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Update #18


Hello everybody!

Our volunteer-chief-editor Veav is sleeping now, so please forgive my non-perfect English.


2890 backers - it's such impressive number! To be honest I NEVER had so many friends in my life before :D So before to start my explanations I would like to express my gratitude for your support and your faith in our talent to make this new and incredible game.

As was said before, we never give up. There is a good proverb: "what does not kill me, makes me stronger" and this reflects my life position - do all your best and keep perfection in your mind and your actions, and you will reach your goal despite all circumstances.

We all here did all our best trying to win our kickstarter and make this project real. Unfortunately something still is out of our control and we didn't reach the goal: to assemble $200 000. But we didn't fail too. We captured a great prize - strong community, who is willing to play this game. Folks, just imagine - we are ARMY! One strong power, which has intention to move on, to continue this action non-stop till the very end. And having such army, we really can move on and  crash all those bumps and rock on the way.

Ok, Kickstarter ends, plan A has been reduced, was what's next step? Sure, it's a plan B


For those, who passed our previous updates, here what was said:

Skyjacker existed before Kickstarter, and Skyjacker will continue to exist - we’re going to be finding alternative ways to fund the development cycle so we can bring you our dream. SKYJACKER WILL RISE.

We WON'T be relaunching a new 200k campaign. While we do have more brand awareness now, we’ll also be “losing” pledges to the store, making it less likely we’d hit that finish line. Our tentative plan consists of two strategies we'll realize simultaneously: 

FIRST - we are ready to accept your pledges anyway, but on our own site now - visit us at You will see there completely eqaual structure of rewards to what you saw here on Kickstarter. The only changes: we get payments through PayPal/Credit Cards (currently). And we will add more payment options later there.

So go there, choose the tier you'd like to pledge, choose the bolt-on you'd like to get in addition, and pledge extra as a donation (*optional). Don't forget to write your instructions, comments or desires in special form while check out. Your pledges will be used to continue work on this game right now, without a necessity to wait till the end of campaign. No waiting anymore! We sat here during 84 days and waiting for result, and now we must move!

*** ADD-ON: SHIPMENT PRICES  - backers from Asia, Australia and other distant lands (distant from California), if you pledge on tiers with physical rewards, you may see your shipment consists $25 instead of $15. Please forgive us for this price now. It's built on the USPS prices and currently we are forced to use it. But we have a plan to research local services and prices there in your region and maybe to order physical rewards printing there in your area. Same to Europe. This probably will let us save YOUR money. But we need a time to do this. Plus we will need to elect a regional manager from our backers to help us to manage logistics. So please currently keep things like they are: either accept current price (if you are Ok with $5-10 extra) or don't select physical rewards tiers for a while. ut remember - this is just a plan, and there are many other things we must to do in a higher priority! So please make your choice in respect of this information.

SECOND - no doubts, we believe that most of you will do your pledge there in our site. But sure somebody will not be able to do this, or somebody prefers to pledge only here in Kickstarter. We have a second part of our Plan B exactly for this case. The plan is to break out the whole development cycle into smaller stages and to launch series of new kickstarters with reachable goals (around 15K - 20K) 

An example: our first project could be to bring all our ships into an environment similar to the STARSHIP DISASSEMBLY app (for new backers - check our Update #5, if you didn't get a try), accompanied by setting details and developer commentary. We’d be giving our backers something for their money (who there prayed for Skyjacker in OUYA? Your dreams are not such unreal now :)) ), we’d be making progress (all the ships have to be moved into Unity anyway), we’d be able to sell the end product, and we’d be able to set a much lower goal since we’re not trying to headbutt the whole wall down. Such application can be well customized at levels of complexity and would let us stretch goals right during such small kickstarter: A) 3D meshes  - all ships are converted into interactive environment and can be disassembled B) Interactivity -  possibility to test their devices and weaponry C) Add physics - possibility to shoot them blowing and crashing. Targeted platforms: PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android

Next kickstarter - hangar with player starship customization, and alien pilots walking around and assisting us there; Next kickstarter - multiplayer; next kickstarter - soundtrack/book translation/MOD tools creation etc. - until we'll be ready to launch our big final kickstarter with 100K goal to combine all those parts together in one common game SKYJACKER. 

