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A love letter to J-RPG classics.
A love letter to J-RPG classics.
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Vita and Playstation 4 Ports Confirmed!

Posted by Disastercake (Creator)

Soul Saga on the PS Vita and Playstation 4!

Finally I can announce something I could have only dreamed of before this Kickstarter: Soul Saga will be making it to Playstation consoles!  Well, if the stretch goal is met!

I had some long and hard talks with Sony reps and researched into their relationship with Unity.  From everything I can see, and considering I am already using Unity to create Soul Saga, it all looks extremely solid.  We are entering a new age of game development where indies can really reach platforms that were once closed to anyone without 7 digit bank accounts.  And I'm excited to be among some of the first indies to enter into this new age!

I've fudged some numbers on the stretch list and made a lot of behind-the-curtains decisions that can help accommodate for the costs of porting.  Luckily I can do all of the programming myself, which will cut down on a lot of the cost required to port.

Vita/PS4 Key Add-On!

Please add $10 to pledges for a Vita/PS4 Key!  There is also a stand alone option.

Updated Stretch Goals

Like before, I'm going to re-post all of the stretch goal descriptions so I can link to this post.

Not the actual in-game GUI ;)

Stretch Goals

Voice Acting
Voice acting can really help tell a story and give new personality to characters. If this stretch goal is met, then The story of Soul Saga can be portrayed by professional voice actors! 

Your very own airship to sail the skies of Medonia! This opens up an airship exploration system similar to Skies of Arcadia. No adventure is complete without an airship!

Airship Combat!
Hunt and conquer the giant beasts of the sky, and sink pillaging sky pirate ships! This opens up a whole new combat system and epic enemies!

WiiU, Vita, PS4
Soul Saga goes to the WiiU, Vita, and PS4! Imagine it... Playing Soul Saga on your big screen TV and taking advantage of the intuitive new Game Pad screen. The Grandfathers of these consoles are what inspired Soul Saga's creation, so it's only right it be on there!

Job Board
The Job Board opens up a TON of side quests for Mithos to take his guild on. People from around the world petition Guilds to help them. You'll find quests from slaying monsters to capturing murderous villains to even evacuating citizens from a falling island!

Legendary Weapons
Weapons so epic they have their own storylines just to find them! You'll be sent through forests, dungeons, and ruins across Medonia to earn your unique treasures.

Guild Master
Mithos gets a bigger team! This opens up more playable characters Mithos can recruit to his Guild. Find hidden guild members scattered across the world, and bring them together to realize your dream of becoming the world's strongest Guild Master!

Guild Hall
Recruit even more Guild members, assign them teams, and give them jobs! This is where you really get to shine as a Guild Master. Managing your Guild is an important aspect to success. Send your teams on remote missions to find treasure, discover lost landmarks, find hidden dungeons, run your Guild businesses, craft items, and more!

Forgotten Beasts
Beasts so frightening and powerful that time itself can not kill them. These ancient monstrosities lie in wait for you to prove your strength. But can you defeat them?

Guild Battles
A whole new strategic combat mode that allows for massive scale battles by splitting your members into teams! Fight wars against hordes of enemies and claim your victory!

Atelier of Souls
The Atelier of Souls is a mysterious Tower with ever-changing, living corridors. The Atelier appears and vanishes as it pleases, it's origins unknown to modern man. The Atelier is a maze filled with traps and monsters that have never been conquered. Could there even be a better way for Mithos to prove his Guild's strength? Not only will you need to delve into the Atelier of Souls yourself, but you'll have to split your team up to help explore the whole Atelier! What treasures await you in this mysterious and deadly place?

Garen's Saga
Garen's story told through his own eyes! Play as Garen in the untold scenes as he manipulates the World Council, murders his enemies, and hunts for the power he desperately hungers for.

Pandora Boxes
The Pandora Boxes hold secrets so dark and powerful that not even the gods could destroy them. Scattered across the world, each box has it's own riddle to solve for it's impenetrable lock to be opened. Are the Pandora boxes meant to keep greedy adventurers out, or to lock something sinister inside?

