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$42,916 pledged of $200,000 goal
$42,916 pledged of $200,000 goal

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    1. Veav on May 27, 2012

      Yeah, every little bit helps. If nothing else I think the traffic helps push us up on Kickstarter's SEO. :)
      Should you pledge $25? Well I think so. But right now you should pledge $1 I think, keep an eye on the updates; we've got the next two months to sell you on it. At the end of the day either it'll be worth it for you or not. :D

    2. JJL on May 27, 2012

      Well, I did research on what they do on Tumblr... Turns out that most of them do porn.

      The ones who DON'T do porn post memes. And gifs. And pics they find funny. And posts they find funny.

      Or do "Ask me questions" type thing, sometimes in character from some show.

      So yeaaaaaaaah, I think I have to do my own thing here without taking it in account what other people do :P

      But yeah, I'm kind of considering whether I should pledge 25 or not. I mean, I love aliens, which is why I actually got interested in Skyjacker in first place, and that one gives you art book with alien design. But 25 is lots of money when trying to save it...

      Ugh, decisions are hard to make.

      Anyway, I did get some replies on Xenonauts and Dwarf Fortress forums, but not much. Oh well, even if in most of threads I haven't gotten replies, they probably still checked the link so at least more people know about it.

    3. Veav on May 27, 2012

      I have no idea what people do with Tumblr really. All I've ever seen on them are pictures of cats or cars and so on.

    4. JJL on May 27, 2012

      Hmm, well, I'll consider it.

      Tumblr idea isn't going well at the moment btw, mainly because I have no idea what would be good name or format to promote games with it. I suppose it would have been better to just create regular blog, but oh well, too late~(Well, technically I could still create another blog, but its not like Tumblr really is that different from normal blog besides their userbase favoring short gif posting stuff)

    5. Veav on May 26, 2012

      Even if there's no $1 reward tier, you can pledge $1, select "no rewards", and you'll be in for comments, updates, etc.

    6. Veav on May 26, 2012

      Noticed! Dude, why don't you come over the new page? We'd love to have you.

    7. JJL on May 26, 2012

      And yeah, I was so shocked by their positive reaction that I actually wondered if they were sarcastic at first xD

    8. JJL on May 26, 2012


      Who would have guessed that gog out of all places would be interested in this .-. I guess space combat sims ARE pretty old genre that doesn't get so much attention these days, but still. In other forums, there either weren't replies or people were like "Meh"

      Dunno if anybody notices if I post here xD Oh well

    9. Veav on May 26, 2012

      Aaand that's a wrap. We'll be keeping an eye on things here - comments and updates can still be posted, indefinitely as far as I know - but the project is alive and well at . Hope to see you all there soon!

    10. Veav on May 25, 2012

      For anyone who wonders why this page is still up - right now Eugene is working hard on getting the new page up to scratch. There are a few things you can't do to a project until it launches, so there wasn't any opportunity to make sure the formatting was right, etc. This page will be going dark tonight once everything is in place.

    11. Veav on May 25, 2012

      @Gregory Thank you sir, and thank you everyone who has made the jump already - hardly before I could blink! We will rise like the phoenix, on the flames of uhh yeah, it's going to be fucking sweet. }:D

    12. Greg "Scorpio" Myers
      on May 25, 2012

      Indeed it is, I have made the move. Cheers to a fresh start guys!

    13. Veav on May 25, 2012

      I hope you were holding onto them because is now live!

    14. Veav on May 25, 2012

      Are you holding onto them?

    15. Veav on May 25, 2012

      Hold onto your hats...

    16. Veav on May 25, 2012

      ...btw, I was never a scout

    17. Veav on May 25, 2012

      Sorry for the last delay - Eugene's fiddling with a few last knobs before throwing the switch. It's tonight, soon, scout's honor!

    18. Greg "Scorpio" Myers
      on May 25, 2012

      Damn it, where were you this morning before I went to bed Veav! I just woke up and now my fingers and toes look like arthritic corn chips! Oh well, the things you do for the things that you love. Also, it's good to hear that the project was approved Eugene. I figured things might be slow with the holiday weekend upon us.