With this approach we’d reach that same 200k one step at a time, without asking so much so soon, and producing more content to drum up interest as we go. Furthermore, this will let us keep our presence in gaming press, continue reporting about our new steps and results.

All this time our community will keep growing, while new backers will join us at every new round and stage. We’ll keep you in the loop about this as we flesh out the details, as we may pursue this development model anyway even if we hit our goal - it’s better than trying to get everything done at once.


1) Forum - we will setup our own forum and will switch our discussion there. This will let us create groups, discuss different aspects of the game and working moments of the campaign

2) Soundtrack - as was promised, EVERYBODY who keep their pledge till the very end, will get our soundtrack for free - all current (30 music tracks now) and all future tracks. Yesterday we discussed with our music composer Krzysztof Wierzynkiewicz our next stage of work. His answer (on the background of making music for Epic): "concerning music: sure no problem. im busy, thats true, but im glad to continue, so ill find time for do more music to you :) "

So we will arrange soundtrack downloading by special links during this week. Wait for update please.

3) Commuity - having own forum, we can arrange roles there now, having moderators, leads of discussion, etc. As any army, we must organize oneself. So we'll do this

4) Information - currently we will continue to use Kickstarter as our main place of information, until we'll migrate to own forum.

Well, that;s what I'd like to say in brief right now. I guess, I could forget something, so just ask me in our current forum or send me a message. As always, everybody will be answered and will get all necessary help.

And please DON'T STOP reddit, don't stop with all your social promotion of the project. We must explain to others - we didn't stop and we didn't give up. Yes, we failed this battle, but we didn't fail the war. So now we are changing our formation before the next battle. 

Remember words of great Michael Jordan: "Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships. " We have talent, and we got a great team - you and us. So now we must build our common teamwork to make this game real.

Pirates, welcome aboard and let's start to move. All those alien convoys are waiting to be attacked by us there between stars. So let's move - Go-Go-Go! 


    1. Dgtls_web-logo_sqr_03_600x600.small

      Creator DIGITILUS on July 27, 2012

      Hi Neil,

      Excuse me, I passed your comment because of our soundtrack update and other works here. Thank you for all your good words and your real contribution into the project. To be honest I feel myself like this Kickstarter didn't stop on Monday - we continue to do a lot of work, prepare new updates, answer to multiple questions of backers, send press releases, talk to press. In addition, we got a lot of work with our store and forum. Plus, amount of pledges is growing (PayPal balance: $9,358.61 USD at this moment), we are getting proposals from business entities concerning this game digital distribution and possible co-financing. Seems like our train simply changed its path and running same fast, as previously but in the new direction :)) So yes, we will move forward, cause everybody in a World missed to play a good space sim :))

    2. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Neil Creek on July 27, 2012

      My first every KS comment :) I did my best to promote your project to my social networks, and even got a games journalist to tweet about it, so I'm sorry to see you weren't successful. However I am thrilled to see that you have a very strong plan B, and I am thrilled that I've been able to make my pledge again on your site, and with money that you can actually use right now!

      You are right, that building a network and gaining friends is hugely important and a great achievement to come out of this project for you. I've been a big fan of the space sim combat genre since the X-wing days, and it has pained me to see it so dead for the last decade. So I'm thrilled you're a leading voice in the next wave of space combat games and I'll cheer loudly for you (loud enough for many others to hear about it!) as development continues.

      All the best to the team, I look forward to getting lost in space again soon :)

    3. Scorpio.small

      Creator Greg "Scorpio" Myers on July 25, 2012

      It's good to see people making the move over to the store and the numbers so far. I will join you guys shortly I promise! The pledge counter is also a great idea, looking forward to that. Seeing the progress is a good thing. :)

    4. Missing_small

      Creator Michael Papadopoulos on July 25, 2012

      I've also transferred my pledge.

