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Grand Theft Auto and Wing Commander just had a baby. Skyjacker - an open-world, full-throttle space combat game.

Grand Theft Auto and Wing Commander just had a baby. Skyjacker - an open-world, full-throttle space combat game. Read More
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  • LOTR by its atmosphere of high adventure
  • GTA by its criminal background and freedom of choice inside the game
  • NFS by its energy and gameplay dynamics, and ability to customize the vehicle

And all of them together, in the deepest reaches of space.

Skyjacker is a first-person free-roaming space combat game with unique features rarely - or never - seen in other space games to date.

  • Travel from the surface of a planet to the tunnels and bays of orbital space stations, with no transitions or cuts in between.
  • Bump space hulks and asteroids into collision courses with your enemies and watch the pretty fireworks.
  • Disable and destroy component parts of a ship. Cargo ship's getting away?  Slow it down with some neighborly torpedoes to the engine.
  • Salvage the parts you didn't destroy and mount them on your own ship.  Add insult to injury - rip enemies apart with their own guns!
  • Swap out engine parts to change the behavior of your ship - play it like an arcade game, like a classic space game, or with full inertia and momentum.
  • And all this in professional graphics and gameplay.

These aren't idle dreams - we've already done it.  We just need to polish it up.



Skyjacker is based on the "Abyss Lights" book series written by our project lead, Eugene Zhukov. The player is the lone human in a galaxy of conflict - abducted by aliens, raised by pirates, wanted by privateers and mercenaries alike.  You start on the bottom of the Pirate Stock Exchange and work your way up to the top, not by deliveries and fetch-quests, but through brutal missions like assassinations, sabotage, kidnapping, robberies, infiltrations and extractions.

There is no fixed path. You bid on the jobs you want, and if you screw up, the game doesn't end.  When you succeed, you grow in prestige and power; you'll start to receive exclusive proposals and rewards, customize your ship with high-grade parts that fit your style, and build up a crew of dangerous, hopefully-loyal wingmen.  And as you become strong, remember one thing: you're a pirate.  With great power comes no responsibility.

The Skyjacker universe is rich in details that unfold around you.  There are ten significant alien races, each with unique biological features, social structures, interlocking histories, and star faring technologies - some industrial, some organic, and a few biotech that literally farm their spaceships in deep space. 

We've developed a radical set of visual designs that don't rely on classic cubic forms, to really drive home the fact that you're not in Kansas anymore, and we've got the talents of composer Krzysztof Wierzynkiewic ("Witcher 2" and "Bulletstorm") to help bring out the colors of space.

On top of the single player campaign Skyjacker also features a robust MULTIPLAYER experience.  The standard game types are all available: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, and Last Man Standing. There’s even a Cooperative multiplayer mode, with a variety of encounters players can work together to survive.  We say “can” instead of “should” - you are pirates, after all.

This is our dream, so if there’s anything else you want to know, ask away - we promise to respond as quickly as we can! 



You got it!

What you're about to experience is an alpha build of the game, a prototype.  THIS IS NOT A POLISHED END PRODUCT! It's going to be buggy, it's going to have placeholders, and it's going to crash. Here are some responses up front:

  • There will be several color schemes available for the HUD and in-game menus.
  • The voices you hear are the developers and are very much temporary, there to make sure voices work and offer the right "feel". Professional voice actors are another thing Kickstarter will be paying for!
  • Inverse flight controls are disabled in the current demo, but will be enabled in the final version of the game. Same goes for the chase cam and third-person views.
  • If you just can't get it running, let us know and we'll try to sort it out.

HERE is a list of links to download the demo. Please don't forget to PATCH the demo to get completely new experience!




Space combat is a large focus of the game. This is a place where the player uses all his skills and talents in tandem with battle features of his spacecraft to achieve mission goals. The intro video of this project's head demonstrates real gameplay of space combat in the current version of the game.

Such factors as Flight Model, vehicle physical parameters (mass, type of armor, engines power, etc.) and weaponry settings (number of fire points, types and quality of ammo, weaponry features) have a direct influence on the combat result. The player is motivated to progress in all aspects of the game to win his space battles.

The ability to break any in-game objects into their component parts is the key factor of space battle in SKYJACKER.



