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Let’s publish Wonder 3 — We’ve returned to one of our past campaign titles to try one more time! We have less than a day left!!!
Let’s publish Wonder 3 — We’ve returned to one of our past campaign titles to try one more time! We have less than a day left!!!
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    1. Mary Danielson about 21 hours ago

      @MAR2D2 I don’t think there’s a single person left at Digital Manga

    2. Missing avatar

      MAR2D2 5 days ago

      Hahaha, I don’t think there is a single person at digitalmanga that is reading these comments.

    3. Boss Aesop 5 days ago

      Let's be patient. April 2018? Digital Release on Christmas/New Years Day?

    4. Daniel Benayun on December 10

      Time for an update. This is incredibly unfair to your backers.

      I have been backing your company for years - this is shameful.

    5. Missing avatar

      Michael Holzinger on December 4

      Status update please, I see you logged in today.

    6. Marcus Woodman on November 29

      Any updates? It's been a while since we've had one. I understand that this was a larger project with all the books you're translating and printing, but a quick post about what you've accomplished so far is never unwelcome.

    7. Cayetano Garza Jr. on November 28

      Updates for both Tezuka kickstarters. Don't leave ua hanging.

    8. Missing avatar

      Michael Holzinger on November 28

      Last update was 10/11, I think everyone's been fairly patient. So are we at the printers yet, can we have an updated timeline? Winter and Christmas is coming.

    9. Auci
      on November 13

      I expect March 2018

    10. Shwampy on November 5

      I think we will get it by January


    11. Missing avatar

      Thomas Smith on November 2

      For KOR the original date was Dec 2016, the digital version came out with no advance warning Sep 5, 2017 and they are still waiting for the Paper books. I would not hold my breath.

    12. Missing avatar

      Michael Holzinger on November 1

      Are we at the printers yet, a delivery timeline would be awesome.

    13. wesley holtkamp on October 25

      Hopefully we can get this at lest in the first period of 2018.
      But before that time it would be good if we can get a new KS before this one get's shipped out cause otherwise it will be on zero again ... Staying 1 beyond will work.
      Also there's hoping the shipping will not be so slow as with Under The Air.

    14. Boss Aesop on October 25

      Folks, 2017 or 2018?

    15. Missing avatar

      vandeetz on October 24

      Don't expect any updated timelines... Even when they're fully staffed this company avoids these message boards and updates like the plague.

      They will most likely eventually deliver the products, but communication is generally poor throughout. At least that's been experience with them. I'm not happy about it and am leaning toward this project being the last I back with them

    16. Shwampy on October 14

      "I have projects backed from 2013 that still haven't delivered" well that's scary

    17. Missing avatar

      BSL on October 13

      @Jackal - Realistically, of course not. But since this is KS and DMP this is to be expected.

      I have projects backed from 2013 that still haven't delivered. DMP's big issue is maintaining staff, this has been an issue before and apparently still is an issue (see last update) while it is a shame, that causes delays as well.

      I'll keep my eyes open for updates, but am not expecting this anytime soon, anytime before an early 2018 release will be a Christmas miracle indeed.

      @Megan - With the last few releases they've been later and later than expected, shame your surprise will be spoiled, but not much to be done at this point other than to have (even more) patience with them until they finish the books and send them out, whenever that might be.

    18. Colton Clayton on October 11

      @Megan They just updated and noted that while most books just need to be finalized for printing, one needed to have corrections made, so that will delay things somewhat. They also lost their Kickstarter manager, so that probably did not help with things.

      That said, I've supported every Tezuka Kickstarter they've done since Ludwig B back in December of 2014, and they've always delivered. It might just be a bit. As a person who has supported many Kickstarters, the first thing I learned is delays will probably happen. Not by any ill will, but things happen. People tend to not realize how often things are delayed without them knowing in products, especially in the early stages. Usually people either get things early into release, or preorder a few months prior, where sometimes you see the last delays.

      So for this Kickstarter, we just have to wait for the corrections to be made to Ambassador Magma, the books to be sent off to print, and then for us to be sent our copies (hopefully by then they'll have hired a new Kickstarter manager to make things run smoother for future products/shipping).

    19. Megan Beauchemin on October 11

      @wesley holtkamp - I'm not a follower of this company, so I have no idea what they are or are not doing with their other campaigns. I just want to know how much longer we'll have to wait before we see these physical copies, considering we're now about two months from the estimated ship time, and no timeline in sight.

    20. Missing avatar

      Jacob Clelland on October 11

      Be patient everyone, they are fulfilling the prior kickstarters, they will fulfill this one. Remember the company's name is digitalmanga not digitalupdate.

    21. wesley holtkamp on October 9

      @Megan Beauchemin you an forget about that they are still working on shipping out packages for the previous Tezuka kickstarter ...
      I'm sure he will be happy with it most of these releases are gonna be pretty rare almost right away after all ...

    22. Megan Beauchemin on October 6

      I backed this expecting to have it in time for my husband's birthday this month... Are we even close to seeing these any time soon?

    23. Eros Livieratos on October 4

      So should I just post my resume here for social media intern? Because if y'all have one, they're slacking

    24. Missing avatar

      Jordan Swartz on October 2

      I agree with Shwampy, an update would be nice! I'm really excited for these books, especially after the awesome work done with the Under the Air Kickstarter.

    25. Shwampy on September 29

      A new update would be cool rn

    26. Boss Aesop on September 18

      Digital updates just aren't digitalmanga's thing...