    5. Dgtls_web-logo_sqr_03_600x600.small

      Creator DIGITILUS on July 24, 2012

      Thank you Patric :))
      Btw, just quick info: your transaction was #130
      Total PayPal balance: $6,266.63 USD - this is a clear sum we have after PayPal fee withdrawal
      We are planning to add pledge counter to let people see this information, like they see it here in KS

    6. Img_5515-1.small

      Creator Patrick Cox on July 24, 2012

      Thanks for keeping the project going. I transferred my pledge to the Digitilus Store. When you transfer your pledge, leave a comment. :) You'll encourage others to join us.

    7. Dgtls_web-logo_sqr_03_600x600.small

      Creator DIGITILUS on July 24, 2012

      @ CrazedHatter - thank you, and excuse me for long pauses with answers - 84 days of Kickstarter campaign, which I passed here, made me very tired. Need to re-charge for next marathon :D

    8. Dgtls_web-logo_sqr_03_600x600.small

      Creator DIGITILUS on July 24, 2012

      @ AstralWanderer - I saw those stories and I have few comments to say. First of all, there is a necessity to report about delivery - means buyer should confirm he got service or good which he paid for. Many who use PayPal merchant service forget about this, Then, many use "Donation" instead of "Buy Now" what leads to account blocking there too. And third - what;s the reason to keep all money there in PayPal account? Why don't forward them to the normal bank account? In overall, our business dev. manager Alex Landa has a long and good experience of working with PayPal. Maybe he is just lucky? :)

      As for Amazon - their prices are equal to PayPal:
      1.5% + $0.01 for Amazon Payments balance transfers.
      2.0% + $0.05 for bank account debits.
      2.9% + $0.30 for credit card for transactions above $10 and 5%+$0.05 for credit card for transactions below $10.
      But the only plugin we found for WordPress is commercial product by Tribulant ( $55+$15 I think, later we will buy and use it, but this will require to change a lot in current digistore site structure. So the best way to switch to new shopping cart solution is to stop pledges getting. We cannot do this now, maybe later in August, when we will change set of rewards there.

      Moneybookers is not a panacea too. In the very beginning of Skype work (I guess it was around 7-8 years ago) my money were blocked by them for unknown reason too. Then their prices are in Euro and are quite aggressive
      Look at "Estimated Monthly Sales Volume - Non European Merchant" Having from 60% to 80% US/Canada located backers, we cannot use such expensive solution. We must remember about these fee, cause we pay them, not backers. As I said, Dwolla for Credit Card payments getting from US is one of the best.

    9. If%20you%20don't%20let%20me%20play%20in%20the%20water.....small

      Creator CrazedHatter - OO's Lunatic in a Hat on July 24, 2012

      I will transfer my intentions to the digital store ASAP, and guys, if you do relaunch smaller kickstarters, I'm on board. I cannot tell you how badly I want this game.

    10. Missing_small

      Creator AstralWanderer on July 24, 2012

      Please look at… for another example of an developer (with a successful fundraiser at shut down by Paypal. Both Grim Dawn and Xenonauts (mentioned previously) are in *exactly* the same position as yourselves (selling pre-orders) and what they both found was Paypal closing their accounts (keeping the money collected for 6 months) when they started to receive significant income. With a history like that, relying on Paypal would seem more like a death sentence, however low their fees may seem.
      As such, I hope you manage to get your alternative set up soon (and make them your "primary" payment choice if possible). I have recommended BMTMicro and Moneybookers previously since I've had good dealings with them - I would counsel against Plimus, Digital River/ShareIt or Cleverbridge since (from a customer perspective) they've been an utter pain to deal with.

    11. Dgtls_web-logo_sqr_03_600x600.small

      Creator DIGITILUS on July 23, 2012

      @ dgagnon99 - yes, sure, we had no intentions to stop. And for sure, we will continue move on.
      Btw, Denis, could you please check your mailbox? There is an issue with your pledge.

    12. Dgtls_web-logo_sqr_03_600x600.small

      Creator DIGITILUS on July 23, 2012

      @ Alejandro Suárez Mascareño - Thank you. And sure, I think you' re definitely right in your conclusions.
      We have no illusion that all 2900 backers will follow us there on our side pledging through our digistore. But any number is our small "gang" to relaunch our "Capture of the Universe" mission :))
      Just in numbers - over 100 backers (111) followed us and over 5K had been pledged to our store today. And I believe this number will continue to grow. So I guess we can move on :))

    13. Skj_avatar2_128x128.small

      Creator dgagnon99 on July 23, 2012

      I can only ask you to keep up with your project and bring Skyjacker to life. We don't have enough Space simulator games out there and the big studios don't care about those of us who love these games. I have now transfer my pledge to your website and look forward to discuss Skyjacker on your forums.

