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Re-localizing and republishing the classic 80's love triangle manga that set the standard for the romantic comedy manga/anime genre.
Re-localizing and republishing the classic 80's love triangle manga that set the standard for the romantic comedy manga/anime genre.
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    1. Tender Breeze 1 day ago

      For those interested, here's what was said at the panel:

      Kimagure Orange Road:
      THE WHOLE THING ("except that one weird new movie!") is coming to Blu-ray.
      The franchise will be spread across two Blu-ray collections.
      That's the TV series, the OVAs and the first movie.
      4:3 format and proper 1080p remaster.
      Extras include textless songs, commercials and trailers.

    2. Tender Breeze 1 day ago

      @Felaguin, Discotek has already confirmed that the series will utilize the original 4:3 aspect ratio, so no worries there.

    3. Felaguin 1 day ago

      @RevGirlM , yes, AnimEigo originally ran into space problems so moved the openings and endings into special areas of the discs rather than have them attached to each episode. I believe Robert figured out a trick with programming DVDs so he could get the openings and endings to play before and after their respective episodes but he still only had to store them once per disc so they then replaced the discs for everyone who'd bought them.

      AnimEigo's liner notes were also very helpful for me when I was first watching the show. I still watch the series roughly annually so will have to think about the Discotek offering ... or maybe see about getting the Japanese discs.

    4. Felaguin 1 day ago

      @Tender Breeze - So the red and white bubbles were off because they redid the title in English, my alternate theory. I do hope that promo video is not a portent of things to come -- while I look forward to the higher definition and better color, I do NOT want it cropped to fit 16x9 screens. The work was done to fit 4x3 screens, just give me the black side bars the same way I wanted letterboxing for movies on 4x3 screens.

    5. Tender Breeze 2 days ago

      @RevGirlM, while is true that they were courteous and did replace the discs after fan complaint, that didn't help me out because I wasn't able to acquire the series until it was out of print and I got stuck with, in my opinion, very expensive, faulty discs.

      Anyway, the point is moot because I will be able to pick up the series on BD from Discotek in the near future!!

    6. Missing avatar

      Michael Domantay 3 days ago

      they do have the set online blu ray edition i actually downloaded it a few months ago. the original source came from netflix of japan.

    7. Missing avatar

      RevGirlM 3 days ago

      *Sigh* Makes me truly wish I could get a Blu-ray release of the show. A better sound upgrade, less jitter/bounce on the picture...

    8. Missing avatar

      RevGirlM 3 days ago

      @Tender Breeze: They initially removed the openings, that's true, but didn't they offer to replace the DVDs for newly printed discs with the openings restored? Or is my memory shoddy?

      By the time I personally got around to acquiring the series, these later prints of the show were already being carried by Right Stuf and others, so all my discs came with the episode openings.

      I only wish I had been around, as a fan, to order the overly-large sized but charming yellow box that housed the entire release. I have the show notes saved as a text file, but I would have liked to have owned them as a printed booklet too...

    9. Missing avatar

      Mel 5 days ago

      @Jakup Thanks, sent them a message hopefully they reply.

    10. Jákup Fuglø
      5 days ago

      @Mel: Kickstarter messages seem to be the best way to reach them, yes.

    11. Tender Breeze 5 days ago

      @Felaguin, while I also adore AnimEigo (despite the fact that they removed the OP animation from their KOR DVDs), I would be personally fine with a Discotek license rescue. They are also a company run by fans who have proved time and time again that they are passionate about the titles they release.

      And yes, it is absolutely possible that it may not be KOR, but the fact that the rainbow pattern seems consistent has me hopeful.

    12. Missing avatar

      Mel 5 days ago

      Anyone know which carrier digital manga uses to ship to Canada? Is it USPS?
      Have they been replying messages through Kickstarter?

    13. Anderson Hughes 5 days ago

      gotta question for the team I had redeemed the volumes from the old emanga site and with that site being gone did I lose my collection forever?

    14. Felaguin 6 days ago

      @Tender Breeze, I'd rather AnimEigo got the license back because of the spectacular job they do with these kinds of properties but regardless, the picture they posted doesn't quite look right. While the rainbow could be a color-enhanced version of the rainbow from the KOR anime, the red-and-white bubbles aren't right. The only way I can see it being the KOR logo would be if someone did an English-translated version instead of using the Japanese characters.

    15. Missing avatar

      6 days ago

      I pledged "Season" as well and also got the survey email this evening.

    16. Missing avatar

      J Playtis 6 days ago

      Got my survey and replied as well. Pledged on the "Season" level.

    17. Jákup Fuglø
      6 days ago

      Got and replied to my survey :)

    18. Tender Breeze 6 days ago

      Discotek teased a title they have acquired on Twitter yesterday:

      It really does look like it could be the KOR anime logo. *crosses fingers*

    19. Missing avatar

      mst on

      Wow, so according to your posts on Kodomo No Jikan and older posts for KOR, you had everything already printed and completed for KOR yet it will still take you an
      estimated total of 8 months just to gather the financial resources to pay for the shipping costs?
      (That's with ignoring the part about you not being able to fulfill the top tier rewards and still maintaining that you are just keeping the money from the backers.)
      I wonder how that timetable relate to the other campaigns where you are still working on the initial development steps.

