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Re-localizing and republishing the classic 80's love triangle manga that set the standard for the romantic comedy manga/anime genre.
Re-localizing and republishing the classic 80's love triangle manga that set the standard for the romantic comedy manga/anime genre.
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    1. Trudy about 17 hours ago

      Ooh, time for my requisite post recording their logins!

      > Last login Feb 21 2018

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      Michael Holzinger about 18 hours ago

      Hey DMP, I see you poked your head in again... For the love of God or "the gods" - not judging, can we please have an update!?

    3. Caleb Hughes about 23 hours ago

      @J PLaytis Yep, I've been on many of the anime/manga Kickstarter campaigns in the past few years. It really is amazing that the smaller companies are the ones doing it right so often. To be fair though, I've been nothing but pleased with basically everyone I've ever pledged to on Kickstarter, with the exception of DMP now of course, and one company who had a bit of a fiasco with a visual novel. The difference, even there though, is simply in the communication. I could understand any of the reasons that you listed that could have happened to them and more besides. If they don't tell us though, well, we'll never know. And it doesn't help when they appear to be sneaking around online, working through their subsidiaries to avoid us noticing they're there and just this amazingly bad track record they now have with their employees. It doesn't bode well.

      I do wish the class action lawsuit wasn't a pipe dream, and being from NV, I don't expect there to be nearly that many backers to get anything done here. If this becomes a bigger problem with Kickstarter I'd love to help with any large complaint that may be made though. There needs to be some protection for the backers of these projects. It sucks enough for those of us that are out a few hundred dollars. I can't even imagine what the frustration is like for the backers of the higher tiers.

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      J Playtis 1 day ago

      @Trudy, Right Stuf does about 3-4 updates per month for Aria, mostly about the dub process, and occasionally about physical rewards. I hope they are encouraged to do more in the future for niche titles that are tough to distribute.

      The Class Action was more of pipe dream/joke more than anything else, and I don't think that the State AG, or office of, for WV is going to take the time to help the handful of us backers in the state get a refund should it come to that.

    5. Trudy 1 day ago

      @J Playtis What happened with Aria? I was broke at the time and couldn't afford to back it. I'm assuming you're saying everything's going well there? Fingers crossed that it paves the way for more niche titles being published in the US, since a lot of publishers have been reluctant to license a lot of the more niche stuff since the Great Anime Bust of the 00s.

      I honestly wish I knew what was going on with DMP. The sudden move and then subsequent "moving sale" were extremely suspect. Nao Yazawa writing about pulling her titles from DMP makes me wonder if DMP wasn't paying out, since they have a history of not paying contractors (and it wouldn't surprise me if they do the same for the mangaka whose work they license).

      Don't think there will be a class-action lawsuit, but previously, on another big-name Kickstarter, there were enough people in Washington State (where I reside) who reached out to their State Attorney General and managed to get some cash back. I really doubt that there's enough funders in WA for this for us to get any traction there; I reported the aforementioned Kickstarter (the one with the person who unlinked their Facebook account and is now happily selling some of the promised KS goods on her Etsy store), and nothing really happened there except them sending her a letter in the mail.

    6. Missing avatar

      J Playtis 1 day ago

      Though the other night got me thinking about what reasons, asides from laziness, corruption and bankruptcy, we're not getting any updates...

      1) License for the physical release was yanked from Digital Manga.

      2) The Japanese side of things is demanding extensive edits and tweeks.

      3) The incident involving the loss of a couple volumes of the physical release broke the bank on printing any Kickstarter stuff. There's no money left and they're slowly regaining the money to resume.

      4) Internal politics, perhaps KOR and Wonder 3 are considered too toxic to work on by any employee right now. If one reads reviews of Digital Manga's workplace on a site like Glass Door, it's amazing how they've managed to stay around.

    7. Missing avatar

      J Playtis 1 day ago

      @Trudy isn't it something that the smaller operations, AnimEigo and Pied Piper, run the best campaigns? About the only exception being Right Stuf with Aria.

      What I was trying to say with my previous posts, is that all that we can do now is wait and have patience.

      Though, if Digital Manga doesn't deliver, count me in with whatever group complaint is filed with Kickstarter and whatever class action lawsuit against Digital Manga.

