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Re-localizing and republishing the classic 80's love triangle manga that set the standard for the romantic comedy manga/anime genre.
Re-localizing and republishing the classic 80's love triangle manga that set the standard for the romantic comedy manga/anime genre.
938 backers pledged $154,097 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Max Covill 1 day ago

      Waiting for the just the books Tier. Hopefully it will be soon.

    2. Jacob Perry 4 days ago

      My best guess for Tier 2 would be Indecisive Kyoske, Love triangle, and possibly Teleportation since they both only have only 1 volume and the least amount of heavy breakable merchandise. But they may also be including the Just the print books since they are probably taking up the most warehouse space and several hundred people signed up just for that tier.

    3. Missing avatar

      J Playtis 4 days ago

      I asked about that in the latest update, hopefully we can get some clarification.

    4. Missing avatar

      Valerie Tatro 4 days ago

      Does anyone know what the Tier numbers represent? They said Tier 1 was complete and they are moving to Tier 2. Don't really know what that means for any of us as there is no point of reference that I could find. I bought just the books, is that Tier 1? I haven't received anything yet so I'm just wondering how we all know if we were missed or if it isn't our time yet.

    5. Missing avatar

      ryan gavigan 4 days ago

      What are exactly the 'tiers'? I got the 170 'just all the print books', what tier is that?

    6. Max Covill on

      Anybody get a survey yet? Still on the waiting list here I guess.

    7. Jacob Perry on

      Has anyone gotten the survey yet? But still holy crap! I had written them off months ago. Though I only ordered the books I will be curious to see this unfold over the next month.

    8. Kamil Tworkiewicz on

      Yeyyyy they will start shipping next week!!! I know it will be long process and I’m one of the high tiers so will have to wait longer but it’s a huge milestone considering all the bad vibes with this Kickstarter!!!!

    9. Missing avatar

      Justin R Turbyfill on

      Just received email. Planning to start shipping (slowly, but still) next week.
      JFC, pass the egg nog, Christmas may finally come.

    10. Missing avatar

      Juan Muchos Jarros on

      I usually counsel patience in these situations, but (as one of the foolish people who backed at the higher levels) it's become plain that some of the promised rewards will never happen, and some may only be available to my heirs after I shuffle off this mortal coil. I think the right thing to do would be to simply produce the books & eManga, and refund the difference between the cost of books & CBR's alone and the price of the additional items.

      Failing that, though I hate to say it, a lawsuit may be a means of getting attention, though I have no idea how to initiate such a thing. Hopefully one of the thousand or so victims knows the way to do so.

    11. Max Covill on

      It's getting to the point where we should seriously be starting a class action lawsuit against DMP. I don't want to see one more eManga email until I get my books that I paid for. WHERE ARE THEY!?!?

    12. Missing avatar

      Phil Lee on

      I agree that receiving spam from eManga while also getting total radio silence here is adding insult to injury. Like J Playtis, I'd love to see anything resembling an actual update, updated timeline, or any sort of communication whatsoever. Even vaguely worded allusions to things happening behind the scenes with absolutely nothing to back that up - i.e. the previous update - would be better than the dead silence we're currently enjoying.

    13. Missing avatar

      J Playtis on

      Digital Manga, if you have the personnel to write a newsletter for your eManga site and try to solicit further business from me, do you think that you have the time to answer the following questions?

      What is the print status of volumes 5 and 6?

      What, either vague or detailed, is the timeline for fulfilling the physical rewards to the backers?

      Can we have someone to talk to?

      Why are trying to get me to order more stuff through your eManga website when I have over $500 tied up in two of your Kickstarter campaigns? What is the guarantee that I would receive any orders through eManga?


    14. Missing avatar

      R on

      Wow I just realized. This month it was officially 2 years now since the kickstarter was created and we have only seen the digital manga. Wow talk about sad and no respect for us or the money we invested. I had a problem with the initial charge and now i wished to god i had just told them to forget it. Hind sight.

    15. Missing avatar

      Michael Holzinger on

      Last Login May 21... for more shenanigans, check out the Wonder 3 campaign comments. I'm glad DMP has their online store up and running, but selling product that hasn't been provided to backers yet stinks. DMP needs to address this.

