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We want to publish over 1,500 pages of manga for kids and teens by the great Osamu Tezuka, creator of Astro Boy and Buddha.
We want to publish over 1,500 pages of manga for kids and teens by the great Osamu Tezuka, creator of Astro Boy and Buddha.
715 backers pledged $49,411 to help bring this project to life.

Help us reprint Unico with updated colors

Yo, herds of nerds!

Missed out on Unico in the first run? Worry not!

Though we may not have made it to the Unico stretch goal in our previous KS campaign, you still have the opportunity to support our new KS of Tezuka's Storm Fairy and the first stretch goal to reprint Unico. Also, if we reach stretch goal 1.5 we will be able to upgrade the graphics and colors like the hardcover Japanese edition published this year by Tezuka Productions. Check our Storm Fairy page for more information.

Here is a synopsis of Unico:

A little unicorn named Unico lives with his mistress Psyche, bringing her happiness and good fortune in return for her unconditional love. The goddess Venus, however, grows jealous of Psyche's legions of admirers and flings Unico across time and space! When he awakens, he's facing down mean buffalo in the American West, with no memory of Psyche or his past life. It's the first of many exciting adventures that will bring Unico face to face with high society in Imperial Russia, characters from fairy tales and Shakespeare, and even an automated factory intent on blotting out the sun.

Reprinting Unico? YES, REALLY

We launched our Storm Fairy Kickstarter campaign last week and have almost met the initial goal as I write this! I wanted to let you know that our FIRST stretch goal is to reprint in English Unico, Osamu Tezuka's vibrant, full color masterpiece.

In the process of getting the files ready for reprinting, we discovered that Tezuka Productions in Japan had produced a brand new edition of the Japanese Unico, and the new books had higher quality images than we used for our first print run.

After we reach our initial goal of $14,200 to publish Storm Fairy for the first time in English, we are reaching for an additional $12,800 (for a total of $27,000) to reprint Unico in the amazing high quality that Osamu Tezuka originally intended.

I hope you will join us in this undertaking. If you have a friend who wanted Unico when it was first published but didn't get around to buying it, now's their chance! We MAY even add a pledge tier that includes the highly-coveted Unico plush doll (see above)! Please pledge now to stay up-to-date on the Storm Fairy campaign's progress.

Thank you again for supporting DMI, Tezuka Productions, and Osamu Tezuka's work!

If you missed it the first time you may be able to get Unico again!

That's right! If we get past the 3rd stretch goal of the current Clockwork Apple campaign and unlock the reprint of Swallowing the Earth (less than $2,100 left), it will let us post the add on for Unico to be reprinted! 

Lots of love!
Lots of love!

We're printing Brave Dan and reprinting Barbara!

Yes, really! And now, we're reaching for our third stretch goal to reprint Swallowing the Earth. As soon as we reach $28,400 (less than $4200 away!), we'll be able to reprint this captivating Tezuka classic. If you were on the fence about pledging to our Clockwork Apple campaign, now's the time! We have several affordable reward tiers, including the $20 "Back to Basics" tier, which nets you the book ONLY. Plus, we've set up numerous ADD ON options!

Will you please help us grow the Tezuka Legion? Thank you again for your support!

We published 3 titles in this campaign...

....will you help us publish two more in our current Kickstarter campaign? We shot past our initial goal to translate, localize, and publish Clockwork Apple in English, and now we're working toward making Brave Dan available in print for the first time EVER.

Here's our current cover mock up for Clockwork Apple (art not final).

Are you ready for more Tezuka in your life? We can't wait to share with you, so please pledge and spread the word now! There's less than two weeks left in our campaign. Click on the image below to learn more about grabbing your own print copy of Brave Dan!