Here's what we've got:

  • 100% of the know-how and features related to the controllable demolition of compound in-game objects, including a system for construction of ships in hangars.
  • Fully realized game design documents with all basic aspects of the gameplay, all single player mission descriptions, schematics of game locations, multiplayer mode balance tables and basic scenarios, etc.
  • 90% of the total art content is complete, including 300+ visual assets for hangar mode, 80+ designs of enemy ships, numerous types of asteroids, atmospheres, planets, etc.
  • A playable alpha build of the game as a proof in concept.
  • 16 tracks from the soundtrack, with more on the way.

Space Battle Mode screens

Game Menu screens

 And here's what we need:

  • Game missions for the campaign assembled according to the game design document, and multiplayer load balance and testing.  This is the biggest task that needs funding!  We have to weave the assets into an actual game.
  • The last 10% of art content, including solar plasma clouds, asteroids with armored tunnels for interior battles, more environmental parts to enrich locations, another pass on textures for spaceships, etc.
  • Voice recording and localization - especially to English.
  • Testing and debugging of the final game.

We are planning to reach beta in 8 months and a release candidate in 10.  Then, another 2-3 months to stress test and stamp out all possible bugs.  And then: we go gold!



We’ve gotten this far through internal development, while running odd jobs for other developers and publishers to make ends meet.  We’ve already invested years of our time and savings into reaching this point.  We need your help to reach this last mark. We need your funding, because that’s how we’ll keep the lights on and our families fed. 

What do you get out of it? We’ve got loads of rewards lined up on the sidebar; the full game itself of course as a DRM-free digital download, but also the game soundtrack (equally DRM-free), t-shirts, boxed and unboxed sets, wallpapers for your phone and posters for your room, digital and hardcover Art-Books, your name in lights, early access to in-development builds and direct communication with the dev team, potential inclusion in the game, future content drops... all the great stuff a Kickstarter is made from.  And that’s just the start!  Good things are coming on the horizon, and we will always remember our friends.

So thank you!  Thank you for checking Skyjacker out.  Watch our trailer, try our demo, give us feedback, back the project, join our community, get some swag.  Help us bring space games back - and help Skyjacker rise!



We prepared rewards spreadsheet to help you orient in our rewards chart. You can find it HERE

Furthermore, please read very important information HERE

Here is a small part of what is expected to be there in SKYJACKER ArtBook:

SKYJACKER official soundtrack examples:


If you add $25 to a pledge (any pledge) we'll add to your reward. We're calling these extras "bolt-ons" because they add to your rewards, never replace them. The following bolt-ons are available:

  • SKYJACKER T-SHIRT - the same designs in the reward tiers.
  • PORTABLE SKYJACKER. - the Complete Edition of Skyjacker on a sleek 8GB USB flash drive.
  • SKYJACKER SKETCHBOOK - It’s a trade paperback collection of the sketches, roughs, blueprints and outtakes that set the stage forSKYJACKER’s unique style, all narrated with inside information and development trivia.
*** As usual, customers outside the US should add $15 for shipping. 



(Game Convention in Leipzig; 2005; Days when SKYJACKER was just an idea in Eugene's mind)

Our professional background was and is the core team of Abyss Lights Studio. It was the first company of Eugene Zhukov (CEO and Producer of Digitilus), where SKYJACKER went from by its program technology, art design and gameplay features.

We’ve been developing Skyjacker for years now as our own property.We paid the bills by working internally with over100 clients and 400+ projects under the name Abyss Lights Studio. We’ve produced content for titles like Need for Speed, League of Legends, Asterix & Obelix, Batman & Robin, World of Tanks, Penumbra, Aliens in the Attic (everyone's gotta eat), and the children's TV show "Lazy Town". You can check out our professional demo reel here, and our new web-site here.

Recently we made the decision to focus on in-house game development. The result: Digitilus LLC, with its two offices based in Los Angeles (California , United States) and Kiev (Ukraine). Our mission is to aggressively promote the theme of space exploration, using our talents and passion to bring the genre back to life.  SKYJACKER, with years of development already behind it, will be our first step on this road.





New patch to the demo FREE-FOR-ALL


  • Our little way of saying thanks - REWARDS TO VERYBODY.

Update #14: DIGISTORE

Our store page is open! Visit us at (we work with PayPal there now).

