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Fund new video sketches premiered at a live show at the end of Nov -- the original local online can only make Season 2 with your help!

HELLO!  In January 2012, after two years of careful planning and saving, I quit my job to create an online comedy show about Seattle called Local Brew. Episode 1 launched on January 24th and over the next several weeks it was followed by 5 more episodes. After a pitch to KING5 and no money left to burn we hung em up. Then we unhung them(?) and here we are ready to make Local Brew, Season 2. That means at least 30 minutes of new material, premiered at a live show this November.  

To be honest, I don't like asking for money but I can't do another show without financial support. Kickstarter funds will be used exclusively for the personnel, props, wigs (see above), and craft services it takes to produce segments and sketches in a not so "highly illegal" and "surprisingly ghetto" fashion. I'm not a genius scientist and or a world healing doctor, but if I can make people laugh for a living and encourage everyone to get involved in their community I will have found the right use for my gifts. Local Brew is my outlet for that and I want to give it another try. you may be asking yourself the following:


A full length version of Local Brew, including 30 minutes of sketches, music, me drinking, on the street shenanigans, Tim being Tim, and more.  All of this new content will be premiered at a live show in the Market Theater in Pike Place at the end of November. A $50 pledge gets you a ticket to that show, but the content will be publicly released over time as individual videos.   


I don't know, but Local Brew is Seattle's Online Comedy Show. Best known for the "Welcome to Seattle" music parody, Homeless or Hipster, and the "Snowmageddon" movie trailer. Haven't seen it before?  Start with a simple sketch about soliciting downtown.  To be clear: There are no cats, half naked women, or half naked cats in any videos [yet], but there are videos that you'd have to live here to laugh at. Beyond the videos, there is a community blog highlighting benefit events around the city, a tumblr with pictures (!!), and a facebook page to prove we're legit.


Wow, relax dude. There are plenty of reasons to give up ("Have you read the Youtube comments lately?") and if I listened to any of them, I wouldn't have ever even tried.  If we don't reach our goal, I'll throw in the towel for good and walk away from Seattle knowing we tried our best (and then once more for good measure).


Yup. If you've ever enjoyed any of the show, we made it without asking for anything. If you don't pledge anything I won't be upset, but if you share a link to this page in some form (cafeteria table, office meeting, sky writing, twitter) that is magical enough.  I also can't believe you read this much.  Time for a draaank.



Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

The same challenges in season 1 will definitely come up again, mainly producing a high volume of different quality sketches in such a short time. However, the biggest challenge is funding. I'm not a marketing genius, a trust fund baby, or a guy with a lot of connections to mooch from. I'm a dude who likes to make stuff and make people lol or at least gol (giggle out loud?).

I risk failing. I risk letting you down. I risk letting down the friends that volunteered their time and talents for everything we've already made. I risk judgment, acceptance, and generally feeling dumb for asking for this after resisting it for so long.

Without risk there can't be reward. That's in the Bible. These are challenges I plan to take head on so when all is said and done, we can all laugh together. Let's dance.


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