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Let’s publish Wonder 3 — We’ve returned to one of our past campaign titles to try one more time! We have less than a day left!!!
Let’s publish Wonder 3 — We’ve returned to one of our past campaign titles to try one more time! We have less than a day left!!!
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    1. Victoria Harris 39 minutes ago

      Feels increasingly likely this isn't happening. Disappointing because I was really happy with my Under the Air books. Would be nice to get a refund (although honestly I'd like the books more) but I don't see that being possible. Such a shame. Wish they could just come clean if they are really out of business/ broke.

    2. Missing avatar

      Stephen Barnard about 5 hours ago

      I missed out on other DMP kickstarters, got fucked on the Crater one, and now this one's gone dark as well. Faaaantastic.

    3. Missing avatar

      R. Kasahara 1 day ago

      Good roundup of information about the current status of DMP's Kickstarters, and recent rumors -

      Link via The Manga Critic, which has some additional commentary -

      Glad that the manga blogosphere is paying attention to all this.

    4. Missing avatar

      AstroBBoy 3 days ago

      Regardless of their finances, it doesn't cost anything to log on and write something to us.

    5. Missing avatar

      R. Kasahara 3 days ago

      The Psyche Delico Kickstarter got an update on the 9th; it can be read by non-backers -

      Summary: All of the merchandise for that project is done, and half of the books are ready to print. They also apologize for the delays and share the latest contact info.

      The June Kickstarters are generally run by different people than the others, but this is exactly the sort of update that the rest of DMP's unfulfilled campaigns currently need. DMP, please let us know what's going on!

    6. Missing avatar

      J Playtis 5 days ago

      An unofficial update is great and all, but an official one is prefered, especially one that promises more openess about what is happening.

      We are all investors in this after all.

      I want to support stuff like this and KOR, and would like to give Digital Manga the benefit of the doubt, but there's so many things that cast a dark shadow over this and the KOR campaign.

    7. Missing avatar

      Jessica Stapf 5 days ago

      @tsundere1ftw thanks for sharing that, confidence restored

    8. Colton Clayton 5 days ago

      DMP has been good to me over the years, I'll at least hold the faith for a bit longer. Maybe since I was the first backer on this project, mine'll get shipped out first, lol.

    9. Daniel Benayun 6 days ago

      I had said it before and I will say it again.

      Try and remember all the good the DMP has done over the years.

      That message to Luke is definitely a great first step, I really hope Hikaru or another staff member makes a public statement here soon before this escalates further.

    10. Missing avatar

      F-Man 6 days ago

      "as soon as our finance gets better." Yeah, I'm definitely still worried.

    11. Missing avatar

      MAR2D2 6 days ago

      @tsundere1ftw Ok, a message like this is all I needed to hear in the past couple of months to relieve my worries.

    12. tsundere1ftw 6 days ago

      One of the Tezuka backers apparently made contact with the Digital Manga President on March 9th through email and shared it in comments:

      “Dear Luke,

      First off I must apologize you and all of our dedicated backers.
      It is true that our corporate finances have deteriorated and we have not yet completed
      the fulfillment. Many of the books have already been printed and we are trying to do best we can to get them out the door as soon as our finance gets better. I will not betray or deceive our important backers but please allow us a little more time.

      Thank you for your understanding.


    13. Missing avatar

      Michael Holzinger 7 days ago

      Hey DMP, an update is way overdue and you owe all of us some answers. Is DMP honoring Tezuka's legacy with this behavior? If DMP has a shred of decency left in it, it is time for some honest communication instead of just popping in to see if anyone still cares to post. Heads up, we care... most of us are out several hundred dollars on your Kickstarters.

    14. Missing avatar

      F-Man on March 7

      Just wanna remind everyone if you'd like some form of direct communication between each other about the DMP situation or the future of Tezuka I have a Tezuka Discord at (please use the #tezuka channel).

      ...Alright, let's carry on asking for our rewards; at least the add-ons for older titles, there's no reason we can't get those DMP!!

    15. Missing avatar

      AstroBBoy on March 7

      This is really sad.

      I am losing $230 on this project.
      I lost $70 on the original Crater kickstarter

      I am thankful that their mega tezuka project never reached its target otherwise I would have been down a further $750.

    16. Cayetano Garza Jr. on March 7

      DMP? Hello?? Anybody home???

    17. Cayetano Garza Jr. on March 7

      DMP? Hello?? Anybody home???

    18. Cayetano Garza Jr. on March 7

      DMP? Hello?? Anybody home???

    19. Missing avatar

      J Playtis on March 7

      @wesley, they've had 4 months to formulate a response. This is not how you do PR.

