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$128,238 pledged of $200,000 goal
$128,238 pledged of $200,000 goal



Hello backers,

Thank you to many of you, we've made some progress on our SKYJACKER campaign, since our last update: One thing we are trying to achieve is to make sure that all of you are aware and updated on our progress. We do hope that those of you who liked SKYJACKER once, but for some reason have not joined our current Kickstarter campaign, will make it over there soon!

First and foremost, we wanted to start with the prelude to the long anticipated Free Flight that our team has been working on tirelessly night and day. We are very close, so hope you will enjoy it:

We were happy to received an invitation to an interview with Brian Rubin, the chief space officer of several days ago. Brian and Jim (Brian’s co-host) asked our own Alexander Landa many interesting questions that ranged from the assassination missions in SKYJACKER to alien races and other games in bustling space game industry. Hope you will enjoy the podcast here

One of our awesome backers, Antonio had an interesting idea which we think would be great to bring to life. It should help us get many eyes from those who love space games and want to become space pirates, but have not heard about SKYJACKER yet. The idea is called:


Antonio’s idea is to build a community website which will translate SKYJACKER’s page on Kickstarter in as many languages as our backer’s community knows. We think it’s a brilliant idea that will allow us showing the our strong international community of space pirates on KS!

Here’s the process:

Step 1 - Get the translations done. BTW our definition of languages in an example: German, French, Russian, Chinese as well as all flavors of English - Australian, British, US, Scottish, Irish, South African… so please show up with all your language knowledge!

Step 2 - Publish the translations on the community site. Once all the translations made by backers, they will be published on the community site.

Step 3 - WE will get one of our creative designers to put the beautiful colors of SKYJACKER universe and show our truly united pirate international community.

We hope you will decide to become a proud space pirate broadcaster member, with the following duties:

  • Translate SKYJACKER KS page into a language you know 
  • Post the translation into shared google doc 
  • Write small section “I’m a backer of SKYJACKER” where in a language of your choice you will explain why. This is the part where you could say how awesome we are :) 
  • Assist (occasionally) with answering questions from other International backers. 

Each international space pirate broadcaster member will get special reward from team SKYJACKER at the end of our Kickstarter campaign.

So what do I do to sign up? ARGHHH>>>? Simply reply in the comments of this update with a language of your choice (or few if you are multilingual). We will send you personal invitation to join this shared project.


PC Gamer - 14 Space Games You Should Be Excited About (scroll to #4)

PC Gamer







Analog Addiction















Have we missed anything else? Please let us know.

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    1. ATH

      I can do American English, plus I'm somewhat familiar with British and Australian English.

    2. DIGITILUS 4-time creator on

      @ Wahngrok (from Eugene) - and yes, it's also actual for INTERNATIONAL SPACE PIRATE BROADCASTER. We will contact you later today.
      Thank you

    3. DIGITILUS 4-time creator on

      Hi Wahngrok. Germany localization - that would very helpful! Currently we localize Starship Constructor, but as well as this will be a part of the whole game, such localization will be adda to the main game title as well. Here is an online document:…
      Could you please send me your e-mail to let me open an access for you to this document?
      And of course, thank you in advance for your help :)

    4. Wahngrok on

      Like Daniel I purchased at the Digi Store soon after the second Kickstarter fell through (although with a different e-mail adress). If you need help with translations to german I would be willing to help.

    5. DIGITILUS 4-time creator on

      Thank you Daniel. We appreciate your early support of us. We pretty sure everything will be Ok, and we'll finally release this game. Furthermore, I hope, that our next update will convince you to add a bit more to your current tier, cause backers of Starship Constructor and all those, who have status of SETTLER and higher, will get a first touch to the new SKYJACKER very soon, cause we do a lot of work on the game behind the scene. Just follow our updates.

    6. Daniel Bryntse on

      Well... Since I've already supported the completion of this game through a purchase on Digi Store I certainly don't see the need for me personally to jump on the new Kickstarter... but since I've already put my eggs in the basket I sure hope you'll succeed this time.