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Let’s publish Wonder 3 — We’ve returned to one of our past campaign titles to try one more time! We have less than a day left!!!
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A Word From DMI's President

Posted by digitalmanga (Creator)

Dear all our Kickstarter backers,

First of all, please accept my sincere apology for causing such a considerable delay in fulfilling your books and rewards. Since you put a lot of trust in Digital Manga when you pledged for this campaign, my heart truly aches. Due to the fact that our Kickstarter-driven manga publishing was an unexplored project, that none of us had ever challenged before, we encountered multiple problems and difficulties that we could not fully foresee.
In regards to Kimagure Orange Road, we never would have expected for Matsumoto-sensei to be struck down by his life-threatening illness while the campaign was still ongoing and we ended up not being able to obtain his hand-drawn shikishi and other exclusive reward items as we had initially planned. Being, also, responsive to the needs and requests of all the backers, we have put a significant amount of our own resources into each campaign and that in turn has made our financial situation weakened.

Despite of all of the above, I am here to pledge that we will do our very best to fulfill our obligation and deliver your books and rewards as soon as we practically can.
You will be seeing all of your campaigned books / rewards coming to your door slowly but steadily in the near future.

Thank you very again for your continuing support.


Hikaru Sasahara
Digital Manga, Inc.

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    1. RPGamer79 on


      We appreciate your commitment for these projects, and I hope the current situation will not stop release more Tezuka titles in the future. We will support you all the way long, I personally very thankful for the efforts provided in the past ^^

    2. Victoria Harris

      I hadn't even realised there were people whose pledges were still outstanding on that one. I hope you receive your Under the Air books soon. I suspect this means that even once the books are printed for this one, shipping will probably take some time.

    3. Jákup Fuglø

      Glad to hear it but I noticed this update wasn't sent to the Under the Air project. I hope you're not considering that project done yet because I have still not received what I pledged for from it. Hope to receive the items soon because I believe most backers on it have received their items so I'm feeling quite left out.

    4. Victoria Harris

      I do believe given this update that he very much intends to try and fulfill our orders, which is something at least and it's good to have a long overdue update. However, I think for now some caution on whether these good intentions will come to fruition is prudent. I genuinely hope that the optimism here is well placed but I will only be happy when I finally have the books in my hands.

    5. Munenori

      Thank you for letting us know. It is much appreciated after such a long silence. Would it be an option to release everything digitally first to all backers who pledged for their copies so we can have at least something a bit quicker?

    6. HanZ on

      I still keep faith in your team and wish things will go beautifully.

    7. Randall Cyrenne on

      This update, while long overdue, is welcome. Thank-you. I look forward to seeing the books, and wish you the best with your business.

    8. Missing avatar

      Michael Holzinger on

      Appreciate the "update" - even if it is an exact copy of the KOR update, but I also feel you need to actually answer some questions. Are all the books for this Kickstarter printed and in your warehouse? Also, I'm also willing to cover the shipping just to get my books and be done.

    9. Jackal Luppi Bowman on

      Y'all doubted me for having faith in DMP. but look upon their works ye mighty and despair.

    10. Missing avatar

      Jordan Swartz on

      Glad to have an update on the project. I personally am waiting patiently for the final products, and understand that not all Kickstarters are successful. Please keep the backers updated - good news or bad.

    11. Missing avatar

      Stephen Barnard on

      At least it's something. We'll see if it actually pans out.

    12. Robert Battersby on

      Good to hear this is still going forward.
      I wish you all the best and hope you can turn things around financially. I really love what you've all brought to the manga community and it would be a shame for this to be the end.

    13. Colton Clayton on

      I'm glad to hear it Mr. Sasahara. I look forward to enjoying the bountiful haul I pledged for, and will treasure it in my growing Tezuka Collection.

    14. Missing avatar

      AstroBBoy on

      Thankyou for letting us know - honestly that's exactly what we wanted.