Update #13: FRIDAY #13


Update #11: THE REAL ONE


LIST OF ALL LINKS: Bolt-Ons, Documents , Official Videos, Music, Fan Videos, Screenshots, Operation "Destroy The Silence", Gameplay Demo, Starship Disassembly App, Help Us Out


Update #8: MEET THE DEMO

  • Shaarkarians in a Gallery
  • PSA#2 - Skyjacker demo flight models (video)
  • Fan video - Skyjacker custom level (video)

Update #7: BY THE NUMBERS 


Update #5 MID OF JUNE 

  • YATAGOOSHEE FLEET - screenshots in a Gallery
  • STARSHIP DISASSEMBLY (first edition)
  • BOLT-ONS FOR ALL - Skyjacker T-shirts and USB card


We solemnly pledge 5% of the profits from the finished product back to the Kickstarter community to help fund other people's dreams.

More information on Kicking it Forward.


  • We approached major publishers with our game, and here's what they had to say:

    "Our main interest is in innovative gameplay feature and/or technology rather than in game genre. This said, there are indeed some genres and themes that we do not particularly like (sci-fi, adventure, space sim)" (UbiSoft)

    "Thanks for showing me Skyjacker – it looks like you are fairly far through development – congratulations for getting this far. Unfortunately this would not be of interest to EA, but good luck on moving it forward." (Electronic Arts)

    "I'm rather busy at the moment so I can't provide detailed feedback for a couple of weeks. From a very brief glance, I'd say that this probably isn't right for us." (Square Enix)

    They never said it wouldn't be good for GAMERS - just not for PUBLISHERS. So we're not making this game with them, under them, or for them. Skyjacker is an independent in-house title and it’s being made for you. That means we need your help, so we can finally buckle down and make this happen.

    Last updated:
  • We're shipping out of Los Angeles, CA, USA, where Digitilus LLC is based. Anything within the United States is free shipping. Unless otherwise specified we ask you to pledge $15 above your rewards for shipping outside of the United States.

    There's also a USPS calculator you can use here to find the exact cost of international shipping to your address, if you want to pledge a more precise amount - Fair warning - it's pretty complex and we're not experts in the area. (We're also not going to steal your game if you come up a buck short. As long as you're in the ballpark in the end, we'll call it a day.)

    Last updated:
  • Well, this is a very good question my friend! The fact - Kickstarter met its end and we didn't get out 200K bank here. But we don't give up! We have a strong desire to release SKYJACKER in Summer 2013 as was promised, despite all circumstances!

    We launched our Plan B. In brief:

    1) We raise money selling rewards there in our own site

    2) We divide the whole project/budget to stages/sub-budgets, and will launch series of small kickstarters heving in mind to raise smaller budgets and to move forward step by step.

    Currently we continue this game development despite an unsuccessful funding here on Kickstarter. Hundreds of backers already support us there in our own site, droping their pledge at So you can join us there too.

    Furthermore, we continue inform the World about this project progress - check our uodates here.

    Then, you can visit our facebook page

    And finally, upcoming Kickstarters are on their way. We are working on them now, preparing content and projects materials.

    So follow us, this story to be continued :))

    Last updated:
  • There are several reasons why you got that trouble with demo.

    First of all, we found there are some links with broken version of the demo. Here is a list of links with 100% proof version of the demo:

    For US located recipients:

    For Eastern European backers - you can download the demo at:

    RapidShare link:

    Then, be sure you have last version of drivers installed there in your computer.

    Latest NVIDIA drivers:…

    Latest ATI Video driver:

    Latest PhysX middleware

    Furthermore, be sure you have installed the latest version of DirectX. Check here:…

    And correct video codec (we propose to install FFDSHOW while demo installation cause we have few videos played there in demo).

    In addition, be sure you launch the demo as an Administrator - very usual issue for Vista and Windows 7 users.

    Moreover, be sure, your antivirus doesn't block our application or its files. And finally, if everything is Ok with these requirements, please launch Setup.exe and be sure, you selected correct screen resolution (please check it there in Video options section). After all, if you proceed all these procedures and still cannot get the demo launched, we need to watch your profile.

    For this purpose you have to prepare the following files:

    1) DXDIAG log (go to Start menu/RUN type there dxdiag and proceed through direct x diagnostics)

    2) game.log - you can find it there in a root directory of the demo

    3) Your current config.cfg - you can also find it there in a root directory of the demo.

