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We want to publish over 1,500 pages of manga for kids and teens by the great Osamu Tezuka, creator of Astro Boy and Buddha.
We want to publish over 1,500 pages of manga for kids and teens by the great Osamu Tezuka, creator of Astro Boy and Buddha.
715 backers pledged $49,411 to help bring this project to life.

Stretch goal #1: ATOMCAT!

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Our first stretch goal is ATOMCAT!

This is a family reboot of Astro Boy drawn by Tezuka in 1986-87, about a little boy who has a cat with Astro Boy's powers. It's adorable, fun, and has some great art and action! See the video for more info!

We're offering a PDF companion, stickers and a T-shirt just like with Unico, and if we can hit $26,000 we'll be releasing ATOMCAT in March 2013. To get it (and the other rewards) you just need to adjust your pledge. Either choose one of the new pledge levels, or simply add $12 to your current pledge to get a copy of ATOMCAT.

Here's how we'll be publishing it:

Size: A5 (5.875"x8.25"), same as our other Tezuka releases
Pages: About 200
Retail price: $12.95

And if we can hit $26,000 with time to spare, we'll have ANOTHER great family Tezuka title too! This one is a real doozy... we can't wait!

NOTE: Even though we just added these rewards Kickstarter mixed them in with the Unico ones. The Unico rewards do NOT include ATOMCAT (even if they say "includes previous rewards"). The $45 pledge includes only the Unico book, the Unico PDF/stickers and the $5 reward. To get ATOMCAT you must choose a reward that says ATOMCAT in the name. Sorry for the confusion!

Thanks again for your support!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Nicholas on

      Just want to double check.

      I selected the $67 reward. I added $13 for international postage.

    2. RPGamer79 on

      Thanks. Of course I will do my best to spread the word, but we just want to cover all the possibilities.
      Anyhow I am really thankful for all of your efforts. We will always support you all the way long ^_^.

    3. Kevin Jemison on

      Never mind, I figured it out. :) I'd never entered a custom amount to a kickstarter project before. I assume that you automatically know that the +$12 means I'm expecting a copy of ATOMCAT along with my Unico. :) I'm pretty confident you will hit your stretch goal, but if not, will you be deducting the additional $12 from everyone who has added it to their pledge when collecting the money?

    4. Kevin Jemison on

      Right now I've pledged $75 for the Unico+T-shirt tier. Do I go in and manually update that to $87 to get a copy of the Atomcat manga too? Will it still show that I'm signed up for the t-shirt promo as opposed to the "Unico+5" tier?

    5. RPGamer79 on

      To be more clear about my point above, if you would put "Tezuka" as a keyword in the KICKSTARTER Search engine, you will have only three results ( Unico, Barbara and Swallowing the earth), but no words about ATOMCAT (or even information about the Unico extended campaign) within these results (unless you would access the Unico page to find that information). This could be a blind spot for first time visitors. I hope this would help. Thanks again.

    6. digitalmanga 20-time creator on

      Moahmmed: I put the ATOMCAT logo right at the top of the page, so hopefully people who visit the campaign will notice it. And I hope you'll help spread the word! Thanks.

    7. digitalmanga 20-time creator on

      J. Torres: Yes, you can select either more issues of Astro Boy or another $10 in eManga points by adding $12 for ATOMCAT.

    8. RPGamer79 on

      Thank you very much for your fourth consideration. I am looking forward for the 5th announcement too.

      I have only one comment. I guess it would be better if you would separate the ATOMCAT campaign from the Unico one. The reason is that it could be a little bit confusing for web surfers. Perhaps people (especially first time) who might visit this page just quickly might not notice that the campaign has been stretched for another license unless they would go through the whole description. I do apologize for being nosy but I am only concerning about this campaign progress speed. I really want to make sure this campaign would reach its goal (and I am sure it will); so we can have the 5th one soon.

      I do apologize again and thank you very much for your efforts ^_^.

    9. lys on

      J. Torres, there's an updated pledge-level for $47 that gives you both the Unico and Atomcat books and $20 to spend at eManga.

    10. J. Torres on

      F-Man: Sorry, allow me to clarify. I meant would I get two copies of the Astro Boy magazines, or rather twice the reward. So that means 12 issues of AB and $20 worth of online manga with the $35 and $12 pledges?

    11. digitalmanga 20-time creator on

      Hi Allen -- If we don't meet the $26k you will get your Unico rewards and be refunded anything you pledged for ATOMCAT.

    12. Missing avatar

      F-Man on

      J. Torres, $35 is for a copy of Unico, plus $12 adds a copy of ATOMCAT, so you would get one copy of each title.

    13. Missing avatar

      Allen Capitano on

      Nvm I think I just misunderstood.

    14. Missing avatar

      Allen Capitano on

      So if we upgrade our pledge to $47 and not meet the stretch goal. Do we still get charged $47 and only get unico? Or will we just be charged $35

    15. J. Torres on

      If I've already pledged $35 which includes the $5 reward and I additionally pledge $12 for Atomcat, does that mean I get TWO sets of the magazine? If yes, what if I don't want two sets? If no, do I get something else or get to pay less? Thanks for clarifying.

    16. Missing avatar

      Nicholas on

      Do international pledges also need to add even more for postage?

      *Hey look its daryl surat! awesome*

    17. Daryl Surat on

      "To get it (and the other rewards) you just need to adjust your pledge."

      This conflicts with the text of the previous tiers. The $45 tier states that it is for "the previous rewards plus..." which means that if you add new tiers previous to that, the $45 tier must now include those as well.

      If your intention is to charge separately for these new Atomcat items such that there are now two sets of discrete reward tiers running parallel to one another, then this is not a stretch goal at all and it's just going to confuse everybody since it is effectively an independent Kickstarter. (Example: if pledging at the $35 level means you do NOT receive the items from the new $12 or $22 tiers.)

      An actual "stretch goal" would be "if we hit $26,000 then everybody who has pledged now gets this as well."

    18. Brad Michinau on

      Unico and now ATOMCAT? Upped my pledge, now gimme both!