Twice the Game!

Soul Saga: Episode 1 becomes "Soul Saga"! This will double the story and content of the game, making your first steps into the world of Oterra even more epic.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Drew Hallstrom on

      Pandora boxes?
      Color me intrigued.

    2. Jake Ford on

      Come on Atelier of Souls..So damn close

    3. Missing avatar

      Shawn Stevenson on

      Pledged for the Playstation key. I'm very happy to see kickstarter campaigns make their way onto console. Nice to see console manufacturers open up and embrace the indie scene. Before Kickstarter games were all PC. But that trend is starting to turn! Sony seems to be getting behind the indie scene, as well as Nintendo. Can't wait! This game looks like it will suit the Vita very well.

    4. Bromide on

      I just hope we make it to forgotten beasts. Finally, a jrpg on Wii U!

    5. Missing avatar

      JediaKyrol on

      you bastard! you just had to say "Skies of Arcadia style airship exploration and combat"...

      ...upping my pledge...

    6. thelittlelaughingman on

      - It's over 75 million sold not necessarily as an install base but it's still a large install base.

    7. thelittlelaughingman on

      "Hey Nelson! Unfortunately I will not be porting to the PS3. The PS3 will be getting phased out very quickly, so it wouldn't be very economical for me to jump into that so late."

      @Disastercake The PS3 has an install base of over 75 million, well more than the Wii U, Vita and PS4 combined. Surely it makes economical sense to port the game to the PS3 which will still be supported for a few more years. I don't know what it costs to port it but that's just what I'd imagine. ;)

    8. Adam Bruno on

      I have to say, this is exciting! I wish I had the money to spend to make a higher pledge!

    9. Tobias Käppi on

      Pledged for the PS4/Vita and PC offer. I hope a lot more people will support this game so we all can get the best experience.

      Good luck with making the game!

    10. Missing avatar

      sean matyas on

      Just pledged for the vita/ps4 bundle. Good luck on the game as it looks awesome right now.

      Can I ask if the game will have trophies? Because that would just be icing on the cake :D

    11. Missing avatar

      Morticae on

      I'm really loving what I am seeing so far. First kickstarter project I've ever backed! Can't wait for the PS4 version~ The only problem I have is that I am greedy, and I want ALL of the stretch goals to be met! Haha. I am wondering, are Pandora Boxes similar to Forgotten Beasts and Legendary Weapons? As an Oregonian, glad to see a talented game come out of the Pacific Northwest. Keep up the good work.

    12. Missing avatar

      bottlenecked on

      hey @Disastercake Is the ps4/vita code for one system or is it redeemable for both?

    13. Joseph Fragapane on

      I pledged enough to get a physical copy of the game so when is it possible for me to choose for which system I can get it for?

    14. Peter Jacob on

      ^_^ Upped for the PS4 key. It will be a curious sensation to have a KS game on my tv console.

    15. Amanda Christensen on

      Yay! Initial goal reached! Congrats!!!! Now its on to the bigger goals (which I know WILL be reached because this is so awesome, and I told all my friends about it)!

    16. Missing avatar

      Jason Gott on

      @Seth Brown -- I don't actually own any indie games on my PS3 but I know MS doesn't allow achievements for indie games on Live. Good to hear Sony doesn't have that restriction.

    17. Peck Boozer on

      @Lloyd mentioned something that reminded me of something that might help with overall funding; basically "continue" the kickstarter through paypal, through I will admit this is really early to be talking about that. I know Shovel Knight did it & it got them a bit of extra wiggle room in their budget as they had already hit all their stretch goals. I believe it was pledge a certain amount & mention what tier from the Kickstarter you wanted and they would honor all the paypal pledges as if they were from Kickstarter. I only mention this because I really want this to hit all its stretch goals so a "double length" kickstarter could prove useful if we need it.

    18. Lloyd Sims on

      Yay, only $1k to go!

