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Translate and publish "god of manga" Osamu Tezuka's gripping adult drama "Barbara" in English for the first time ever!
353 backers pledged $17,032 to help bring this project to life.

We're reprinting Barbara!

Posted by digitalmanga (Creator)

Thanks to our Clockwork Apple campaign meeting its second stretch goal, we're reprinting Barbara! (We're also printing Brave Dan, which was out first stretch goal.) We wanted to let you know that if you know someone who didn't get a chance to grab the first run printing of Barbara, they can NOW!

How to pledge to our Clockwork Apple campaign if you want only Barbara

Even if you're not at all interested in Clockwork Apple or any of our cool swag, you (or your friend who previously missed out) can still pledge the $5 "We Love You +" reward tier, raise the pledge amount to $23 (or $26, if you live outside the United States) and then message us to say that you want ONLY a print copy of Barbara. It's that easy!

If you like your manga digital, you can pledge the $1 "We Love You" reward tier, raise the pledge amount to $13 and then message us to say you want ONLY a digital copy of Barbara

Will you please help us grow the Tezuka Legion? Pledge now and and spread the word!

PS: We're also printing Brave Dan (our first stretch goal, which was met last weekend) for the first time EVER and working on reprinting Swallowing the Earth (which we'll be able to reprint when the campaign amount reaches $28,400---less than $4200 away!).


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