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A love letter to J-RPG classics from the Playstation era like Final Fantasy, Breath of Fire, Suikoden, and Persona.
A love letter to J-RPG classics.
A love letter to J-RPG classics.
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Soul Saga - Update 29 - User Interface Enhancements


Hello, friend!

How've you been?! I hope your spring has gone well. Did you know summer's right around the corner already?! Time sure does fly when you're spending all of it working on Soul Saga! I've been focusing on Soul Saga's new user interface lately, and I'd love to show you some of that today!

Beta v9.3 Live!

Beta v9.3 is live and has almost all of the new user interface implemented! This includes the Title Menu, main menu and all sub menus, and part of the shop menus. Next I will work on finishing the shop menus and the crafting menus. The user interface implementation should be 99% done by next week. I'm also planning on adding controller support in pretty soon!

User Interface Enhancements

The biggest change over the past month has been a complete overhaul of the Soul Saga user interface design. The previous betas were simply using placeholder UI. I like to tell people that making a good game with a tight budget should be treated like baking a cake. You don't put on the toppings until you've baked the cake first! And now that Soul Saga is being finalized it's time to start piling on that sugary eye candy frosting!

Title Menu

The title menu sports a black and white background of the beautiful Soul Saga character collage created by Akaneko. The UI designer then created some fancier save file frames, and I programmed in a cool animated glow effect behind them. I also implemented in a couple social networking buttons at the bottom so new fans can easily connect with me to chat about Soul Saga and keep up to date on future Disastercake games!

Main Menu

The main menu sports more coloring in the background, but a bit desaturated and blurred so it doesn't overwhelm the foreground. This is the menu you'll be seeing often in game to access all your information. The goal was to give you some nice eye candy on the landing page of the main menu so you can enjoy your time here.

Other Menus

Many of the menus in Soul Saga will sport a notebook type look to it. The goal is to give the user interface some character by making it look like young Mithos has scribbled this information into his notebook.

New Title Theme

Soul Saga's lead composer, Ryan Camus, has created a new title theme for Soul Saga! This epic and inspiring theme is titled "Dream Big", and it captures the mood and moral message of Soul Saga perfectly.

What Do You Think?

One of the many things that makes Soul Saga unique is the obviously strong impact fans have on development. A recent question I brought up for fans to help decide is whether your airship should cost money to repair or not. Feel free to join us in the discussion on Twitter or on the Disastercake forums.

Thank you!

I'm going to jump right back into working on Soul Saga now! I'm so excited to share Soul Saga with you this year I can't even explain it! I'll always be eternally grateful for the opportunity you've given me to share Soul Saga with you, so thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU!

I'm still aiming to release Soul Saga on the PC, Mac, and Linux by late August, and I'll let you know if that has to be adjusted in the near future. So far everything is coming along well! I'll definitely keep you up to date about console porting soon after the Desktop version has been released.

Please join us on the Disastercake forums do discuss this update here:

Soul Saga - Update 28 - Innovating on the class JRPG combat system


Hello, Friend!

Hello, friend! How are you doing today? Is the spring weather treating you well? It's been starting to get warm here, but there's no time to play in the sun! Soul Saga's development is cruising along and I'm crunching in as many humanly feasible hours as possible to get you the best game I can this year!

Beta v9.1 Update!

The update is here! The update is heeeere!!! Yesterday I uploaded the latest Soul Saga Beta version to v9.1 for beta testers to get their hands on. This update is a huge step forward for Soul Saga as it shows off it's final draft of its unique and innovative combat system. If you're a Soul Saga Beta tester, you can find it for download in your humble bundle library now!

Steam Page Live!

Soul Saga's coming soon Steam page is now live! This is a very exciting time for me to be far enough along with my dream project, that YOU helped make, and be this close to sharing it with the world. Thank you! Please let your JRPG loving friends know so they can add it to their wishlist! =)

New Combat Initiation

Earlier we had a vote among you and other backers whether you'd like to maintain the Final Fantasy inspired combat zone system, or switch over to a more dynamic Chrono Trigger inspired system. The Chrono Trigger inspiration won by a landslide, and I got to work implementing that in for you! The results are fantastic, and you can take a look at how it feels below.