      Let's assume we don't meet all the stretch goals. If the post-release bottom line is high enough will you perhaps update the game to include said stretch goals? Let's say for instance we get to the Guild Hall, but the bottom-line after the first month of release is $20k. Will you reinvest that to work on adding more to the current game, or are you more likely to shift focus on to your next venture? Which may indeed be Soul Saga Episode 2.

      It may be too soon for you to even decide, I'm just curious if we can expect any large updates after the initial release. Of course, hitting all the stretch goals now would be a much preferred option!

      Secondly, will you allow further backing through paypal after the kickstarter is over during development? Or to a point where it's not too late in development to go back and add more features, at least.

    19. Niels Versluis on

      I've got a few questions regarding the PS4/Vita version:
      - Will the $15 PS4/Vita reward contain a code for both PS4 AND Vita or one of the two.
      - Will the PS version release at the same time the PC version does?

      And congratulations on making such an awesome game reality (less than $2000 to go atm, I'm so excited to see which stretch goals you will hit.)

    20. xeronius on

      Not to be a backseat driver, let alone an unsolicited one, but it might be worth considering to switch the stretch goals of Voice Acting and the WiiU/Vita/PS4. This would broaden the initial audience and theoretically allow a more steady revenue stream, which would allow for more of the future updates. Unless the extra $10k would be what is needed to do the port in the first place, in which case I will shut my trap :)

    21. Seth Brown on

      I'm super happy. Upped my pledge to $25. I want this on my PS Vita so bad.

      @Jason: Why wouldn't they? They do on PS3 and PSVita.

    22. Cameron Youngs

      @Jon Yes also PM. Sorry I didn't see the instructions before.

    23. Missing avatar

      Jason Gott on

      Great news, I changed my pledge to the PS4. Looking forward to it.

      I wonder if indie games on the PS4 will be able to have trophies, I would hope so.

    24. Cameron Youngs

      @David Theoretically you should be able to transfer saves between consoles and use the new cloud system obtained by sony to remote play every game on your PS4 directly to your Vita. We won't know until the systems come out 100% that this will work as they say. But if you want to take the game on the go you have to have the game on both systems and Sony has said nothing about connecting Vita games to the PS4. You will need a wifi connection for the transfer but I'm sure Sony will incorrprate a usb plugin for people who want a quicker connection.

    25. JollyMayhem on

      Haha, if i could read i would know, figured it out. Thx for making such an awsome game, cant wait to play it.

    26. JollyMayhem on

      If i pledged the Lord of the Otaku pack, does that come with the Vita code? if not how can i get it plz :D

    27. Cameron Youngs

      This makes 13 new IP for Sony ;) So excited to play this on Vita/PS4

      @Jon No just add more to the total amount and select the addon when the servey is sent out.

    28. David Wright on

      @Disastercake Hey new backer here pledged last night to wake up to the awesome news that if we meet the goals it will come to vita and PS4 :D,

      I do have a question if I get it on both Vita And PS4, will it be possible to play on my vita while I am out or at work, transfer the save to my PS4 when I get home and carry on playing from thank save?

      Many thanks

    29. sixiack on

      i am confused do i have to add $10 and then send you a mesage abut it?

    30. Amanda Christensen on

      I love coming back here and seeing things change! Congrats on your port confirmations, that's really awesome! I'd love to get a PS4 code, and I'm already in for $30, so should I add $10 more for the code? Also, any idea if the code would work for the EU network for PlayStation?

    31. Disastercake Creator on

      Hey Krzysztof!

      I definitely can't promise any more porting for now. I still have sequels to make! =D I think we have a very wide range at the moment though. But if after I'm all done with porting I feel like the PS3 would be an easy edition (and economical) then I may be able to consider it. But no promises on any other systems for now. ;)

      All stretch goals after the current ports go into more content! I want airship battles sooo bad.

