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Dirtfoot recorded a short film, live prison performance & a behind the scenes Doc! Join them in releasing a CD/DVD of the experience


We hit our initial goal of $10,000! YOU GUYS ROCK!!!

So we have decided to up the ante... 

If we hit $15K, Dirtfoot will print "Live in and Prison" on Vinyl! 

That's right, you can help us make this a truly epic release with a CD, DVD and Vinyl available. 

We will add a signed copy of the Vinyl to all pledges of $75 or more! This applies to anyone that has already made their pledges. Want to raise your amount, no problem, just login and up your pledge.

Thanks again for everyone's support.


*** Original Post Below ***

We want to begin by thanking every one of you for checking out our project and your continued support!

It all started with the intention of making a music video for “Cast My Plans”. We were approached by film director Jonathan Rothell and he had this brilliant idea."Your music reminds me of outlaws. Let's show you guys doing your deeds, and then show you getting thrown in jail. That's how the band meets and lets show you playing in front of the prisoners". We hashed out the basic story line, robbing banks, arson, computer hacking, hitman and the ideas began to roll.

So then we said, "If we're going to be filmed in front of inmates, we might as well play a real show". So we contacted the warden at a local prison and he loved the idea. He knew the prisoners would enjoy a show from Dirtfoot and that they would like to be part of a feature music video.

So then, we figured, if we’re going to do a live show, we might as well record it, so the idea of "Dirtfoot Live and in Prison" was born!

We knew this would be an epic performance for Dirtfoot and wanted to share every aspect with our fans. So we decided to make a Behind the scenes feature documentary. Now the project had morphed into a full fledged DVD, short film music video, and Feature Documentary including our live performance. This thing is getting big.

So we wanted to ramp it up even more. We called our old friend William Sadler (Shawshank Redemption, Green Mile, Kinsey) to play the warden. Sadler’s response: “Get me there and I’m in!”

Word spread of what we were doing and many of the local film guys stepped up to be a part of this adventure. We had real camera men, lighting, sound, and even a stunt coordinator. Every one volunteered their time to make Live and In Prison come to fruition.

We all spent a weekend "on location" at the prison, bank, clubs, local eateries, and cruising the highways being chased by cops. We set up tons of gear and had a 25 person entourage at the Prison. This had become much bigger than any of us originally planned.

So when the weekend was over, the audio recording is complete. The live album will feature Dirtfoot favorites along with 2 previously unreleased song. The video recording is complete. The music video/short film is getting the final touches and the documentary is being edited.

Unfortunately, They are not paid for…

We do not have a record label backing us, or a rich uncle paying the bills. We are a DIY band and have been making all this happen ourselves. Everything has been paid for with monies earned from playing shows and selling merch and the coffers are getting bare.

So, this is where Dirtfoot needs your help!

Our goal is to raise $10,000 to cover the expenses of filming and recording the project, mixing the tracks, post production, and CD and DVD pressing.  $10,000 is the bare minimum we need to release the album and DVD. If we go above our goal it will go towards proper marketing of our live album and DVD as well as touring a wider range--meaning Dirtfoot might just come to your town!

Here is how it works! We are asking you for pledges to help meet our goal. You don’t actually pay anything unless we reach our goal in pledges by May 4. It’s all or nothing for us! If we fall even $1 short of our goal, we won’t receive any of the money pledged! Once you pledge only $5, you start getting items from Dirtfoot in exchange! Many of the items listed are exclusive to this project and cannot be obtained any other way! So check out everything we have to offer and grab yourself a few souvenirs while helping out your favorite gypsy punk country grumble boogie band around.

Not interested in getting a bunch of stuff but still want to donate, no problem. You can make a pledge of support and select "no gift". Even if you donate just a dollar, we'll love you just the same.

Thank you again to everyone who has already helped with this project! Dirtfoot would not be what it is without our immense fan support. We appreciate each and every one of you!!!


**Shows included in the pledges include all shows at venues or clubs where Dirtfoot is the headline or support act. "Shows" do not include Festivals or large multi stage multi band events.

All international pledges will be honored with the exception of the highest 2 tiers. We apologize but 6 guys on a plane is a lot of scratch... :-)

===Special Thanks to Joey Barto of Fairfield Studios for the great kickstarter video. All footage used in this video was taken from the soon to be released Documentary - Dirtfoot - The Making of Live and in Prison===.


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    STICKER--- New Art Sticker- stick it on your guitar case, car, or fridge- heck stick it wherever u want! we are just happy you support us!

