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A love letter to J-RPG classics from the Playstation era like Final Fantasy, Breath of Fire, Suikoden, and Persona.
A love letter to J-RPG classics.
A love letter to J-RPG classics.
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    1. Disastercake Creator 2 days ago

      Hello, friends! Just wanted to give you a quick update that early access progress is coming along well. I've a little bit more to add before I can release, and I'm also waiting on a critical Unity engine bug that needs to be fixed by Unity themselves before I can release. You can see a bit more about that in this tweet:

    2. Disastercake Creator on

      Hello, friends! I've gotten a few questions lately about the old forums and wanted to clarify that they have been decommissioned. When I launched the Discord chat, all of the active community members immediately migrated there and it became obvious that Discord's chat rooms were a much better tool for our community.

      Feel free to join us in the Discord channel here:

    3. Missing avatar

      lxlvl99 on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    4. Disastercake Creator on

      @Joe Edwards - There's no news on any physical releases yet. I won't know how possible that is exactly until I'm in the console porting phase.

    5. Missing avatar

      Joe Edwards on

      I would love to order a Vita key. Will the console versions have physical releases?

    6. Disastercake Creator on

      @Chris Z. - I've got to finish the Desktop version of Soul Saga first and then I'll (probably) pickup up a third party to deal with porting (either a porting specific company or a publisher). I want to make sure that consoles are dealt with smoothly and swiftly for everyone that waited patiently. Once I've chosen a company then I should have more information regarding ports. =)

    7. Chris Z.

      Any updated news on the Wii U / Switch stuff? Just surfacing this since Wii U has kind of fallen away and Switch has arrived. I backed Wii U but would wait for a Switch code even if it takes much longer. THanks!

    8. Greg Lovell on

      Sounds good. Can't wait to hear about the update.

    9. Disastercake Creator on

      Hey again, friends~ I decided I'll actually save the next Kickstarter update for next month so I have a little better idea where I am exactly with everything. It should be a particularly important one! =D

    10. Disastercake Creator on

      Thank you very much, William! Backers like you are the reason I push forward through the storm. =)

    11. Missing avatar

      William on

      I, as well as many others I'm sure, appreciate your efforts and your transparency. I truly hope things improve for you. I truly hope this game makes you an instant millionaire, so then I can tell everyone I know about your remarkable journey in the land of game development. Best regards! ☺

    12. Disastercake Creator on

      Just want to let everyone know I've got an update starting to get cooked up for May! Can't believe how close we are to July! =D

    13. Christopher Hamilton on

      I'm doing the rounds on my Kickstarter list and realised I originally said I wanted this on Vita as my PSN key. Unfortunately my Vita broke a while ago - is there a way to switch it to PS4?

      Or will there be a survey to update our preferences closer to launch?

      Good luck with the final sprint to completion :)

    14. Missing avatar

      Joe Edwards on

      I no longer use a PC or MAC at home. I hope you give the option to buy physical and digital copies of the game for consoles. Please hook me up with such an option.

    15. Disastercake Creator on

      Thanks, Jayvir! I'm cruising along with Soul Saga lately and ready to get it to you this year. =)

    16. Jayvir on

      I at least appreciate that despite your situation, you are still very transparent about what's taking so long and progress. I hope things look up soon

    17. Disastercake Creator on

      @Aerouge - Thank you! It's very motivating to know that you're still there for me after all this time. The positivity and emotional encouragement is worth more than anything. =)

    18. Disastercake Creator on

      @Damien Szymanowicz - Thank you very much, friend! I promise the finish line will be hit this year. =)

    19. Aerouge

      Just checking in on old projects... wish you the best of luck man! Hopefully you will make it to the finish line and your hard work pays off a billion times ... I am still on the side-lines cheering for you :-)

    20. Missing avatar

      Damien Szymanowicz on

      Still holding out hope. Good luck friend.

