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Let’s publish Wonder 3 — We’ve returned to one of our past campaign titles to try one more time! We have less than a day left!!!
Let’s publish Wonder 3 — We’ve returned to one of our past campaign titles to try one more time! We have less than a day left!!!
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    1. wesley holtkamp about 6 hours ago

      So they just have been told by the state of Califonia behind DMP's back that they failed to file a annual report mmm ... Can this freaking drama end already.
      Perhaps ANN just thew fire on the oil for nothing but i really want answers soon !!!
      I had no even wanted to comment and give them the benefit of the doubt until at lest the end of the year since it seemed they where shipping out other things.

      One has to woder what they gonna have to come up with once they wanna actually start a new project cause some trust must have been lost (forever) well delivering the current goods would help for sure.

      Once again i am caught in between the trap of just getting Tezuka in other languages and the drama with English Publishing since Vertical dropped it ...
      The whole problem with that is however that Westrn languages have the same structure but the many stuff i have in Japanese doesn't come out to well with the google translate app.

      But if DMP actually where to go down with the deadgrip they where having on Tezuka it might as well be that nobody else is ever going to Publish the remainder of Tezuka manga in English ever period ... After all most titles that DMP did few people actually knew but they wanted them because it was Tezuka.
      There's not that many pubilshers out there wanting to do that 7 seas might be a good example of a company that might wanna do it but it still remains to be seen how good that classic manga collection is actually doing.

      Meanwhile 2 Italian pubilshers have struck a deal with Tezuka Productions to make haste releasing more Tezuka manga at a faster pace and they just have regular distribution amazon etc when comparing that to English all this crowdfunding stuff seems pretty ridiculous you would think the entire English industry would be way bigger then just 40 million Italians.

    2. Victoria Harris about 8 hours ago

      Not great but I'm not sure it's entirely new news. We already know they're in financial trouble but their website is still trading. What is actually going on is anyone's best guess at the moment. It's been a month and a half since this last update, so another one some time soon would be nice.

    3. Triltaison 3 days ago

      @Brendan H: Thanks for the update that something was received! It's one thing to hear that stuff will be sent out, but quite another to hear that it actually was.

    4. Missing avatar

      R. Kasahara 4 days ago

      Gotta tell you all, seeing the slow but steady progress that the KOR Kickstarter has been making is encouraging. Lindsay's been doing a good job, and I hope at the very least that this level of communication keeps up. Also hope that they have some books left over afterward >_>;

    5. Brendan H 5 days ago

      @Triltaison I can confirm KOR items have been shipped and some have arrived with backers. Mine arrived awhile ago.

    6. Daniel Benayun on

      Would love an update :-(

    7. Boss Aesop on

      Also these purchases should be eligible for free updates when new editions of the titles are ultimately released...

    8. Boss Aesop on

      DMI could sell new digital titles of Tezuka manga to help fulfill this kickstarter?

    9. Jákup Fuglø

      @Triltaison: They say everything's been sent out to the 1st tier KOR backers and now they're moving up to the next tier. There's typically the most backers in the mid-tiers so those will take a while to ship out but then the backer number drops drastically in the top tiers.
      Haven't heard how they define the tiers or how they work so I'm not sure what tier I'm in or if I got bumped up in tiers because of my add-ons. Just hope I won't have to wait too long although my work's pretty busy till about October so I'll be too busy to worry much about it till then.

    10. Triltaison on

      I just noticed that people in the KOR campaign are potentially getting rewards sent out. If anyone happens to also be in this one, could you please share if/when you receive anything? It would be very appreciated.

    11. Missing avatar

      vandeetz on

      @Jeffrey sadly the problem is they're not capable of delivering either of those at this point.

      I'd like to know where the money ear marked for this project went? Does anyone know what the rules regarding funds usage are? Clearly some of the money goes toward salaries, building rent, and other overheard costs not strictly related to the project. However, its dishonest at the very least to be using funds from other kickstarters to prop up others areas of your business.

      It feels like this is the company equivalent of a creator contractor that's always starting jobs to connect monies to put toward unfinished projects. Unfortunately in then end there's always someone holding the bag and it could be us this time...