    16. Missing avatar

      Justin R Turbyfill on

      Last Login May 18.

    17. Missing avatar

      R on

      At this point it is all just a sad joke. I really do wish they would show up to a convention so we could chastise them infront of live people and ask a real person what the hell is going on. I have to agree with Jacob as this point i have to believe that they have mismanage all the funds and it is that which has kept them from sending anything out except the digital copies which is a joke. I am still trying to figure out a good way to get court proceeding started but they moved locations which made it difficult. I don't know maybe a class action lawsuit would be good against the company. I love the fact that Kickstarter has just thrown up their hands about the whole situation and won't even enforce a penalty until the fulfill their obligations.

    18. Missing avatar

      James McLaughlin on

      @Jacob At this point I'd be fine if I only got the physical books. Of course I'd still be kicking myself for the amount I backed it for...

    19. Eric Lotos on

      eManga has been sending me offers to purchase the first vol., which I am still waiting to receive of course:

    20. Jacob Perry on

      This is just my 2 cents but considering everything we know plus speculation. I think they burned through the money we raised a long time ago and what was left over went to the new version of their emanga websites that just launched. If fulfilling some bare minimum due diligence of “well let’s give them the physical books and that will at least shut most them up” because they do not want to piss off the few super backers who paid for extra goodies seems laughable at this point. Honestly, I would have given everyone who is still in this free access to the emanga as compensation but they cannot even do that. I even sent them an email asking that I would be willing to send them money to ship what they have a few months ago with no reply. Honestly I am not spending a dime on anything they sell until they fulfill there bare minimum physical book order which is becoming almost nonexistent at this point.

    21. Missing avatar

      Justin R Turbyfill on

      Last login May 7. Still no word from them.

    22. Missing avatar

      Phil Lee on

      @Ika - Oh, I absolutely agree with you that any problems DMP is having with the signature/sketch tiers shouldn't keep them from sending out rewards to the vast majority of the backers. I'm just concerned that the amount of funding potentially tied up with the higher tier backers is making the situation even more difficult across the board.

      Thanks for the citation confirming that everything else had arrived aside from the final two volumes. That would be more reassuring if we had follow-up responses, photographs of swag, or anything other than dead air, of course, but I suppose it's better than absolutely nothing. Not much better, mind you.

    23. Ika

      @Phil - Fair enough, 25% of their funding is big, but still not majority. I'm of the opinion that they should fulfill what they can right now to at least start appeasing backers. At least then we'll see something from this campaign and not feel like we threw all our money into a black hole.

      Really, anything is better than silence at this point. The longer this goes on, even the lower tiers will want refunds due to poor treatment. The problem is just getting bigger as time goes on.

      They actually did say they have vols 1-4 and other merch on-hand. In the October 12, 2017 update, we have the following October 25, 2017 comment by DMP:
      "1. We're currently waiting on v.5 and 6 to arrive. All other volumes + merchandise are at our office.
      2. Production (translation, editing, lettering, graphics) for all volumes is complete, proofs have been checked, eBooks have been made and released for sale. "

      Yes, we haven't actually seen photos, but they said the things were there last year. I've seen comments since then of people actually willing to pay extra to have their on-hand stuff shipped out already. There are tiers here that only have Vol 1 or the Digitals on them. At the very least, I should hope that those people already have their stuff.

      I don't really understand the hold-up for the lower tiers (especially for those willing to pay extra for shipping). Did DMP burn everything they had on-hand last year? Is this an all-or-nothing fulfillment thing? If they can't do something about the signed tiers, they'll throw everything that's been ready since last year into the sea?

    24. Missing avatar

      J Playtis on

      It's nice that their relaunching their eManga site tomorrow. Now that major project is out of the the way, do you guy's have the time to answer the following...

      What is the prints status of Volumes 5 & 6?

      What is the road map to fulfillment of pledges?

      Can we get someone to talk to about the campaign?


    25. Missing avatar

      Phil Lee on

      @Ika - I was curious and put together a spreadsheet to see what the percentages were like based on the number of pledges and the dollar amounts of each tier in the Campaign description. The number of backers who pledged at the signature/sketch levels ($850 and up) was 27 out of 938 pledges, or a bit under 3% of the total. However, based on the dollar amount of those pledges those 27 backers provided roughly 20% of the money raised by the campaign. With add-ons - all of the upper tiers only specify that they're providing the first print volume of the manga, so presumably those backers provided extra funding to cover the rest of the print run - that's probably more like 22%, perhaps upwards of 25%.

