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An Action RPG with rogue-lite elements about Will, a shopkeeper who dreams of becoming a hero.
An Action RPG with rogue-lite elements about Will, a shopkeeper who dreams of becoming a hero.
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    1. Alejandro Checa Grande on

      Hi, I received a Steam key to activate the product, but it states that is only the beta and can't be installed on Linux. Are you having any Linux related issues at the moment? Is this how it is supposed to be? I was hoping I could decide to take GOG key instead of Steam too. I also changed my email recently so not sure if on my backerkit it's updated. Thanks for your help.

    2. Digital Sun Games Creator on

      @Travis Right now the plan is around late September, but there is no official date yet ;)

    3. Travis Stindt on

      Have there been any Switch updates recently? Haven't heard anything since the delay announcement months ago. Would love an update as I've stayed away from this game entirely as to not spoil anything. Can't wait to play it :)

    4. Digital Sun Games Creator on

      @Maurits we are working on them, it's taking much longer than expected due to how DLCs work in consoles, but it's ready.

    5. Missing avatar

      Maurits on

      Are in-game rewards implimented? I still haven't got any of these

    6. Missing avatar

      Robert Armbruster on

      So, i am really enjoying the game so far but have run into a few issues (XboxOne). First, after customizing my controls, I cannot get the game to restore to default. Case in point, i switched the "A" button to swap my weapons without realizing that this is also the "activate" button (open chests and the like), so once seeing this i restored it to default. However i am now PERMANENTLY stuck with the "A" button switching my weapons. i even uninstalled and re-installed but no dice. i'd have to erase my savegame data which is what i'll most likely do. Second, after making my Gauntlets into Forest Spirit Gloves and enchanting them to +++, i decided to try out the Great Sword for a bit and put the gauntlets into my Merchent Chest. I played w it for a few hours and then went to grab my gloves for the next harder dungeon but the Gloves had LOST THE ENCHANTMENT. Thats like i had tossed 200k down the tube for no damn reason i can think of. Lastly, the bargain bin (Sale bin) doesnt seem to work. no profits are listed at the end of the day and i get no money when customers pick up items. Sorry for dumping this on an update comment section but i cannot find a support page, contact info, or anything anywhere. i am a $60 backer so i hope to see the physical rewards as well as the stretch goal stuff soon. So excited for the Hardcore mode and Dungeon-Specific Weapons and Armor!!!!

    7. Cat

      Having a ton of fun with the game proper (at the tech dungeon), but any word on physical rewards? I can't wait to wear the shirt all around everywhere!

    8. Melvin Co on

      Thanks for the email addr.
      The "Installation" issue was fixed after a restart of my rig and resuming the download.
      it works now. Haven't encountered the issue on the death animation. though there are instance of lag. though not frequent. it sometimes makes me panic a bit.
      this is addicting. :)

    9. Ronny Borchgrevink on

      Hi. Love the game, but the savegame file gets corrupted every time i quit the game, and I have to delete and restart it all over everytime. I´m playing on a ps4.

    10. Missing avatar

      Shamon Beckham on

      Is there a delay on the Steam version of the game? It says my key is still pending in the backerkit.

    11. Hunter Harris

      Oh ok. I must have missed that update.

    12. Digital Sun Games Creator on

      Hi all!
      @Hunter Harris Hi! We announced months ago that the Switch version was delayed. It will be launched on Q3 2018. :)
      @Kyle Harpster The version of the key is the updated version. Please, let me know is you still have some problems to play the final version.
      @Melvin Co We are aware of this issue. Please, send us an email to for more information.


    13. Hunter Harris

      So still no switch key? Would appreciate some communication and transparency.

    14. Melvin Co on

      encountered some weird stuff. first from GOG. it says "installation failed." but I can run the game by executing the .exe directly in the folder. another in-game. my first death (not from the tutorial) .. that seems stucked. like Will is just standing though death animation should be executed by that time. where should I report this, by the way? :D

      but still ... this is beautifully crafted game. reminiscing.

    15. Kyle Harpster on

      Key is for a beta version of the game?!?

    16. Hunter Harris

      Any switch updates? Still don't see my key

    17. David Strohmayer on

      Oh, i the previous mail it said that the DRM-Free version will be released later... OK, got it :-)

    18. David Strohmayer on

      Can someone please point me to where to download the game? At backerkit i see "Moonlighter Game DRM-Free (Windows/Mac/Linux)" but i can only download the manual and wallpapers??

    19. Missing avatar

      Juha Leppälä

      A very enjoyable experience so far (only completed the golem dungeon)

    20. Missing avatar

      MGoBirch on

      Well done everyone, the gameplay is addicting, the options plentiful, the soundtrack brilliant, and the artwork enchanting!

    21. Frits Vandenweghe on

      I haven’t congratulated all of you yet!
      Great job, can’t wait to play!
      Hopefully a mac release very soon, been waiting to play since closed beta 😅