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We want to publish over 1,500 pages of manga for kids and teens by the great Osamu Tezuka, creator of Astro Boy and Buddha.
We want to publish over 1,500 pages of manga for kids and teens by the great Osamu Tezuka, creator of Astro Boy and Buddha.
715 backers pledged $49,411 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Mazin Malaikah on August 14, 2015

      I never received my copy of Barbara or Unico (or the stretch goals), and i sent many emails and even posted on your facebook page but i did not receive any response. I hope that this last message doesn't fall on deaf ears again. My close friend was the one who suggested that i contact you guys again as that he received his stuffs and convinced me that you guys are cool and this is not surly not intentional and no need to take this matter to a law firm or anything.

    2. kelvinthelion on June 8, 2014

      If you do another manga series, please make it Jungle Emperor Leo (Kimba the White Lion) so I can finally read it. It seems no one has ever translated it into English despite the popularity of the TV show.

    3. John Dominguez on December 3, 2013

      Still no Triton and no response from email to Digital manga...

    4. Missing avatar

      AstroBBoy on November 22, 2013

      Mine have now arrived - thanks! They look awesome!

    5. digitalmanga 20-time creator on November 18, 2013

      All of us here at DMP would like to give a huge thank you to all the backers for helping us produce the Legendary Osamu Teszuka's works of art in English. All Triton 1 and Triton 2 books have been mailed out. Thank you for patience and enjoy! Please submit any inquiries to

    6. Missing avatar

      Nicholas on November 14, 2013

      Got my vol 1 and 2 today! Awesome!

    7. Suzi Hough on October 22, 2013

      What's the current ETA on Triton Vol. 2?

    8. Missing avatar

      AstroBBoy on October 20, 2013

      hello? anybody out there?

    9. Missing avatar

      Nicholas on October 10, 2013

      I've tried contacting DMP both on KS and on the forum, still no word.

      Some people seem to think we will get Vol 1 when they ship Vol 2. But, that doesn't explain why some got Vol 1 sent separately.

    10. Missing avatar

      AstroBBoy on October 9, 2013

      I'm still waiting for my copies of Triton. Any idea what's happening?

    11. Cameron Stewart on October 5, 2013

      Hi, DM staff! I'm in the same boat as Jena. Triton has yet to arrive, and I was wondering if there were any status updates in case volume 2 isn't ready to ship yet.

    12. Missing avatar

      Marie on October 5, 2013

      Should I have received Triton 1 and 2 by now (or was there a hold up at some point)?

    13. Danielle Lavoie on September 1, 2013

      Hi there! I just got home from being away this summer and received my Triton books, however I received two copies of volume 1 instead of volumes 1 and 2. Is there a way I can send it back and get the right book?

      Loved the Unico and Atomcat books, too! Great job guys - hope to see more Tezuka projects from you in the future. :)

      - Danielle

    14. Missing avatar

      Nicholas on August 15, 2013

      I'm in Australia, I'm hoping my Triton will turn up soon. Is there a wait time so you can send both books at once?

      The other books showed up a couple of weeks later I think,

    15. Randi Mason on August 13, 2013

      Should I have recieved a copy of Atomcat by this point? Looks like most other backers received their copies in the Spring.

    16. Mark Pengryn
      on August 13, 2013

      So just to be clear, if we are supposed to be getting both volumes of Triton, you are waiting for Volume 2 to come in so that you can ship the 2 together, Correct? Thanks!

    17. digitalmanga 20-time creator on July 31, 2013

      Hi guys! I've received all your messages about double books - anyone who receive a 2nd book will still be receiving vol. 2 (if they pledged for it) at a later date! I'm investigating your current book doppelgangers as we speak.

    18. Owen Sayers on July 31, 2013

      I also received two copies of Triton of the Sea vol 1.

    19. Matt Zitron on July 31, 2013

      I got 2 copies as well. I thought we hit the goal for Vol 2.

    20. Missing avatar

      gem2niki on July 30, 2013

      i got two copies as well. strange...

    21. Missing avatar

      Brian F on July 29, 2013

      I also got two copies of Triton Vol 1, am a little surprised by it.

    22. Missing avatar

      Derrick on July 26, 2013

      Just received my copy of Triton Vol 1, along with a second copy of Vol 1. Any reason why this happened or am I missing something?

    23. digitalmanga 20-time creator on July 10, 2013

      Hey there Nicholas, we're pushing to finish up the Atomcat PDF and get it approved by Tezuka Productions! When we have an ETA for its release, we'll let you guys know.

    24. Missing avatar

      Nicholas on July 9, 2013

      Hi. Any word on the Atomcat PDF? Thanks again and the book is great!

    25. Heidi Diederich on May 29, 2013

      Got my Atomcat today. Thank you~!

    26. Nicole Mezzasalma
      on April 21, 2013

      I am in the UK and am aware the book might take a while longer to reach me, but I went into a local comic book store today and they already have copies up for sale - I have to confess I was a tad annoyed that they got their shipment before I received mine as it means people who weren't involved in backing the project will have read it before I get the chance. Any ideas when mine will arrive?

    27. Skunk on April 19, 2013

      I got my copy of Unico in the mail the other day. It was apparently being held for a month, as I never got a notice in the mail that it arrived and I'd been continuing to wait for it to show up this whole time. My friend got it for me as a gift through his Kickstarter account, but he wasn't really keeping tabs on it much, so neither of us had any idea it was ever shipped out!

