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Re-localizing and republishing the classic 80's love triangle manga that set the standard for the romantic comedy manga/anime genre.
Re-localizing and republishing the classic 80's love triangle manga that set the standard for the romantic comedy manga/anime genre.
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    1. Trudy 7 days ago

      With your other Kickstarter ending tomorrow, it'd be great to have an update for your backers who were considering or currently are backing your other project and have backed KOR.

    2. M. Franchesca
      on April 28

      Their last mention in the updates was early April delivery... though of course that's unlikely now. They've not given an update on a new release window. Considering the KS actually has December 2016 listed as the ETA, I do wish they'd give more updates on that regard.

    3. Missing avatar

      vandeetz on April 26

      @nayrex they never really said that I recall. If we just did one volume it was December, but all the volumes are shipping together and they haven't finished up the final 2 volumes.

      This has always been my complaint with them... Lack of communication and transparency in the process. Complain all you want. they never respond. You just have to hope you get the product eventually

    4. Missing avatar

      Nayrex on April 25

      Have they said when these were shipping out, I thought they were supposed to be coming along time ago?

    5. Missing avatar

      vandeetz on April 25

      Any updates on where we stand with the last 2 volumes and an updated release window?

      Its be nice to know where we stand right now

    6. Jákup Fuglø on April 14

      Yeah, I've moved a few times and know that feeling.

    7. Jeanne Hedge on April 14

      @JF - thanks for that. For some reason I was thinking I'd already submitted an address.

    8. Jákup Fuglø on April 14

      @Jeanne Hedge: You just put in your new address when they send out the surveys.
      One of the reasons why experienced project creators wait such a long time to send out the surveys is precisely so people's shipping addresses will be as up to date as possible.

    9. Jeanne Hedge on April 12

      I am a backer and need to change my mailing/shipping address. Who do I contact about that?

    10. Missing avatar

      vandeetz on April 10

      @amanda that's some scary stuff if true.

      It certainly isn't helping me want to give them more money. This along with the poor communication are the current readings I can't continue to back them. Especially since I have yet to receive a finished product. Can't keep doling out money without seeing the other projects come to fruition

    11. Amanda on April 9

      Got bored and found a review of current/former DMP workers -…

      Normally I wouldn't care and could possibly chalk it up to former disgruntled employees, but there are several comments regarding the "sketchy" management of Kickstarter funds.

      DMP, I'd suggest that if you want my funds next time around, there be a pretty clear breakdown of where the money is going. There's no reason that my funds should go towards paying for a mimosa lunch when you have freelance translators that aren't getting paid in a timely manner.

    12. Julian Burns on April 5

      Any updates on the Digital Omibus vol.1? Wasn't sure if I missed mine since it since I've seen updates on vol.2 etc.

    13. Missing avatar

      Garcia on March 31

      Anyone backed Osamu Tezuka Wonder 3 campaign?

    14. Felaguin on March 18

      Some nice new updates but can we PLEASE get an update on MATSUMOTO? How are his spirits? His health?

    15. Felaguin on March 11

      @Sigma_Prime03 Nope.

    16. Sigma_Prime03 on March 7

      Have they emailed out the PC wallpapers & digital volumes yet?

    17. Tender Breeze on March 7

      I know they said in the last update that they were shooting for an early April release. I hope that schedule is still on track because I'm so anxious to finally have these books in my collection. :)

    18. Kamil Tworkiewicz on March 2

      I'm always trying to tell myself that they are simply so busy and focused on their job to deliver the best possible product which means - no time for updates :)

    19. Amanda on February 27

      Would love for the next update to include an update on Matsumoto's health. Any chance we could get a picture of him with all the cards and gifts that we sent to him?

    20. The Toxic Frog on February 24

      I don't think I've seen any information concerning the wall scroll. Is there any information regarding its release?

    21. Felaguin on February 20

      Another update would be nice. It's been 3 weeks. How is MATSUMOTO-san?

    22. Jákup Fuglø on January 27

      @vandeetz: I've been happy with all their Kickstarter releases so far. My only real criticism is that lately they've left out page numbers on the Tezuka titles (perhaps other titles aswell) which means the table of contents at the beginning of the book with the chapter names and their page numbers is kinda useless. I know I'm not the only one who's annoyed by that but at least I usually get a bookmark with each book which slightly remedies that issue.

    23. Missing avatar

      vandeetz on January 26

      @amanda that sucks!! I guess I'll see how this release and the Tezuka look before spending more.