      I still think that this is a stall tactic. Kickstarter terms of service pretty much require a creator to either refund remaining funds or ship whatever finished material to backers at the point they realize they can not fully fulfill campaign promises.

      If DMP continues to be uncooperative with backers, we have two options, Small Claims Court or file a consumer complaint with the Federal Trade Commission,

    20. wesley holtkamp on March 7

      @J Playtis i don''t think that actually matters that Kunsai club fake KS from The Crater is still up it's not like Kickstarter gives a damn either way ...
      But what i think is they are just kinda testing the waters what the genneral opinion is now and how to best come up with some kida response in the future.
      they gonna have to wheater that be really negative or not.
      They just can't go silently go down and not say anything cause they need to give pepole the opportunity to get the money back.

      DMP if you are reading this and this is the actual situation at hand please respond so actions can be taken.
      Just staying silent only makes it worse.

    21. Missing avatar

      J Playtis on March 7

      @Daniel, if anything it could be a way to show the Kickstarter powers that be that the creator, and therefore project(s), is still active.

    22. Daniel Benayun on March 6

      If there is one thing more infuriating to me than the lack of communication it is the fact that someone from DMP is logging into this Kickstarter multiple times a week. It’s like JUST SAY SOMETHING ALREADY!!!!!

      Any one here have any theories as to why that may be? What purpose could logging in serve?

    23. wesley holtkamp on March 6

      They gonna have to come up with some kinda response soon dammit ...

    24. tsundere1ftw on March 6

      Yeah I still hope deep down there that they will fulfill BUT they keep quiet during all of this. The company name, brand and trust is destroyed with these rumors but they still keep quiet. Every sound business, who believes in the future, would act now but the don't, so I think at this point it's very likely those rumors are true.

    25. Daniel Benayun on March 5

      I’ll give DMP a bit longer before I start burning the torches.

      A disgruntled employee is a disgruntled employee.

      DMP has done a lot right. Never forget that.

    26. Missing avatar

      J Playtis on March 4

      I was pointing out over in Kimagure Orange Road comments that the most likely way to any money back from DMP is to take them to California Small Claims Court.

      Doing some quick online research on legal options, that seems to be thought of as about the most effective way. One thing to note is that in one article it was mentioned that the FTC was starting to get interested in cases were fraud is involved.

      So if any of the California backers have either a legal background or decent legal connections, you might want to explore your options.

    27. tsundere1ftw on March 4

      Never again: more than 500$ lost on this bullshit platform with 0 costumer protection.

    28. Eros Livieratos on March 4

      I opened a case for a chargeback but it's highly unlikely it'll go through. Kickstarter is pretty blatant about their indifference towards this stuff, as seen in the now hugely ironic kickstarter for The Crater. (Their policy outwardly states that they do not get involved and the charge is in Kickstarter's name, my CC cannot get involved with DMP because of this. I'm not expecting anything to come of it but being burned $170 after 45? from The Crater, I feel like I should at least try.)

      I miss when Vertical was putting out Tezuka titles, their releases were always significantly nicer than DMPs and commanded a lot more respect. This Kickstarter model for releasing such a prominent figure in manga is pathetic. I understand the market for Tezuka is niche but lordy, it feels like we're a group of beggars trying to get at something that ought to be readily available. I feel like continuing to try and Kickstart these titles will further push Tezuka into a niche category rather than something for everyone. I'm hoping a strong small press starts handling these releases one-by-one in the same vein as PictureBox before they went under. There's been a huge push for more alt/work and classic manga in the past few years, I'm convinced there's a place in the market outside of Kickstarter for these works.

    29. Missing avatar

      Amanda Johansson on March 4

      I've just sent both an email to and a message through Kickstarter. If I haven't received and answer on Monday 26/3 I'll start the process to see if I could get a chargeback on my credit card.
      I noticed that is up again. If DMI is going bankrupt I wonder if I should try and get the previous Tezuka releases while I still can. Though it is not a pleasant thought to pay DMI more money after how they have treated this and other Kickstarter campaigns...

    30. Caleb Hughes on March 4

      Just hopping over to give everyone here the same sort of information we've managed to gather over on the Kimagure Orange Road campaign about DMP and the recent goings on (or lack thereof). It seems that there is some very dirty business going on with DMP lately. Someone brought this GlassDoor post to our attention today.

      "Buyers beware: He runs kickstarter campaigns to raise operation funds. Not to produce books and merch that they were promised during the campaign. Hey folks, if any of y'all invested in to his campaigns, it is safe to assume that you will not be receiving your rewards anymore. The money is gone. The owner took them all. There's been a ton of angry comments on the ks pages. He asked me to handle responses. I left the internships shortly after that because I didn't want to get involved in that angry backers mess."