    14. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Alejandro Suárez Mascareño on July 23, 2012

      Where I said "I WOULD continue supporting" I wanted to say "I WILL".

    15. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Alejandro Suárez Mascareño on July 23, 2012

      I would say the problem wasn't on the way videos were presented. They were nice, and having a demo was really cool and really more than nearly every one else has. I don't think videos and presentation make so much of a difference, except when they are genius (look at Amanda Palmer's 1.1 Fucking Millions for a music album) or awful. And even in that cases I wouldn't say videos could resurrect a dead project, or kill a healthy project.

      IMO the main problem was the lack of fan base and buzz. Skyjacker and Digitilus look like totally newcomers, and 200K in my opinion is a pretty ambitious goal for newcomers. Maybe if you had been "there" for months before the campaign, with a bunch of people waiting for the campaign to start, everything would have been better. Here usually the better a project starts, the more visibility gets and the better results it gets.

      Obviously any "big name" would have helped. Big names get press coverage (visibility) and usually have some kind of fan base willing to support their project, no matter what it is. Maybe there's someone out there willing to support it.

      IMO now you are doing the right thing. I don't think you'll get all 3K people to continue supporting you, but if you use some time in building a community, and releasing small bits (like starship assembly, but with more ships) I bet in some time you'll have a lot more people supporting Skyjacker. I would continue supporting, because I think the project has potential.

      The forum idea is the one I like the most. If you are willing to really discuss things, it would be a really enriching experience for everyone. And I'm not saying accepting everything we say, but having an honest talk and caring to explain why sometimes you reject our suggestion, or why you do things they way you do, instead of the usual generic crap lots of PR guys use in big developer forums.

      I bet this one will eventually succeed, but it will need more time and more work (in lots of different aspects).

    16. Dgtls_web-logo_sqr_03_600x600.small

      Creator DIGITILUS on July 23, 2012

      @ James Diss - my friend, I'm thinking how to answer your questions, but hmm ... Ok, I will just do as it is now.
      Shoping vs. Shopping - thank you for correction, but it was those plugins developer mistake. I just corrected issue.
      Better videos ... huh ... let's compare our so "raw and bad prepared" campaign to such "bright and successful" campaign of Starlight Inception. It's optionally to you in which aspect to do such comparison: quality of content, game scenario, backers support etc. etc. etc. Or well ... maybe you will give us another good example to let us understand how bad we are comparing to them?
      Sure ALL those fleet videos includes static ships and camera flying between them. Just because those are FLY THROUGH videos to demonstrate ships design. Do you know why there are no videos with fighters and Balagore fleet? Because they have AI enabled and are starting to attack you from the very beginning.
      This project is in early ALPHA version. We just put art content into space environment instead of showing sketches and stupid renders of those ships. Well, good to know you recognize such things, but don't you think you require too much from alpha stage? We NEVER said we have those fleets playable already. They were created - yes, they were converted into our engine - yes, separate details physics was converted and adjusted in side the engine - yes, but their demolition scripting wasn't finished yet. Even more - initially we didn't plan even to give that demo to play to anybody. Our plan was to show static rendered images and few talking head videos - like others do all around here on Kickstarter. But then I said: "But it's stupid! Why we have to feed good people with that shit and promise something in YouTube?" Instead of bad-english-talking-head shit we decided to show the real gameplay - give me a favor, tell me: how many game projects here can demonstrate the real gameplay asking for money? Then, backers asked us: "we don;t believe, it;s impossible, give us that demo to play! " Ok , we did ... and now you say this project had a lack of trying and you eliminate a skepticism about the completeness of the title? NICE! Hey James, look around and check the reality - It;s not STEAM, where you buy complete project, claiming developers for bad result. You are on Kickstarter, where people ask money for their FUTURE project. Do you feel the difference? Or you still think you are in the game store?
      Ok, I'm sorry, I'm getting calmer ... I'm just frustrated hearing such "expert opinion" while other projects gather millions thank to crazy fever of backers around famous names and hot promises, having nothing on their real background.
      My opinion - we failed this campaign only because of the lack of exposure in press. Last days reddit is the best evidence - many people said: "So bad, I found about your project only now, when you finished here". Try to convince them we had a lack of try and very raw project, huh?

