Moonlighter - ARPG with rogue-lite and shopkeeping elements

by Digital Sun Games

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    1. Martin Kaca on

      Would there be a way to addon a copy for the switch instead of switching over an existing copy? I wouldn't mind owning it for both PC and my Switch. If so, what would the cost be for this and how would I have to go about doing it?

    2. Misia Clive on

      Hi is there a way to know which platform you chose? I honestly can't even remember if it was PC or PS4.. I'm thinking of changing to the Switch but I just can't remember which I chose first... thanks!

    3. Dave on

      So you say that the game can be played fully on PC, does that mean the game is ready on PC or people who have it on PC can play it?

    4. Brian

      +1 to the ability to buy a backer copy for Switch in addition to my PC copy.

    5. Stéphan Zych on

      Oh nice ! This is another (good) reason to buy the Nintendo Switch !! :D
      +1 to the ability to buy a backer copy for Switch in addition to my PC copy.

    6. Kimbee on

      I'd just like to say—that trailer is AMAZING. Great quality and sound. And I love how the Joy-Con controllers open up to reveal the console at the end. What a great nod to the Switch.

      I'm really looking forward to this game's release. And happy to hear that you're in the beginning stages of tackling physical backer rewards. I chose the retro physical game box as an add-on to my initial pledge, so I'm super excited to see what you come up with. Any news on the OST? I seem to recall you guys scrapped/parted ways with the original game composer.

      Also, hurray for the nod to Deiland! I voted in favor of it when it was featured at the Square Enix Collective a couple weeks back. I'm definitely supporting those guys. The game looks like a ton of fun.

      Keep up the great work!!

    7. Digital Sun Games Creator on

      Hi there!

      You can see what's your currently selected platform by entering your backer profile here: (you need your backer mail in order to log in).

      About the Add-On, it's probably not possible at the moment :/

      Thanks for your support!

    8. limitlis on

      Well this is embarrassing, I checked my reward level on kickstarter instead of backerkit... so my Switch from submission is wrong, should've been from XBOX One instead of DRM Free. Sorry about that. Let me know if I should do a second submission or leave it be

    9. limitlis on

      Also, technically everyone will have the ability to purchase an additional copy for their switch, it'll just probably have to be at regular price.

      But honestly these guys deserve it, the game is looking amazing and I can't wait to get my hands on it.

    10. limitlis on

      Looks like I received an email with my response to the form, so I was able to go in and change it.

    11. Digital Sun Games Creator on

      @Cesar Thanks for letting us know everything is now solved :) (And for your support as well).

    12. Christopher Lee on

      Hmmmm....I didn't see this until today....Oh well....

    13. Missing avatar

      Felix Barros on

      I didn't see this until today either :|

    14. Digital Sun Games Creator on

      @Christopher, contact us via and we'll see what we can do ;)

      @Felix We have already answered you via private message.

    15. Michael Collin on

      HI, I just see that my change for my backer ps4 copy for Nintendo Switch didn't work. There's is a way to look if you really received my answer ? I want it on Nintendo Switch, but I realized with the comment... maybe I was late for the change ?! Not sure. Thank for your help and I'm looking forward for this game. -Michael

    16. Digital Sun Games Creator on

      @Michael We'll send a confirmation to all backers who have already paid in few weeks, don't worry. If there's any problem, we'll let you know too.

      Also, feel free to write us at :)

    17. Michael Collin on

      Thank you, I just received a email to give me the chance to change to Nintendo Switch. I really appreciate the help you give to me. Let's me wishes Happy Holidays for all the team. :)

    18. Digital Sun Games Creator on

      @Michael good to know that everything is solved now :D

      Happy Holidays too!

    19. Stéphan Zych on

      I know is supposed to be to let to get the Switch version but... is it really ? I'm really considering to buy the Switch and it would be another reasons to do it. :-)

    20. Missing avatar

      Arthur F Sintef II on

      I have already paid my $10.00 To switch to the Switch BUT am getting E-Mails telling me that I have until Jan 8 2018 to pay.. It is already PAID.. I sent an E-Mail to someone with copy of the receipt many days ago but have not heard back.. Holiday Season I guess
      Please Check & Get back to me. I have Paypal Paid Receipt

    21. Digital Sun Games Creator on

      Hi @Stephan send us an email to and we'll see what we can do :)

    22. Digital Sun Games Creator on

      @Arthur we are having some issues with the email. Of course, if you already paid you don't have to worry. Send us an email to so we can confirm everything is correct. Sorry for the inconveniences! :(