    8. Trudy 1 day ago

      I feel like I'm beating a dead horse with this, but Kickstarter really needs to hold creators more accountable. Kickstarter really doesn't give a frak after they get their 10% cut and I really hope that it bites them in the ass eventually. I can't believe, for instance, that they allow creators to unlink their Facebook accounts from their Kickstarter profile when they haven't even fulfilled their Kickstarter pledges (a real thing that happened that another creator did after they decided they didn't want to fulfill any pledges; they wanted to make sure there was no easy way for anyone to contact them). That is the bare minimum Kickstarter could do.

      And honestly, there's no recourse for backers. Generally, projects take longer than 1 year to fulfill, which puts them right outside the timeframe for issuing a chargeback.

      @J Playtis - Yeah, I've backed my fair share of Kickstarters -- and anime / manga Kickstarters. Most of them were run really poorly (see: this project, Funimation's piss-poor job at Escaflowne), but AnimeEigo's Kickstarter and the Kickstarter for Skip Beat remain a prime example of what anime Kickstarters should be.

      Don't know why people don't take a cue from them, because even with the delays, I was chill throughout because I had someone talking to us.

    9. Tender Breeze 2 days ago

      Hypothetically speaking, if DMP doesn't deliver the goods in the end, it wouldn't be just the fact that I'm out a decent wad of cash that would upset me but the utter disappointment that a series which means a great deal to me and I've desperately wanted to have on the shelf for many years still won't be there.

      Also, I backed AL's Mai Mai Miracle campaign as well and share the same sentiments as @Caleb and @Trudy.

    10. Missing avatar

      J Playtis 2 days ago

      @Trudy, you, Caleb, and I are a lot alike. We've probably backed a fair number anime/manga campaigns, know what to expect from a well run campaign, don't like throwing away our hard earned money, and expect accountability from the Creator(s).

      I generally lurk in the comment section for campaigns, and it seems like since the last update people are beating a dead/dieing horse known as Digital Manga Inc. As soon as the campaign was funded there really isn't anything the backers can do asides from waiting.

    11. Caleb Hughes 2 days ago

      @J Playtis Oh, I understand the risks involved. Doesn't mean I'm going to be happy about it if they take my money and run. I worked my ass off to earn that extra money for these projects. So to think that it very well might have been for nothing does not please me. They will surely not see more of my money if they ever have the balls to try and get funding for anything again. That would be something to see really, considering the damage they've done to their reputation at this point. Not that they seem to care at this point. It wouldn't surprise me if they tried though.

    12. Trudy 2 days ago

      I agree with @Caleb. I didn't mind Mai Mai Miracle's delays because they were at least reasonable with their communication. I don't expect perfection from people running a Kickstarter (which is why I don't bear any grudges against All the Anime for their problems with MMM), but I do expect clear, honest, and semi-frequent communication. We're not getting that from DMP, period.

      And I think if they cared about their rep, they would have responded months ago, sadly. :/

    13. Missing avatar

      J Playtis 2 days ago

      @Caleb, we're both on the same boat, I also backed Wonder 3.

      I guess the way I look at things is if DMI doesn't deliver what they promise, oh well... guess I'll have to work some OT to recoup my loss, and DMI will not see my money or support for a good while.

      Everyone knows the risk of backing these Kickstarter campaigns, once a campaign is successfully funded, the ball is in the creator's court. I would like to think a company like DMI would understand the risk to their reputation if they don't fulfill their promises.

    14. Caleb Hughes 2 days ago

      @J Playtis I was on that Mai Mai Miracle campaign and while they weren't perfect with their updates, their lapses between them were nothing like what we've seen here now. I went back and looked and the worst lapse was one time where they went 3 months between updates. The rest were usually a month to 6 weeks in between. We're nearing 4 and a half months now here and if you really want to get technical, we haven't actually heard much of anything in the way of progress on the books since April of last year except that volumes 5 and 6 were tragically lost. There was no update telling us they had ever been finished or anything else updating us on progress since the F&G update for volumes 3 and 4. Just woe and misery and disappointment from there on. And I'm no expert, but it seems like they've had plenty of time and opportunity to let us know something in that time like, oh, I dunno, that the books are being printed again or have been printed, or even just an announcement to let us know there would be a delay because they'd moved offices (I'm not even sure how we got this bit of information since it doesn't appear to be in any of the updates here or on Wonder 3's campaign). Anything to keep us from getting mad about the whole ordeal. That's the whole point of posting updates. But instead it just feels like they were dangling us along for ages and then gave up on even doing that, like a child hoping the monsters would go away if they just shut their eyes tight enough. Well I'm not going away. I've spent far too much money between this campaign and Wonder 3 to just let it go quietly.