    17. Dgtls_web-logo_sqr_03_600x600.small

      Creator DIGITILUS on July 23, 2012

      @ AstralWanderer - PayPal vs. Amazon. There are few explanation of this:
      1) Many people outside of Kickstarter prefer use PayPal instead of Amazon Payment. So It's more Amazon is odd for them than PayPal
      2) Fees - Amazon is much more expensive comparing to PayPal Btw, moneybookers are not cheap too.
      1) Technological - we use wordpress technology for our sites, and we have to use wordpress compatible plug-ins for e-Commerce modules. it was fast and easy to build all-in-one solution than to dive into the long development of the store web-site with several different modules.

      But what I agree - we really need to add more payment systems there. Currently we do some research. For example, we are planning to add Dwolla for payments inside of US. Also, we found commercial e-Commerce solution, which supports Amazon Payments system as well, so maybe we will add it later too.

    18. Dgtls_web-logo_sqr_03_600x600.small

      Creator DIGITILUS on July 23, 2012

      @ JTD121 - hey Josh, everything is easy:

      currently we use 3 different apps for different methods of ordering, which all use PayPal as a payment system:
      1) Digital downloads solution - it has a fixed price and generates special link to download your item after check out procedure. OST has been realized through this digital downloads model. You have to use big orange button "Check out with PayPal"
      2) Tier and bolt-on ordering - it has a fixed price, shipment price (sensitive to the shipping address/ country) and you can collect items in your shopping cart, doing check-out once for multiple items. You have to use ADD TO CART button for this
      3) "Buy Now" button in the bottom of page - this is an analogue of Donation. It has no fixed price, it has a special field, where you can type any number you'd like to give us for this game development. It doesn't link to any tier and prize, it's just you extra pledge to the project with no rewards.

      Q: When are the surveys going out? Or is that only for a successful funding?
      A: only for a successful funding, otherwise there is nothing to ask, and usually there is no continuation after project fail, forum is dying and community is disappearing after that. It's really unusual situation we have here now, continue discuss talk here after death of kickstarter :)) Maybe we are angels? :D

    19. Dgtls_web-logo_sqr_03_600x600.small

      Creator DIGITILUS on July 23, 2012

      @ Raphael - you got very correct answer from Veav and Mar-X-maN: no reason ask for 100K,and win the campaign, being unable to release promised. So we prefer to fail in 200K raising, but to stay honest in face of our backers, than to win 100K and then to be unable to deliver promised result.
      We really need 20K and more, and 100K is definitely not enough for all those works. That;s why we decided to change our tactics, going step by step

    20. Dgtls_web-logo_sqr_03_600x600.small

      Creator DIGITILUS on July 23, 2012

      Well, I;m starting answer in this tread now

    21. Dgtls_web-logo_sqr_03_600x600.small

      Creator DIGITILUS on July 23, 2012

      Peter S - huh :)) really the MOMENT OF ZEN :)) I even read all texts on Ukrainian, unbielivable ... Thank you :D

    22. Keephopealive_512x512.small

      Creator Peter S on July 23, 2012

      If I may volunteer a MOMENT OF ZEN:

    23. Ligersm.small

      Creator James McKendrew on July 23, 2012

      I may take shameless advantage of this to wait until Payday (week from Wednesday) to send you my cash. But you shall have my cash. Oh yes. I may even upgrade my pledge a little more just to apologize for the wait.

    24. Corrupt%20pig%20avatar.small

      Creator Robert V Frazier on July 23, 2012

      @Veav " Our biggest problem has been that bad advice Digitilus got way back in the day, saying 'Don't let anyone know, make it a surprise when it launches'."