    19. DIGITILUS 4-time creator on May 25, 2012

      @ This project was approved an around 6 hours

    20. Veav on May 25, 2012

      Hmm. "Once your project is submitted to us for a guidelines review, it will take us a day or two to get back to you (longer over the weekends). Submitting a project the day you hope to launch is not a good idea." We might be in this over the weekend, especially with Memorial Day on Monday. Might want to uncross your fingers and toes for a bit, shake 'em out, don't let 'em cramp up. }:D

    21. Greg "Scorpio" Myers
      on May 25, 2012

      Well, I need to get some sleep, it was a long night. Hopefully when I wake up the new project will be rolling. Save me a spot! :)

    22. Veav on May 25, 2012

      I've just got Digitilus's name open and am refreshing his started projects page constantly. I haven't seen this thing either so I'm as excited as everyone else!

    23. DIGITILUS 4-time creator on May 25, 2012

      Thank you Gregory :) We too hope to re-launch asap

    24. Greg "Scorpio" Myers
      on May 25, 2012

      Fingers and toes are crossed for you guys! I hope to see the new project up sometime today...good luck.

    25. DIGITILUS 4-time creator on May 24, 2012

      NEW PROJECT had been submitted to Kickstarter for approval. Keep fingers crossed!

    26. Veav on May 24, 2012

      Yeah, the Steam overlay acts as a wrapper on whatever you're doing. Best DRM ever, I ain't even mad.

    27. JJL on May 24, 2012

      Huh, good idea, never thought about that...

    28. Veav on May 24, 2012

      FRAPS is the go-to for taking in-game vids, even if it does nerf itself in the hopes of getting you to buy.
      Printscreen key can be weird and has to do with how the graphics are being written to the screen; sometimes yes, sometimes no. You'll notice it almost never works with watching movies in WMP for instance. Best solution - if you run something through Steam (add a non-Steam game to your games list) you can use Steam's F12-for-screenshot on ANY game, and upload it to your account for instant hosting.

    29. JJL on May 24, 2012

      In tumblr I mean.

    30. JJL on May 24, 2012

      I suppose I could try to promote games through posting text and posting reactionary gif or try to somehow make it funny.

    31. JJL on May 24, 2012

      Heh, don't get excited yet. From what I've noticed, Kickstarter project threads for less famous games tend to not get much of reaction from forums. It seems to be mostly because of the fact that people are getting bored of Kickstarter projects because they feel like its some kind of fad or bandwagon. Still, it depends entirely on forum from what I've noticed. In some ones threads actually get few posts!

      Also like I said, Tumblr would be pretty good if I had good idea. My basic idea at the moment is doing some sort of let's play with obscure games or kickstarter projects if demo exists and posting news. But I'm not good writer, so I'm not exactly sure what I'm supposed to do if project happens to lack demo or doesn't update much. Heck, I'm not sure how to tell information without it being copied from project page. I also don't know how to do screen capture or even how to take in game pictures since print screen button seems to only give me picture of black screen.

    32. Veav on May 24, 2012

      Also, if it comes down to it, pledge Xenonauts first; they're ending sooner. There's room enough for both of us in this crazy universe. The $1 you have on here makes sure you get our spam, I mean our timely and informative updates.

    33. Veav on May 24, 2012

      Surely! Prod me if I forget in time, because I don't remember what I had for breakfast this morning. YES PROD ME REALLY I MEAN IT. And thanks for helping out, because what you're describing is EXACTLY what we need. :)

    34. JJL on May 24, 2012

      Well, I was planning to pledge to Xenonauts when I get money back I borrowed to my friend... Whenever that is, its hard to meet up with her.

      I'm pretty sure Amazon has proper conversion rate, but I might be wrong

      Well, do you still insist on doing that? I'm not going to keep tabs on whether you remember to do that, but I do appreciate your offer.

      My plan is currently to create thread for Skyjacker in all forums I have account on when it relaunches(TV Tropes, Gog, Dwarf Fortress' official site's forum, Xenonauts' forums, maybe even on Double Fine's forums and That Guy with the Glasses' forums) and if I get good idea for Tumblr, I'll create Tumblr for promoting stuff.(need to figure out good format for promoting games through Tumblr.. I'm not actually sure what are considered to be good Tumblr pages so that might take a while), I hadn't yet done that because I avoid creating multiple promoting threads at same forum at same time because that might make some people annoyed at me and possibly hurt the projects.

