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"The Gamecock Mixtape" will be a free, downloadable mixtape that covers all aspects of being a gamecock fan.

On the surface "The Gamecock Mixtape" is an energetic collection of 6-8 brand new rap songs, that are going to be made by and for gamecocks. At it's core, this mixtape is an attempt to unify gamecock fans nationwide through the medium of music. "The Gamecock Mixtape" poises itself to be the definitive music compilation for USC fans. Whether you're tailgating at the WB, or watching the game at a friend's party, there will be one album you chose to set the tone. 

We are scouting the best talent in all the state to ensure the music made will be heard for years to come. All songs will be recorded at The Jam Room recording studio in Columbia, SC. The Jam Room is regarded by many as one of the premiere studios in the southeast ( The best musical and creative minds will be pooled together in one room in order to engineer the a radio ready product. The beats will cross several genres and sample many classic gamecock tunes (Fabio Frey is the primary beat maker with over 10 years musical production experience).

Artists will be given themes and asked to conduct lyrics specific to that particular theme. Revisions will be made in order to hone in the true potential of each song. The talent will be picked based on their ability to fit in with a certain beat, not their overall ability. 

We are building a collabrative but competitive environment to bring out the best in each person. Creative minds will be tested. Problems will arise. But ultimately a piece of art will surface that gamecock fans will hold near to their hearts.

If you are a gamecock fan and enjoyed "Rock Out With Your Gamecock Out" please consider donating. Everybody that donates will get an exclusive song that won't be made available to the public. 

Thanks for your time and GO COCKS!


  • Yes. Every song on this album would be created from scratch. This is not a compilation of existing songs.

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  • Yes, all incentives/rewards add up. That means that if you make a pledge you will receive all rewards/incentives of that pledge amount, plus all rewards/incentives of smaller pledges.

    For example, if you were to pledge the highest amount ($1,000) you would have your name in one of the songs, would be invited to a recording session during the production of the album, would be listed as an official producer in the liner notes, would be invited to the listening party, would receive the entire mixtape before it is publicly released, and would get a facebook shoutout as well as a thank you.

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  • Pledge $1 or more
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    You will get a shout out on the Dinobrite Productions facebook page and will get one track that is not made available to the public.

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    You receive the first single off the mixtape as soon as it's completed

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    You receive the mixtape before it's available to the public.

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  • Pledge $30 or more
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    You will be invited to the official listening party at a TBD location. A listening party is where everyone that worked on the project gets in a room and listens to it collectively. It will be the first sneak peek of the work as a whole.

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  • Pledge $100 or more
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    You will be listed as one of the producers on the album. You're name will officially be placed in the liner notes.

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    You are invited to one of the recording sessions at the Jam Room Recording Studio. You'll get to meet the production crew and artists, while seeing the creative magic unfold first hand.

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    You'll receive a shout out on one the tracks. One of the rappers will proclaim you as "the biggest gamecock fan of all time."

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