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Re-localizing and republishing the classic 80's love triangle manga that set the standard for the romantic comedy manga/anime genre.
Re-localizing and republishing the classic 80's love triangle manga that set the standard for the romantic comedy manga/anime genre.
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    1. Missing avatar

      vandeetz 6 days ago


      Totally agree, but I don't see it happening until after they finish shipping the tezuka campaign that appears to be shipping at the moment.

      I haven't received anything from that campaign yet either. It's impossible to get an update from these guys and its rarely about the status of the books for some reason...

    2. Edward T. 7 days ago

      We really need a substantial update on the project's status.

    3. Missing avatar

      vandeetz on August 3

      @Thomas Smith don't hold your breath, their tezuka campaign is shipping physical books now and still no word on how the digital is being handled for that one.

      So it seems they hold off on digital till last. Seems stupid and its not like they're going to respond to these comments at this point anyway. If you back with these guys you just have to wait for them to get you the rewards on their schedule and with little to no communication...

    4. Missing avatar

      Thomas Smith on August 3

      I know you are still trying to get the physical stuff for backers but how about the ebooks? No need to delay them to ship with the physical items.

    5. Amanda on August 1

      So now that it's officially August, does that mean we can expect an update as to the status of KOR and the affected rewards soon, DMP?

    6. Daniel Zelter on July 31

      Well, they're shipping out the Tezuka stuff. And I just got mine. So I'm hoping KOR is next. I know you guys really hate waiting this long, but they got a *reason* to prioritize the Tezuka stuff first.

    7. Missing avatar

      Eric on July 29

      The silence from the company is not instilling much confidence that this product will get released. So far there hasn't been any update on the actual manga itself since early 2017. Which is already past initial promise dates. Bonuses are nice and a lot of people have backed more to receive them but that also includes their want for the manga itself. All this talk about the autographs feels more like a deflection and I really hope they're not using someones ill health as a way to cover their mistakes. The only word I can use to describe Digital Manga right now is "Shameful".

    8. Missing avatar

      vandeetz on July 24

      C'mon DMP what's the status of the manga itself?

      I feel for the higher tier backers and something must be done to make things right, but that doesn't mean we don't want updates on the progress of the books themselves...

    9. Missing avatar

      Justin R Turbyfill on July 16

      @Amanda - my anger is not directed at the higher tier backers. It's solely at DMP.
      Let me be crystal clear, so my words aren't misinterpreted. DMP needs to do a better job of:
      A) Communication with ALL Backers
      B) Follow through on outstanding projects before beginning new ones
      C) Offer refunds/cancel the project if it's never going to materialize
      D) Prioritize the main goals and follow up with add-ons after.

      For the record, I backed Captain Ken and had to wait for add-ons, even having to complain to get them.
      My argument was that if the books are ready, release them, and send ads-ons later, not hold it all for a small percentage.

    10. Missing avatar

      H. Brown on July 16

      I backed Emotion and Season and will be getting 2 printed sets, and 4 signed items in total.

      My understanding is that the KOR volumes were going to be printed, well, on "typical" manga paper and binding. Maybe I am wrong, but that's what I expected.

      For me, I would rather upgrade the printed product rather than get a refund. How about upgrading the paper and binding to high(er) quality? Maybe that breaks the kickstarter, I don't know.

    11. Trudy on July 16

      Agreed with @Amanda. There is absolutely nothing stopping DMP from releasing digital copies of KoR right now, even if the other goods aren't available -- unless, of course, they're not complete, which is the real reason for the lack of manga updates the past few months.

      Direct your ire at DMP, who could easily fulfill your manga needs right now if they wanted to -- and not at the people who have been screwed by DMP's lack of communication and foresight.

    12. Amanda on July 15

      @Justin - No backer is holding DMP hostage. It's DMP's inability to communicate with their backers that is holding them back. They could have simply offered refunds or partial refunds to those who have been affected, however, for whatever reason, they're not. Why? Why is it so hard for them to offer refunds on items they can't provide? What sort of company not only fails to communicate the possibility that these items can't be delivered during the fundraising period (when they knew about Matsumoto's relapse) but also can't ask those affected backers what they want to do? Has the money already been spent to the point where they financially can't afford to refund those on those tiers? Definitely a valid question in light of the new campaign DMP started on their June manga website this week.

      As I mentioned in the comment section of their most recent Kickstarter campaign, I'm not buying anymore goods until the KOR campaign is properly resolved. Those backers who backed higher tiers deserve to have their goods just as much as those who pledged for just the manga alone deserve to have theirs. Direct your anger at DMP alone and not those who were able to pledge for higher tiers.

