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High-capacity HDD or SSD based digital photo manager with 5" screen to Backup, Protect, Organize, View and Share a lifetime of photos Read more

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High-capacity HDD or SSD based digital photo manager with 5" screen to Backup, Protect, Organize, View and Share a lifetime of photos

About this project

Picture Porter Advanced is a portable digital photo manager and backup device to help you protect, organize, view, and share your photos and your memories.

With high capacity hard drive options up to 1TB, a 5” TFT-LCD display screen, and convenient Li-Ion rechargeable battery operation, Picture Porter Advanced is your digital assistant helping you get the most out of your personal, family, and professional digital photos and video.

Please take a few minutes to watch our video introduction about the Picture Porter Advanced project. Then, read on to learn more about how Picture Porter Advanced can improve the way you manage and even share your digital photos and video.

Don't miss the series of video tutorials below in the 'How do I use it' section.

Picture Porter Advanced gives you a way to download, store, carry, view, and share your entire collection of digital photos and videos in the palm of your hand.

It is designed with:

  • 5” TFT-LCD screen

  • High-capacity hard disk drive storage up to 1TB in capacity, and support for SSD options

  • Connectors for external memory devices including:
    - SD/SDHC/SDXC and microSD directly without adapter
    - CF including UDMA
    - USB storage devices including flash drives and 2.5" hard drives

  • Slot for dedicated (2nd) SD/SDHC/SDXC card

  • HDMI connection for output to TV, monitor, projector

  • Audio and Video Input/Output jacks for external display and video recording

  • USB connection to computer (Windows and Mac supported)

  • Powerful rechargeable Li-Ion battery support that is user accessible

  • Palm-sized, easy-to-carry design

Picture Porter Advanced - Layout and Features
Picture Porter Advanced - Layout and Features


Picture Porter Advanced with external memory devices
Picture Porter Advanced with external memory devices

Picture Porter Advanced has a custom designed operating system that focuses on the key functions of digital photo storage, management, organization, playback, and sharing.

  • Copy/Backup: Copy entire contents from one memory location to another

  • File Management: Perform essential file management tasks
    (Copy, Move, Delete, Rename, Make Folder, Export, Add to Playlist, Sort, Multiple Selection)

  • Photo Display: View Photos in manual Full Screen Photo View or as a Slideshow
    * Includes ability to display images of RAW uncompressed photos from select DSLR models.
       (See a subset of supported models here. If you don't see your model listed, please ask us about it.)

  • Video Playback: Playback supported video formats

  • Music Jukebox: Play music files individually or with a Slideshow

  • MusicBox in the Slideshow: MusicBox feature lets you prepare a dedicated set of music files that can be played with slideshows from any memory location (music files do not have to be copied to the current folder location)

  • PhotoMemo®: Record voice memos to pair and playback with individual photos

  • Playlist: Create unique photo/video/music collections with files in different folder locations

  • Export: Select individual or selections of photos or entire Playlists to easily export to an external memory card or USB Storage Device

  • HDMI Output: View your photos and videos on a TV, monitor, or other big screen through HDMI connection (also supports component and composite video connections)

  • Video Record: Make video recordings from video sources (by composite and component connection>
  • Audio Memo: Record audio memos

  • Connect to computer: Connect to computer for access to hard drive through computer interface


Here are basic video tutorials to help give you an understanding of how Picture Porter Advanced works and how you might use it for your unique photography needs.

Home Screen Introduction -

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Navigation Basics - 

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Folder View -

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Card Copy Example -

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Digital Photo Album for the Family
Digital Photo Album for the Family

For family and individual use, Picture Porter Advanced will be your digital photo album. It will be the one place you can quickly and easily backup, organize, store, and retrieve all of the digital photos and videos that you take. High capacity internal storage will help ensure that you never run out of storage space.

In addition to viewing your photos on the device screen, Picture Porter Advanced can also connect to your living room TV using the HDMI or other video connections.


Backup microSDHC/XC cards from your Hemlet Cam without hassel
Backup microSDHC/XC cards from your Hemlet Cam without hassel

For extreme sports enthusiasts and other Helmet Cam or Bullet Cam users, Picture Porter Advanced has a built-in microSDHC/XC memory card slot. You can backup your videos easily and quickly without needing to use an SD card adapter. 

The small portable size of Picture Porter Advanced makes it ideal since reducing space and weight is critical in your situations.

You'll never run out of memory capacity for recording and never miss a moment of the action.


Seamless Workflow Integration
Seamless Workflow Integration

For the professional photographer, Picture Porter Advanced will become an integral part of your workflow to keep your original photos backed up and stored safely from out in the field to back in your studio.

The high capacity storage is also a great way to keep full resolution and RAW versions of your photo collections always by your side.

Picture Porter Advanced is able to display the images of RAW format photos for a wide variety of DSLRs and mirrorless camera models.