      Yes, that was very bad advice. The most successful Kickstarter campaigns are those that have built up a loyal and interested following for at least a year or two before the launch. I would advise anyone wanting to do a Kickstarter to have a website with a lot of content, forums, constant updates, and as much buzz in the related communities (gaming communities, in this case) as possible. Then announce that a Kickstarter is coming in a few months. Have your regular readers start spreading the word, and then start the campaign at Kickstarter.

      It's a lot like putting up a business website. Merely being out there on the internet is not enough to ensure success. People have to know your website exists before they will go to it, or else they have to be searching for your product or service and find your website through a search engine. It's not too likely that people are Googling space combat sim games right now, so you have to advertise outside of your website and/or Kickstarter to make people aware you exist.

      Anyway, you have made some great progress. I'm still on board, and my pledge will be there on your website. Go Skyjacker!

    25. 75px.small

      Creator Veav on July 23, 2012

      @Vanish Not unless we want to get sued, it's from Captain Harlock. But we've got plenty of awesome ships of our own!

    26. Vanish_avatar.small

      Creator Vanish on July 23, 2012

      The most important question is though: Will that awesome ship in the screenshot at the bottom be in the game?

    27. 75px.small

      Creator Veav on July 23, 2012

      @Alex @James Typos are being logged and will be fixed. (The puppy picture was like that when we got it though.)
      @Astral Iiiinteresting, I did not know that. I'll prod harder on BMT's behalf then.
      @Mar I'll have to punt to Eugene on that, so far it's all back-end stuff. Since we're linking forum badges to store purchases there has to be something going on.
      @James, pt 2 Well, it's not complete, is it? That's the point of a Kickstarter. The formations were static because not all the ships have their own physics and AI yet, and the engine isn't ready yet to process a large fleet like that. In time they'll have them properly wandering around and being dicks to you for getting too close to their stuff.

    28. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator James Diss on July 23, 2012

      On the website it's 'shopping cart', not 'shoping cart'.

      I can't help thinking that you might have gotten more backers if you'd assembled better videos. I was extremely concerned that the Sharkarian fleet video consisted of someone looping a camera through a static formation, because that would have immediately suggested that the development wasn't quite far enough along, and there are going to be many projects that crash and burn despite hitting funding. You didn't hit funding for lack of trying, and although the entire kickstarter was one of the longest I've seen, I don't think you really calmed any skepticism about the completeness of the title.

      Don't get me wrong, I want you to succeed (Hence a pledge), but something didn't seem right throughout.

    29. 1301690490138.small

      Creator Alexander Muscat on July 23, 2012

      Just want to say that it's fantastic that you're all sticking to your proverbial guns on the game. I'm down for putting a contribution there, hope it goes well.

    30. 50.small

      Creator Alex - Mostly Harmless on July 23, 2012

      It's You're Awesome not Your Awesome.

    31. Missing_small

      Creator AstralWanderer on July 23, 2012

      Good to hear that alternatives will be added (hopefully soon!) - it may be worth noting that BMT Micro will accept payment via Paypal, Amazon and Google as well as directly (see for a full list) so they could cover almost every option, even bank transfers.

    32. 600full-dawn-of-the-dead-poster.small

      Creator Mar-X-maN on July 23, 2012

      Okay. moved my pledge to your store. just wondering how accounts are managed?

    33. 75px.small

      Creator Veav on July 23, 2012

      @JTD Only for a success - surveys will not be going out. Though we can still push updates through Kickstarter so you can expect a few of those in the future.
      @Mar You got it right, thanks for working with us on this! I don't know how much of game development 100k would've paid for, but as you said, we'll measure twice and cut once on our future activities.

    34. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Patrick Naish on July 23, 2012

      I believe that Paypal doesn't like people doing preorder stuff, which may be the reason for some of the above...

    35. 75px.small

      Creator Veav on July 23, 2012

      @Astral You're not the first person to mention this - I'm not much of Paypal's fan for similar reasons, and bringing in other payment methods is absolutely on the agenda. (No idea what the timeline is on that.)