    13. Missing avatar

      Justin R Turbyfill on July 15

      To say I'm a little dismayed at the "update" that was released, is grotesquely understated.
      Looking at the backer list, the overwhelming majority of backers for KOR wanted the books, nothing more. This may sound a little selfish to those who had the funds to back the project for all the goodies, but at this point holding us all hostage for an over-promise to a small few is simply ridiculous.
      Furthermore, this project is now WAY beyond timeline expectations, and with no real progression beyond the past several months.
      I have backed a number of DMP projects in the past. Most of them Tezuka works. But this project has ensured that I will no longer back any future DMP project whatsoever.

    14. Missing avatar

      vandeetz on July 15

      So what's the progress on the books looking like? Its great to get some clarification on what's happening with higher tier rewards, but would love an update on the actual progress of the books

    15. Kamil Tworkiewicz on July 11

      @ThomasRatliff send them messages through their Facebook as well. I asked them recently about different campaign that way and they answered within 3 or 4 days...

    16. Thomas Ratliff on July 10

      I moved recently and messaged them with my new address a month ago. No response. I hope they got it andeventually, maybe, some day, sending my stuff to the new address.

    17. Missing avatar

      vandeetz on July 10

      @Amanda I totally agree with you and I personally don't plan on backing anything from them in the future until we start to see some progress. I've got money in this, and 2 tezuka projects and none of them have good communication or a product that's shipping. My confidence in this company is nearly as low as it could be at this point. Maybe if I actually receive a product soon that would help.

    18. Trudy on July 9

      Went ahead and asked on their Facebook wall for an update. We'll see if we get anything.

    19. Trudy on July 9

      What @Amanda said.

      I don't plan on backing any other DMP Kickstarter until they clarify what exactly they're doing for the high-dollar backers who are no longer getting their artwork / signatures. Honestly, at this point, I'm not sure that any resolution they could provide at this point would instill enough confidence in me to donate to any of their future Kickstarters because of their sheer lack of communication -- which is the one thing they could fix right now, but choose not to.

    20. Amanda on July 8

      @vandeetz - My issue is that DMP is continuing to make new projects while neglecting the old ones. They have a new Kickstarter for reprints from their yaoi Juné label beginning July 10 yet the KOR and Under the Air Kickstarters are being neglected. Clearly someone at the company has time to create these new campaigns but because the money has already been collected here, no one can spare the 5 minutes it might take to post "Everything is on schedule" on this page?! It's appalling that any company believes that it makes great business sense to push out new Kickstarters while neglecting the old.

      DMP needs to address what it plans to do for all those who will not be receiving the signed goods that they pledged for. It has been over 2 months since the last update. The backers deserve to have an update regarding what DMP plans to do about those affected by this. Simply saying "Oh wells...we tried" as their last update implied is horrifically poor on their part and a great way to alienate anyone who pledged for this project to pledge on any future DMP Kickstarter.

    21. Missing avatar

      vandeetz on July 8

      @Amanda I don't think they're necessarily abandoning this project. They have a ton of KS and haven't seen a peep from them for any of them. Unfortunately its just poor communication.

      I mean they were talking about shipping Under the air in early June. And no ones gotten a shipment and haven't heard anything from them since

    22. Amanda on July 7

      I don't understand how DMP can update the Delico KS but can't update this one.

      I honestly feel that they've just abandoned this project now that they can't give out signed items. I mean, if there is a chance they can because Matsumoto-sensei is perking up, it would be nice to know that he's at least feeling better and they're pushing back the rewards until he feels well enough to sign/draw the goods for these tiers. Either way, some communication would be appreciated, DMP.

    23. Trudy on July 4

      Two months since our last update.

    24. Kamil Tworkiewicz on July 2

      are there any backers on AnimeExpo who can actually go to their booth #3511 and ask them about progress of shipping and about Kimagure Orange Road progress?? thx in advance!!!

    25. Missing avatar

      Dustin Rauch on July 2

      Kind of annoying that they update Facebook but can't login here for two seconds to give us even the smallest update.

    26. Amanda on June 30

      I doubt we're going to get any update within the next few days due to the holiday in the US. I'd be surprised if we see anything before July 10.

    27. Missing avatar

      vandeetz on June 30

      Update soon? C'mon guys!!!!!

    28. Trudy on June 30

      In a few days, it'll be two months since the last update. Can we please get some sort of answer here -- even a comment -- explaining what will be done for higher-tier backers with signatures / artwork?

    29. Ika
      on June 25

      Can we at least have monthly updates? The last update we had on the books themselves was about the F&G of Omnibus 3 & Omnibus 4 in April. Kinda gives the impression that they stopped working on the books when they realized they couldn't fulfill the higher tiers... They could probably even send along the digital rewards by now just so we'd see some movement...

    30. Tender Breeze on June 24

      Yeah, an update would be much appreciated, guys.

    31. Doug Buirley on June 24

      Update on those who are effected and Ship dates for those who are not would be much appreciated, please and Thank you

    32. Amanda on June 23

      I agree that we need an update. It's almost July. It's really been 2 months since we've had a significant update. DMP should at least be able to tell us what they're going to do about those who are in affected tiers. I also would like to know if Matsumoto is faring any better.