    Then contact us, sending a message either here on Kickstarter, or there in our web-site mailing form ( ). We will answer you giving an e-mail address where you will need to send these files to let us check them for possible incompatibility issues.

    Contact us and we will do ALL OUR BEST to help you play our incredible demo!

    Last updated:
  • Our targeted platforms are PC and Mac.

    EFIGS+R text is in - English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, and also Russian (it's easy for us!) - with full voice on English and Russian. We've also had some volunteers offering to voice the other languages and we're definitely open to the idea. Let us know if you've got a language to contribute!

    Any controller can be used as an input device. We've created games in the past for FFB Joysticks and we used a Thrustmaster to record the videos on Youtube, so we guarantee support is in for that! We also have bindings all set for smooth keyboard+mouse mode, and will build out a library of defaults for common gamepads like the Xbox 360 controller.

    We're using Unity as a framework, so we'll be looking at our options for a Xbox 360/Playstation build following the initial release on PC and Mac.

    Portable devices such as PSP, Vita, iOS and Android are becoming powerful gaming platforms. That said, Skyjacker features complex physics and detailed demolition of all in-game objects; these devices aren't ready (yet) to handle those demands. We'll be looking into streaming services such as OnLive to get around this.

    Last updated:
  • Is there any chance of a LINUX port?

    We would like to support Linux! Currently our basic engine technology is Unity, but they don't have an option to build out to Linux at this time. Here is discussion concerning this:

    As soon as Unity will support Linux, we'll be able to make Linux build of the game too. We hope this fact won't change your desire to be our backer as well.

    From other point, Unity supposedly supports NativeClient, which is cross-platform and will run on Linux using Google Chrome. You can probably offer a Linux port through that. We know that, but we prefer don't promise unproof / untested things. Means, currently we have no test results about our technology work in such condition.

    So our position: better don't promise, but to do, than to promise and don't realize.

    In result: there is a real technical solution to play this game on Linux without ANY special improvement. But we cannot 100% promise you this before we'll test it in the future. So our official answer is:

    The Unity game engine doesn't natively support Linux... yet! We HOPE to make a Linux build of the game available too, and are going to be actively working with other Unity developers towards this end, but we can't make any guarantees at this stage.

    Last updated:
  • Can I change scheme of controls?

    Yes. We have an own system of controls related to our native set of functions. There is a Setup tool, which lets you re-assign keys for keyboard, mouse, joystick or gamepad manually. Just launch Setup.exe before to launch the game itself. The only control feature, which is disabled in the current demo is an inverse scheme of controls. But we are planning to enable it there in the final version of the game.

    Last updated:
  • QUESTION: Does your game has any story line?

    ANSWER: Yes, it has. During our Ice Age, a young human male named Ael was taken from the wild Earth aboard an alien spaceship. Raised by a space wanderer, he left his teacher at age 16 to become one of the most ruthless pirates in the Galaxy. He earned infamy by robbing trade convoys and being engaged in sabotage for hire all around the Galaxy.

    The chaos of global interstellar war turns him from small-time pirate into high-priced mercenary. When the war ends, he’s forced to escape from the prosecution of justice into the dark unpopulated Galaxy regions, where he undertakes several bold missions, earning acclaim and protection from several mystical races.

    New troubles arise when the race of hostile invaders called “Shaarkarians”, approach from the dark abyss of space, devastating inhabited worlds and killing all life they meet on their way. They exploit the telepathic abilities possessed by most of the galaxy’s inhabitants, using psi-controllers to enslave them. Capitalizing on the well-known fact that humans are mentally deaf, the Galactic Society hires Ael and other such “freaks” to stop the ruthless alien onslaught. And - check this - some of them are human, like Ael!

    The book series reveals more details ...

    Last updated:
  • In single player mode of Skyjacker we play different missions, progressing in ranks, while the global story line progress on the background is changing gaming environment. Here is a rank chart: You can juxtapose it with story line too.

    Player has a freedom of choice inside of each mission, but there is a global story line of the Galaxy, and missions types submit to the global storyline. I.e. you cannot play any military mission before the Global Galaxy War begins. Same way, you cannot get any mission against Shaarkarians before their invasion happens.

    Last updated:
  • Oh, you know, destroy this, escort that. Stay in the radio shadow of this to avoid detection while creeping up on that.

