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An Action RPG with rogue-lite elements about Will, a shopkeeper who dreams of becoming a hero.
An Action RPG with rogue-lite elements about Will, a shopkeeper who dreams of becoming a hero.
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    1. August Todd on

      I hope the backer weapon comes to PS4 soon :)

    2. Digital Sun Games Creator on

      @Gabriele Depedri
      As we said in the update, the backer weapon is only available (for the moment) in Steam. :)

    3. Gabriele Depedri on

      For the GOG DRM-free version, are the weapon keys already distributed? I did not find mine nor in my e-mail account, nor in the backerkit download section

    4. Dennis Johnen on

      I haven't received an email regarding the backer weapon, but I was able to claim the code via my backerkit page :)

    5. Uberfuzzy on

      I seriously thought the broom was the backer weapon.

    6. Kimbee on

      Looks good. Excited for when the update comes to PS4. :)

    7. Digital Sun Games Creator on

      Check your inbox, even in the spam folder. If you don't fond your key, login into and navigate into Digital Downloads. :)

    8. Prage on

      I didn't get any key for the weapon

    9. Digital Sun Games Creator on

      Redeeming the code you will make the weapon available. You can craft it again, enchant it, whatever. :)
      Don't worry, it didn't seem rude at all. :)
      @Matt Malone
      Theoretically it should be purchasable in Le Retalier. :)

    10. Missing avatar

      Matt Malone on

      @digital sun games. is there a way to make the broom again or reaquire it in the game if not then can you guys look into a way to make it so cause i sold mine to someone in the game.

    11. Josh on

      @Digital Sun Games - I'm sorry my comment initially I didn't mean to come across rude if it did, I just re-read it while checking for your response. Thank you for the reply, and I def am not upset on the switch delay, I imagine part of the delay is getting some of these other things you have been adding to the PC game rolled into the launch for switch so IMO when it does launch, it'll be closer to ya'll intended vision :) Keep up the good work, its really nice to see a dev being both active on their crowd funding campaign page AND on the game dev.

    12. Missing avatar

      Kord Ogden on

      Was the code sent in the email? I'm not seeing anything.

    13. Pandawan on

      So does redeeming the code only give you the backer bow once? Or like, can you get it again if you restart/reset your game?

    14. Missing avatar

      Edouard Van Belle on

      Me too, looking forward to September!

    15. Digital Sun Games Creator on

      @Aaron Russo
      It will. We are just preparing every platform step by step.

    16. Aaron Russo on

      For the weapon DLC it mentioned Steam. Is there a PS4 version?

    17. Missing avatar

      Nathan Tibbetts on

      I know others have already complained about the lack of the Linux build that was originally promised for launch, but I'm wondering if it would maybe be possible to release a beta/experimental build just so people can play it in whatever state it's currently in.

      Provided it's at least playable that could be a way to get additional people testing it and finding issues while allowing those of us that have been waiting for the Linux build an opportunity to play it with the understanding that it still has some bugs.

      Otherwise I just have a game "installed" in my game list mocking me with no real idea as to when I'll actually get to enjoy it -_-

    18. Missing avatar

      Robbie Gray on

      Games great and you guys are awesome! I was just hoping the backer weapon would be something more unique that functions differently than the rest of the weapons in the game but instead we get a more powerful bow? It's whatever but kinda a let down compared to how great the games been.

    19. Missing avatar

      Jason on

      When is the switch version coming for this? Waiting patiently :)

    20. Digital Sun Games Creator on

      Cool! :)
      @Thomas Riddell
      Thanks for your kind words, we appreciate them. <3

    21. Thomas Riddell on

      I meant game! Why can’t you edit comments here lol

    22. Thomas Riddell on

      You guys are a shining example of what great gems devs do!

    23. drmandarin

      @DSG: Thanks; reinstalled and problem resolved.

    24. Digital Sun Games Creator on

      @Miks Kalnins
      As I already said to one of our backers:
      We have some minor problems with the Linux version of the game and we are still trying to solve them. The roadmap only talks about the content that will be added to the game, it does not mention bug fixing tasks or platform support (which is always a priority inside the studio and it is performed in parallel with the content addition). We are doing our best and putting all our effort to this game because you deserve it.

    25. Miks Kalnins on

      I backed because of the Linux version. It was promised on the launch. Game is already at version 1.7.

      I knew they will not deliver when there was no beta for Linux. Never going to support these guys again.

    26. Digital Sun Games Creator on

      This message normally appears when you don't have a game installed in Steam and you try to include an add-on on it. Is it your case? If not, see if in your Games List, clicking in Moonlighter, on the main page, your DLC (Backer Special Weapon) is installed.
      You should have received a message in your account email. Anyway, you can log into backerkit, navigate into Digital Downloads redeem the code there. :)

    27. Missing avatar

      Huntsmanner on

      Hi where do we get the code to redeem the weapon?

    28. Nathan Erickson

      Very nice. Looking forward to NG+ and Halloween themed items the most. Cmon Fall get here already

    29. drmandarin

      When I enter the backer weapon key in Steam I get this message:
      "Steam failed to install Moonlighter - Backer Special Weapon (invalid app configuration)".
      Is this a known issue?

    30. Digital Sun Games Creator on

      We are working hard to have the Switch version as fast as possible. We have no news regarding the Switch version, we are just putting most of our effort on it. As @Yotam Ivgi said: :)

    31. Josh on

      so, literally zero status update information for switch backers?

    32. Yotam Ivgi on

      Can't wait for the 28!