    35. Veav on May 24, 2012

      Pay it forward, man, get it when you can and give it to someone else in need. Doesn't even have to be Skyjacker. Does Amazon give you the proper conversion rate? I know some storefronts like to pretend it's 1:1 and you get boned as a result.

    36. JJL on May 24, 2012

      Yeah, but it would feel bad to get free game from Kickstarter project I hadn't pledged on considering that I could pledge to it when I get my monthly allowance =/ I had planned to save money, but 15 dollars isn't that much especially with conversation rate to euros...

    37. DIGITILUS 4-time creator on May 24, 2012

      @ Veav and JJL - Watching your "duel" while working here on new project - you both are nice guys :D
      "I will give my copy of the game for free, just promise me you will tell your friends about us"
      "No, I won't take the game for free, but I will tell about the game for free"
      "But I insist on my proposal!"
      "Me to insist!"
      "Man, I'm serious! Take this game immediately! RIGHT NOW!"
      "Go to the HELL! I need to speak with my friends about this f***ng game first!"
      "NO?!!! I will put this game into your mouth"
      "JUST TRY! I will bring here a bunch of my friends, and they will heap up so much money, so you will sink in their pledges"
      ... [noise and screams]

    38. JJL on May 24, 2012

      @Veah: Ah, thank you. Anyway, I'd feel troubled to ask you that since it feels kind of... Well, it would feel insincere if I would promote the game and then say "Hey, you promised me something if I do that!"

    39. Veav on May 24, 2012

      Note to self, run game giveaways/contests during 60 days. Best Skyjacker fanart gets a cuddly stuffed animal. (Note to others: we don't have cuddly stuffed animals. Yet. Actually I'm not sure there are critters suitable for stuffing and cuddling in the Skyjacker setting. Plush spaceship?)

    40. Veav on May 24, 2012

      haha, no. I'd creep on your twitter. }:D It's not RELIABLY possible, I would be taking your word for it. I'm a nice guy.

    41. JJL on May 24, 2012

      @Veah: Well, I'm still skeptical about that, but if you say so. Still dunno how that is possible since I doubt backers say "Hi, I got to this page from [site x] thanks to thread created by [guy y]"

      Anyway, I might not pledge 1 on relaunch considering I spent it just because I was worried about 60 days thing. But however, if I do manage to get enough money during 60 days,(I doubt I can, but who knows, it is long time after all and three weeks isn't even 30 days) I will pledge enough to get the game at least.

    42. Veav on May 24, 2012

      @JJL True dat, but I can see the efforts. No worries - I won't be asking you to spend your summer vacation on us. But don't write it off! We've discussed the idea of giving all backers (even at $1!) a $5 coupon off a future purchase in the digital store. We can't actually offer it as a part of the kickstarter, by their rules we can't offer discounts as rewards, but once the kickstarter is done it's a whole new game.

    43. JJL on May 24, 2012

      @Veav: No need to promise anything considering its impossible to prove whether someone checked this Kickstarter and backed it because of my efforts. Even then, I can probably only get rather small amount of people interested, people so far haven't been excited about my attempts to promote Kickstarter projects for some reason.

    44. Veav on May 24, 2012

      Although for the record you can pledge twice, sort of; open a new kickstarter account. You can use your same payment method and everything. It's hardly ideal though.

    45. Veav on May 24, 2012

      @Digit You got it. Stocking stuffers. Also: many games enforce a 4-player group (Left 4 Dead, Payday, etc.) because it's the sweet spot between cooperation and anarchy. So there are a lot of gamer groups that fall into that zone as well, and will want to pledge up both to hook up their friends and snag a shirt at the same time. Because why wouldn't you? Shiiiiirts. Torsopants. }:D

    46. DIGITILUS 4-time creator on May 24, 2012

      @ Mark Zak - here is a future rewards chart:…

      There are several x4 tiers. Honestly, I didn't know, why Veav use those x4 set in rewards, now I see :))

    47. Missing avatar

      Mark Zak on May 24, 2012

      Could you add a 4-pack game bundle? I've got some friends that would LOVE this game. I tried pledging $30 twice, but kickstarter won't let me. I also can't choose multiple rewards...

    48. Veav on May 24, 2012

      You can get your hands on the full game for $15 when the relaunch goes live, but - man, if you can get the vote out I'LL get you a copy. We don't forget our friends.

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