    Hug the shell of a huge transport (almost sitting on it) to reach shipyards inside a hollowed-out moon, loot their stockpiles and escape under enemy fire. If you messed up in the asteroids, you have a chance to be ambushed by a guard on arrival. If you succeed in reaching the shipyard, your friends can attack the main base, drawing aggro to help you escape. Also: pirates are jerks. Watch your back, even around your employer...

    In one mission a general hires you to kill the enemy leader. You enter the battlefield with your gang, amidst the two armies slugging it out. Your task is to reach one army's staging grounds and destroy the capital ship. But BOTH armies are primed to attack you - the soldiers don't know you’re on the take. And if you're too slow, the enemy army will destroy your client's forces. There are complex trigger scenarios in missions that include several consequences depending on your actions, and each misstep increases the complexity.

    There are ships you can only destroy by using smart drones. You have to release them at the right moment (when the enemy disables their energy shield to fire at you) and at close range, so the drones can burrow through the crevices between armor plates. The ability to destroy ships piece by piece opens up a whole new universe of gameplay features, tricks, tasks and possibilities! We've isolated numerous bugs and unintended behaviors during testing that we've exploited, unlocking new objectives and emergent activities. We promise that Skyjacker will not be the same game from one end to the other - and it will not be the same games you've played before.

    Especially when you punch through the spore planet. :)

    Last updated:
  • Skyjacker is the story of a human caught in the storm of galactic conflict. The game and the content being developed revolves around this protagonist and the decisions they make.

    But then we've got this powerful game engine and all these assets (models, animations, AI, hundreds of parts). Why stop there? Once the game is done, we're going to leverage those assets to write some other stories - stories about the aliens. Some of them will be from the perspective of the pirates, and others, from their victims: the settlers, colonists, merchants and marines. There will be planetary missions with factors largely not present in the Skyjacker campaign, such as atmospheric turbulence, gravity, and terrestrial obstacles, more like a flight sim than a space sim. There will also be a wide variety of unique interfaces and features specific to each alien race.

    The number of missions is subject to change, but we anticipate not less than 12-15 additional missions from each side, pirate and colonial - a minimum of 24-30 additional missions and related content. If you're a part of the beta community, you'll have access to early builds of this content when the time comes; if you pledge high enough in the Kickstarter (and it doesn't take much) you'll receive it for free when it goes gold. At that point it will also be made available for purchase in online stores.

    (For those who followed from the first Kickstarter: this combines the content described as the Planetary and Anti-Pirate mission packs.

    Last updated:
  • These are classic features of many excellent open-world space games. It'd be great to cover all the traditional aspects, including trading! But our professional experience says not to force everything into one game. We're focusing on a particular experience and polishing it to a high shine. This time that focus is in all aspects of space combat, rather than resource management.

    You can absolutely sell loot, salvage, and unwanted devices on the pirate stock market, then turn around and buy parts and commodities (such as fuel, air, ammo, drones, etc.); you can even buy and sell information, like choice missions and locations. So there is an economy present in the game! But it exists as a means to an end. And at the end: merciless, adrenaline-soaked galactic espionage.

    Last updated:
  • Skyjacker includes the classic multiplayer modes of deathmatch, team deathmatch, capture the flag, and last man standing. There is also a cooperative mode where players potentially work together to survive strong odds.

    We're testing at 32 players per session for now - that number may go up or down depending on how release candidates perform, but we'll be aiming high and pushing for higher.

    4 types on multiplayer campaign will be available: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag and Last Man Standing.

    Furthermore we will provide co-operative mode for the most of the team based missions from the single player mission set. This will let player invite his real friends to fulfil these missions together with him.

    Last updated:
  • What about to hire AI WINGMEN who will support you during the missions?

    EXACTLY! Even there in this demo you flight with AI partners.
    There in the game you will need to hire (or to be hired in) a gang in case if you got a TEAM mission. There in PIRATE STOCK EXCHANGE is a directory, where you can select pirates to hire. You will see their high score, their status, even how much of money they have available to invest, so you can require them to add money to buy some mission together. Additionally you can ask dealer for loan ;)) Let me convince you, this STOCK EXCHANGE is a very attractive game inside the game.
    From other point, if somebody don't like to manage this process, we have auto-hiring mode there - system can pass through this hiring process automatically.