    33. George Mori on June 21

      Man, I'm really turning sour on this whole kickstarter. Which is a shame because I was so excited for it. I just wish there was better communication, and more importantly better CS. There have been so many screw ups with rewards, and while some of it is understandable due to Matsumoto's health issues, honestly there should be at least partial refunds to anyone involved. I'm still unhappy with the options I was given in regards to the now mini posters that are part of my reward as opposed to the full sized posters that I had paid nearly 80 dollars for. I still want the mini posters, but they are clearly not worth what the original set was worth, but my only option is to either drop them completely, or overpay. I ended up just keeping them, but it is very poor customer service. I feel like DMP just doesn't care at all about its backers. I can't imagine how annoyed backers are about the more expensive tiers.

      Even that wouldn't be so bad if there was actual constant communication here, or at least a message board for backers to communicate more effectively with DMP. I doubt I will ever back anything of theirs again at this point. Hopefully something changes soon.

    34. Max Covill on June 15

      In reply to others comments. I think it would go a long way to have at least monthly updates of where we are. Even if you don't make much progress in a month it would still assure many of us.

    35. Max Covill on June 15

      Okay, time for an update team. I have a lot of money invested in no product. I normally don't make a big stink and I wouldn't if it was only $20, but this was a lot of money. I need to know how the books are coming even if you aren't sending them yet. Let me know that you are still working on this. It is six months late. Not sure why you had such an aggressive date that you were going to be done if you couldn't meet it. Start sending me something because I'm getting impatient.

    36. Jákup Fuglø on June 12

      @Amanda: Kamil's talking about the Under the Air Kickstarter. They're shipping the rewards for it now.

    37. Amanda on June 12

      They're still working on KnJ, but the books aren't ready, so really, unless you're one of the 15 or so backers of the highest KnJ tiers, they're not sending out anything yet.

      I'm not sure why this particular KS has been so bad in terms of communication. DMP is usually pretty ho-hum when it comes to communication after the fundraising period, but this is beyond bad even for them. You'd think that, by now, there would be some sort of resolution in regards to supporters of the autograph tiers.

    38. Kamil Tworkiewicz on June 12

      I recon there will be update soon... they just shipping their other campaign as we speak so they will have a time to focus on this one...

    39. Aaron B. on June 8

      Hmmm. Well, it's not the worst communication I've had with a project owner on Kickstarter . . . if you can believe that. DMP is clearly on a one-message-a-month pattern. I surmise their next message is coming within the next two weeks.

      But I agree, an update on what's happening with the higher tiers is strongly needed. Whether its alternative awards, refunds, or even an updated timeline, information helps. e.g., if the signed awards cannot be signed, then can the awards still be delivered? If the new art awards cannot be produced, are there swap/alternatives available?

      Information helps.

    40. Trudy on June 8

      @felaguin I'm on the same page. I feel like we've been patient, but DMP hasn't been particularly forthcoming with answers or replies to messages.

    41. Missing avatar

      vandeetz on June 6

      @felaguin I'm with you we need since answers!! Either they need to do an update or post in the comments.

      Unfortunately I've seen nothing to make me believe this company will begin communicating. This is the first time a problem has been more then shipping or timeline related though, so hopefully they show their faces in here

    42. Felaguin on June 4

      So what's going on? No word on how Matsumoto-san is doing, no word on what you're looking at for those of us that pledged the upper tiers, nothing. This is the worst communication I've ever seen on a KS.

    43. Jákup Fuglø on May 28

      @Mona Al Marri: No. They'll probably get released around the same time as the physical ones.

    44. Mona Al Marri on May 27

      I am a backer for the disgital release not the printed copy has it been released yet?? Thanks

    45. Missing avatar

      vandeetz on May 24

      Any updates on the progress coming our way soon?

    46. Trudy on May 16

      With your other Kickstarter ending tomorrow, it'd be great to have an update for your backers who were considering or currently are backing your other project and have backed KOR.

    47. Ika
      on April 28

      Their last mention in the updates was early April delivery... though of course that's unlikely now. They've not given an update on a new release window. Considering the KS actually has December 2016 listed as the ETA, I do wish they'd give more updates on that regard.

    48. Missing avatar

      vandeetz on April 26

      @nayrex they never really said that I recall. If we just did one volume it was December, but all the volumes are shipping together and they haven't finished up the final 2 volumes.

      This has always been my complaint with them... Lack of communication and transparency in the process. Complain all you want. they never respond. You just have to hope you get the product eventually

    49. Missing avatar

      Nayrex on April 25

      Have they said when these were shipping out, I thought they were supposed to be coming along time ago?

    50. Missing avatar

      vandeetz on April 25

      Any updates on where we stand with the last 2 volumes and an updated release window?

      Its be nice to know where we stand right now

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