Soul Saga Combat

I'd like to talk with you a little about Soul Saga's combat system and the innovations that drive it. When I started working on Soul Saga, it was my goal to design a system that was inspired by the JRPG classics like Chrono Trigger, Breath of Fire, and Final Fantasy, identify the critical elements that make those systems fun, and innovate around those core design concepts. After identifying the elements I wanted to maintain, I dissected the common elements in JRPGs that were the most critical to address, and I quickly found the number one issue: monotonous battles.

Monotonous battles are an issue present in almost every JRPG and are even in many of the great classics. As you’re walking through those dungeons and you’re forced to fight wave after wave of weak and predictable enemies, you turn off your brain and just keep hitting the “next” button over and over again until you’ve stomped all over them and you're on to the next battle. Well not in Soul Saga!

For Soul Saga I made sure this wasn't the case, and I'm ecstatic to finally share with you the final version of Soul Saga's combat design that has successfully banished that problem.

The Beauty of Self Discovery

The beauty of Soul Saga's Combat system is in discovering exactly how the synergy works for yourself. While this system is new, it's completely understandable with a little experimentation. I'll share an overview of the system with you here, but I'm going to avoid delving deep into different uses and strategies with these mechanics so you can experience the joy of mastering them yourself!

Your actions, your choice!

The core concept behind Soul Saga's battle system is that you have FULL control over when and which of your characters act. You can even delay your actions to pause the enemy's turn.

Intervene Points

Intervene Points (or IP) is the universal bread and butter resource your characters utilize to use their personal skills. In the current beta, you have 3 IP points maximum.

IP can be accumulated by:

  • Taking actions. Every 3 actions generates a new IP point. Enemies also accumulate points this way.
  • Delaying actions. All unspent IP will roll over to the next turn. Delaying will also not consume the current action buff.

Accumulated IP can be used to:

  • Take multiple small actions.
  • Use a single strong skill.
  • Intervene the enemy turn for various strategic reasons.


Intervene is a unique concept that allows you to pause the enemy's turn to use any IP you've accumulated. You can utilize this to initiate different types of strategies for time critical situations.

Wheel of Morai

The synergy of all these systems comes together perfectly with the Wheel of Morai. The Morai Wheel is a device in the bottom right corner of the screen that foretells the buffs and debuffs that the next 5 actions will be afflicted with.

The most common effects are:

Double Attack Power

This buff will increase the actor's attack power to 200%, strengthening damage dealing skills.

Double Support Power

This buff will increase the actor's support power to 200%, strengthening healing and shielding skills.

Half Attack Power

This buff will reduce the actor's attack power to 50%, weakening damage dealing skills.

Half Support Power

This buff will reduce the actor's support power to 50%, weakening healing and shielding skills.

Synergy = Strategy

By taking advantage of the IP, delaying, and intervening systems, you can manipulate which team and actors consume which buffs and debuffs to turn the tide of any battle! The great thing about this system is that it's simple, but dynamic, so you're always thinking for every turn in every battle.

Hopes and wishes to Kumamoto, Japan

You may have heard about the recent earthquakes in southern Japan and the devastation it's wrecking on the families there. One of Soul Saga's key members, Nozomi, is from that region of Japan. She has requested time off to take care of her family during these trying times and I will be making adjustments to Soul Saga's timeline as needed. My sincere condolences go out to the people of Japan, especially Nozomi and her family. She has been a critical part of Soul Saga's successful development from the beginning and I wish nothing but the best for her.

Adjusted Release ETA

Earlier this year I had set a hopeful release date of June, but with everything happening at this point it may be rushing things a bit. To reduce the chance of delays I'd like to say that August is a safer release schedule. However, I will be trying my best to get it earlier than that for you. Thank you very much for your patience while we finish up Soul Saga for your enjoyment!