    Last updated:
  • The standard perspective in Skyjacker is a first-person view, with a virtual head's-up display. In this setting there is no cockpit - the pilot is sitting deep inside their ship, in an armored conning capsule, receiving visual information from external sensors and cameras to a virtual helmet of sorts. If a pilot can see space with their own eyes something has gone terribly, horribly wrong.

    Some of these cameras can be separated from the ship, for a third-person view. This is absolutely an intended feature! We're letting you make your own personalized ship and we're definitely going to help show it off. Third person views are disabled in the demo because they're buggy as hell at the moment, but it will be a fully realized option in the game, and sooner, not later.

    Last updated:
  • QUESTION: Will there be a chance of 1st and 3rd person views of t he ship?

    ANSWER: Definitely YES! Third person views are disabled in the demo because they're buggy as hell at the moment, but it will be a fully realized option in the game, and sooner, not later.

    In the final release we will provide several camera modes and effects (1st person, 3rd person, zoom to target, special screen to watch camera mounted onto the rocket, turn to side while the flight, etc.). So yes, we will seriously improve this section in the game later.

    Last updated:
  • QUESTION: How many ships can I store in the hangar?

    ANSWER: You'll be using one basic ship throughout the game as the foundation for hundreds of modular ship components. There are a massive array of parts you can acquire, and you aren't limited to those of a single source or alien species - you can build out your ship any way you like, from a tiny hummingbird to a massive bulldog. Some parts have slots to add more parts, and I'll just let that blow your mind for a while...

    We are including configuration "save slots", so you can quickly swap between preferred assemblies. That way you don't have to manually rebuild your ship every time you want to change your approach.

    Last updated:
  • There are missions where you must use drones as your primary weapon to reach your mission objectives, and the same goes for mines. As for turrets, that cruiser from the image there on the front page has seven turrets. Blow it up, take the turrets, put them on your ship. Please! :)

    The protagonist normally flies a fighter-class spaceship. There are a few missions that mix it up, including piloting the military cruiser seen on the front page. But there will be more opportunities when we get to the expansion pack - at that point we won't have continuity to worry about!

    Last updated:
  • Yes! Sometimes it will be necessary - we even have armor and engines explicitly designed for it. Other times it will be optional, but you can always head on over!

    The only thing to remember is that planets are pretty big. We're stocking the vast reaches of space with plenty of things to see and do, but if you head away from missions and populated areas and start poking around planets, most of what you'll see is unpopulated, unaltered terrain. We can't have a fully-featured planetary environment simulator and a space combat simulator as the same game.

    The expansion pack of course will feature several planetary environments where we expect you to drop in, and there will be a lot more to play with then. :)


    A bit more about the landing: we definitely will let you LAND the planet !!! We have advanced set of features related to this option. Before to land the planet you should check, is current configuration of your ship let you do this?
    For example, there are two types of ASP race armor: vanbram and danbram. The difference between both types is the following: the first armor's production is located in a planetary condition and that armor is a solid monolith. It's still strong, but not enough comparing to second one. Second type of armor consists of dozens of layers with small empty space between them. It's stronger, because it can be springy. From other point, this second armor will be broken after the flight in atmosphere, when pilot will turn back to vacuum due to the air and moisture between layers, which will explode the armor or will fix its layers. The first armor, being less strong, will keep its features in both space and atmosphere conditions.
    There are many other features, connected to the landing. But let us keep it closed for a while. Others already claimed us that we disclosed too much of game details in advance :)

    Last updated:
  • We'll absolutely provide the community with our tools for creating and editing mission scenarios.

    We want to let you make your own parts, we really do. Right now we predict many problems with physics and engine crashes due to the complexity of this feature. If we can't make it work, we've discussed community-voted assemblies; the top ones get sent to us, we integrate it into the game, and regularly post updates with your content seamlessly packaged (attributed under your name, of course). So we're very open to the idea of modding - there are just a few quirks to work out.

    Last updated:
  • What are the REPLAYABILITY FACTORS in the game?

    - different assembly of your ship - each time you can play your mission differently due to the different configuration of your spaceship

    - wide range of methods to destroy enemy ship (crash it on parts; shoot long until it will explode; blow up its engines making it unmanaged and wait until it will meet some huge asteroid on its path; etc.)