    15. Missing avatar

      J Playtis 2 days ago

      While I would like to have accountability from DMI, pledged on an artbook tier and upped it for all physical volumes, but I do think people don't need to go all pessimistic about them not delivering.

      Take a look at the Mai Mai Miracle campaign. It took All That Anime over 2 years with very infrequent updates to get everything out to backers.

      Now that's not an excuse for DMI to go dark on the communications front, but, come on people, very few things are ever on schedule for Kickstarter campaigns.

    16. Caleb Hughes 2 days ago

      Okay, being home sick and a bit bored and pissed off, I did a little snooping around and noticed something quite interesting and suspect in regards to these people that have so abandoned us here. While Digital Manga Inc. have not made so much as a peep online on their main website, on here or in social media since last year, I'm finding that two of their subsidiaries, June Manga and Project Hentai (both listed as websites in their "about the creator" info), have very recently posted blog entries on their sites (I'll link them below) looking to fill some positions. The interesting thing is that they are both using the Digital Manga mailing address. So it appears that these guys are not so much dead and gone as avoiding us outright. I love the "NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE" at the bottom of the post too. They obviously aren't answering phones as Dustin found out. Maybe we could do something with that comment field on the blog posts though.

    17. Caleb Hughes 2 days ago

      Damn, well this is just getting ugly now. So the phone is active, but no one is answering it. Are there any options even available to us as a group at this point? I mean, we can't sue because it's not an amount that is worth doing it. We can't get in contact with anyone who cares that has any power, and I'm pretty sure Kickstarter has written themselves some fine print to make sure they aren't liable for this kind of stuff. Are we just screwed and that's it, cause that ain't right.

    18. Amy 2 days ago

      I try to be a patient person because sometimes things outside of people's control happens, but the complete lack of communication is just unacceptable. I'm honestly thinking we will never see these books and the past update was just a blatant lie to buy time.

    19. Bloody Cactus 2 days ago

      I did not know about the sight.. according to that, all 6 KOR volumes have been up since August last year. There is no way were getting the printed volumes now :/

    20. Trudy 2 days ago

      Imagine, if you will, a reality where you can take $150k from Kickstarter backers, tell half of them you won't be able to fulfill their original orders, offer them a paltry 10% of their original backing amount as compensation, promise an update in "a week or two", disappear from all of social media, fail to tell your backers that you're moving (quite suddenly), then not even answer your phone.


    21. Missing avatar

      Dustin Rauch 2 days ago

      Called again. Let it ring for a minute straight. Nothing.

    22. Missing avatar

      Thomas Smith 3 days ago

      It works from my tablet but not my desktop both using the same internet connection. Looks like only their mobile site works.

    23. Trudy 3 days ago

      @Kamil So weird, I can't get it to load from my desktop.

    24. Kamil Tworkiewicz 3 days ago

      It works perfectly fine on my mobile... and just from curiosity I bought vol 6 despite I already have it from my kickstarter and payment went through and I have my digital purchase.. so they are still alive....

    25. Missing avatar

      Dustin Rauch 3 days ago

      Ugh. First one just rings infinitely. Will try again tomorrow since it's a holiday as Caleb mentioned.
      Second one just instantly picks up with an automated message about free stuff. Just an ad line now.

    26. Trudy 3 days ago

      @Dustin If you call, let us know what happens

    27. Caleb Hughes 3 days ago

      @Dustin Rauch This is the contact info that is posted on their site. It's probably far out of date, but you can try it and see where you get. I'd also say that even though it probably doesn't matter, with today being a holiday, you might try it again tomorrow if you get ringing but no answer.
      Digital Manga, Inc.
      1487 West 178th Street, Suite 300
      Gardena, CA 90248
      (tel): 310.817.8010
      (tel): 866.680.1589
      (fax): 310.817.8018

    28. Missing avatar

      Dustin Rauch 3 days ago

      I saw someone post their phone numbers once. Does anyone still have those? I'll call them right now. I'm done fucking around.

    29. Missing avatar

      Michael Domantay 4 days ago

      hey guys can any one upload the digital books? i didnt get a chance to download any of them. that would be greatly appreciated.

    30. Trudy 4 days ago

      Probably not a good sign -- Nao Yazawa has withdrawn a few of her works from DMP.

    31. Tender Breeze 4 days ago

      I know this post likely won't do any good, but I am really sick and tired of all of us getting the silent treatment. It'd sure be nice to know if there's any chance of us still receiving the books.