      So, it's not so much that DMP is refusing to provide pledges based on a problem with 3% of the backers, it's that they're unable to provide the major part of the promised awards to people who provided a quarter of the campaigns funding. If those folks are requesting refunds, that leaves DMP even more in the hole and potentially unable to ship physical project rewards, at lower tiers or otherwise.

      As far as fulfillment of the lower tiers goes, that assumes DMP has the physical goods in hand. So far, we've seen photographs of mock-ups of Volumes 1-4 and they stated that the entire print run of Volumes 5-6 had gone missing in shipping, which implies that the print runs of Volumes 1-4 were in hand. However, we still haven't actually seen, say, boxes full of merchandise and actual final printed versions of any of the volumes of the manga, not to mention any of the other physical items that were promised to backers. Also, assuming DMP does have the physical campaign rewards in hand, they also have to have the funds to ship everything.

      Who knows? Perhaps DMP's recent online restructuring will get their cashflow to the point where they're able to ship out the physical volumes of the manga they presumably have on hand. And, if Volumes 5-6 did go missing in shipping, hopefully DMP had the shipment insured and it's just a matter of getting those volumes re-printed and in hand. The random knick-knacks that were being offered are hopefully not terribly expensive to secure and it may well be that, as soon as all of the physical pledge items - excepting the signatures and sketches - are in hand DMP will finally fulfill this project to, at least, most of the backers.

      Sadly, that all seems impossibly optimistic at the moment. DMP could do a lot to appease us by showing photographs of finalized physical merchandise that they have in hand, but since they haven't done so - either before or after the latest update - then I suppose we get to sit here in the dark waiting to see if anything ever comes of our pledges. I can't say I have much hope at this point.

      DMP, please feel free to jump in with additional information, photographs of what reward materials you have in hand, shipping updates, or, basically, anything whatsoever besides more silence.

    26. Ika

      @vandeetz, honestly, refusing to talk to everyone else or even do /anything at all/ about this project because they can't resolve their problem with a whopping 4% of their backers... that's really messed up. DMP is disgusting.

      You'd think they'd start trying to fulfill the tiers they supposedly already have (digitals, vols 1-4) just to get a few people off their back already.

    27. Missing avatar

      Dustin Rauch on

      Yeah on Facebook they've been changing addresses and updating their stuff. Maybe they're getting their stuff together. (lol)

    28. Missing avatar

      Jay Levy on

      It's been two years just to print books ... I think we have to assume they are not going to fulfill their obligations in any meaningful way. It's ridiculous. They took the money, they spent the money, now they have no way to complete the project. We were scammed.

    29. Missing avatar

      Tsukikira on

      Any news on this? I'm a bit surprised this is dragging on so long.

    30. Missing avatar

      Michael Holzinger on

      Last login yesterday, but no warm fuzzy update....

    31. Missing avatar

      Justin R Turbyfill on

      Don’t know about anyone else, but I got an email from these toolbags about the “New EManga” and let me just say, F these F’s in their A! (Sorry, this is as nice as I can be)
      Seriously, you can’t communicate, you can’t deliver, you also can’t proofread your own goddam email for errors, and you try to elicit more money from me for a product I’ve already bought that you can’t even deliver?!
      Sorry for the folks who pledged all the extras, but at this point, I’d be even more pissed I can’t even get the Basics!
      DMP, please have the decency to never show your face at industry events ever again, especially if you cannot handle the ire you have so definitely earned .

    32. Missing avatar

      vandeetz on

      @ika unfortunately I think this project had been ignored because they don't have an answer on how to handle the larger backing tiers.

      With the inability to quite Matsumoto's hand drawn items they're scrambling and most likely don't have the capital to refund.

      It would be nice if this project could get a new timeline and progress, but I feel like they're burying their heads in the sand to avoid the tough logistical questions

    33. Ika

      Can we get an update on this project? This one made much more in funding than the Psyche Delico one (this came first as well) and yet this project has been largely ignored by DMP. Psyche Delico's new timeline has delivery slotted for December 2018. A 14-month delay from the original, sure, but at least we have a timeline. KOR doesn't even have that.