Thank You!

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for having given me this opportunity to create Soul Saga for you. I seriously can not wait to share it with you later this year! Please join me and other Soul Saga backers in the forums to discuss this update here:

I'm very excited to get your feedback on the final draft of Soul Saga's combat system!

Soul Saga – Update 27 – User Interfaces for U and I!


Hello, Friend!

How are you doing, buddy?! I missed you! So this past month we've made some major polish to the Soul Saga Combat system and User Interface (UI) based on your feedback over the course of development. I'd like to thank you for all of your valuable input over the years of Soul Saga's development. I couldn't have made such a great game without you! Let's start with the fun stuff!

June ETA Remains Steady

In a previous update I mentioned I'm aiming for around late June to release Soul Saga on the PC, Linux, Mac platforms, and consoles soon after that. That's still looking feasible! I'll let you know if anything adjusts with the timeline in the next couple months. There's always the possibility that I'll want to squeeze some more content and polish in for you, but I'll do my best to get it out ASAP! I know you're salivating from excitement as much as I am!

UI for You and I!

I've recently brought on a talented artist and UI designer that I've been working very closely with to bring you the most pretty and functional user interface we can. I think we've really nailed it out of the park with these UI designs!

Dialogue User Interface

The dialogue UI is a scroll with subtle alchemy inscriptions framing the text and an ornate name plate sporting the Soul Saga logo's blue and gold color scheme. We made sure to keep the shading and lighting style the same as the beautiful character portraits so it ties all of the art together perfectly. Feedback has been wonderful so far on Twitter and Facebook!

Combat User Interface

There have been some major enhancements to the already innovative combat system of Soul Saga. I'll go into deep detail on Soul Saga's combat system in the next update, but for now here's the work in progress of the Combat UI! What do you think?

Dragontree Village Make Over!

Dragontree Village has received quite an aesthetic make over! As always, I took fan feedback to heart and implemented in several views to the town that really help immerse you in the feeling of Mithos' small hometown.

This is the entrance to the town. The goal of this view is to help establish that Dragontree Village is a small rural farm village with great distances between areas.

This is the town center. The goal here is to establish that the town is a small tight nit community and also to make all of the stores are in a very convenient layout. You can visit the Blacksmith, Item Shop, and Restaurant in this single scene. The job board is also just off to the side of the Blacksmith!

This is Mithos’ House. It can be found off to the right side of the Restaurant in the town center. The goal with this scene was to capture the feeling of neglect to the home and yard because Mithos’ lives alone in it. You can do all of your alchemy crafting in Mithos’ home and also take a nap for free!

Kickstarter Shout Out!!!

Mediocre Monster


Mediocre Monster is an adorable and unique concept about how you're an average monster employed to help the heroes on their adventure. But it's not that simple! To be a good Mediocre Monster you must follow the rules of combat. Get the heroes low on HP, but don't kill them! Are you charmed? Then slap some hearts on your eyes and drool a little! Are you taunted? Make sure you hit the right hero! And don't forget to sneak in some nice loot for the heroes while they're striking their victory pose! Do a good job and you get to swap your color palette to become the strongest Mediocre Monster in town and inspire other monsters to join your party!

Imagine if you took the best of JRPG trope comedy and put them into an adorable setting like Monster's Inc. or Wreck-it Ralph with an enthusiastic and lovable main character. That's Mediocre Monster, and it's looking like loads of fun!

And the coolest thing is...

Soul Saga and Mediocre Monster Cross-Over!

That's right! Mithos, Elise, and Max will be making an appearance as one of the hero groups you can help along their adventure! Ever wonder what it's like to be on the receiving end of Mithos' enthusiasm? Well now you can find out in Mediocre Monster! I can't imagine a more fun and appropriate cross over for Soul Saga, and can't wait to play on the opposite team from the heroes we all love!

But it's gotta get funded first! I'm super excited for this game so please come join me and other backers on the Mediocre Monster Kickstarter page here and make it happen together!

