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pledged of $200,000pledged of $200,000 goal
Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Mon, July 23 2012 7:00 AM UTC +00:00
pledged of $200,000pledged of $200,000 goal
Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Mon, July 23 2012 7:00 AM UTC +00:00


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    1. DIGITILUS 4-time creator on

      hehe, Greg, we are ;)) Well, let's see the result. One backer cancelled his 150 in 10 minutes after this update, but dozens of others increased their pledge and we got many new fiends here as well. So we hope on the better. But anyway, you know my formula: never give up! So we will continue to follow this formula.

    2. Greg "Scorpio" Myers

      You guys continue to amaze with the updates! Very nice incentives and hopefully this will bring in enough pledges to cross the finish line.

    3. DIGITILUS 4-time creator on

      Well, Phil, my opinion: people react onto famous names and good promotion. But sometimes the reality is quite different from this. Promotion and real results - they are different, because promotion is what is PROMISED, while the real result is what IS DONE. That;s why we started our campaign not exposing our promises, but showing our results.
      Crates / Grim Dawn experienced the same trouble 2 years ago - they were infamous newbies in meaning of promotion. 2 years they spent to build their community and their result here in Kickstarter is a perfect evidence of that hard home work, which was done to date. But sure, I agree, would be better don't lose two more years for such "promotion" of the Skyjacker :)) We all need this game to be ready as soonest as possible. So let's try to get it funded here and now :D

    4. Missing avatar

      Phil on

      I'm really pulling for you guys. I was in on Republique and Starlight: Inception -- both were right down to the wire.

      I just don't understand why people aren't throwing themselves at this. It's a great, great concept.

    5. DIGITILUS 4-time creator on

      Thank you Captain Chris. the Galaxy (yep, use caps lock :)) ) is yours now! Just let us finish its creation :D

    6. DIGITILUS 4-time creator on

      Thank you Robert. Actually we think here now how to launch system of special codes for our current backers to recognize them anywhere anytime later too. As we say here "One old friend is better than two new ones" :) So let's move on. You are in a "family" already. Later we'll decide, how to fix this option for anybody, who is here with us here and now :D

    7. Robert V Frazier on

      Wherever it goes next, you can count on my pledge still being there. I'll give the same amount as a pledge, pre-order, or whatever, wherever Skyjacker pops up next. I want to see it funded, and I want to play the game! I'm in at $65 now, The Settler Edition plus $25 for the USB drive. Now and forever, I am a backer of Skyjacker!

    8. Chris Roark on

      Just went for the CAPTAIN’S EDITION so my brother & I can "Terrorize" the
      I hope we get funded.

    9. DIGITILUS 4-time creator on

      Thank you William. As I said before, we will research Desura next week, when we'll have more time for that. But what is the most important - we won't stop. And if we'll get additional support and contributions, it will be very helpful and will let us do more and better for sure :D We cannot stop and we don't give up!

    10. William

      Oh also, to everyone else, there's NO reason for someone to pull their funding option if the kickstarter isn't successful. If its not successful, then no one will get charged. So just leave the kickstarter pledge in there and get the free soundtrack, and if we get a miracle maybe it will get funded :)

    11. William

      After this is over, I'd be willing to do a paypal pre-purchase kinda thing. That way you can get some funding and continue to work on it. I'd suggest similar pricing, $20ish to get the game and the test versions.

      In fact, I think desura supports a setup like that, then you wouldn't have to handle payment and distribution directly.

    12. DIGITILUS 4-time creator on

      Hey Darryl. Our goal is even lower than we really need. But we perfectly understand that it's the highest tier we can expect to get here now. So we do all our best to finish this game. We will continue to work with other sources of financing. We need to update our page there in, in IndieDB, to continue collect pledges there in our Digi.Store, getting free help from everyone who will agree to help. And for sure, we will continue do impossible amount of work personally. And we just need more help here and now :)) So thank you Darryl, for your support :))

    13. Darryl Benson on

      I wish your goal was a little lower so you could meet it. Either way, I'm proud to be a supporter and can't wait to play your game when it releases. Thank you for the soundtrack.

    14. DIGITILUS 4-time creator on

      Yep! We are not greedy, especially for good friends :D And hope you will convince us to order more bolt-ons soon :))

    15. Nelson Carter, Negotiator on

      Wow Cool... Free Music ;)
      And free STUFFS if we succeed... I really hope we can pull this off.
      C'mon people lets kick this!!
      Get on board if your not already and up your pledges if you already are!!

    16. Stardrifter on

      I am sharing this on Facebook and Reddit. You've got my support regardless of how you end up getting funded. Say the word and I'm there.

    17. JTD121 on

      Wow. Those are awesome incentives for backers to increase their pledge! I know, that even if I overdraw (I do have some money coming in, maybe not until after the KS ends, though) I will stay with my pledge! Been thinking damn hard about a bolt-on, though! Keep up the great work, guys!