      Considering the lack of communication, stuff like this leaking from inside the company, recent talk on twitter about the sorry state of DMP and any number of other things we could hold against them at this point, we've resolved over there to start reporting these unfulfilled and essentially abandoned campaigns to Kickstarter. There's a "Report this Project to Kickstarter" button at the bottom of the main campaign page where you can file a formal complaint. If you go in and read the Kickstarter Terms of Service, DMP has pretty clearly violated Section 4 of them, and may even be a target for legal action if things don't change (which it seems they probably won't at this point). But yeah, that's about where we're at over there. Just thought it was only fair to share this information with the backers here as well. I'm not in on the other campaigns they left hanging, but if anyone wants to let them in on this as well, please feel free to do so.

    31. Cayetano Garza Jr. on March 3

      we need an upadre. yesterday.

    32. Eros Livieratos on March 3

      @Jessica Stapf I can't imagine but it's worth a shot.

    33. Missing avatar

      Amanda Johansson on March 3

      Well this really sucks (especially when I put $248 into this campain). If there is no word from DMP within the next days think I'll start the procees to see if I can get a chargeback on my creditcard. Even if the chance of a chargeback is small it is still worth a shot.

    34. Missing avatar

      Jessica Stapf on March 2

      @eros is there any point in contacting the credit card company? would a purchase like this be refunded?

    35. Eros Livieratos on March 2

      Now I'm curious how long I should wait before contacting my credit card company.

    36. wesley holtkamp on March 1

      So what the hell now ... i would like to heard some offical conformation about this soon so i can try getting my money back not though KS of course they are never any help but my CC company i wasn't gonna lose 500+ on this !!!

      About the future of Tezuka publications well somone just showed me how i can translate even Japanese with the app of google translate.
      beat me up scotty with them japanese releases so i can fucking manually translate them with my freaking phone ...
      You would hope that Seven seas might pick it up in the future ... ?
      This is beyond hell though.
      Also them French aren't really releasing Tezuka manga like they did years ago either ... to think that if DMP would have kept up the pace we would have surpassed French Tezuka releases at some point now that's a pipe dream.

    37. Colton Clayton on March 1

      Well...this is disappointing. They've given me so many good products over the years. Do wish we could have ended on a high point of getting us our products and then stopping...

    38. Missing avatar

      F-Man on March 1

      The least Digital Manga could do at this point is give people the available digital editions.

    39. Gregory Baker on March 1

      I'm sorry to have to be the bearer of this news, but an extremely reliable unnamed source has confirmed for me that even though bankruptcy hasn't (yet) been declared, all work at Digital Manga has effectively stopped and all the outstanding projects are dead in the water. The chances of this KS project being fulfilled at this point is practically zero. Hardly surprising at this point, but still disappointing to say the least.

    40. Missing avatar

      Michael Holzinger on February 28

      @digitalmanga So over 4 months ago, all but 1 was ready for printers - so where are we today?

    41. Colton Clayton on February 28

      As long as I get my books, I'll be happy. I still need to finish up the last of my books from the last campaign (but I also finally got back to reading the Lord of the Rings...tough choices in nerd fun).

    42. HanZ on February 25

      I just believe that DMP is still doing best at their situation in silence to make books go real. With Under The Air project done, we all can assume the way. DMP choose silence, but the books are surely promised, though in very late unpredictably. Books come real will be the best answer for all questions, whether you like or unlike.

      I wish to see more project in Kickstarter of Osamu Tezuka books soon from DMP soon.

    43. Auci
      on February 24

      Based on Under the Air performance, we are looking at June/July 2018 fulfilment

    44. Boss Aesop on February 22

      Now I finally know how it feels to be "ghosted." Never happened before now. True story. That one time when I asked her if "she wanted to come hang over" 423 days ago with no response doesn't count. She definitely didn't see my text.

    45. Caleb Hughes on February 22

      @Munenori Someone over on the Kimagure Orange Road campaign tried the other day and said it just rang and rang with no answer, so yeah, typical avoidance like we get here it seems.

    46. Jackal Luppi Bowman on February 22

      I have to agree with everyone else. you guys are logging in so we know you're seeing the comments. I'm not terribly worried -- DM has a long history of bad management, but always following through on KS and promises -- but all things being equal ANY kind of update would be nice yknow?

    47. Munenori
      on February 20

      Anyone here from california, that could phone them up and ask?

    48. Missing avatar

      Robert Dockery on February 20

      Been wondering about this myself. Have not received anything or heard anything in ages.

    49. Boss Aesop on February 14

      No valentines update. < / 3

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