Thank You!

Thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU! I seriously cannot thank you enough for your amazing feedback and support for Soul Saga. Looking at where Soul Saga is now compared to where it started is just mind blowing. The evolution of quality is phenomenal, and I can't wait to finally share Soul Saga with you in the near future!

Do you have anymore great feedback? I'm especially interested in hearing what you think about the combat user interface! Please join other Soul Saga fans and myself in the Disastercake forums here and let us all know what you think:

And if you like frequent and short updates, please follow me on Twitter or Facebook for Soul Saga news!

Soul Saga - Update 26 - Happy Valentines! Here's an airship!


Happy Valentine's Day, Friend!

Hello, friend! How's my favorite valentine doing today? Well it's gonna get better because I got you a present! Now here's a box for everyone. Don't open it yet. HEY I SAID DON'T OPEN IT! Okay, now in one of these boxes is a key. A key to what, you ask? Well it's a key to your very own...


Now open your box. That's right! You get an airship! And you get an airship! And YOU get an airship! EVERYBODY gets an airship! If you're a beta backer, check out the latest download ( Beta v8 ) and let me know how much you love your new ride! If you're not a beta backer, you can still help Soul Saga out by grabbing the beta from here:

Every bit helps to cross the finish line!

Do You Twitter?

Now that Soul Saga's completion is on the horizon, I've been finding time to leave my cake cave and interact with the world via Twitter! It's been a ridiculously fun time connecting with Soul Saga fans! I use twitter for periodic updates and shout outs between big Kickstarter updates. If you use Twitter, please give me a follow and receive your free cake hug! You can find me @Disastercake.

If you're more of a Facebook person, I've got a Soul Saga Facebook page setup for you as well!

I love the social media sites not only because of the inspiring experience of connecting with passionate Soul Saga fans, but also because they're a great way for you to easily help me spread the word about Soul Saga to others! Thank you so much for your help! I couldn't do this without you!

If you don’t use either, don’t worry! Kickstarter still receives all valuable information and more, just in bigger packages… like this one!

Dragontree Docks

So now that you’ve got the keys and you’re doing that cute happy dance you do, you can head over to the Dragontree Docks to give your new airship a whirl! Airships are boarded from the designated docks on each island. On Dragontree Island you can find the docks south of Dragontree Village.

Airship port buildings are easily identified by their unique logo, a boat with swan wings.

Make sure to pick up a couple quests from the job boards outside!

And chat with the receptionist to get your airship!

The same receptionist is your go to guy for airship repairs and purchases. You can pick up new shielding for more HP, boosters for faster traveling, engines for more agile movements, and fancy new weapons! Check out this industry standard flamethrower that’s on sale for just 2000 Jul! Honey Jackets beware!

Two Airship Modes

As promised during the Kickstarter, there are two airship modes: exploration and combat. In exploration mode you fly around a fully 3D world, in combat you fight your enemies in a real-time side view arena!


The most exciting thing I want to announce today is a very important addition to the airship exploration… Wonders!

Wonders are Soul Saga’s equivalent to Skies of Arcadia’s discoveries. The thing I spent the most energy on with Soul Saga’s development was creating a deep, rich world. Wonders help me deliver that story to you by introducing you to some of the natural and man-made cultural wonders of Medonia. In the beta there are 3 wonders to be found, and there will be MANY more in the final version of Soul Saga! Let me know if you can find them all!

The jingle played when discovering a Wonder was composed by the talented Ryan Camus. Ryan is working on fleshing out Soul Saga’s soundtrack to bring you a robust OST.

Airship Enemy Spawning

I experimented a lot with the best way to make enemies appear during Airship exploration. Internal testing showed that the best solution was to periodically spawn aggressive enemies at certain intervals. So as you’re exploring, rather than finding a group of enemies just sitting around you just avoid, enemies will come to you! This ensures that there’s never a dull moment while exploring the dangerous locales of Medonia’s sky islands!