    12. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey Meyer on

      15 months later. How about our books in the mail or our money back, motherfuckers?

    13. Marcus Woodman on

      I sincerely hope that I'm misunderstanding, but did you seriously use money from this project to fulfill rewards for your other projects? That's unethical and not how Kickstarter is supposed to work, at all. The money raised for Wonder 3 is for Wonder 3; funds should not be used for KOR or any other project.

      As long as you intend on using Kickstarter to translate and print titles, you should use the funds ethically. Otherwise, find a different funding method that allows you to allocate money where it's needed.

      If I am mistaken, please do not hesitate to correct me. I would rather not be left with a bitter taste in my mouth if I am misunderstanding what DMP is doing with the money raised in the W3 project.

    14. Missing avatar

      James Newman

      Why do I get the feeling they basically ran out of money and only now that they have the money from their most recent campaigns can they afford to get this printed.... which likely means the funding taken from those campaigns will mean that stuff will be under funded... until of course their next KS funds. As much as I love these books, I just cant justify backing another one of these with how badly this has all been run.

    15. Gianluca Gentili on

      I understand - and share - the disappointment, but I also think that we need to be realistic and pragmatic here. From the tone of the update - "Printing and Shipping are the most expensive and costly factors to this Kickstarter and may take some time to getting around to. Especially since it will ship out after two big KickStarters" - my sense is that we won't see the books for *at least* another 12 months. I may be wrong, but considering how long it took to complete just the shipping process (never mind the printing) for the Crater KS, I don't see how it would be possible for all of us to get these books before the end of 2019.
      If pledging $30 would cut the waiting time by 1/3, I would definitely do so.
      Also (in response to a question asked on the "Update" page) I don't see how this could represent an issue for Kickstarter. First, because KS has not yet put in place any mechanism for redress in case of unfulfillment of projects, and so I don't see how KS could honestly prevent us from taking steps to have our project fulfilled. Secondly, because people are legally allowed to donate money to whoever they want and there is nothing that KS can do to prevent that.
      Any thoughts?

    16. Missing avatar

      liam wilson

      @Michael Miller-Sprafke this isn't theft. theft is the action or crime of stealing, however since you gave them money willingly they didn't steal from you. the word you're probablt thinking of is scam, however that doesn't seem appropriate either because DMP made it pretty clear they will get us the things we pledged for, they will definitely be late, but we will get them.

    17. Victoria Harris on

      @Gianluca Personally if I knew it was guaranteed to get me my books I would chip in another $30, although I'm disappointed that the funds we already put forward weren't enough to cover shipping and printing.

    18. Michael Miller-Sprafke on

      @Gianluca I would spend much more than $30 but I can’t reward this theft with more money, and I can’t trust DMP. Your stipulation was implied in the original deal: had I known that the funds I pledged weren’t going to this actual kickstarter, I certainly wouldn’t have contributed.

    19. Triltaison on

      So... the majority of the books were ready to be sent to the printers back in October 2017 according to that month's status. The latest update (thank you for an update!) was a little vague... Shipping I understand, but were ANY of the books printed at all? Will we get an update when/if whatever materials are sent to the printers? Are the incomplete Kickstarters being fulfilled in order of age of launch or of which is the furthest along in completion? I'm perfectly fine with the KOR crowd getting theirs first, but I would like to know if there's a particular gameplan.

      And again, just a general thank you for acknowledging us again. We appreciate any news you can bring us, Lindsay.

    20. CJ Thom on

      Seems those have been there since 2015, but at least their online shop puts it all in one place now (I don't do digital, personally)

    21. CJ Thom on

      Seems their eManga website has these books up digitally for sale AND they added the following Tezuka manga (digital only):
      Age of Adventure
      Lemon Kid
      Leo the Lion Cub
      Mr Cactus
      New Treasure Island
      The Castle of Dawn
      The Shinsengumi

      While I would be interested in having these books physically, I hope DMP doesn't do anymore Kickstarters until they fulfill their current 4. No one is going to trust them on the next one otherwise (though having these already translated should hopefully cut down costs and time, but I somehow doubt it). They've already left a bad enough taste, but it seems they're finally starting to overhaul and get back to work at least. Some may refuse to be won back over, but I'm still a sucker for Tezuka.

