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A love letter to J-RPG classics from the Playstation era like Final Fantasy, Breath of Fire, Suikoden, and Persona.
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5,631 backers pledged $195,528 to help bring this project to life.

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Something Different is a game about crazy rules that constantly change, dueling your friends, and sometimes talking like a pirate.

This card game is created by my friends from back in my hometown! If you like card games, please take a look here!

My friend, Jonas, is working on a Kickstarter campaign for his cute platformer game, A Hat In Time.  Please check it out!

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    1. Creator patatakeru on June 23, 2013

      80k is MUCH more reasonable! I was only interested in the wii u standalone but didn't pledge before now because I really felt 105k was asking a bit too much. Now I can happily pledge :-)

    2. Creator Matt on June 21, 2013

      Pax East had an amazing indie experience. 41 titles, shovel knight was there, repopulation, city of steam, it was great.

    3. Creator Disastercake on June 21, 2013

      That's a good idea Vince! I don't think PAX is going on when the Kickstarter is, unfortunately. If you can think of any media outlets that we can push the project to, please let me know! Some anime themed media outlets may work perfectly.

    4. Creator Vince Vazquez on June 21, 2013

      Good luck with your funding drive, man! SoulSaga looks super promising :)

      E3 just finished up, so I doubt there's any coming up, but is there perhaps an Indiecade-type show you can bring SoulSaga too to start getting noticed by more outlets? Isn't there a PAX show this summer? PAX seems to be where a lot of indie games get their first jolt of coverage and hype...