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The project's funding goal was not reached on Mon, July 23 2012 7:00 AM UTC +00:00
pledged of $200,000pledged of $200,000 goal
Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Mon, July 23 2012 7:00 AM UTC +00:00


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    1. DIGITILUS 4-time creator on


    2. James McKendrew

      Pazhaluista! B-)

    3. DIGITILUS 4-time creator on

      James, spasibo! :))

    4. James McKendrew

      (How is it said? S Dnyem Rozhdyeniya!)

    5. James McKendrew

      Ba na na na NA naaaaa na na! (repeat as necessary) They say it{was] your Birthday!!!! Happy Birthday to you!

    6. DIGITILUS 4-time creator on

      Thank you, Gavin ! :D

    7. Gavin Phoenix on

      Belated happy birthday!

    8. DIGITILUS 4-time creator on

      Thank you, Anton :)) Thank you!

    9. theAnton on

      Congrats on your new baby daughter and you birthday Eugene!
      <:) Party hat is on!

      And good luck on your project, space shooters are few and far between these days.

    10. DIGITILUS 4-time creator on

      @ Veav - correct ;)

    11. Veav on

      Wait what? Today's your birthday?

    12. DIGITILUS 4-time creator on

      @ cutterjohn - me and Paul McCartney - we both have a birthday in June 18, plus my family name in Russian means "Beetles" (Zhuk is a Beetle; Zhukov means something like Beetles' son) ;)) Thus, it's my natural reaction onto such coincidences :D
      @ Veav - this reward is not only limited by number of backer, but in time as well - I'm planning to cut hair very soon.

    13. Veav on

      8k pledge: limited reward (1 of 1 remaining) BEATLES EDITION: Make Eugene get a haircut, of any style you choose. Add another 1k to your pledge and we'll throw in his eyebrows.

    14. Missing avatar

      cutterjohn on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    15. Veav on

      Copypasta from comments: is up and running, let me know if it seems messed up. We swung three times at getting TPB working and gave up. :(

    16. DIGITILUS 4-time creator on

      @ Simon - Thank you ! :)) I liked all my 3 previous versions, so decided to re-launch new one to proceed all these stages and upgrades again :D

      As for promotion - that would be GREAT and really helpful. So please do if you can, I would appreciate for that. I guess, everybody here would appreciate :)
      As for Pirate Bay - Veav tried and finally we decided to cancel this idea, cause that resource is looking strange and unsafe. Neither me, nor Veav never used it before, so we got - in fact, we both are very bad pirates, at least in the area of torrents creation :D

    17. Veav on

      @Simon That would be great! I haven't had a usenet subscription in some time so any help you can offer there would be awesome.

    18. Simon6825 on

      Congratulations Eugene, my little is coming up on her 5th month upgrades (That includes unexplained spontanouse screaming, longer recharge rate and giggling) was hoping to resolve the drooling issue but been told warranty does not cover that :) :) :)
      I could help spread the word or distribution on the usernet circut (digital news groups) if you would like? Better and safer than Pirate Bay, let me know if I can help. :)

    19. DIGITILUS 4-time creator on

      @ Porcupine - thank you :))
      As for disassembly - we already appointed meeting with Noble Empire to the next week to discuss commercial co-operation. The reason - here is their stats for this app:
      _unique_users 45492
      _sessions 91799
      achievement 2576
      assembly 10630
      demo 22187
      disassembly 17461
      game 22480

      Guys are impressed with result and agreed with us - maybe there is a reason to create bigger application.

    20. Porcupine on

      Congrats Eugene, and yes I'd love to see other spaceships in disassembly.

    21. DIGITILUS 4-time creator on

      @ Thomas Welter - you are welcome! But seems like they will need to re-launch with longer period of time, as we did. At least this would be a logical.

    22. DIGITILUS 4-time creator on

      @ Dustin_00 - hehe :D thank you, but following your classification, her version is 5.0 ;)) I already had 3 kids, and this is a 4th one :D

    23. Missing avatar

      Thomas Welter on

      Thanks for giving a shout out to Torchships, I reeeeeeaaaly wanna play this. It doesn't exactly have a lot of time left, but hey, Kinetic Void did something similar in it's last day (but then.. they had quite a buzz on reddit in their last hours and a flashier campaign page... whatever).


    24. Gavin Phoenix on

      Looks like the + at the end of the url wasn't classed as part of the url :(
      try instead!

    25. Gavin Phoenix on

      Facebook banner was already done
      Google+ is now done

    26. Missing avatar


      Congrats on shipping Eugene Zhukov 2.0.

    27. Gavin Phoenix on

      Needed to do something to make me look a bit different to @Veav :D

    28. DIGITILUS 4-time creator on

      @ Riggo - hehe ... just got your name change :D Yeah. gold star is yours now [we just need to create it]

    29. DIGITILUS 4-time creator on

      Thank you, Greg!
      And YTG fleet video is on its way to you too, just few days to arrange everything to show you ships in all their beauty.

    30. Greg "Scorpio" Myers

      Another stellar update guys! The moment of zen had me literally laughing out loud. Those screenshots look incredible, the ships are so beautiful I almost hate to blow them up.....almost. :) Once again Eugene, congrats on the little one, she is beautiful.

    31. DIGITILUS 4-time creator on

      @ Riggo - thank you too :))

    32. Riggo on

      Changed my title.. Do I get more doubloons now? A gold star at least? :-)

    33. DIGITILUS 4-time creator on

      Thank you, Gavin :))

    34. Gavin Phoenix on

      Congratulations Eugene! She's beautiful!

    35. Riggo on

      Congrats Eugene!!!

    36. Veav on

      Aaaand it's gone. Even our updates have placeholders.

    37. Veav on

      "(screenshots of avatars on google and in photoshop hurr derp I are smart)" - this was my glorious contribution and it slipped under the radar. Sorry about that, folks. Ninja edit!