    36. Missing_small

      Creator AstralWanderer on July 23, 2012

      Hmm...I'm disappointed to see this KS fail, but while the store seems a good idea at the outset, relying on Paypal alone for payments presents big problems:
      First, Paypal have a long history of terminating accounts (and holding their contents for 6 months) for no apparent reason - a recent case was Xenonauts (who ran a successful project here at see Even charitable causes aren't exempt, see for how Paypal dealt with a Hurricane Katrina fundraiser. has more examples.
      Secondly, Paypal have in my experience been unreliable, reversing 2 of my past transactions (leaving the vendors out of pocket until I paid them via other means) despite me having a history of 40 successful transactions. For this reason alone, I no longer use them so will not be able to contribute to a Paypal-only Skyjacker rebirth.
      If you wish to stick with Paypal, despite its history, then please at least include some alternatives - Amazon Payments (which Kickstarter use), MoneyBookers and BMT Micro are ones I can recommend from a consumer point of view.

    37. 600full-dawn-of-the-dead-poster.small

      Creator Mar-X-maN on July 23, 2012

      Sorry writing on mobile
      fundraisers on that basis. would 100k have paid for half or quater of the game compared to the original goal? whatever you do dont rush things now. you have our attention and our support. come up with a sound plan and we will back you once again.

    38. Pcb-design.small

      Creator JTD121 on July 23, 2012

      Hm....While not surprising, and not a good thing, I will swap over to your store and probably up my pledge, as well as a bolt-on or two! How, exactly, do the bolt-ons work in your store, as opposed to KS? I see it says to 'press a button' to add it, but there is a small text box, and the 'Donate' button.....I'm sure it'll all work out in the end.

      When are the surveys going out? Or is that only for a successful funding?

    39. 600full-dawn-of-the-dead-poster.small

      Creator Mar-X-maN on July 23, 2012

      Im not sure what to think about the store idea. it has the same problem as a funding through indie gogo but indiegogo might look more legit and thus attract more backers. the idea of releasing the game in installments is pretty good. though episodes would be better than just fragments. maybe you can run fund

    40. 75px.small

      Creator Veav on July 23, 2012

      Indiegogo is a nice alternative for a few reasons (non-Amazon payments being chief among them) but what if we only pull in 25% of what we need? Then we've made promises without the funding needed to deliver. Indiegogo's "flexible funding" model is good for some purposes but not for a project that REALLY NEEDS the 100% mark. :)

    41. Dog_100.small

      Creator Raphael on July 23, 2012

      Consider going to They have a model allowing you to keep the pledged money even if the funding goal is not reached (for the price of higher "taxes").

    42. 75px.small

      Creator Veav on July 23, 2012

      For my money, this Kickstarter has been an object lesson in marketing. Our biggest problem has been that bad advice Digitilus got way back in the day, saying "Don't let anyone know, make it a surprise when it launches". Things like a Christmas Miracle and uniform coverage by the gaming press only happen for projects with a deep history and following, projects with cameos by Tim Schaefer and Gabe Newell, project with deep pockets from elsewhere to buy up banner ads. Even a project like Drifter, which had a Penny Arcade mention - they met the PA guy at GDC, because they were showing their game there. The Steam Sale couldn't have helped but basically, for a large project, a Kickstarter should NOT be your first reveal... unless, basically, you have the resources to get along without it. :|
      Anyway - we live, we learn, we adapt. Grim Dawn learned this lesson years ago in another venue and we've seen their success today. The new plans we're concocting are actually less desperate than this Kickstarter was, all told. :D

    43. Wolfrider_logo_230.small

      Creator Wahngrok on July 23, 2012

      It is good that you do not give up. i just moved my pledge to your store and i hope many more will do so as well.

    44. Missing_small

      Creator Arie Hofland on July 23, 2012

      Oops I did it again, I paid with my paypal, now I'm lost in the debt, oh games, games...

    45. Dec-5v1.small

      Creator Claude M. on July 23, 2012

      I think the biggest problem was that your Kickstarter collided with the Steam Summer Sale, with both ending the same day. It was just really bad timing. :/

    46. Dgtls_web-logo_sqr_03_600x600.small

      Creator DIGITILUS on July 23, 2012

      gamerka, we appreciate :))

    47. Missing_small

      Creator gamerka on July 23, 2012

      Good ol' bruteforce with several small kickstarters. But despite of desperate sounding plan i'll still move my pledge to your store.

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