    27. Eros Livieratos on September 17

      My Tezuka shelf collapsed today, smashing nearly 60 Tezuka titles

      kind of really looking forward to getting these in so I can read them and beat them up on my own accord rather than faulty construction taking its toll

    28. Missing avatar

      Michael Holzinger on September 14

      It would be nice to have these for the holidays - this year.

    29. Auci
      on September 8

      My estimation would be early next year

    30. Missing avatar

      Jesse Haller on September 6

      The Est Delivery on all the books is Aug 2017. It's September... so... what's the update? Delayed? A new Est? SOMETHING!

    31. Boss Aesop on August 24

      Mad props I should say. Can we get the editorial backside blurbs in text... I can't read them from pics?

    32. Boss Aesop on August 24

      Say Hello To Bookhilla had the worst cover and now it's definitely decent. Props.

    33. Iyasu Nagata on August 24

      Good stuff. If anyone wants to read about 'Under the Air' - 'The Voice of Night' and a major revision of the original…#

    34. Missing avatar

      AstroBBoy on August 23

      The cover look great! Keep up the good work.

    35. Campaniolo Filippo on August 23

      Congratulations for all the cover!!! some of these i think are very beatifull. The euphrates tree, Metamorphose, Bookila Dust. Akikazu.......

    36. Munenori
      on August 19

      They are right now in the fulfilling of under the air, so this will take a few more weeks i guess.

    37. Missing avatar

      Nicholas on August 18

      So no word on when these are coming? This ones been quiet for awhile.

    38. Missing avatar

      Thomas Smith on August 11

      I think you might still be optimistic. KOR kickstarter said "Omnibus 1 ~Aug.-Dec.2016" and still nothing. Lucky if it's a year.

    39. Missing avatar

      T-Bun on August 9

      @Jákup Fuglø: It's the best of the four I listed but it still doesn't quite do it for me - I think it's the color choice more than the design. Just my preference, I guess. I really do love the Wonder 3 cover mock-up for the original failed campaign and hope they revert to that original design. But, honestly - I'm just happy to have new translated Tezuka and realize this is a minor quibble.

    40. Jákup Fuglø
      on August 9

      @T-Bun: What's wrong with Inoue Akikazu's cover?

    41. Missing avatar

      T-Bun on August 9

      Really excited to see these whenever they're released. However, I'd love to see more polished cover designs for the finished product - in particular Wonder 3 (I love the cover mock-up done for the first campaign for this), The Thief Inoue Akikazu, Say Hello to Bookila, and Ambassador Magma. I know you indicate these are mock-ups only but that's also what was said about the cover designs for the Under the Air campaign and the covers didn't change (Record of the Glass Castle, in particular, is quite lackluster). Certainly just my opinion and not at all a deal breaker but wanted to throw that out there. Thanks for keeping us fans supplied with great new Tezuka translations!

    42. Jackal Luppi Bowman on August 7


      Then they should be honest with the release dates. If they told me 'early/mid 2018' I'd be fine with that. But they gave an estimate of August 2017. Is it unreasonable to expect the kickstarter we backed to keep its promised release date?

    43. Missing avatar

      BSL on August 5

      Also something else for everyone to remember, DMP is essentially the only company able to release non-published (and translated) Tezuka material in English.

      Mr. Sasahara essentially mentioned this in an earlier campaign that Tezuka Productions awarded them that due to the success of the earlier KS campaigns.

      It's going to be a slow, long road for these books to be released if going through the entirety of Tezuka's back catalog still not in English.

    44. Missing avatar

      BSL on August 5

      @Colton - "and Vertical Comics did everything they wanted to do with Tezuka it seems and went on as a business."

      Vertical is essentially done with Tezuka, I contacted Random House (their publisher) and was told all stock out there is all there ever will be (I asked about Black Jack volumes to buy direct from them) and that Random House will never re-release them, so that's end of story there.

      "Meanwhile, the "10 Cent Comics" imprint from one company only got us The Mysterious Underground Men before they went under (that said, I did like that retro-looking hardcover they put out for it)."

      They didn't as much go under as it was a project for a graduate student (he self published, two other titles, non-Tezuka if I remember right) and it wasn't a full on endeavor for him, so I never expected more than what we got.

      I'm happy Dark Horse reprinted Astro since other than BJ it's one of Tezuka's longest series and wouldn't have been financially viable if someone else had released it.

    45. Missing avatar

      BSL on August 5

      @Auci - Given that the last campaign was 4 months late to ship books out, it's pretty much safe to assume you won't get anything until the end of this year/early 2018 at the soonest, especially with the amount of titles in production in this KS.

      Have patience is my only advice to you and others.

    46. Auci
      on August 5

      are we still on track for August release?

    47. Jákup Fuglø
      on June 26

      @Andrew Helfer: even though these books are pretty much made to order they'll have to print a few extra to be safe and perhaps those will end up on at some point.
      So I suppose that might be an option if the paypal thing doesn't work out.

    48. Andrew Helfer on June 26

      Thanks for the tip - I'll give it a try - truly don't understand how I missed it! Such an opportunity to fill huge holes in my English tezuka collection... what a dope!

    49. wesley holtkamp on June 26

      @Andrew Helfer you could ask DMP if you could paypal it but only if you are lucky ... since they are not yet even working on this one it might be possible.
      That being said that was advertised everywhere even on the front picture don't know how you possibly could have missed it !!! they cleared up everything about getting all volumes this time.

    50. Andrew Helfer on June 25

      Dunno how I missed this but...

      I'm a funder, but a we3 only one, guess I just didn't see the other options. Any way to upgrade to the all-paper-books edition deal? If possible It would be much appreciated.

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