    - alternate path of a mission - even there in demo you can choose to kill the runner ship in the beginning of mission to prevent new fighters appearance later then. Or you can choose to focus your fire on faster demolition of main targets of the mission (2 big and 4 small transport ship) having in mind to destroy them faster than additional enemy fighter will appear

    - hidden "unfair" triggers - sometimes shit happens :) it's possible that your gang (which hired you) won the mission, but then they will decide to kill all hired members to not share the loot with too many pirates. In this case you can get the mission after mission, when you should survive or to try to escape as soon as possible - you live in space pirates world and must be prepared for such scenario ;)

    - Multiple characters - we have a bunch of characters with their names and well programmed personal features, who you will interact with, meeting them from time to time and interacting with them. Some of them will be your friends, others will be your permanent enemies - even pirates!

    - Unlockable content


    Last updated:
  • Does player ranks system let me get any RPG EXPERIENCE?

    Progressing in ranks the player gets access to different TYPES of missions, which he won't fulfill on his earlier stages. It is related to that set of weapons and devices, which have been collected for each rank. And for sure, it's related to his skills (real trained skills of the player) to operate with different flight models, different devices, weapons and to use different tactics in space combat.

    For example, a Thief should always pay the dealer to get each new deal. The only type of mission he can expect is a thieving mission, where he can steal some loot from a broken transport ship or grab goods in lost warehouse. He cannot fight against military crafts, being forced to flee when the military guard arrives.

    The gang of Robbers can attack a trade convoy, fighting the light armored guard, but they are still too weak against military squadrons. The Robber still has to pay for new deals, but he's able to attack rich and powerful targets, fighting military forces as well. Saboteur and other higher ranks comprise a level of pirate elite. Such ranks have a choice either to buy deals or to take exclusive proposals from unknown clients and to get paid for serving them. Exclusive proposals include such tasks as destroying some industrial object (shipyard, asteroid mining camp) or assassinating some VIP. Getting an exclusive proposal, the player will be paid for his service. But he still able to get new devices and technologies, captured during the mission.

    Here you can read more about ranks:

    Last updated:
  • QUESTION: Do you have any stretch goals?

    ANSWER: When we get closer to that point we’ll sit down with the backer community and have an open discussion about what you want for your stretch goals. We’ve been focused like a laser on the promises you see above - things we know for a fact we can deliver on. We do want to get the original books translated, so that’s the first 15k, and backers would receive at least the PDF for free. Beyond that, we’re going to be asking you that question... do YOU have any stretch goals?

    Last updated:
  • When are you planning to release BETA of the game?

    As for beta - we guess to get it available in 8 months as the latest. Alpha will be ready much earlier and we have in mind to invite our the most active backer to help us test it despite the fact it wasn't promised in rewards ;))

    Last updated:
  • Yes, we do! The reason why we still are not there on Steam - they have rules and they would like to see more finished game, than we have now. So we definitely will be there, but later, when we'll have a beta version ready.

    Last updated:
  • QUESTION: I was wondering how "hard" the physics will be in the game, i.e. Will there be gravity, orbit etc?

    ANSWER: we are planning to do nothing of such mentioned above. In Skyjacker we have no goal to create realistic simulator of the flight in Space. I guess, it would be very boring to play, Our goal is to make attractive game, where player could fly in space and shoot enemies. From other point, our current physics is complex enough, it includes shock wave and many other physical effects, which enrich space combat. And finally, we have an expansion pack, where will be around 15 planetary missions. In those missions we will use gravity for sure, cause it;s naturally to have a gravity flying over the planetary surface.

    Last updated:
  • QUESTION: Any chance of an English edition of the novels?

    ANSWER: The moment we hit 215k the Abyss Light book translations are paid for. We really cannot promise unreal or impossible rewards. We need a budget to translate books. They are big enough. In Russian version. First book's words count is 83 000 (150 pages of very dense text in MS Word), second book - 115 000 ( 212 pages) Furthermore, text itself is very specifically written - a lot of native alien slang, plus different narrative styles depending on race. For example, if there is a description of Balagore's adventure, narrative style is more criminal, like if one gangster would narrate some story to another one. And so on all over those books.

