shirts also be available as a woman's T? My wife would love one.

    13. Anthony Lee on

      So say I got the PS4/Vita code + PC/Mac/Linux tier and I wanted to get a Wii U code and an extra PS4/Vita code.

      It would be $25 dollars for the tier, and then $10 for the Wii U code and $10 for the Vita/PS4 code. If I wanted to add on any more of the Wii U/Vita/PS4 codes, it would cost $15 each.

    14. Anthony Lee on

      R. Walsh...

      Basically, if you're doing add-ons, the first Wii U or PS4/Vita key is 10 dollars and any extra will be $15 dollars.

      If you have a tier with the keys, it doesn't count towards this total.

    15. R. Walsh on

      I'm a bit confused. I donated twenty-five to receive a DRM-free copy and a Wii U key, and I also donated an extra ten to claim a Vita key. I truthfully don't understand what the last four options mean, and would greatly appreciate some clarification so I don't accidentally claim the wrong reward.

    16. Anthony Lee on

      That's great, Ken! :)

    17. Ken on

      I have a friend from Finland that was going to back the project, then he seen that amazon was the only way, so he couldn't pledge and be a backer. He said that paypal was the only way that he could be able to pledge. I have sent him a message, alerting him that paypal is now accepted with the link to the paypal page. I wouldn't doubt that he now will pledge his desired amount.

    18. Anthony Lee on

      A PDF copy of the physical instruction manual is $5, yeah. I think there'll probably be a barebones version that comes with the digital copies, or at least in the menus somewhere...

    19. Magentawolf on

      So... a copy of the instruction book is $5?

    20. Missing avatar

      Becca Stiner on

      Possibly rogue guilds. Guilds that are not technically part of the guild system (allowing players to fight opponents with a higher intelligence than monsters). You could also have an arena where various guilds can fight in tournaments to show superiority. It would give the players a chance to fight a group that can think and do combos like they can.

    21. Anthony Lee on

      TV4ejb, I wonder if that will happen though since guilds aren't allowed to fight each other... :o

    22. Missing avatar

      Becca Stiner on

      This is awesome. I hope at some point you can also fight other guilds to help prove your worth.

    23. Anthony Lee on

      Yay, PayPal! :D Will let people know about this. And some of the add-on formatting is a bit off, Mike... :P

      So excited for this final stretch! :DDDDD