    20. Jákup Fuglø

      @Evan M. Sending them a direct Kickstarter message seems to work better than commenting here so I suggest you try that.

    21. Missing avatar

      Evan M. on

      Hi, I've tried contacting the emanga support about issues regarding redeeming my digital copy of kimagure, but I haven't recieved a response. Would someone on the digital manga team be able to assist me here?

    22. Missing avatar

      Valerie Tatro on

      I find it odd that questions in the comments sections of a Kickstarter are often ignored by the creator. I got an email today as I assumed most people did. For those that might not have received it here's the important part that answers the biggest question.

      Posted by digitalmanga (Creator)

      The biggest tier, "JUST THE KOR PRINT BOOKS (+PLUS)," is set to start in the beginning of November.
      Any tier before this tier (the artbook tiers and the classic manga package tiers for example) should be sent out by then if you responded on time.
      If you respond way past the date we sent out the surveys for your tier, in order to stay on schedule, we would need to send your items out last, after every tier has been shipped out.

      We are determined to finish shipping before the end of January.

    23. Missing avatar

      Megan Stroback on

      There are a lot of folks who would like to know when the just the books tier will be shipping or really what tier that even is. Can you (DMP) please answer this question? We deserve to know where we stand.

    24. Missing avatar

      J Playtis on

      Tend to avoid ANN like the plague, for various reasons, but reading that article that Caleb linked to and the comments section it seems like DMP got its business license suspended for not doing routine paperwork for the state of California. Looks like that license can also be suspended for things like not paying taxes and suspicion of fraud, but it looks like laziness on DMP's part to not do paperwork. This seems to be a trend, but I'm hoping the company is reforming. I might dig into this a little more later.

      Don't think it will delay stuff for KOR unless the State of California really wants to make an example out of DMP.

      It could be a long term problem for those who backed other DMP projects.

    25. Caleb Hughes on

      So, does anyone here have enough background in law to explain if and how this is going to affect this campaign and others as they stand now?

    26. Ryan Thompson on

      @Doug Kraemer I paid 170 to read the books which 3 years later I still can't do. And they were at some point selling physical copies of at least the first book.

    27. Missing avatar

      R on

      Ahmed Adh'ham - on track is relative. I don't know what level you got but waiting isn't anything if they actually have your items. Others aren't ever going to get the items they should and they are doing a terrible job of taking care of that. Signed items no chance. What do you get inplace of that. No idea because they haven't said but their rules state, "If an item becomes unavailable or damaged before shipping out the rewards package to the backer, an item of equivalent or greater value will be substituted." Which they have failed to produce and is very subjective. It would be to their best benefit as Juan Muchos Jarros pointed out to just give back the money for the items they can't produce. Though as many forums besides this have posted, they mostly likely frivolously wasted the money and now are trying to scramble to make up for everything. I don't know maybe as others have said notification with the FTC and a lawsuit is the only way to get them to be serious about the commitment they made and stop trying to further screw over the people at the higher tiers and take responsibility for a very poorly run and executed kickstater if they ever want to have any business again.

    28. Missing avatar

      Ahmed Adh'ham on

      I'm so glad that the project is on track again, but maaaaan I'll have to wait a while before they can get to my tier.

    29. Jákup Fuglø

      If every pledge level is a tier then I'm glad I went with Madoka the Tsundere and added on the rest. Shouldn't be the last one to get my rewards this time.

    30. Ika

      @Valerie Tatro - Surveys are sent out per tier, so we won't get one until they're ready to ship out our tier.

    31. Missing avatar

      Doug Kraemer

      @Ryan Thompson You didn't pay for the PDF's. Those are the only ones available to buy on their website.
      The physical books are not for sale.

    32. Missing avatar

      anthony on

      It seems like each pledge level that has physical items is considered a tier and each tier is being handled individually. If that's true then it will take time to get to the Just the Books tier.
      Hopefully it won't take that long.

    33. Missing avatar

      Valerie Tatro on

      I have never received a survey to fill out. Do we not get the survey until they get to our tier? Also, does anyone know what tier the "Just the Books" is? I just got an email from them and here's what it said, no mention of the "Just the Books" tier:

      Hello Backers,

      I am sorry I was not clear with the tiers and their numbers. This is a reference but I will refer to the tiers by their name from now on to rid of any confusion :

      Tier 1 - Early Bird Summer

      Tier 2 - Ditzy Hikaru

      Tier 3 - Indecisive Kyosuke

      Ditzy Hikaru still has some backers that need their items shipped out but only a handful. Please respond to your survey if you have not done so for this tier.

      Indecisive Kyosuke will start shipping out soon. Please respond to your survey. The sooner, the better.

      Thank you for your on-going patience.