    In overall, it's planned to create 7-8 books in this game Universe. But translation of books is a very specific and not easy deal. So if we'll get extra budget, our first Stretch goal stretch will be books translation, I promise

    Last updated:

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    SETTLER EDITION: As the Community Edition, plus: all future content we make for Skyjacker for free, forever! We already have post-launch plans for an EXPANSION PACK of a few dozen additional missions where you step out of the shoes of humans and become the aliens - on both sides of the conflict. Smash the planetary colonies in the name of the pirate brotherhood, or fight to the death for the honor of your race! (Check out the FAQ for more details on the expansion pack.) Of course, we’ll promote you to the title of Settler on all our forums, so everyone knows you’re not afraid of commitment.

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    PIRATE EDITION: As the Settler Edition, plus: special thanks in the game credits as a Skyjacker supporter! We'll thank you by name, or the name of your choosing (subject to editorial approval). And we’ll upgrade your title to Pirate on the forums too, so everyone can shiver in terror at your presence. But here’s the best part - we’ll take all the downloads and put them on a professionally-packaged, pressed DVD. Then we’ll put it into your hands. No firewall in the world will stop you! (All physical items are exclusive to the campaign, and ship free within the US; please add $15 to your pledge for international shipping.)

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    CAPTAIN’S EDITION: As the Pirate Edition, plus: one t-shirt of any design. Protect your frail human flesh from the dangers of space! We’ll also ship you a limited edition print of the game poster in full size (36” x 24”) for your bedroom, barracks, hangar or gun cabinet. But what’s a Captain without a crew? We’ll give you TWO downloads of everything. All rewards from this point forward are bundle packs! This includes 2x beta releases, 2x forum handles, 2x wallpapers, 2x soundtracks - everything that isn’t physical. And we’ll thank you both in the credits, in even BIGGER letters, and on the forums with the even SNAZZIER title of Captain. We’ll thank you right now, just for reading this! Thank you!

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    WOLFPACK EDITION: As the Collector’s Edition, plus: we’ll hook all your friends up too by giving you FOUR downloads of everything and sending you FOUR Portable Skyjacker USB drives, each preloaded with the Complete Edition game. We’ll set you all up with the title of Privateer on the forum, and for the credits, we’ll thank all four of you by name, under the clan name of your choice and billed proudly above the Captains. Added bonus: we'll send out a second t-shirt of any design!

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    MEMEPACK EDITION: As the Wolfpack Edition, plus: we’ll add your message to the credits as your clan motto, anything you like (subject to editorial approval; keep it around Twitter-length, please). Plug your website, propose to your girlfriend, throw out your favorite quote, or make us spout memes and in-jokes at everyone who plays!

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    HARDCOVER EDITION: As the Memepack Edition, plus: the hardcover Skyjacker art book. Yes, we’ll sign it with pride! We’ll wrap it up in a third t-shirt of any design, a total of three, and call you out in the forums and credits as a Broker. Then we'll further acknowledge your financial acumen by putting your name in the game, as the designation of a weapon, part, planet, or ship (we’ll make sure it’s something you like). You’ll be a part of the Skyjacker universe from here on out.

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    BOSS EDITION: As the Hardcover Edition, plus: our designers will draw YOU, in full space pirate regalia. And then we'll put it on an exclusive jacket of your very own! Materials and exact design to be determined - but it'll be nice. We won’t try to sign this one. While that’s happening we'll attach your name to a character in-game (or leave it as a designation, your choice), and elevate you to the regal position of Boss on our forums and in the credits. Don't worry about the cost of shipping; even if you're outside the US, we'll take care of it. Nothing but the best for the Boss.

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    EPIC EDITION: As the Boss Edition, plus: we'll put you in the game. We'll animate YOU in 3D as the subject for a CUSTOM PLAYER CHARACTER. This includes your face and proportions, a personal logo, and the highest category of criminal community rating in the game. Only you can play as this character (we'll give you a secret code to activate it) but other players can hire you as an NPC, so they'll get to enjoy it too! You will be known across the skies as a true Hero... or a Villain, your choice.

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    LEGEND EDITION: As the Epic Edition, plus: with your permission, we'll use your character in our promotional campaigns. You'll be on our posters, in our trailers, and on whatever other media we produce. Your name will, in fact, be Legend. Furthermore we cordially invite you to come hang out with us in Los Angeles, CA, USA. We're from Russia - we know how to party. (Please contact us directly to make personal arrangements before the end of the campaign.)

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