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    DIGITAL DOWNLOAD--- Digital Download of new album—boogie to some gypsy punk grumble all day, all night with our new live album download! (Exclusive artwork included!) And, of course, the sticker.

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    SIGNED CD--- Our new CD of the live prison performance—signed by the outlaw Dirtfoot members! +A Dirtfoot Prison T-shirt—it goes along with our live prison performance and it’ll make you look tough. +Sticker

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    SIGNED DVD--- Signed DVD of Dirtfoot’s live prison performance—it’s almost like getting to experience jail time, except better! + A Dirtfoot Prison T-shirt—it goes along with our live prison performance and it’ll make you look tough. +Signed CD and Sticker

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    GUEST LIST WITH 3 OF YOUR FRIENDS!** Get the full experience of the show by having sound check and drinks with the band then rolling into the show on the guest list! Bring up to 3 friends to share the Dirtfoot evening with you! +Signed CD and Sticker +DVD + Prison T Shirt

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    LIMITED EDITION SIGNED GOLDEN BEANCAN (While Limited Supplies Last!)---- We know you have a nice collection of dented up bean cans from our shows, but how about owning a limited edition signed golden bean can shaker!? +4 tickets to a show of choice** +Signed CD and Sticker and T shirt +DVD

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    FRAMED AND SIGNED DIRTFOOT TOUR POSTER---- A nice addition to your living room, band room, or bathroom if that is what you fancy! Dirtfoot will sign a poster and have it nicely matted and framed for you to display! +Two tickets to show of your choice** +Signed CD and Sticker and Prison T-Shirt +DVD

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    LIMITED EDITION SIGNED GOLDEN BEANCAN with LIMITED EDITION JOLLY ROGERS DIRTFOOT FLAG (While Limited Supplies Last) AND SPECIAL THANKS TO YOU IN THE LINER NOTES!----- Fly your Dirtfoot love high into the air with a limited edition Jolly Rogers Dirtfoot Flag! Very few of these will be made so this will truly be a one-of-a-kind Dirtfoot item! Limited edition signed bean can goes along with this—you will have BOTH limited edition items! We will also list your name in our “Special thanks” part of the liner notes on the CD and DVD! +Signed CD and Sticker +DVD +4 tickets to show of choice** +Prison T-Shirt

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    BEHIND THE SCENES WITH DIRTFOOT --Real behind the scenes packet: Dirtfoot will buy a digital camera and take 50 pictures documenting a tour from behind the scenes! From rocking out on the stage to eating a hot dog on the bus—it will be a surprise! The pictures are taken for you, and the band will not take any copies of the pictures unless you would like them too! Oh and by the way- YOU KEEP THE DIGITAL CAMERA!! + Your name in our “Special thanks” part of the liner notes on the CD and DVD! + Framed and signed poster +Two tickets to show of your choice** +Signed CD and Sticker + Prison T Shirt +DVD

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    DINNER WITH THE BAND----- Who’s down for some pizza!? Dinner with the band! Dirtfoot can be a bit messy so don’t mind the table manners that may occur…. + Your name in our “Special thanks” part of the liner notes on the CD and DVD! + Framed and signed poster +Saturate the guest list to a show of your choice with you and 10 of your friends** +Signed CD and Sticker and Prison T-Shirt +DVD

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    OFFICIAL GROUPIE AND GUMBO DINNER- --You are an official Dirtfoot groupie with a year-long place on the guest list and can always bring a friend! Go ahead- try and make every show!**- --Scott will cook you a pot of his famous Gumbo for dinner! You ever had Scott’s gumbo before? You are in for a treat! + Your name in our “Special thanks” part of the liner notes on the CD and DVD! +CD, DVD, Signed Framed Poster, and Prison Shirt

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    PRIVATE GRUMBLE BOOGIE SHOW!--- Dirtfoot couldn’t thank you enough. Wow. We will Country Grumble Boogie in your living room if you can fit us! That’s right--A private show for you and your friends! Dirtfoot will also take you out for dinner! + Your name in our “Special thanks” part of the liner notes on the CD and DVD! +A guest pass (with +1) for a year to any show**! +Signed Framed Poster, CD, DVD, Prison T-Shirt, and a sticker!

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    YOU ROCK!. Seriously. Beyond words of appreciation. You will be an Executive Producer of the album. We will come play a private show for you, take you out for dinner, let you come to every single show** on the guest list, sign a DVD for you, sign a poster and frame it for you, give you DVD and CD, and the Prison T-Shirt! Oh yes. You would also, of course, get a sticker.

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