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We want to publish over 1,500 pages of manga for kids and teens by the great Osamu Tezuka, creator of Astro Boy and Buddha.
We want to publish over 1,500 pages of manga for kids and teens by the great Osamu Tezuka, creator of Astro Boy and Buddha.
715 backers pledged $49,411 to help bring this project to life.

Stretch goal #2: Triton of the Sea!

Wow! We've hit $26,000, and I'm really excited to say we're publishing ATOMCAT! Thanks, everyone.

As promised, it's time to announce our second stretch goal...

I told you it was a crazy one.

Triton is one of Tezuka's best-known works in Japan. It's aimed at an audience that's a little older than our other two books, but it's still very appropriate for older children, and we think grown-ups will love it too.

It's the story of Triton, a boy living in modern Japan who discovers he is the last survivor of the destruction of Atlantis by the god Poseidon. With his dolphin comrades by his side once again, he goes on a quest to avenge his family and, more importantly, begin to understand where he came from.

Triton is full of adventure, action, tragedy, humor and romance at sea. It was first published from 1969-1971, and got an anime adaptation directed by Yoshiyuki Tomino (the creator of "Mobile Suit Gundam"). We're thrilled that we have the chance to bring it Stateside at last.

Here are the details:

  • Paperback 
  • Size: A5 (5.875"x8.25"), same as our other Tezuka releases
  • Pages: 488+440
  • Release dates: June 2013/August 2013
  • MSRP: $19.95 per volume

Yes, this is a two-volume series. And the goal we have to hit to publish it in its entirety is: $47,000.

Since this goal is so much higher, we'll be doing things a bit differently. If we hit $47,000, anyone at a reward level worth more than $50 or more will receive Vol. 1, and anyone at a reward level worth more than $100 or more will receive both volumes. More rewards will be added soon, but if you just want the books, you won't have to do anything if you're already pledging at high enough levels!

If we can get Triton, we'll have four Tezuka books to release to you over the next year.  Think of it as a Tezuka subscription plan!

Thanks for your support! And if you're at Anime Expo today, come see us at the Akadot booth, #1330. We'll be making a video to post here!


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    1. hotsquirrl on

      Say, will you be posting the video you mentioned anytime soon?

    2. digitalmanga 20-time creator on

      Ronald: Unfortunately no, it won't. You need to select a reward level over $50. Please refer to this table for more information on which pledges will qualify for Triton: .

    3. Missing avatar

      AstroBBoy on

      If you don't make the second stretch goal of $47k - will Triton be published in a separate kickstarter project? As it's own project or maybe a stretch goal for another project?

    4. Ronald Whited on

      I selected the $47 reward level, but I have pledged $50. Will that qualify me for Triton volume 1?

    5. Missing avatar

      Nicholas on

      Just to clarify further.. If wanting all four books internationally, I would have to increase shipping to $60?

    6. digitalmanga 20-time creator on

      Ok, sorry for the confusion. Here's how it will work. Anyone who has selected a reward level worth more than $50 (not including shipping), your pledge will automatically include Triton Vol. 1 if we hit the goal. Anyone who has selected a reward level above $100, your pledge also automatically includes Vol. 2 (again, assuming we hit our goal). So these books will just be gravy on top of the rewards you are already receiving.

    7. Jonathan Betanoff on

      I am currently pledging at $47 for ATOMCAT and UNICO. Which pledge should I choose in over to receive all four books? COuld you please add a new pledge selection?

    8. Missing avatar

      Nicholas on

      Im getting more confused too. I am currently pledging at the $67 reward, if I increase my pledge to $113. Will I be getting all the books, plus the extra rewards?

      Will I have to increase even more for postage on top again because it is four books now?

    9. Gillian F on

      I'm confused too -- I'm pledging at the $35, but with $9 for shipping to Canada, + $12 for ATOMCAT. Which comes to $56 - would that be enough for me to get the first volume? Or would I need to change my pledge level/ad more shipping? Because I'm not sure if I want to up my pledge any more...

    10. Missing avatar

      ABCD on

      Triton! Sweet! I had a feeling that this might be the next stretch goal, glad my nerd-sense was right, lol. Defiantly gonna up my pledge to add this baby to the list.

    11. Mary Danielson on

      WOW that's a high goal but I think we can do it! Especially because this is a pretty interesting story by the sounds of it!

    12. Brad Michinau on

      I'm in Canada. To get the 2 volumes of Triton with Unico and ATOMCAT, would I need to pledge $131? The $100 to get the 2 volumes plus $31 for shipping of more than 2 books?

    13. Missing avatar


      Triton! I've wanted this in English ever since reading McCarthy's The Art of Osamu Tezuka. Let's make it happen!