    34. Missing avatar

      J Playtis on

      It's been over a month since that generic update, can we get some get some answers for the following...

      1. What is the status of the physical volumes 5 and 6?

      2. Can either a vague of specific estimate be given about fulfillment to us backers?

      3. Can a company rep be assigned to talk with us about our concerns about this campaign?

      Someone is logging on a regular basis, and I'm sure they can spend at least a few minutes weekly to touch bases with us. We're not all that happy about what is happening, but I think most us would be respectful to whomever is representing DMI if they are honest with us.

    35. Missing avatar

      vandeetz on

      @Trudy I'll help you out!!

      Last login April 19th

    36. Trudy on

      > Last login Apr 4 2018

    37. Missing avatar

      R on

      The other major problem is the actual collection of funds. Everyone forgets about that. Just because you win doesn't mean you automatically get the funds right then and there or they don't let them leave the court room, if they bother to show up. The best thing available is wage garnish but that is usually for a person not a business I think. So not sure how it works after the settlement but if someone in california starts a small claims action it would be easier for other people to join in since the limit is $5k. have to look at that again. But so far from everything that is posted on KS they are majorly in breach of KS legal rules big time at this point.

      @Caleb, the only reason I specified California is of proximity to DMP and that there's a likelihood of less legal fees in the process of taking them to Small Claims Court. Pretty sure an out of state resident could file a suit in California SCC, but then you start getting into the law of diminishing returns. For the $500 or so I have in both KOR and Wonder 3, unless the legal costs were reimbursed in the settlment, I'd be breaking even at best.

      If DMP truly doesn't intend fulfill it's promise to the backers, the best course, imo, is that the 11 or so people who pledged at the $1450+ tiers lawyer up, take DMP to SCC, and hopefully create some legal precedence so that those of us at lower pledge levels can move through legal process smooth and quickly.

      Or DMP can just make it easier on everyone and give us either an update or a means to collect most of what we pledged for.

    38. Trudy on

      > Last login Apr 2 2018

    39. Trudy on

      > Last login Mar 28 2018

    40. Trudy on

      @Jacob Perry Long donated. Robert runs the best Kickstarters.

    41. Jacob Perry on

      Just a heads up the Gun Smith Cats Explosive Edition kickstarter just started. Do not miss out.

    42. Jacob Perry on

      Just out of curiosity, has anyone tried asking if they could ship the first 4 volumes if we pay an extra expedited fee and get the remaining 2 volumes when they come out?

    43. Tender Breeze on

      Assuming the last two volumes already have or will be printed, I would like to add that I would also be more than willing to pay extra to have the lot shipped out to me.

    44. Missing avatar

      Ahmed Adh'ham on


      I don't care about any of the extra stuff. I just want the manga. I paid for physical copies, and from your previous updates I know you have at least some of the volumes printed and ready. Can you just start sending those out now? I hope you sort out your troubles and finish the rest of the physical volumes soon.

    45. Yves-Andre Schaeffer

      My actual reaction to reading the exact same update to both projects I'm signed up for:
      (Suspicious "Hmmmm....?")

      If they get off their ar$e$ and send it all, then yeah hooray!
      But do I believe it at the moment? Who knows... Time will tell.

    46. Missing avatar

      J Playtis on

      Thanks for the update. I hope DMI will continue to keep us informed. In future updates I would like at least two things...

      1) An update on the reprint of volumes 5 & 6.

      2) A rough idea/plan on when they'll be shipping.

      I know I've said some harsh things, but if DMI chooses to be more active and open with this and other campaigns, I'll stick up for you guys as long as I think you're operating in good faith to fulfill your promises.

    47. Trudy on

      > Last Login Mar 16

    48. Trudy on

      @Amanda So glad to hear this was finally settled for you!

    49. *That* Amanda on

      R. Kasahara over on the Wonder 3 thread posted following two links which deal with the current situation;

      ...and as an aside, I received my KOR sketch (whose shipping I paid for back in January) this week, so yay!

      @CT - Most credit card companies only refund for transactions occurring within the last 6 months, so it’s likely that, like the rest of us, it’s money that you’ll never see again.

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