      Although I do almost all my reading on a tablet. I get the paper copies to give my brother as a gift. Just don't have the space to collect manga the way I used to. So hopefully the digital is good LOL

    24. Amanda on January 26

      @Vandeetz - Eh, I have been mixed about DMP's Kickstarter reward quality. I was not happy that the shirt that was promised from the Sakira KS was sent to us w/o any design input, and that the artwork on the shirt wasn't from any of the KS artists. Manga quality has been mixed. Some of the titles looked good, while others, like "Tyrant Falls in Love" look as if they were printed on the cheapest paper stock available. I remember asking the mangaka to sign the DMP version and she visibly flinched upon seeing how poor her artwork looked in their release, so, that should say something.

    25. Kamil Tworkiewicz on January 25

      dont worry guys. i always recieved their books in the past. do like I do.... trying to forget about this project.... there are a lot of other manga to read and anime to watch.... and when they arrive ..... yeah, you are one happy person :)

    26. Missing avatar

      vandeetz on January 25

      @amanda but they consistently deliver a quality product?

      I've also backed their most recent Tezuka campaign and with so many books to work on I worry about their timelines. They have alot of projects going simultaneously on KS.

    27. Amanda on January 24

      @Vandeetz - Unfortunately, DMP has been like this time and time again with their Kickstarters. They're at least giving a "once a month" update here...unlike their Kodomo no Jikan KS. I've supported a few of their KS and I've always been underwhelmed by the frequency and content of their updates.

    28. Missing avatar

      vandeetz on January 23

      They're not going to ship the books to they're all complete. Supposedly sometime in April. They would have to charge more to give us the books as they become available due to increased shipping and logistics costs.

      Would like if we could get the digital sooner but it is what it is.

      Would still urge them to be more transparent and have more frequent communication with the project. I think we feel like we bought it and are not a part of the process. This is very different from many other projects I've backed in the past.

    29. Missing avatar

      vandeetz on January 22

      I honestly want the books and I'm willing to do some waiting, but there needs to be some transparency by DMP here. I'm very worried about other projects I've backed by them now.

      If the book for volume one is actually pretty much done then the digital should be ready to go at this point. Get back to us and let us know what's up or I can't back more of your projects in the future.

    30. Missing avatar

      Jerry Campbell on January 17

      DMP cannot seem to even get volume 1 out the door in eight months, let alone the promised full run that I put good money down for. That, coupled with the deafening silence, leads me to think this KS project is in a bad way.
      Let me be to first, DMP, to openly petition you for a refund on my pledge.
      I've had enough.
      You can keep the books.

    31. Trudy on January 16

      @Felaguin Yeah, I threw down for Teen Romance predominantly for the signed Fukuseigenga and Signed Story Soundtrack CD. :(

    32. Missing avatar

      vandeetz on January 14

      Are we going to get some clarification on digital release dates? The transparency in the projects is really lacking with you guys, animeigo has spoiled me with the communication on their kickstarters I guess

    33. Felaguin on January 13

      @Trudy Agreed. The opportunity for a shikishi was what prompted me to go all in as quickly as I did and I would really like to get that or have the opportunity to downgrade to what they can deliver that I want. More communication would really go a long way.

    34. Missing avatar

      vandeetz on January 11

      So if the book is being bound and were looking at shipping soon. What is the status on the digital books? When will we be seen the digital rewards come available in relation to the physical book?

    35. Trudy on January 11

      @Felaguin I didn't mean to sound insensitive; I'm also concerned about his health, but they may or may not be able to report more than what is publicly-reported as to be sensitive to Matsumoto's desires. He may or may not want that actually reported. A lot of mangaka have been very sensitive about disclosing information about their health issues. Ai Yazawa is another mangaka who is extremely private about their health.

      I do think they owe it to us to let us know whether or not they are going to be able to fulfill all the promised rewards in a reasonable timeframe. I'm also willing to wait, but I wouldn't have donated at my level if not for the signatures...

    36. Felaguin on January 11

      I am less worried about the signed goods than I am about Matsumoto-san's health. I would eventually like the tier rewards I paid for but I'm willing to wait on the signed ones so as not to press his health. It would really be nice to get some info there ...

    37. Trudy on January 9

      At this point, I am wondering what they're going to deliver. :/ I'm not exactly pleased with their latest very brief update.