Airship Boss Enemies

There are some special situations where enemies are on a specific point on the field, like bosses. There’s a boss at the end of the explorable zone in Beta v8 that represents this design… Benny’s worst nightmare!


At the moment there are no in game instructions on how to pilot the airship. I will add these later in polishing just in case anything adjusts based on your feedback. I tried my best to make the controls as simple as possible while still capturing the flexibility needed for dynamic and fun gameplay. Hypothetically you can play the entire game with just a mouse, but also using the keyboard will help give you much better control. Here’s the jist of the controls:

Exploration Controls

Exploring with a mouse is very easy. Simply left click on the screen where you want to go, and the airship will turn and accelerate in that direction! If you want to boost, just hold the left and right click buttons together to charge up, then let go of the right mouse button to kick it into boost! By holding only right click you can turn your airship horizontally without moving, and and raise and lower the airship easily. This is useful when trying to collect flying fish or aim yourself for boosting through mines.

Using the keyboard you can use the W and S keys to move forward and backwards, S and D to rotate, Q to go straight down, and E to go straight up. Hold the space bar to charge up your boost, and then release to let er’ rip! If you want to interrupt the high speed boost, just tap the space bar.


To mine, you simply need to collide with a small floating rock while boosting at any speed.


To collect fish, simply get them close to your airship and your crew will scoop them up!

Combat Controls


Movement in combat is very similar to the exploration mode, with the twist that there’s a little bit of physics used to get gradual deceleration. This adds a little bit of a skill curve to controlling the airship. To move with a mouse, simple left click where you want to go and you’ll accelerate in that direction. Let go of the mouse button to decelerate. You can also…

Do A Barrel Roll!

Fox! I mean, Mithos! You’ve got a bogey on your tail! Just do a double click and you’ll roll out of the way!

 project video thumbnail
Replay with sound
Play with


To fire your weapon, just press the right mouse button! You can hold the mouse down for a semi-automatic effect with most weapons. Some other weapons, like the flamethrower, will continuously shoot a stream of fire out. Later there will be more weapons that can be charged and then fired.

At the moment, only the mouse can be used to fire the weapon. There will be an update later to add controller support.

Changing Weapons

You can equip 3 weapons on your airship at a single time. To switch between them, scroll the mouse wheel! In a future update hotkey binding will be implemented so you can bind keys to weapon slots.

16:9 Aspect Ratio Letterbox

With the addition of the airship combat, I needed to make a decision regarding supported aspect ratios for Soul Saga. The problem that was occuring when supporting every aspect ratio was that the side scrolling airship combat was different for each person! Besides that, it’s also been difficult to try and design UI and camera angles to every situation. You simply just lose lots of valuable screen real estate if you’re trapped to consider a square ratio. A conundrum indeed for all movie and game developers!

Obviously I couldn’t just only allow certain aspect ratios on a desktop… I want as many Soul Saga fans as possible to be able to play! So I did some research and found a way to force a 16:9 aspect ratio at every resolution! This means that you can play Soul Saga at any resolution you like, and get the same experience across all of them!

There’s a lot of technical stuff under the hood of what has to go into forcing a perspective ratio in the Unity Game Engine, but the short story is that if you use an aspect ratio other than 16:9, you simple get an unintrusive letter box at the top and bottom. This ensures that you will always get the same gaming experience from Soul Saga as everyone else! =D

The one backside to this is that changing resolutions in game introduces bugs. So now there’s a launcher when you first start the game to choose your resolution settings.

Environment Polishing

Soul Saga development is going well, and we’re getting into a stage of polishing our scenes and environments. Beta testers will notice a change to the entrance of Pleasant Woods where we use a more vista panoramic view. This type of view helps you feel more immersed in the beautiful world of Soul Saga for certain “beauty shot” scenes, and then the camera returns to normal for the purpose of good gameplay. Speckling these types of scenes around helps capture that immersion I want you to feel as you travel Medonia.