    21. Disastercake Creator on

      @Juan Carlos Gonzalez - I love you too! =D

    22. Disastercake Creator on

      @Kurt - Thank you so much! It means the world to me that you feel that highly. Knowing you're there gets me super motivated, and I'm ready to push to the finish line! =)

    23. Disastercake Creator on

      @ Daniel Sanchez - I just want you to know that you're not just "random backer" to me. My backers and fans are my best friends, and I take every single one's opinion with the highest regard. I really appreciate that you care about my health and I will take that advice into careful consideration. Thank you! =D

    24. Disastercake Creator on

      Regarding Switch: I'll be looking into it, but there are no solid plans at the moment. There will be updates elaborating on console plans after the Desktop version of Soul Saga is released.

    25. Juan Carlos Gonzalez on

      MIKEY!!!!!! MIKEY!!!!!!!!!!!! WE LOVE YOU!

    26. Missing avatar


      Sorry to hear about all your troubles, but good on you for soldiering on. With so many kickstarters running away with backer money with lame excuses for incomplete or vaporware product, you are persevering though tough times and updating with a release date. I applaud you for your dedication and believe you to be an exemplar of what kickstarter should be like.

    27. Daniel Sanchez on

      Hey man, I'm just one of your random backers, but I read your most recent update. Take care of yourself, I know that others may not agree. . but don't hurt yourself for the backers. If you need to delay it, delay it. You should be at your best, ya.

    28. Chris Z.

      I backed this on Wii U, but now I don’t own one and bought a Switch :D

    29. Justin Holmes on

      No interest in Switch at all here, not trying to start a console war but I want to be clear that just because someone backed this on Wii U doesn't mean they want it on Switch.

      On a happier note, hope you're all enjoying 2018, everybody.

    30. Disastercake Creator on

      I've been homeless for a while. Not stable yet, but I will make an update at the turn of the new year.

    31. Clovis L. Dye, Jr. on

      Will there be an update soon? The last one was in August.

    32. Philip on

      I would love a switch version! I current have a wii u version but I will wait to change it just in case a switch version becomes aviable later.

    33. Autumn Games (Mike)

      I would wait an extra 6 months for a Switch version.
      I would also be willing to work on it if necessary. :)

    34. Chris on

      Nevermind just saw I got a reply to my post from October. I forgot I even posted that haha.

    35. Chris on

      I'm also curious if we know when this will be released for ps4. Is the console ports being worked on at almost the same level as the PC version? I'm wondering if the ps4 version will be released much later than the PC.

    36. Seth Beauchamp on

      Do we have at least a release window yet?

    37. JusticeBolt on

      +1 for a potential Nintendo switch version. I don’t care if i have to wait more.

    38. Disastercake Creator on

      Thank you, Shazbot! It means the world to me to know you're happy with how Soul Saga's development is going. I can't wait to finally share my humble JRPG with you. =D

    39. Missing avatar

      Shazbot on

      One of the many projects that are taking way longer than expected. Yet, we're all still waiting for it, and all are still hopeful. That's because you are doing this the right way, Disastercake. You're keeping us in the loop and showing that the project is still alive. I'm going through my backlog of "overdue" projects, and this is one of the very few that I'm confident I will actually see. Kudos.

    40. Disastercake Creator on

      @Philip - Thank you for letting me know! I'll keep you updated if it's a possibility. =)

    41. Disastercake Creator on

      @Bruce - Consoles will come after the desktop version. I've got a date in mind for the Desktop version, and will let you know when it's 100% certain.

    42. Philip on

      I would also love a Switch version and would be willing to wait longer to get my Key.

    43. Chris on

      When is this coming out for ps4? Is there an estimate?

    44. Disastercake Creator on

      @Chris Z. - Thank you! I'll let you know if anything progresses on that front.

    45. Disastercake Creator on

      @ Alex Chinchilla - Please shoot me a private message and I'll switch you over. =)

    46. Chris Z.

      +1 to Switch version. I'd even wait longer to get my Key

    47. Missing avatar

      alex chinchilla on

      I backed for ps4/vita is it possible to just change that to pc version, cuz I'm going to assume the time of release for pc to console with will be like a huge time gap, hope to play the game tho like maybe next year or two?

    48. Disastercake Creator on

      Hey Mako~ There's no Switch version planned at the moment, but if that changes I'll let you know. You can change your key to anything else though if you like. Just send me a private message at this link:…

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