    22. Gianluca Gentili on

      In a discussion on Facebook commenting on this update, a backer wondered whether, in order to expedite things and bring this project to completion faster, other backers would be willing to contribute an additional $20 or $30 to this project.
      Personally, I wouldn't mind chipping in some additional money to ensure this project sees the end and books are shipped in - let's say - the next 6 months. What do other backers think of this idea?
      Naturally, the primary condition would be that DMP must use this additional money ONLY on this KS project, not on any other. I also wonder if DMP could give us an estimate of the sum that would be needed to print and ship all the books.

    23. Victoria Harris on

      Whilst it's nice to have an update, there isn't a awful lot of substance to it other than they're working on it. Still no timeline, which is what I was really hoping for. It's not new information that cashflow is an issue here- maybe they're waiting for revenue from their website to finance the printing and shipping. Still I don't think we're seeing these books before 2019.

    24. Michael Aronson on

      "Printing and Shipping are the most expensive and costly factors to this Kickstarter and may take some time to getting around to."

      Why are you telling us this? We already paid. If printing and shipping cost more than you originally anticipated, you should be footing the extra cost.

    25. Cang Ling Yee

      Nonsense update!
      You guys shouldn’t mix the funds between different projects. That will jeopardize everything. If all of the books here are truly done, just send it to print and fulfill this project already. Strike while the iron is hot.

      Your other two projects is still far away from the finish line and we are supposed to wait for those to finish? Do you even have the funds to fulfill this one afterwards?

    26. Missing avatar

      vandeetz on

      Seems like money troubles are a huge obstacle, to the point that they can't even purchase shipping materials for the higher tiers. I'm hopeful that project as well as this one are completed, but that's an ominous statement. Have to hope they start making money from the new online store or these kickstarters are screwed

    27. Missing avatar

      R. Kasahara on

      @Michael Thanks for sharing; happy for those backers, as they've been waiting far too long for their books. Hopefully this means DMP's gotten their act together. Fingers crossed for the rest of us...

    28. Missing avatar

      Michael Holzinger on

      For backers that didn't back the KOR campaign, we have an update from DMP over there.

    29. Iyasu Nagata on

      I received a reply from eManga saying "Hey iyasuN, I asked but unfortunately we can not add your KS add-ons onto an order placed via eManga"

      It really doesn't make any sense to treat backers like this.

    30. Jackal Luppi Bowman on

      I understand you guys have a lot of negative criticisms right now and have heavy financial pressures, but you should know many of us will feel at ease and forgive and forget once kickstarter promises are fulfilled. If the print editions really are printing right now, all we ask for is a sliver of evidence that it is the case that we will see our physical editions within this year. The last up date was 2 months ago and while that wasn't the worst update drought of the kickstarter, communication is key. Most of us would rather know what the situation is than live in constant doubt and anxiety that our money was wasted.

    31. Boss Aesop on

      Digital Manga is a business yes?

    32. Boss Aesop on

      From wiki "Transparency, as used in science, engineering, business, the humanities and in other social contexts, is operating in such a way that it is easy for others to see what actions are performed. It has been defined simply as "the perceived quality of intentionally shared information from a sender".[1] Transparency implies openness, communication, and accountability."

    33. Iyasu Nagata on

      Digital Manga, if I make a purchase on, will you mail my 4 add-ons in the same box?
      If there is additional shipping cost, I will pay it.

      My add-ons:
      The Crater Omnibus Ed. (Print Edition)
      Under the Air (Print Edition)
      Clockwork Apple (Print Edition)
      Crime And Punishment (Print Edition)

    34. Iyasu Nagata on

      To clarify, I agree that all backers should receive equal treatment. I am encouraging Digital Manga to comply with everyone's wishes, whatever their individual preference is at this point, after so much delay and uncertainty about this campaign. Regular communication from Digital Manga should not be something special. We should not have to post so many messages just to receive basic updates. If Digital Manga cannot send out simple communication, it shouldn't be doing Kickstarter campaigns. The way Digital Manga is handling the legacy of Dr. Osamu Tezuka is awful. It must improve, or it must end.