Programming Optimizations

In miscellaneous Soul Saga development news, I’ve just recently got around to optimizing the way text is stored for Soul Saga. The new way uses CSV (comma separated value) files, also known as spreadsheets. This will make it significantly easier to deal with localization if the chance arises for that!

There’s been a ton of other little things as well, but it’s impossible to list! It’s very exciting to see everything starting to solidify for Soul Saga!

Combat Battle Zone Poll

There’s an important poll on the Disastercake forums right now regarding a potential change to the way combat is initiated in Soul Saga. Since it's conception, Soul Saga has used traditional Final Fantasy instanced battle fields. I’m considering a change to instead keep combat on the field similar to Chrono Trigger. After experimenting with it I feel it fits our art and combat style very nicely. Here’s a quick prototype I made as an example. You can find the voting poll here:

Kickstarter Shout Outs

It’s a really hot time on Kickstarter right now for RPG fans! With Soul Saga’s completion on the horizon, I’ve started to kick it forward to some other developers and I think you might be interested in them too! I’ve personally chatted with the leads from all of these teams, and each one gets Cake’s stamp of passionate approval!

Children of Zodiarcs


Children of Zodiarcs is an innovative turn based RPG with big inspirations from Final Fantasy Tactics. The really cool thing about Children of Zodiarcs is that instead of just having a random percentage automatically rolled for you, it’s setup more like a table top game where you can customize your own die to gain different effects. There’s also a card system for skills where you build a deck and act based on the cards you’ve drawn.

City of the Shroud


City of the Shroud is a turn based RPG that’s pushing game design to new innovative limits. In City of the Shroud the goal of the creators was to seamlessly mesh a turn based strategy game with a fighting game. So in each attack, you can choose from an intuitively designed scroll menu to connect combination attacks for different effects. Probably the coolest thing about City of the Shroud is that the story is written in episodes based on the online actions of the players.

Knights and Bikes


Knights and Bikes is an adorable and very creative take on the action RPG genre. With gameplay inspirations from Secret of Mana and artistic inspirations from Earthbound and the Goonies, Knights and Bikes sets 2 young female protagonists in a modern world against an onslaught of creatures to “save the adults” on both foot and mounted bike combat! Rescue islanders, collect treasure, upgrade your bike and abilities, then explore some more!

Shadows of Adam


Shadows of Adam is a gorgeous retro sprite game polished to a shine that you can see your own childhood reflection in. With strong inspirations from Super Mario RPG and Final Fantasy Mystic Quest, Shadows of Adam aims to deliver a fast paced and light-hearted turn based RPG. The team has already proven to deliver a quality gaming experience with their demo, so you can check out all the goodies for yourself!

What do you think?

Woah, what an update! And I didn’t even cover everything we’ve been getting done!!! I cannot express how excited I am to finally share Soul Saga with you this year. I seriously could not have made such an awesome game without you so thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU!!!

Please feel free to stop by the Disastercake forums and chat with me about whatever's on your mind! I love to talk with you!

Soul Saga - Update 25 – Airships and ETA!


Happy New Year, Friend!

Hey, it's nice to see you again! What have you been up to? How's your new year going? I'm sure you can guess what I've been up to... Yup! I've just been working on Soul Saga! Have you made a new years resolution yet? I've made mine, and it's to release Soul Saga by...

June 2016!

Move over monkey, cause' this here's the year of the Soul Saga! I'm vigorously crunching away at over 100 hours a week to get Soul Saga's PC, Mac, and Linux versions to you by June of this year, and then consoles should be very soon after that. This is just an ETA, so it could be a little bit earlier or later, but will definitely be around that time.


It's been a long journey and the finish line is in sight. Thank you very much for always being there for me every step of the way. I can't wait to finally share Soul Saga with you! In celebration, any children born this year should be named Mithos, Elise, or Cake!


There will be a beta update containing airship mechanics in the next update. It's technically ready now, but I'd like to polish it up a bit more before sending it off for your approval. This update will include the main components of what I've been working on for you in regards to airship mechanics. These include...

