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Confessions of a high-priced Call Girl is a real, intimate look into the professional and private life of Dimitra Ekmektsis

What am I doing here?

I have been publishing my autobiographical books in paper format since 2005. This project is designed to bring at least one of those books back into print! Confessions of a high-priced Call Girl was the first compilation. Look, here is the cover:

Publishing experience:

This project is a journey that I began seven years ago, when I wrote a memoir that explored my life as a call girl, and published a paperback book, Confessions of a high-priced Call Girl. My journey has since led me to un-publish my book, because it had not been edited the way I had envisioned. In the end, I employed a different editor, and this new, improved Second Edition is now published in ebook format, by Andrews UK, Ltd. (Andrews UK does not publish print books at this time, only ebooks.)

This is where you come in

The funds will be used to reprint a limited edition book of the new Confessions of a high-priced Call Girl. I was able to publish the old edition entirely on my own, but I did so at the expense of my savings. Fortunately, my savings bought a lot of experience and with your help and contributions I can make this new book even better than the first. 

The goal, listed above, represents the amount I need to raise to print the minimum number of copies of Confessions of a high-priced Call Girl, and to place it back in stock on my website and in local book shops around the world (plus enough extra to cover domestic shipping for the pledge rewards and such). If I reach my goal, I will call the printer at the end of this pledge drive and begin printing immediately. If I don't reach my goal within 30 days, no one gets charged anything; you only pay if the project is successful. (If the drive is not successful, the book will also stay out of print for the foreseeable future.)

What's in it for me?

I am glad you asked. Take a look to the right and see the different rewards available for different pledge amounts. You'll notice that most of them include a digital PDF of Confessions of a high-priced Call Girl. Everyone who pledges $10 or more will also get a CHIC, custom-made BOOKMARK featuring the book cover. This bookmark is exclusive to the Kickstarter pledge drive, so this is your only chance to get it. Finally, I have a handful of PREMIUM REWARDS available for backers who really want to show their support, including your name in the book, and dinner with author Dimitra Ekmektsis (that's me). It doesn't get more exclusive than that.

What if you beat your goal?

If that happens, more copies can be printed, ensuring that the book stays available for new readers in the coming years. If I get enough money, though, I can also reprint my more "erotic" version of the book, Secret Confessions of a high-priced Call Girl, which I wrote at the urging of some readers who wanted to read the more sexually explicit details of the story. This book has been out-of-print for almost as long.

What if I have never heard of Confessions of a high-priced Call Girl?

Well, then you are missing out on one of the finest books authored by a former call girl. Confessions of a high-priced Call Girl received a lot of support, both in the U.S. and internationally. For example:

-2007 Served as a textbook in a psychology class at Barstow College, CA, and I got to be a guest lecturer for one semester

-2007 PMP Books, a publisher in Turkey, translated and published the book in Turkish. Turkish book:

-2010 I wrote a cover story based on the book for Cosmopolitan magazine, Turkey

-2011 Signed up with Andrews UK to publish the new, second edition in e-book format

The sex industry is more visible and accessible than ever! Anyone with a computer or a smart phone can find sex workers, read reviews about them or meet them. Some sex workers themselves have even gone mainstream, in film, television, and video games. If sex work was once a dirty and rarely acknowledged secret, it certainly isn't now. The more I realized how common this was the more I wanted to tell my story. Confessions of a high-priced Call Girl is not about slavery, trafficking, and the criminal gangs involved. It is my real, intimate, first-hand account of voluntarily choosing the profession, in a society that says it is morally wrong to make that choice. It tells the tale of a normal girl by day, and a call girl by night - but it is by no means a sexually explicit book. I loved the excitement, money, and independence my double life offered, but, of course, it also caused many complications in my personal life. This book neither condemns nor condones sex work, but rather it lets you decide for yourself. 

What if I don't know how Kickstarter works?

If you are not familiar with Kickstarter, for the next 30 days, you will be able to to make pledges to help support this project. For your pledge, you can select one of the reward packages, listed on the right. You can always pledge more than the minimum to get a reward, and for some packages, you will need to do so if it must be shipped internationally. (U.S. shipping is included with your pledge, but please add at least $5 to your pledge if you live outside the United States!)

Your credit card or account will not be charged at the time you make the pledge, and you can change your mind up to the final deadline.

If the deadline comes and I have reached my goal, then everyone gets charged the amount they pledged, and I get to work on printing books, bookmarks, etc. But if for some reason I don't reach my goal, then the whole thing is called off. No one gets charged anything. There is no risk of putting up money and then the project never getting off the ground. But, if I fail to meet my goal, then no one gets any rewards, either.

Please join me to make this book a reality, and please help spread the word! Writing has been much more than a job for me. It has been a life-changing experience, and Confessions of a high-priced Call Girl will be much more than a book. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support. Get in touch if you have questions about this project. I am available via e-mail at

Thank you very much,

Dimitra Ekmektsis


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