    35. tsundere1ftw on

      Everyone should be treated equally.
      And they should/and probably have to keep it to 1 shipment per person.

    36. Triltaison on

      Thanks for sharing, Nagata. Any word from them is welcome, even though it had to come through the most obtuse channels.

    37. Victoria Harris on

      I asked if there will be another update with a timeline. Hopefully they will tell us something after this meeting.

    38. Iyasu Nagata on

      Hi fellow backers, here is an update from DM: "We must treat all the backers equally and can't made special exceptions for any one individual, regardless of who they maybe or what persons they may know.
      Late this week, we will be meeting with a few Tezuka Production members to discuss the current issue at hand together.
      We fully understand your concerns, due to the projects delay, but please know we are working tirelessly to bring it all to completion." Please voice your requests to DM. They replied on Facebook:…

    39. Iyasu Nagata on

      Digital Manga,
      It's good that you finally responded. As I replied:
      If I don't receive my 4 add-ons by next week, I am reporting to Tezuka Productions. I have been there and I know people there. The President and Board will receive a full report of the negative experiences you have caused your backers, and my strongest recommendation to sever any and all connection with Digital Manga. I strongly suggest you consider what you are obligated to do for the people who backed you, and do the right thing.

    40. Iyasu Nagata on

      Digital Manga,

      You're now selling physical copies of the 4 add-on books I paid for, so I want to receive my copies.

      I also paid for all of the W3 campaign physical books, but just send me digital copies for those instead. If you ever do print the books, you can keep the copies I paid for.

      Again, I see that on you're now selling physical copies of the 4 add-ons I paid for more than a year ago.

      I have been requesting them for weeks now.

      If I hear from you that those books are sold out, that will be unforgivable.

      You're open for business online now, so send me my books. I paid for them in April 2017.

      Reply ASAP.

    41. Boss Aesop on

      I realize I backed the Tezuka calendar tier. A 2017 Calendar in 2018 or 2019 seems useless. I'd like the Tezuka photo book instead.

    42. braden malnic on

      I still really want these books. Please update with some actual specifics about what’s going to happen moving forward with this campaign.

    43. Iyasu Nagata on

      Digital Manga, I need a reply.

      You're now selling physical copies of the add-ons I paid for more than a year ago, so I want to receive my copies.

      I also paid for all of the W3 campaign physical books, but it doesn't look like they will be printed any time soon, so I want to receive digital copies of those. If you ever do print the books, you can keep the copies I paid for.

      It has been a long and frustrating wait with this campaign and I want to end it on a good note, so that it's possible to support Digital Manga again in the future.

      I need a reply ASAP.

    44. Lisa Kraus Gardner on

      Thanks Stephen Barnard! I too was scammed by the KS Crater campaign in 2011, also missed DM’s Under the Air campaign, and was outbid on The Crater on eBay. I just ordered all four books from eManga.

    45. Boss Aesop on

      Please send notifications if/when shipping. Thanks!

    46. Boss Aesop on

      Please send notifications if/when shipping. Thanks!

    47. Missing avatar

      Stephen Barnard on

      The Emanga website updated, with the new Tezuka books there in digital formats, and the previous Kickstarter's books available for sale as well. Which I'm thankful for, since I missed that one. Glad I lost an ebay auction for The Crater now -- really dodged a bullet, and it's nice to finally have closure after that scam Crater KS from years ago.

      Hopefully this means they're getting things worked out and we'll see our books soon, but I do agree that the people who backed physical should probably get the ebooks as well, after waiting so long.

    48. Missing avatar

      vandeetz on

      Honestly with all the problems we've had with these kickstarters, it would be a nice sign of good faith if they opened up the digital versions to those who only backed physical books.

      I know that wouldn't be fair to those paid for both, but there's got to be a way to open up some consistent dialogue and show some good will. Allowing everyone to enjoy the books would be a great start. Plus it would be nice to get something as I'm not convinced I'll ever get the physical copies at this point

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