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Make "god of manga" Osamu Tezuka's groundbreaking first adult work available in English once again.
Make "god of manga" Osamu Tezuka's groundbreaking first adult work available in English once again.
194 backers pledged $8,806 to help bring this project to life.

We have big plans - and questions for our backers!

Thank you for your incredible support!

I was shocked (pleasantly!) at how many of you also want to see this book printed once again. As you can see, we have far exceeded our target, and we are now preparing to send the book off to the printer. In a couple of months new copies will be headed our way, and then out to you, along with whatever other rewards you selected!

If you haven't pledged yet, don't worry, you still have until Dec. 11 to get your copy, plus all the other deals on this page.

And if you chose an option that comes with extra manga, then remember you can make your selections anytime and send them to me in a message - I'll reserve your choices.

Thank to you, this isn't the end of Digital Manga on Kickstarter - and we'll have a really exciting announcement to make after this project ends!

In fact, I'd like to hear from you right now. How would you like future projects similar to Swallowing the Earth to be printed? Would you be willing to pay extra for larger-than-average manga pages? What about hardcover? Embossed? Crocheted? An after-reading mint in the back? The goal of this whole endeavor is to make manga the way YOU - the readers - want it, so let me know! Either message me through Kickstarter, or e-mail me at

Ben Applegate


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    1. digitalmanga 20-time creator on January 19, 2012

      Actually, the titles we'd like to go after (and I think this is reflected with Barbara) are titles that may get a great deal of respect in Japan but are much more obscure in the United States. It's this gap that makes it tough to bring these books over to the U.S. market.

    2. Missing avatar

      Seth Goonetilleke on December 21, 2011

      I would pay any extra amount for book with all of the bells and whistles that were mentioned above, though large pages and hardcover would be most important to me.

    3. Greg Webster on December 19, 2011

      Elizabeth, can you elaborate? I'm not really aware what you are talking about. In my experience, a good portion of what English has received is modern products that are in fact non-mainstream, which is why they are much cheaper to license and bring over.

    4. Missing avatar

      Elizabeth N. on December 18, 2011

      I'd vote for getting titles that, for whatever reason, probably wouldn't make it to the States. Like some of those amazing ones that publishers are hesitant to license, because they're too niche or out of the mainstream.

    5. Greg Webster on December 11, 2011

      That's great to hear! Does DMP have any other Tezuka or other classic manga to release?

    6. digitalmanga 20-time creator on December 11, 2011

      We are definitely going to keep using the larger pages for classic manga. I really like them too. I'm often disappointed with even the Japanese releases of these books, which are usually much smaller. Hardcover is another question, since it does require such a massive added cost. We're still considering our options.

      Thanks for the responses!

    7. Alex Smith on December 11, 2011

      I'd be happy with hardcover editions with or without dust jackets, especially if it's a book as large as Swallowing the Earth.

    8. Suzi Hough on December 9, 2011

      I'm seconding Greg on this: I'd prefer you include color pages if there are any, and make the paper quality high enough that there is no discoloration 20 years down the line.

    9. Greg Webster on December 8, 2011

      I've worked in comic retail for 3 years, and hardcover manga rarely does well unless it is accompanied with something else. Maybe a hardcover with a slipcase and extra materials about the cultural impact? If there is an alternative between hardcover and softcover, most people will choose the softcover.

      I'd prefer you include color pages if there are any, and make the paper quality high enough that there is no discoloration 20 years down the line.

    10. Susan Bermudez on December 5, 2011

      Hardcover rocks, along with the original color pages. I'm not a huge fan of the dustjackets idea, but larger 'shonen-jump-sized' pages would be nice to finally see the detail in some of the books with more detailed art.

    11. Todd DuBois on December 4, 2011

      Hardback is always real nice.

    12. Eleanor Walker on December 3, 2011

      I would definitely pay more for colour pages, and hardcover w/dust jacket (if it was a really special title)

    13. Mary Danielson on December 2, 2011

      The larger format would be really neat, I agree with Greg. I also with Patrick, that depending on the book I would gladly pay more for a nice hardcover.

    14. Greg Webster on December 2, 2011

      I prefer the larger format, like Akira is printed in.

    15. Missing avatar

      Patrick Cadman on December 2, 2011

      I would be very excited to see what other manga, that would otherwise not make it to the states you could get using this method, also depending on the book i might be willing to pay extra to have a nice hardcover of it.