      Thankfully, he did manage to return the necessary information, so the package found it's way to the right place, the shirt is the right size, and my name is in the book. Shame it's tucked away in the bind where it's hard to notice it. If only my last name was Adams or something. :P

      I've been a fan of Unico for a very long time. Seeing the movies when I was younger and trying to find them again is what got me into anime in the first place. It's been a real kick reading the manga now. I thought I'd have to spend a small fortune and learn Japanese if I wanted a chance to ever read them, but then you guys came out of nowhere. Good work.

    28. Heidi Diederich on April 17, 2013

      I got my digital companion today, it is adorable and I am so happy, thank you!

    29. Missing avatar

      UberGrendel on April 8, 2013

      A little surprised to see Unico offered for $20 on Amazon when I paid $35 for it here. I thought this was only available for people who purchased through Kickstarter, but maybe I misunderstood the point of this effort.

    30. Missing avatar

      Kelley P. on April 4, 2013

      I figured something like that was the case but I wanted to be sure. The whole thing is still wonderful and I am extremely happy with it. Thanks a bunch.

    31. digitalmanga 20-time creator on April 4, 2013

      Hi Kelley P.
      I actually went through and checked most of the books we sent out for this project (yup I sat there and flipped through pages for hours) to make sure that we didn't have any glaring errors. I found that most of the books seemed to have this "page blurring" issue on several pages. I asked the production team about it and they just told me that it seems to occur with this type of printing process. Unfortunately, a lot of the books are going to have this issue.

    32. Missing avatar

      Kelley P. on April 4, 2013

      Hey all, I just finished reading through my copy of Unico and loved it!

      I was wondering if anyone else had a few random pages that were a bit blurry? It looks a bit misprinted to me but I am not sure if that is the case. Some of the pages are 328, 342, and 343. I can make a scan of the pages if necessary.

      I got two copies and it is both books. It isn't illegible but the text and outlines seem to be double printed but slightly off from one another. It looks like a mistake to me and I was wondering if it was just my copies, all of them, or it was suppose to be that way. Thanks!

    33. digitalmanga 20-time creator on April 2, 2013


      I'm so sorry. Let me give you another $10 code to make it up to $20.
      I'll e-mail it to you.

    34. Missing avatar

      Christopher Wilson on April 1, 2013

      I received my Unico today and should have a $20 code, but my code doesn't have any red mark on it. Should I go ahead and activate it and see if it is $20?

    35. digitalmanga 20-time creator on April 1, 2013

      Your book was shipped in this shipment. Wait a few more days. We sent it media mail so it may take a little while.

    36. Danielle Lavoie on April 1, 2013

      Hi there,

      If I ordered "Just the Books" will I receive my order now or in August for Unico/Atomcat? Thanks!

      - Danielle

    37. Gene Verley on March 27, 2013

      Got mine! Blew my son's mind to see his name printed in the "Thank You's!" The book's design is beautiful. Can't wait for the rest of my "Year of Tezuka Books!"

    38. Jason on March 26, 2013

      I got mine today. It looks great! I can't wait to share it with my son in a few years. He's almost 3 and I wanted this for him to enjoy when he's old enough to appreciate it. Thanks!

    39. digitalmanga 20-time creator on February 21, 2013

      The backers will be receiving their Unico books at the end of this month or early next month depending on the shipping situation.

    40. Missing avatar

      UberGrendel on February 21, 2013

      Hey there! Any update on when the Unico books will start shipping out? I've seen updates on some of the other items like stickers and shirts, but wasn't sure what your timeline was for the book. Appreciate any updates. Thanks!

    41. Rachel Pandich on July 22, 2012

      My mistake about there not being a tier that would give you all other books. I missed the Power of Love tier and ignored it because it sold out so quickly.

    42. Rachel Pandich on July 22, 2012

      I love that you guys have been bringing a ton of Tezuka books to America. This is the 2nd Kickstarter of yours that I've supported (I already had a copy of Swallowing the Earth). Having said that, I sincerely hope that you do not run a Kickstarter like this again. This was without a doubt the most confusing Kickstarter I've ever seen. The fact that you had to update your reward tiers multiple times and put out a guide to understanding your reward tiers is quite frankly insane. Furthermore, I find it irresponsible to your customers that there wasn't a tier right from the get go that explicitly stated "buy this tier and receive all of the books we plan on releasing through stretch goals".

      I sincerely hope DMP continues to kickstart Tezuka manga and maybe branches out into other classic manga that has a limited appeal in the US. I make this comment as constructive criticism as I do plan on supporting future Kickstarter projects that you do and have been impressed with the quality of previous DMP releases of classic manga (Swallowing the Earth, Speed Racer, etc). I am happy DMP continues to be successful in its efforts to bring out manga that truly enriches the landscape of comics in America.

    43. RPGamer79 on July 21, 2012

      Congratulations. Thanks for everyone.

    44. Missing avatar

      Hailinel on July 21, 2012

      @Mary, you're welcome! :) Seeing that it was within reach, I wanted to do my part. Little did I know that so many others would chip in in these last two hours as well! I've subsequently lowered my contribution by a bit since the full amount isn't necessary anymore (and it's more financially reasonable for my budget), but I'm happy to see that this final push was such a success!

      I look forward to reading Unico, Atomcat, and Triton when they're all ready!

    45. Mary Danielson on July 21, 2012

      Look at this! Good job everyone! And THANK YOU, HAILINEL

    46. Katrien River on July 21, 2012

      I was worried we wouldn't reach it, but it's amazing what people can do when they all share a common goal and the dedication to accomplish something! I'm new to Tezuka's works myself, but I've started reading Black Jack, Buddha, and Princess Knight and am trying to find as much Tezuka titles as I can.

    47. KOZATO on July 21, 2012

      WE DID IT! WE did it so thoroughly, so completely, so fantastically!

    48. Missing avatar

      deleted on July 21, 2012

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

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