Picture Porter Advanced is a great compliment to your current photo management options. In some use cases, you might find that using Picture Porter Advanced is better than what you are currently doing.

Maybe you'll even discover that Picture Porter Advanced gives you ways to benefit from your digital photos that you never imagined before.

Vs. Notebook computer:

- Smaller, lighter, and easier to carry
- Boots up faster
- Simple to use user-interface for photo management
- Higher capacity and uncluttered storage
- More comfortable using in plane, bus, train or any seated position

Vs. Desktop computer (for storage and archive):

- Boots up faster
- Portable form factor
- Runs on battery
- Using on your sofa more comfortable than sitting at a desk

Vs. Tablet

- Higher capacity storage
- Direct connections for SD/SDHC/SDXC, CF, and USB storage devices
- Dedicated functions for photo backup, organization, and sharing 

Vs. Multiple memory cards:

- Lower cost per GB
- Higher capacity
- Ability to make secondary copy
- Easier to find specific photos and copy to other memory cards

Vs. Camera (for viewing):

- Larger screen size
- Won’t use up camera battery life
- Show images to others without letting them handle and operate your camera

Vs. Cloud storage:

- Faster display
- Access to full-size, full-resolution files
- Not limited by Internet connection
- No monthly fee


From Graham Hobart - Internationally published Photographer and Instructor:

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From Lynette Kent - Photoshop and Lightroom author and Photographer:

“As a photographer as well as a GMWAC “grand mother with a camera”, I cannot imagine going anywhere without my Picture Porter. When I travel, I like to download the images every evening to be sure to have duplicates as soon as possible. Even if I have my laptop and external backup drives for downloading and storage, I still download to the Picture Porter. Not only does this give me an extra back up, it lets me see and even sort the images anywhere, without having to boot up my computer. For those times I want to travel light (without a laptop), having the Picture Porter is the safest way to preserve the trip’s photos. Even without a computer, I can have two copies of every image I take - one on the memory card and one on the Picture Porter.

And as a GMWAC, I can always find an opportunity to show off the photos I just took of the grandkids, without having to hand my camera to someone else. My Picture Porter is my photographic safety net and brag book in one compact unit!”


Picture Porter Advanced comes with all the accessories you will need to use it as fully intended.

Picture Porter Advanced - Package Contents
Picture Porter Advanced - Package Contents
  • Picture Porter Advanced device

  • Neoprene carry Case with Velcro pocket
  • Li-Ion Battery
  • Wrist strap

  • AC adapter
  • microUSB to USB cable

  • microHDMI to HDMI cable

  • Component video cable
  • Composite video cable

  • Audio cable

  • Earphones

  • Quick Start Guide

  • User Guide


Here are some of the key technical specifications for Picture Porter Advanced. If you don't fine information that you need, please contact us and ask.

  • 5" TFT-LCD screen: 4.3" x 2.6" viewing area / 800x480 resolution
  • 3700mAh @ 3.7V Li-Ion battery
  • HDD/SSD support up to 1TB
  • Internal storage file format: FAT32
  • External hard drive file format: FAT32
  • Memory card file format support for SD/SDHC/CF/USB Flash Drive: FAT32
  • Memory card file format support for SDXC: exFAT
  • Copy capacity with one battery charge
    - 120GB: Using 64GB CF/UDMA card on HDD
    - 75GB: Using 32GB SDHC/UHS1 card on HDD
  • Slideshow playback battery life:
    - 3 hours 30 min from HDD
    - 4 hours from SSD
    - 4 hours 45 min from Internal_SD
  • Battery charging time from empty to full: 4 hours 30 min
  • Photo formats supported: JPG (baseline), RAW (certain camera models), BMP, TIF, GIF, Animated GIF
  • Video formats supported: AVC/H.264 (.MTS or .TS) up to 720p/30fps, H.264 (.MP4) @ 720p/30fps
  • Audio formats supported: AAC, MP3, WAV
  • Dimensions: 6.7" x 3.9" x 1" (169 x 98 x 26 mm)
  • Weight 13 oz. (370 grams)

Warranty from manufacturer's defect is valid for 1 year or the period prescribed by local laws and regulations of the purchaser's state or country. Warranty covers repair or replacement of any product under normal use as defined by the User Guide found to be defective due to manufacturing or component issues.


The Picture Porter story has been a journey that started two generations ago with the same concept of helping you better manage  your digital photos. The original device we called Picture Porter Elite. Picture Porter Elite was created with the basic function being memory card copy and store.

The second generation device was Picture Porter 35. On Picture Porter 35, we took our fist step in integrating more photo management functions.

First and Second Generation Picture Porter models
First and Second Generation Picture Porter models

With Picture Porter Advanced, we feel confident that we have designed a device worthy to be the third generation Picture Porter. We have learned much from our previous designs and from the feedback provided by the Picture Porter user community.


Digital Foci was founded by a group of classmates from UCLA Anderson with a common dream of doing something to make a change and bring positive benefits to the way that we manage common tasks.