    32. Missing avatar

      Krzysztof J. on

      IMHO PS3 will live at least few years from (if you have bad internet connection you will need it, to play PS3, as legacy system games will be streamed via Gaikai on PS4). It will also take a year or two for PS4 to convice people to buy it (I will probably buy PS4 around the release of FF15). And it looks Unity supports PS3 deployment, so it shall not be o great deal of work to release Soul Saga to PS3. Maybe another stretch goal?

    33. Disastercake Creator on

      Hey Yoru! Yes that is correct. =) Please also message me!

    34. Dotaku on

      Very excited to hear this ^^ Anywho if Im already pledging the 25$ for the Wii U copy I just have to add 10$ for the PS4/Vita copy to get both the Wii U and PS4/Vita copy?

    35. Disastercake Creator on

      Hey Nelson! Unfortunately I will not be porting to the PS3. The PS3 will be getting phased out very quickly, so it wouldn't be very economical for me to jump into that so late.

      However, it will be VERY beneficial for Soul Saga to get into PS4 while it's young. I'm sorry for the inconvenience. =(

    36. Nelson Weng on

      PS4 only or is porting to PS3 possible? (I already pledged for the WiiU version, but asking out of curiosity.)

    37. Disastercake Creator on

      @Jan - Awesome! Make sure to message me saying so!

      @Peck - Let's hope so! If we knock out stretch goals this game will be amazing!

      @Evan - Yes please!

    38. Evan Catlin on

      Will I have to add the ten dollars and message you like with the Wii U version?

    39. Peck Boozer on

      Well, poop. This is "bad" news for me, now I don't know what console to get the game on! I know cross buy will probably be a no go do to monetary reasons, but if this supported cross play, by which a mean the cross save feature, I would by this on both Sony plats the moment it shows up on the store. The only news I feel that would be better than this is full funding right after this announcement and overshooting all the stretch goals, even better if THAT happens shortly after this. It is available to everyone now, well barring people who were only going to get an X1 but this is the least of there problems.

    40. Jan Paulsson on

      Vita! awsome!. Upped my pledge from the 30 tier to the 50 tier, and also added 10 for the vita version. I <3 Soul saga indeed.

    41. Disastercake Creator on

      And yes, you must add an additional $10! This is not bundled with the WiiU.

    42. Disastercake Creator on

      Thanks guys! This is definitely the end of the devices this Soul Saga episode will be reaching for now. This will keep me plenty busy!

      And thank you, Mihir! I have been diligently reading all of the backers and potential backer comments across all the sites, and this was a consistently requested feature. I also think it's great because I will be entering the PS4 when it's young, which will be great for sales before the market is saturated.

    43. Missing avatar

      Brett S.


      If we already added the $10 for the Wii U key, do we need to add another $10 to also get the Vita/PS4 key?

    44. Anthony Lee on

      WOW! This is excellent! >_< I hope to spread the word to as many people as possible. :D :D :D

    45. Missing avatar

      Mihir-Pirate King of the Obsidian Order on

      Also, I commend your fast updates! This is a very important thing for Kickstarters and it shows that you care and are constantly working towards your goal; while also listening to feedback and comments from the fans and pledgers :D

    46. Missing avatar

      Mihir-Pirate King of the Obsidian Order on

      Hell yeah! This keeps gettin better n better. The more devices this game is on, the more players we can get into playing this upcoming amazing game :D

      I'd be happy playing it on the PC myself tho :P

    47. Jamie Dutton on

      This is fantastic news! I'm so excited for this :)

    48. Chris on

      I just upped my pledge to get the figurine but watch out for more. Money is incoming in 3...2...1... :D

      Disastercake ♥ Vita --> We ♥ Disastercake!

    49. Maximilian Müller on

      Wooohooo, Awesome!
      Let's do this, only 30k left. ;D

      Greetings and full Support from Germany!

    50. Disastercake Creator on

      I don't really feel like it's my place to talk about other Kickstarters, but I can tell you with confidence that I've crunched the numbers on this. ;) Also, this is really only possible because of recent dealing with Unity spreading across the different platforms.