Mithos' Airship

Mithos' first airship is a cute and practical Koi model; a modest beginning for a not-so-modest young man. In Medonia, airships don't grow on trees. Wait... do they anywhere? Anyways! In the final version of Soul Saga the airship is earned through a hard earned journey, but in the (next) beta you'll receive the airship as soon as you visit the docks for the sake of testing.

Airship Exploration

One of the biggest inspirations of Soul Saga is Skies of Arcadia, and it’s kept true to that with the addition of the most important feature… airship exploration!

Airship Exploration is experienced from a third person view behind the airship. Some of the things you can do are:


The skies of Medonia are a vast and beautiful landscape that invite one to ponder on the smaller things in life, like which came first: the Squabble or the egg? But whose got time to count the Torne hairs?! Kick your adventure into overdrive with the boost engine!


While boosting you can break through smaller rocks and debris to collect goodies like ores and other minerals!


You can also catch fish that are floating around in schools. These can be sold or used for cooking in Soul Saga’s unique lunchbox crafting system!


Battles in the Soul Saga Airship system are initiated just like on the field system. You simply make contact with an enemy and you’ll be placed in battle mode! Prepare yourself!

And More!

… and more more that will be discussed in future updates!

On a technical note, the airship exploration uses a character controller instead of physics for movement for the sake of having more direct control over the airship.

Airship Combat

We had a poll on the Disastercake forum regarding your opinion on whether airship combat should be turn-based or real time. The votes leaned in favor of real-time, and so I got quick to work on a prototype for you!

I experimented with the battle system quite a bit, and in the end the angle that felt best was the side view. This is because our characters are designed to be seen from the side, and we also have a gorgeous horizon line.

At the moment I’m utilizing Unity’s physics engine to give a gradual acceleration and deceleration feeling, like if you were trying to drive a boat in real life. This helps set a skill bar that requires a bit of practice to maneuver, but is still easy to handle at its basics. When you get your hands on it in the next update, I’d love to get your opinion on how it feels!

Most of the special effects and particles are placeholder and will be enhanced during the polishing phases.

Airship Shop

You can also outfit your airship with different equipment to use different weapons, achieve new speeds, and increase your health points! The airship shop is located at the docks where you launch from.

Airship Music

Journey of the Flying Koi (Airship Exploration Theme)

Aivi Tran created this piece a while ago and I’ve been itching to show it off at just the right time… which is now! This song is heard through several of the Airship exploration zones throughout Soul Saga.

Rough Sailing (Airship Battle Theme)

Ryan Camus has been hard at work filling out the remainder of Soul Saga’s soundtrack, and he’s doing an amazing job at it! Here are two songs he’s dong for the airship zones: the battle theme and the boss theme.

Max Altitude (Airship Boss Battle Theme)

A Better Sky

Now that we’re seeing the horizon line constantly in airship exploration mode, we decided it was time to start making our own skies! Zahra researched skyboxes and came up with something beautiful. I hope you like it!

Collective Brainstorming

We currently have a discussion going on in the Disastercake Forums regarding the naming of the goblin species in Soul Saga. The word “Goblin” works, but I’m planning to change it to something more unique. I thought “which of my friends are clever and creative?” and you were the first to come to mind! If you have any ideas, please visit us in the forums and drop a vote or comment. =)

Goblin Race Name Voting Thread

In Other Kickstarter News... Shadows of Adam!

I couldn't have made Soul Saga without your support on Kickstarter, and for that I am eternally grateful.  I always like to kick it forward to other talented indie developers, and right now there's a really gorgeous looking game called Shadows of Adam that just launched their campaign today!  Please take a moment to check them out at:

You can even try out their demo for free at:

So... What do you think?

This has been an exciting update to write up for you. I’m trembling with anticipation as we move closer to releasing Soul Saga. Please let me know what you think in today’s forum thread!

Soul Saga Update 25 Forum Thread