We started with the initial goal of helping people "get the most out of their digital photos". Our dream was (and still is) to design and manufacture innovative and previously unavailable products to help you achieve even more enjoyment and benefit from your digital photos than you ever thought possible.

We are very excited about the potential for the Picture Porter Advanced to help us take a quantum leap in improving on this never-ending goal. 

Charles Huang / Chief Designer
Having received a BS degree from UC Berkeley, Charles has worked for companies including IBM, Machinery Solutions, and Computer Sciences Corporation. Most recently, before co-founding Digital Foci and after obtaining his MBA from UCLA Anderson, Charles worked for Sony in Tokyo. He was responsible for business strategy and planning in a division that managed Sony device integration with it's website for online photo sharing and printing. This was a global effort that spanned Tokyo, Singapore for the Asia-Pacific region, European Union countries, and the United States.

For Picture Porter Advanced, Charles was responsible for the initial product concept and all aspects of the design including the industrial design, user interface, and specification requirements.

Billy Tsai / Director of Production
Spending the majority of his year in Taipei, Taiwan, Billy is responsible for all aspects of procurement and manufacturing for Picture Porter Advanced including vendor qualification and selection, compliance, production planning, and quality control.

Billy received his undergraduate from Fu-Jen Catholic University in Taipei, Taiwan followed by an MBA from UCLA Anderson. He has many years of experience with manufacturers like HP, Chicony, and Phillips in Taiwan.   

Also, we'd like to give a special thanks to Tiffany Guh who is also one of our classmates from UCLA Anderson and one of the founding members of Digital Foci. Without her tireless contribution to Picture Porter Advanced from the very start, we would not be where we are today.


This is our current production plan starting with the Kickstarter funding period through to December 12, 2013 and (nervously) anticipating that we'll be funded and can kickoff preparations for the mass production on Monday, December 16, 2013.

The target delivery date is April 11, 2014.

With this target in mind, we promise will do everything in our power to pull in the delivery date to be earlier any way we can without compromising quality or reliability. We will keep all our backers informed with frequent updates so that you can best plan your anticipated delivery date.

Picture Porter Advanced - Production Plan Overview
Picture Porter Advanced - Production Plan Overview

In case the complete schedule is just a little too small to read, here's an enlarged view of the task list we have ahead of us.

Project Schedule by Task - Enlarged
Project Schedule by Task - Enlarged

Here's a better view of the Gantt Chart for our task list.

Project Schedule Gantt Chart - Enlarged
Project Schedule Gantt Chart - Enlarged


Shipping is free for all US based addresses.

For delivery to addresses outside of the US, there is a $35 shipping fee. The shipping method for International (non-US) addresses will be US Postal Service Express Mail International where available or equivalent service when not available.

Please note that backers will be responsible for any taxes as required by your local government laws and regulations.

Risks and challenges

Every project, every product production is going to have it's unique set of challenges. Fortunately, we've been around the block a few times with Picture Porter Advanced being the third design iteration of the Picture Porter series.

Although Picture Porter Advanced is a new design from the ground up in terms of the PC board, the main SOC/microprocessor, and the firmware/software design, we have a wealth of experience and a proven track record for designing and producing products like this.

Hardware -
The PC Board has gone through multiple iterations and testing. We are currently in the final stages of making the prototype that we will test and accept as the golden sample for production.

Software -
The firmware that controls the operation of the device is in it's final rounds of bug testing. There are a small group of known bugs that are non-fatal and mostly cosmetic. All the core functionality is coded in and has been successfully tested. In the coming weeks, we will work through all the bugs until we have a clean launch version for the firmware. Please note that as with any digital device these days, the firmware will be user upgradable. So you'll be able to update any future firmware releases on your own.

Housing -
The housing design is complete and ready to start cutting the tooling to make the housing parts. We went through 3 design iterations making SLA (quick prototype) parts in each iteration to test fit and function.
* If you look carefully, you'll see that the device used in our videos and photos was painted with clumpy model paint. The prototype that we used was actually the most recent SLA iteration painted black. The finished product that will be made in molded poly-carbonate will look much better.

Certifications -
We have already pre-tested the device with the latest PCBA version and SLA housing for FCC and CE compliance for electro-static discharge (ESD) and electro-magnetic interference (EMI). Since the pre-test passed on all fronts, there is low risk that we will have any problems getting the proper compliance for Picture Porter Advanced.

From our past experience and current state in the design and testing process, we are extremely confident that we will be able to produce and deliver the Picture Porter Advanced. Although, we budged some buffer in the schedule for unexpected component delays, there may be a possibility that delays out of our control can affect the delivery date.

We will do everything in our power to control this and will manage the situation with frequent updates about the progress of the production.

If there are any issues here that I did not properly address or if you have other questions, please feel free to contact me at with your questions.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I hope that we have a chance to make a product that will improve the way you manage your digital photos.


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