    38. Jákup Fuglø on January 8

      My only worry with the KnJ one is whether the new management delivers the slipcover we were promised or not (something I wish we could have gotten here as well) since there's been little to no mention of it since it was first promised.
      I probably won't back as many of their kickstarters if they start backing out of their promises but my main reason for staying with them is the Tezuka titles which I'll always support.

      Communication used to be better here in the comments and with the updates but to their credit they've always gotten back to me in the messages though the response time isn't the same as before.

      Those of us here who have been backing any of AnimEigo's projects have seen how well projects can be managed (they're the best run projects I've backed) and I'm sure they'd be glad to give DMP some tips. Especially on this project seeing as they're the ones who released the anime series of KOR in English back in the day. Would've been cool if this project had been a collaboration with them from the beginning. Just reading their liner notes shows how thorough they are:

      But as I said; I've been wanting this for decades and I'll almost take what I can get at this point as long as it's in a language I understand but my main concern is that they deliver what they promise. I can wait as long as it takes if they just deliver.

    39. Amanda on January 8

      Eh, I haven't been too pleased with DMP Kickstarters lately. The lackluster communication is a problem. I supported their SAKIRA KS, and were were informed we would receive shirts with one of her images on them, only to not receive a shirt with her artwork and 0 communication on it when it came to even selecting the color of the shirt. I also haven't been too pleased with DMP's Kodomo no Jikan KS, as they originally promised we could select the sketch we wanted in a first come/serve basis, only to invalidate this after the fundraising period ended under some "new project manager, new rules" garbage. When a couple of us complained, DMP eventually acquiesced, but only for those of us who complained (and TBH, I still expect them to pull some sort of shenanigan regarding that). I've really gotten to the point where I'm fed up with DMP and their handling of KS projects. I have this and the KnJ rewards still outstanding, and depending on what I receive, they may be my last DMP purchases.

    40. Jákup Fuglø on January 7

      @Jerry Campbell: Just about all kickstarters (definitely not just DMP's) experience delays and once you get to terms with that you can deal with the wait.
      For me it's all about the finished product with kickstarters. I pledge and forget about it till I get updates in the mail. It'll just have to take the time it takes and the final product will then decide if it was worth it (and it usually is with DMP).
      If they do another kickstarter with a title you'd like you shouldn't be afraid to back it but just be aware that delays are usually a thing. They've always delivered but communication hasn't really been their strong suit lately.

    41. Missing avatar

      Jerry Campbell on January 7

      @Amanda & Jakup - Thanks.
      Your words are kind, aye.
      I'm surprised anyone would willingly keep supporting DMP, with such a history as you tell of!
      I can guarantee this'll be my last KS project with DMP.

    42. Amanda on January 7

      @Jerry - Add several months to the estimated arrival date of the goods. Every DMP KS I've supported has never delivered on time. The last one promised the goods by June 2016 and I received them in mid-September.

      @DMP - An update sometime this coming week would be appreciated as you've been back at work for at least a couple days. Would really love to know what Matsumoto-sensei thought of the cards and gifts.

    43. Jákup Fuglø on January 7

      @Jerry Campbell: This is about the usual pace. Nothing unusual apart from the lack of updates.
      I've been waiting decades for this so a few more months are no big deal.
      They also usually send out the omnibuses collected when they're all done so don't expect getting them one at a time.

    44. Missing avatar

      Jerry Campbell on January 5

      Hey, Digital Manga! It's 2017 already, and I, for one, have yet to see even Omnibus #1, let alone the promised full series.
      Frankly, I'm done with the delays and lack of updates. A refund is very much in order here.

    45. Jacob Perry on January 2

      Its been about a month since the last official update. Any new word on the creators health or first omnibus would be nice.

    46. Trudy on December 26

      Would be nice to get an update. Were you able to get the signed goods? Was omnibus one sent to print this month?

    47. Missing avatar

      vandeetz on December 11

      @Jerry if you go down a few posts they address your issue regarding the schedule of the books

    48. Missing avatar

      Jerry Campbell on December 11

      During the campaign, the promise was for the entire series to go out in December, to those backers who'd supported at that level. Myself, I've yet to hear anything about when the books will be shipping. How's about an update, DMP?

    49. digitalmanga 20-time creator on December 1

      @Max Covill - We'll send some progress updates and pic of our progress as they become available. Thank you for your patience.

    50. Max Covill on December 1

      Are we going to get a release of at least the first volume before the end of the year? I'd love to see it. -

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