$1,350 pledged of $5,000 goal
$1,350 pledged of $5,000 goal

Infinite Space Battle Poker is not dead (it only smells funny)

Posted by Rich Carlson

Well dang it.  We didn't make the goal.  --But we got as far as we did because you all believed in IS Battle Poker and chipped in, and we (Iikka, the artists and myself, Ripcord) appreciate it so much!

Cool thing is, this does not end here.  Aha!  While we were hoping to produce ISBP with the highest quality cards, good alternatives remain.  The game will become available, on demand, from DriveThruCards and perhaps The Game Crafter, very soon.

We also have another card game coming out (!) which uses the Pairs deck arrangement and rules system invented by the Cheapass Games folks.  Pairs: Infinite Space features the starships from the Infinite Space games and will also be available very soon from DriveThruCards as well.

We'll be sure to let you all know first when these things are happening.  You can also check the Digital Eel Facebook page, website, Infinite Space games dedicated website, or the Facebook sites for Sea of Stars and Weird Worlds, for the very latest nooz.

Thanks again for helping!  We love you all, and we hope you'll continue with us on our journey through Infinite Space.

- Digital Eel


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