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Tattoos tattoos tattoos. In the 21st century tattoos are as common as pierced ears. From the spectacular to the WTF were they thinking?

“D'inked” is a documentary about people who have tattoos, people who give tattoos and the people and technology that make tattoos disappear.

It’s about the Rewards and Consequences of the Choices people make.

Tillman In Three Stages Of "Tattoo Regret"
Tillman In Three Stages Of "Tattoo Regret"

Our goal for this film is to provide an entertaining and informative resource to everyone who is interested in the culture of tattoos and the possibilities of tattoo removal.

We need your help to raise AT LEAST $12,000 but that is just the MINIMUM. The MORE we raise the BIGGER and more COMPREHENSIVE a film we can make and the greater impact it will have on everyone we hope to help and inspire.

To achieve a feature-length documentary and to guarantee the greatest possible exposure, we need to film MORE interviews (in addition to those featured in our short film) of people across the U.S.A. on the front lines of tattoo expression and tattoo removal.

  • The peculiar characters responsible for it all - The Tattoo Artists - on the experience of having THEIR tattoos removed, the culture of tattoos and their views on tattoo removal in the 21st century.
  • The stone faced magicians - The Laser Removal Specialists - on the forefront of laser tattoo removal technology, explaining how they are able to make the PERMANENT disappear.


  • The indomitable pain enthusiasts - The Poor Souls - with the "bad" tattoos who have chosen to go under the laser and want to describe the experience in all it's gruesome detail.

We are already in contact with multiple tattoo artists, laser removal specialists and tattoo removal patients ACROSS the country who are VERY excited about our project and want to share their weird, wild and unique stories about tattoos, tattoo removal and "tattoo regret" with the whole WORLD!

So... Check out:

  • The DYNAMITE short film at the top
  • The RIDICULOUS cartoon below about the oldest known evidence of humans and tattoos - and...
  •  The OUTRAGEOUS rewards for those who donate on the right!

This is a great opportunity be a part of something REALLY special!

Oh Boy!


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