    34. Missing avatar

      Phil Lee on

      Hello, everyone. My guess is that each individual pledge option with a print component is being counted as an individual tier. This hasn't been confirmed by Lindsay or DMP or anything, it's just an estimate based on comments they've made recently. If this is the case, then here's a listing of the print tiers to be shipped out:

      Tier 1 Early Bird Summer
      Tier 2 Ditzy Hikaru
      Tier 3 Indecisive Kyosuke
      Tier 4 Love Triangle
      Tier 5 Whimsical 80's Night
      Tier 6 Teleportation
      Tier 7 KOR Beach Package
      Tier 8 Summer love
      Tier 9 Teen Romance
      Tier 10 Madoka the "Tsundere" (Variant A)
      Tier 11 Madoka the "Tsundere" (Variant B)
      Tier 12 Broken Heart
      Tier 13 Emotion
      Tier 14 Season
      Tier 15 Classic Manga Package #1
      Tier 16 Classic Manga Package #2
      Tier 17 Classic Manga Package #3
      Tier 18 Just the KOR Print Books (+Plus)
      Tier 19 Family of Espers
      Tier 20 Orange PVC Madness
      Tier 21 Time-Slip
      Tier 22 Madoka's Bikini Orange
      Tier 23 Telekinesis
      Tier 24 Precognition

      Once again, this isn't an official list, it's just my best guess. Lindsay, if you could confirm that this is the way you're describing tiers, or if you could let us know exactly how you do have the tiers grouped if I'm mistaken, that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    35. Ryan Thompson on

      My issue is that they are selling these books before I get mine even though I paid for just the books.

    36. Max Covill on

      Waiting for the just the books Tier. Hopefully it will be soon.

    37. Jacob Perry on

      My best guess for Tier 2 would be Indecisive Kyoske, Love triangle, and possibly Teleportation since they both only have only 1 volume and the least amount of heavy breakable merchandise. But they may also be including the Just the print books since they are probably taking up the most warehouse space and several hundred people signed up just for that tier.

    38. Missing avatar

      J Playtis on

      I asked about that in the latest update, hopefully we can get some clarification.

    39. Missing avatar

      Valerie Tatro on

      Does anyone know what the Tier numbers represent? They said Tier 1 was complete and they are moving to Tier 2. Don't really know what that means for any of us as there is no point of reference that I could find. I bought just the books, is that Tier 1? I haven't received anything yet so I'm just wondering how we all know if we were missed or if it isn't our time yet.

    40. Missing avatar

      ryan gavigan on

      What are exactly the 'tiers'? I got the 170 'just all the print books', what tier is that?

    41. Max Covill on

      Anybody get a survey yet? Still on the waiting list here I guess.

    42. Jacob Perry on

      Has anyone gotten the survey yet? But still holy crap! I had written them off months ago. Though I only ordered the books I will be curious to see this unfold over the next month.

    43. Kamil Tworkiewicz on

      Yeyyyy they will start shipping next week!!! I know it will be long process and I’m one of the high tiers so will have to wait longer but it’s a huge milestone considering all the bad vibes with this Kickstarter!!!!

    44. Missing avatar

      Justin R Turbyfill on

      Just received email. Planning to start shipping (slowly, but still) next week.
      JFC, pass the egg nog, Christmas may finally come.

    45. Missing avatar

      Juan Muchos Jarros on

      I usually counsel patience in these situations, but (as one of the foolish people who backed at the higher levels) it's become plain that some of the promised rewards will never happen, and some may only be available to my heirs after I shuffle off this mortal coil. I think the right thing to do would be to simply produce the books & eManga, and refund the difference between the cost of books & CBR's alone and the price of the additional items.

      Failing that, though I hate to say it, a lawsuit may be a means of getting attention, though I have no idea how to initiate such a thing. Hopefully one of the thousand or so victims knows the way to do so.

    46. Max Covill on

      It's getting to the point where we should seriously be starting a class action lawsuit against DMP. I don't want to see one more eManga email until I get my books that I paid for. WHERE ARE THEY!?!?

    47. Missing avatar

      Phil Lee on

      I agree that receiving spam from eManga while also getting total radio silence here is adding insult to injury. Like J Playtis, I'd love to see anything resembling an actual update, updated timeline, or any sort of communication whatsoever. Even vaguely worded allusions to things happening behind the scenes with absolutely nothing to back that up - i.e. the previous update - would be better than the dead silence we're currently enjoying.

    48. Missing avatar

      J Playtis on

      Digital Manga, if you have the personnel to write a newsletter for your eManga site and try to solicit further business from me, do you think that you have the time to answer the following questions?

      What is the print status of volumes 5 and 6?

      What, either vague or detailed, is the timeline for fulfilling the physical rewards to the backers?

      Can we have someone to talk to?

      Why are trying to get me to order more stuff through your eManga website when I have over $500 tied up in two of your Kickstarter campaigns? What is the guarantee that I would receive any orders through eManga?


    49. Missing avatar

      R on

      Wow I just realized. This month it was officially 2 years now since the kickstarter was created and we have only seen the digital manga. Wow talk about sad and no respect for us or the money we invested. I had a problem with the initial charge and now i wished to god i had just told them to forget it. Hind sight.

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