    32. Trudy 5 days ago

      > Last login Feb 16 2018

    33. MayorOfCydonia 6 days ago

      I have a feeling that emanga isn't going to come back online again. I have downloaded 5 of the 6 omnibuses and I've paid enough money to this company. If anyone has omnibus 6 then can you put it on a download site?

    34. Mark Robinson on February 14

      I pledged for just the print books, and haven't gotten anything :0(

    35. Trudy on February 14

      @MayorOfCydonia The other sites appear to be up. No one has gotten their physical rewards yet.

    36. MayorOfCydonia on February 13

      The emanga site is down. I'm guessing they've gone out of business. Did anyone get all the omnibuses?

    37. Trudy on February 12

      Just in case anyone missed it, yesterday marked four months since our last update, which included a promise of an update in "a week or two".

    38. Trudy on February 10

      @Eric No one has gotten anything.

    39. Eric Lotos on February 10

      Just checking, has anyone received any books? I just kicked vol. 1 & 2, but haven't gotten anything. Wondered if it was just me...

    40. *That* Amanda on February 6

      @DMP - It's been over a week since I paid for shipping for one of the items in my tier. I would love if you could update me as to whether that item has been sent yet.

    41. Ryan Snow on February 3

      We understand you have had issues, but keeping silent about it with very little communication is not the way to settle our nerves. You need to release an update, even if it's less than desirable. I'm really wanting my money back, at this point. Every other campaign I've supported by DMP has been great. If it takes a little bit, the communication has been good and that makes it okay. Please tell us something. I'll have to pursue some sort of refund, if this continues.

    42. Michael Whipp on February 2

      People are *still* receiving orders from Under the Air?

      Damn... I got mine at the end of July.

    43. Missing avatar

      Dustin Rauch on February 1

      And I guess if it's any consolation, people are *still* receiving orders within the last couple of days for Under the Air. In one aspect it's sad that it's taken that long, as I got mine a couple of months ago, but also reassurance that they haven't thrown in the towel completely yet.

    44. Caleb Hughes on January 31

      I hadn't really checked in on this since that update back in October and all I can say is that I'm rather worried between this and the Wonder 3 campaign. I've got a lot of money sunk into these and am not to happy with what I'm seeing. Especially after some of their previous campaigns that seemed to go so well, or at least well enough that I didn't worry so much about these and I guess I should have.

      I'm honestly rather curious, seeing so many posts about messages not being replied to and the total lack of updates, has anyone tried to call their offices? I mean, I'd gather that the numbers listed on their website are probably terribly out of date and not working, but I don't see that anyone has tried either so I'm curious. I'd love to have a word or two with a live person and see where I could get. Hell, if I lived nearby I'd probably try to get a job interview just to get someone face to face and ask the tough questions about what's going on, but alas, I live in a different state. Oh well. I'm still hopeful, but seeing what I'm seeing, I don't expect much.

    45. Trudy on January 31

      @Jacob AnimEigo / Robert Woodhead are the MVPs of anime-related Kickstarters. Even if I wasn't hype for all of their projects, I'd still buy them based on how well he runs them.

      Some of us only had one volume backed because our tier gave us only one volume. Still don't know why they didn't at least ship those, but probably because it would involve actually responding from the backers on those tiers who were livid over the lack of signatures.

    46. Jacob Perry on January 30

      Yeah. I had forgotten they had printed out volumes 1 through 4 already. I am surprised considering they had to move they didn’t just ship out what they had to us and finish off the rest later. At this point I do not think shipping twice is cutting into there budget if they had to go through the pain of moving.

      On a brighter note. If anyone here like great old school stuff. AnimEigo is about to start the Gun Smith Cats OVA Kickstarter they have been hinting since Riding Bean was released. Then we can play the which one will come out first game.

    47. Bloody Cactus on January 30

      the last thing we were told is all the books were printed, and they just needed to reprint vol5/6... that was October because a transport accident. (am I allowed to say I'm calling bullshit because DMP only ever make up excuses?)

      Next thing you know we'll be told that the reprints got lost too.

      I guarantee the next update (if we ever get another one) will be to tell us some lame excuse why they have not printed vol5/6 and cant ship anything out. no intern cheap enough to volunteer to manage the kor project.. so no movement forward.

      and hey, here is a free wallpaper, we should be eternally grateful for another free wallaper image! whoooo.

    48. Trudy on January 30

      @vandeetz I eagerly await their excuse for delaying this project longer than they have already.

    49. Missing avatar

      vandeetz on January 29

      @Trudy thanks!!

      At least we know they're doing something on one of the projects even if it's just delivering bad news...

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